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Processed on 10-10-2016
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Description 2012-3-22lC Plot showing structures of Khabur period, phase h5b and h5c. a1, a6, a9 are burials, while a2, a3, a10 and a11 seem to be rooms. a8 is interpretes as an open space. a2 is the oldest structure between those rapresented in this plot. [Input file: W322LC.J / W322LC.-J]

Analogical record
O7.Plot W319 lC

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Aggregate(s) within view 2012-3-22lC a1, a2, a3, a6, a8, a9, a10, a11 [Input file: W322LC.J / W322LC.-J]
Locus/i within view 2012-3-22lC k1, k2, k3, k4, k5, k6, k7, k8 [Input file: W322LC.J / W322LC.-J]