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Description 2012-3-16lC Drawing of the uncovered surface of the stone pavement a12, paving the courtyard of Palace AK. The pavement was slightly damaged to the west and by some pits ( f216, f189, a22, a25). Pits f189 uncoverd part of a baked bricks structure ( f194) probably an earlier pavement. [Input file: W315LC.J / W315LC.-J]

Analogical record
Aggregate(s) within view 2012-3-16lC a12, a22, a25 [Input file: W315LC.J / W315LC.-J]
Feature(s)within view 2012-3-16lC f189, f194, f216 [Input file: W315LC.J / W315LC.-J]
Locus/i within view 2012-3-16lC k108, k109 [Input file: W315LC.J / W315LC.-J]
Orientation 2012-3-16lC looking from overhead [Input file: W315LC.J / W315LC.-J]

Photo 2003-6-2 lR L_W15d4510