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2001-6-7lR The goal of A16 is to work through Phase II to reach the palace. We are presented with two options in overall excavation strategy: should we (as A16 or as mission as a whole) concentrate on a wide exploration of Phase II which is then removed once all uncovered, OR should we consider removing immediately Phase II stratigraphy in some areas in order to uncover the palace to a larger extent. This decision, as regards A16, does not have to be made immediately: we will first uncover all Phase II buildings and then evaluate their importance before deciding to extend horizontally or descend vertically. [Input file: L608LR.J / L608LR.-J]
2001-7-23lR Today we met with GB to discuss the strata assignment. In A15, the entire area is of phase 5b construction and they have a C burial that cut b floors, GB suggested that a long period of abandonment must have occured between b and c phases since the walls and floors of b must have been covered and not visible in phase c. This theory is especially visible in k6 where most of the k has been cut away (seen in the north section and the standing ne corner) the eastern walls are higher where the remainder of the structure only contains one brick in height. The entire area was cut by c who then built a1. In k107 the higher wall f117 appears to be of c construction and the wall below could be b or a. [Input file: L722LR.J / L722LR.-J]