Overview of J2 objects

November 2010 - C. Chaves Yates
Updated: January 2014

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     For a definition of the categories of object typology see the relevant chapter in the Grammar.

     The objects in J2 cover a wide variety of types and materials. There are 829 q-items and an additional 26 items. The J2 objects seem to be from secondary contexts, that is, they are not in situ in floors, burials or any location where they appear to be placed deliberately. A large number are recovered from the brickfall layers. Other artifacts seem to be part of natural accumulations or embedded in floors.
     Within J2 more than half of the small finds were found in Phase 7 contexts (see frequencies) which is not surprising based on the volume of Phase 7 remains, particularly brickfall, that were excavated. The upper levels of Phase 8 and Phase 9 also a significant number of small finds (about 27% of the total).
     The main types of artifacts in J2 are chipped stone and clay artifacts. There are a number of animal figurines within the clay artifacts as well as clay wheels and disks. These are discussed individually and the additional important categories of ceramics, glyptics, and metals are also discussed separately.

     An inventory and index of objects from all units can be found in the MZ sitewide book. In these indices it is possible to sort for individual categories of objects from all units.