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Calculation of J2 Excavated Cubic Meters

October 12, 2012 – C. Chaves Yates

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Cubic Meter Estimate

     Each excavator was asked by gB to provide an estimate of the cubic meters excavated in their unit. On V910 I calcuated the approximate cubic meters excavated to be about 750 meters cubed. Based on comparisons with other units in the W season, gB asked me to write a short note on how I derived my estimate.
     Initially, J2 had twenty 5 by 5 meter loci (for a total surface area of 500 m2). Due to the nature of the staircase, some loci were excavated much deeper than others. The deepest points in J2 are at the base of the apron, and those loci were dug from an initial elevation of 9225 down to 8719, or approximately 5 meters in depth. I calculated the cubic meters in the following way:

  • 2 loci at 5 meters deep = 250m3
  • 2 loci at 2 meters in depth = 100m3
  • 10 loci at .5 meters in depth (These include loci at the top of revetment wall where only topsoil was removed) = 125m3
  • 3 loci at 3 meters in depth (estimated for those loci partway down the apron)= 225m3
  • 3 loci at 1 meter (towards top of apron, in the west, and those cut partway back in south section)=75m3

  •      This estimate reached 775m3. I then reduced the total by 25m3 to account for oblique cuts in the south-west corner of J2 where the area had been cut at an angle for safety reasons. This led me to an estimate of 750m3.
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