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Label includes another 2009-9-14cJC f21
2009-9-14cJC f131
Category 2009-9-14!! unknown
Definition 2009-9-14cJC ~apron

Description 2009-9-14cJC The apron is the set of more widely placed steps to the west of the main staircase (^stai r2). It is built of limestone blocks and the steps are spaced so that it is approximately one apron step for every two staircase steps. It is flanked on the western edge by a small wall (^wal l3). It is constructed at the same time as the second staircase (^stai r2) and the eastern flanking wall (^wal l2).

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Harmonization 2009-9-14cJC On W514 the strata assignment information was updated to reflect the J2B sequence.

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2009-9-14cJC s650J2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2009-9-14cJC The apron was assigned to s650 s650J2B based on the ceramic material that abuts its base. The ceramics that are just below and just above the first step both date to this strata so the apron can safely be assigned to the strata s650 s650J2B as well.

Components 2009-9-14cJC Composed of 18 steps