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Label includes another 2009-9-14cJC f386
2009-9-14cJC f387
2009-9-14cJC f388
2009-9-14cJC f389
2009-9-14cJC f390
Category 2009-9-14!! unknown
Definition 2009-9-14cJC ~pavement

Description 2009-9-14cJC Sequence of sherd, bone and pebble pavements with sandy subfloors. These pavements are in front of the first staircase and are associated with the lowest steps of the staircase. These pavements were grouped together as they show a typological similarity in their construction with small sherds and other small inclusions of stones and bones. Additionally, the ceramics from these floors were typologically similar.

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Harmonization 2012-5-14cJC On W514 the strata assignment information was updated by cJC to reflect the J2B sequence.

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2012-5-14cJC s685J2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2009-9-14cJC Below the early EDIII floors, up against the earlier construction of the first staircase (^stai r1).
Typological reasons 2009-9-14cJC mKB identifed some Ninevite 5 sherds