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Label includes another 2010-11-15cJC f129
Category 2010-11-15!! unknown
Definition 2010-11-15cJC ~wall

Description 2010-11-15cJC Flanking wall to the east of the staircase (^stai r2). The wall is bonded with ^stai r2 and is part of the original construction of the monumental access (^mnacs). The wall is built of shaped limestones. It is over 2 meters high at the base of the staircase. The wall is level on the top so it becomes lower relative to the staircase as one moves up the stair. At the base 2 stones are placed obliquely leaning against the south face of the wall.

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2010-11-15cJC s650J2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2010-11-15cJC This flanking wall is bonded to the second staircase. The second staircase is dated by the materials at its base to the mid EDIII and therefore the flanking wall has been assigned to the same strata.

Space definition 2010-11-15cJC The wall separates the access way from the non-sacral space to the east.