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Label includes another 2010-11-15cJC f127
Category 2010-11-15!! unknown
Definition 2010-11-15cJC ~wall

Description 2010-11-15cJC Flanking wall to the west of the apron (^ap r1). The top of the wall follows the slope of the apron. It is slightly lower than the apron and was probably added later to bolster the western edge of the apron and protect it. It is composed of rougher stones than any of the original components of the monumental access (^mnacs). An stone ( f257)is placed obliquely at the base to mimic the oblique stones in front of ^wal l2.

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2010-11-15cJC s630J2B
Other reasons 2010-11-15cJC This wall was added after the monumental access had already been constructed. It is not bonded to the revetment wall or the apron suggesting it was added later. The accumulations at the base of the revetment wall, however, seem to be relatively uninterrupted so it is assumed that it was added relatively soon after the construction to bolster the apron and protect the western edge. It is dated to the same phase as the escarpment in J1 which presumably served a similar function of protecting the constructions.