J2 Typological index
Installations and deposits
by phase

Processed on 06-09-2016

Note. Included in this category are artifactual and natural elements.
They are minimal movable items such as vessels, figurines, or charred wood.
These are referred to in our system as items and samples or specimens.
Sherds are excluded and listed elsewhere, because, given the large amounts in which they occur, they would unduly skew the frequencies.

Total 8993
h-J2B 48
j-J2B 53
l-J2B 154
m-J2B 1
n-J2B 88
p-J2B 17
s-J2B 155
u-J2B 498
c-J2B 92
f-J2B 300
j-J2B 3232
m-J2B 1819
v-J2B 1563
m-J2B 678
r-J2B 101
m-J2B 149
p-J2B 27
z-J2B 18