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Category 2007-7-17!! installations [Input file: R718JW.J / R718JW.-J]
Definition 2007-7-17jW stone installation [Input file: R718JW.J / R718JW.-J]
Summary 2007-7-17jW A line of limestone blocks in k101, k108, and k109, set in rough rows atop the revetment wall after it was covered, probably in memeory of it as the use of the BA Temple Complex continued into the Mittani period. [Input file: R717JW1.J / R717JW1.-J]
Best image 2007-7-17 jW


Description 2007-7-17jW A line of 45 large limestone blocks roughly placed in rows oriented east to west that extend the entire width of loci k101, k108, and k109. These were placed approximately along the line of the top of the revetment wall, f11, after the wall had been covered by accumulation during the Mittani period. They were set into the wahal surface of the second glacis, f123, f148, z1. The stones most likely served as a reminder of where the wall had been as the temple continued in use after the original plaza, steps and wall systems were covered. As such they are often called memory stones in our journal entries. [Input file: R718JW.J / R718JW.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2007-7-17jW k101 [Input file: R717JW1.J / R717JW1.-J]
2007-7-17jW k109 [Input file: R717JW1.J / R717JW1.-J]
2007-7-17jW k108 [Input file: R718JW.J / R718JW.-J]

Spatial aggregation
Element within aggregate 2007-7-17jW f124, f125, f143, f145, f155, f156, f157, f158, f159, f293, f294, f295, f296, f297, f298, f299, f300, f301, f302, f303, f304, f305, f306, f307, f308, f309, f310, f311, f312, f313, f314, f315, f316, f317, f318, f319, f320, f321, f322, f323, f324, f325, f326, f327, f328 [Input file: R718JW.J / R718JW.-J]

Analogical record
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Photo of view




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