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Category 2005-9-4!! installations [Input file: P918JW3.J / P918JW3.-J]
Definition 2005-9-4rE stone installation [Input file: P918JW3.J / P918JW3.-J]
Sub-definition 2005-9-11jW w [Input file: P911JW.J / P911JW.-J]
Summary 2012-10-7jW Line of large stones in k12 which rest on accumulation f34 and are posssibly the western edge of middle Mittani apron f10. [Input file: WX07JW1.J / WX07JW1.-J]
Best image 2006-4-20 jW


Description 2005-8-29jW A north-south line of seven large limestone blocks along the western boundary of k12 atop compacted fill, f34. The northernmost stone had previously been designated f35 when it was the only stone showing. It is likely part of re-modeling in the Middle Mittani period which included the construction of the western part of the second apron, f10. [Input file: Q302JW2.J / Q302JW2.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2005-9-4rE k12 [Input file: P918JW3.J / P918JW3.-J]
Relays 2005-9-3rE 336 (40800 48859 - 9074 / Relay location: SW corner point 1) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 337 (40791 48894 - 9081 / Relay location: SE corner point 2) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 338 (40847 48925 - 9096 / Relay location: Arc 1a point 3) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 339 (40876 48950 - 9096 / Relay location: Arc 1b point 4) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 340 (40896 48945 - 9095 / Relay location: Arc 1c point 5) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 341 (40910 48964 - 9098 / Relay location: Arc 2a point 6) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 342 (40919 48997 - 9120 / Relay location: Arc 2b point 7) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 343 (40937 48998 - 9117 / Relay location: Arc 2c point 8) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 344 (40950 49013 - 9142 / Relay location: E1 point 9) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 345 (40965 49016 - 9133 / Relay location: E2 point 10) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 346 (40983 48991 - 9139 / Relay location: E3 point 11) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 347 (41006 49006 - 9147 / Relay location: NE corner point 12) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
2005-9-3rE 348 (41019 48973 - 9157 / Relay location: NW corner point 13) [Input file: P904RE1R.J / P904RE1R.-J]
Elevation 2005-9-4rE 9062 @bottom [Input file: P918JW3.J / P918JW3.-J]
2005-9-4rE 9157 @top [Input file: P918JW3.J / P918JW3.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2005-8-22rE f35 (isolated stone) abuts f72 [Input file: P824GM.J / P824GM.-J]
Type of contact: Earliest events 2005-9-18rE f72 covers f78 (isolated stone) [Input file: Q301JW.J / Q301JW.-J]
2005-9-18rE f72 covers f79 (isolated stone) [Input file: Q301JW.J / Q301JW.-J]
2005-9-18rE f72 sits in f33 (laminations lamin) [Input file: Q301JW.J / Q301JW.-J]
2005-9-18rE f72 rests on f11 (wall) [Input file: Q301JW.J / Q301JW.-J]
Inclusions 05-22-2018 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2012-9-9jW s144J3B [Input file: W909JW.J / W909JW.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2012-9-9jW h7mJ3B [Input file: W909JW.J / W909JW.-J]
Strata within phase 2012-10-7jW s144J3B [Input file: WX07JW.J / WX07JW.-J]
Stratigraphic reasons 2006-4-26jW Same elevation as apron, f10, but sitting in first post-abandonment accumulation, f33. [Input file: Q426JW.J / Q426JW.-J]
2012-10-7jW A line of seven limestone blocks that sit in f33. Although physically separated from it they may mark the western edge of the second apron f10 [Input file: WX07JW.J / WX07JW.-J]
Other reasons 2006-4-26jW May have been a late addition that better defined the western limit of apron, much of which seems to have washed over the top of wall f11 and now forms f39 and f40. [Input file: Q426JW.J / Q426JW.-J]
Notes on time sequencing 2005-9-11jW While in the process of taking test photographs, jW closely examined the section of the west baulk of this locus in the vicinity of where the line of stones, f72, was located. It clearly shows a grayish brown deposit, f34, capped in some places by bakhia and a horizontal course of bricks, sloping up from the top of the monumental wall, f11, north to the site of the BA temple. It is about one meter higher than the level of the first complete bakhia layer, f50, that we encountered. In light of the very early date (Late Chalcolithic III) for the sherds found in the accumulations comprising this ashy deposit, it is reasonable to presume that its top represents the level of the original terrace. Digging with the large pick, we failed to recognize the full impact of compacted fill, f34, during the excavations. Since the line of stones, f72, was atop this ashy deposit, we can date the placement of the stones to a period after the monumental wall, f11 was built. We cannot rule out the possibility that f72 was a late, second millennium modification to the wall, f11, and apron, f10, system. [Input file: P911JW.J / P911JW.-J]

Ware/Material 2005-9-4rE lithic [Input file: P918JW3.J / P918JW3.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of view




Photo of view


Storage 2005-9-4rE P905 [Input file: P918JW3.J / P918JW3.-J]