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Processed on 05-22-2018
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Category 2010-9-19!! surface [Input file: UX05JW.J / UX05JW.-J]
Definition 2010-9-19jW floor B [Input file: UX05JW.J / UX05JW.-J]
Summary 2012-10-7jW Soil floor in k13. [Input file: WX07JW1.J / WX07JW1.-J]
Best image 2008-4-21 jW


Description 2010-10-7jW This is a highly compacted dirt floor that extends to the west of the west face of wall, f348, to at least the west baulk of k13. It is presently bounded on the south by the poorly defined brick structure f361. On the north side it goes into the north baulk of k13 where it is bounded on the east and west by pillars of gray mudbricks. [Input file: V206JW.J / V206JW.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2010-9-19jW k13 [Input file: UX05JW.J / UX05JW.-J]
Relays 2010-10-3bS 2639 (41637 49185 - 9156) [Input file: UX03JW-R.J / UX03JW-R.-J]
2010-10-3bS 2640 (41579 49349 - 9154) [Input file: UX03JW-R.J / UX03JW-R.-J]
2010-10-3bS 2641 (41446 49288 - 9140) [Input file: UX03JW-R.J / UX03JW-R.-J]
2010-10-3bS 2642 (41407 49327 - 9144) [Input file: UX03JW-R.J / UX03JW-R.-J]
2010-10-3bS 2643 (41274 49256 - 9132) [Input file: UX03JW-R.J / UX03JW-R.-J]
2010-10-3bS 2644 (41290 49201 - 9136) [Input file: UX03JW-R.J / UX03JW-R.-J]
2010-10-3bS 2645 (41338 49108 - 9137) [Input file: UX03JW-R.J / UX03JW-R.-J]
2010-10-3bS 2646 (41380 49062 - 9150) [Input file: UX03JW-R.J / UX03JW-R.-J]
Elevation 2010-9-19jW 9148 @top [Input file: UX05JW.J / UX05JW.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2012-4-14jW f357 (floor B) covers f358 [Input file: W414JW.J / W414JW.-J]
Inclusions 05-22-2018 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2012-9-9jW s864d-J3B [Input file: W909JW.J / W909JW.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2012-9-9jW h2iJ3B [Input file: W909JW.J / W909JW.-J]
Strata within phase 2012-10-7jW s864d-J3B [Input file: WX07JW.J / WX07JW.-J]
Stratigraphic reasons 2012-10-7jW Lowest floor reached this season which abuts wall, f348. Covered by floor, f357. [Input file: WX07JW.J / WX07JW.-J]
Typological reasons 2012-10-7jW No ceramics recovered to aid in dating. [Input file: WX07JW.J / WX07JW.-J]

Ware/Material 2010-9-19jW ~so [Input file: UX05JW.J / UX05JW.-J]
Color definition 2010-9-19jW pale red [Input file: UX05JW.J / UX05JW.-J]
Color number 2010-9-19jW 7.5YR 7/3 [Input file: UX05JW.J / UX05JW.-J]
Hardness 2010-9-19jW 4.5 [Input file: UX05JW.J / UX05JW.-J]
Texture 2010-9-19jW greasy when scraped [Input file: UX05JW.J / UX05JW.-J]

Analogical record
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Photo of view