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Processed on 05-22-2018
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Description 2007-3-21jW Daily Relay Plot for Q913-Q915 using relays r2190, r2206- r2268, r2577- r2580. There is another feature in k108 plotted with the wrong label f258, which is the top of a pit in k23. More than likely it is a stone in the vicinity of f265 in k108. [Input file: R321JW3.J / R321JW3.-J]

Analogical record
O7.Plot R309 jW

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Feature(s)within view 2007-3-21jW f257, f259, f264, f265, f266, f267, f269, f271 [Input file: R321JW3.J / R321JW3.-J]
Item(s) within view 2007-3-21jW i20, i21, i22, i23, i24, i25 [Input file: R321JW3.J / R321JW3.-J]
Lot(s) within view 2007-3-21jW q356, q365, q366, q367, q368, q372, q373, q374, q375, q376, q377, q378, q381, q383, q384, q385, q386, q387, q388, q389 [Input file: R321JW3.J / R321JW3.-J]