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Reference To Qlot q403

Category 2006-9-15!! build-up [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
Definition 2006-9-15eI ~ba [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]

Description 2006-9-15eI bone artifact as a brouch to close dresses [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
2007-8-15sG Long cylindrical bone object tapering to a point at one end, the other end broken off at the point at which a hole was pierced crosswise through the shaft; lower half of hole remaining. Color mottled yellowish brown, surface smooth. Perhaps originally part of a pin or large needle. [Input file: R818SG.J / R818SG.-J]

Field Record
Field: definition 2006-9-15bL ba [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]
Field: length 2006-9-15bL 8 [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]
Field: width 2 2006-9-15bL 0.4 [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]
Field: ware/material 2006-9-15bL b [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]
Field: color 2006-9-15bL brown [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]
Field: notes 2006-9-15bL bone awl or needle broken at end of shaft [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]

Height 2006-9-15eI 8.3 [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
Mid width 2006-9-15eI 0.3 [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]

Ware/Material 2006-9-15eI ~BONE [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
Color definition 2006-9-15eI pink [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
Color number 2006-9-15eI 7.5YR 7/3 [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
Condition 2006-9-15eI complete [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of constituent


Qx07 dM


Qx07 dM
Drawing of constituent


X129 kF

Storage 2007-8-15eI to the museum [Input file: R816EI3.J / R816EI3.-J]
Notes on disposition 2006-9-15eI to be photo [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]