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Analogical record


2006-5-9 jW.jpg J03t34 [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J

Orientation 1999-W---gM ~OV [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]
Description of view 1999-W---gM View of two large limestone blocks that were located below the line of stones, f72, along the western baulk of k12. The northernmost was f78 and the southernmost was f79. They can be see to be about the same elevation as the top extant row of stones in the monumental wall, f11. They could have been used to stablilize the fill behind the wall during construction or their foundations could have been dug into fill layer f34 to serve as a foundation for the southernmost two stones of f72. Regrettably, in order to complete the excavtion on time, they were removed before a full analysis could be done. [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]

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Photo 2005-9-6 dM L_V19d3098

Photo 2005-9-6 dM L_V19d3098