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Analogical record


2006-8-27 eI.jpg J03t501 [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J

Orientation 2007-11-1jW looking east [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]
Description of view 2007-11-1jW This is a general view of trench B6, previously excavated by a German team from Tuebingen University. It was taken before excavations began this season to show the condition of preservation. We can see the north edge of what we would eventually call the second apron, f532, consisting of stones in their original places as well as some that were uncovered earlier and that had fallen away from their original positions. [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]

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Photo 2006-8-12 dM L_V19d2006

Photo 2006-8-12 dM L_V19d2006