File: /MZ/A/J03/D/V/0503A.HTM
Processed on 05-22-2018
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Analogical record
Feature(s)within view 2007-11-1jW f500, f504, f505, f506, f507, f511 [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]
Range 2007-11-1jW tight shot [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]
Orientation 2007-11-1jW looking west [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]
Description of view 2007-11-1jW This sub-view shows stone boulders f504, f505, f506, f507, and pavement f511, individual components of a500 that are in the general vicinity of the north baulk of k1. [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]

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Photo 2006-8-13 dM L_V19d2009

Photo 2006-8-13 dM L_V19d2009