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Analogical record

2007-10-27 jW.jpg J03t551 [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J

Orientation 2006-9-2vVE ~N [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]
Description of view 2006-9-2vVE This view was taken after the major part of the excavations of k106 and k107 had been completed, but before the N-S baulk separating them from loci k1 and k2 to the west had been removed. The top 50 cm of the south face of the revetment wall, f569, had been exposed, as had the memory stones above it, f591, and the stepped stone structure to its north, f556. Several boulders can be seen in the accumulation below the wall top, and two boulders that must have been deposited after f569 was covered can be seen well to its south. Subviews show clearly that the memory stones were placed atop an accumlation which covered the revetment wall. [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]

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Photo 2006-9-2 dM L_V19d2202

Photo 2006-9-2 dM L_V19d2202