File: /MZ/A/J03/D/W/0026.HTM
Processed on 05-22-2018
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Description 2007-5-25jW Drawing of part of the section of the east baulk of locus k109, a locus formed by combining k31, k32 and extending both further to the east to incorporated a line of west baulks actually belonging to unit J1 to the west. [Input file: R525JW.J / R525JW.-J]

Analogical record
Feature(s)within view 2007-5-25jW f172, f174, f177, f181, f182, f184 [Input file: R525JW.J / R525JW.-J]
Locus/i within view 2007-5-25jW k109 [Input file: R525JW.J / R525JW.-J]
Orientation 2007-5-25jW ~E [Input file: R525JW.J / R525JW.-J]

Photo 2006-10-8 eDB L_W19d1425