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Category 2006-9-19!! surface [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
Definition 2006-9-19eI pavement C [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
Summary 2012-9-7jW Portion of pebble surface in k1 that sits in accumulation f500. [Input file: W907JW.J / W907JW.-J]
Best image 2007-7-20 mO


Description 2006-8-12vVE Feature f501 is a pebble pavement that protrudes from the Southern section of locus k1. The main part of f501 is quite level but as it extends to the East it descends and ends slightly above f502. [Input file: Q812VE2.J / Q812VE2.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2006-8-12vVE This feature had already been exposed in a previous campaign when this locus, J3 k1, was a locus of J2. It was left standing and the deposits around and/or under it were excavated. This feature was assigned to a500. [Input file: Q812VE2.J / Q812VE2.-J]
2006-8-13vVE Feature f501 was removed today. While it was excavated we paid close attention to the structure of this feature. It consisted of both large pebbles and pieces of pottery. Both the pottery and the pebbles were aligned in such a way as to follow the slope of the feature, ie. downwards to the east. However, there was no clear layering of sherds and stones apparent and therefore I do not consider this an installation. The pottery sherds were collected as q505. [Input file: Q813VE.J / Q813VE.-J]
Argument 2006-8-12vVE The distribution of the cluster of stones of a500 is somewhat scattered and seems to slightly descend from the North to the South. These two observations seem to argue that they were dislodged from a stone structure that must have been laying to the north. This could only have been the second apron whose remaining top stones are already visible in k2 or, more precisely, in the older German trench B6. However, the stones of a500 do not seem to lay on the same surface (no surface is in fact apparent) and this argues for the interpretation that the stones were deposited over time and not in a single event. [Input file: Q812VE2.J / Q812VE2.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2006-9-19eI k1 [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
Elevation 2006-9-19eI 9220 @bottom [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
2006-9-19eI 9241 @top [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2006-8-13vVE q505 sits in f501 [Input file: Q918EI5.J / Q918EI5.-J]
Type of contact: Earliest events 2007-7-14mO f501 covers f517 (accumulation D) [Input file: R714MO2.J / R714MO2.-J]
2007-7-14mO f501 sits in f634 (accumulation D) [Input file: R714MO2.J / R714MO2.-J]
Inclusions 05-22-2018 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2012-9-9jW s80J3B [Input file: W909JW.J / W909JW.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2012-9-9jW h8mJ3B [Input file: W909JW.J / W909JW.-J]
Strata within phase 2012-9-8jW s80J3B [Input file: W908JW1.J / W908JW1.-J]
Stratigraphic reasons 2012-9-8jW Rough pebble surface that sits in post-Mittani abandonment accumulation f500. [Input file: W908JW1.J / W908JW1.-J]
Notes on time sequencing 2006-9-4vVE f501 might be a s6 feature because it was found so close under the top soil and resembles f544 in that is also is made up of pebbles. [Input file: Q904VVE.J / Q904VVE.-J]

Ware/Material 2006-9-19eI ~la [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
Color definition 2006-9-19eI pale yellow [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
Color number 2006-9-19eI 2.5Y8/2 [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of view



Drawing of view


Reference to Plot 2007-8-13eI p0506 [Input file: R813EI.J / R813EI.-J]