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Processed on 05-22-2018
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Label equals another 2008-2-12jW f522 [Input file: S212JW3.J / S212JW3.-J]
2008-2-12jW f537 [Input file: S212JW3.J / S212JW3.-J]
Category 2006-8-16!! build-up [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
Definition 2006-8-16eI accumulation D [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
Summary 2012-9-7jW Highest natural accumulation in k107 under topsoil f539. [Input file: W907JW.J / W907JW.-J]
Best image 2007-7-20 mO


Description 2006-8-17vVE Feature f540 is the natural accumulation that lies under the top soil f539 in the southern part of k107. [Input file: Q817VE.J / Q817VE.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2006-8-24vVE The remains of f540 that still were in the East baulk of k107 were excavated today. [Input file: Q824VE.J / Q824VE.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2006-8-16eI k107 [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
Elevation 2006-8-16eI 9299 @bottom [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]
2006-8-16eI 9330 @top [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2006-8-17vVE f539 (topsoil) covers f540 [Input file: Q817VE.J / Q817VE.-J]
2007-7-14mO f539 (topsoil) covers f540 [Input file: R714MO2.J / R714MO2.-J]
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2006-8-17eI q523 sits in f540 [Input file: Q918EI5.J / Q918EI5.-J]
2006-8-24vE q549 sits in f540 [Input file: Q918EI5.J / Q918EI5.-J]
2006-8-24vE q550 sits in f540 [Input file: Q918EI5.J / Q918EI5.-J]
2006-9-2vVE q590 sits in f540 [Input file: Q918EI5.J / Q918EI5.-J]
Type of contact: Latest events 2007-7-14mO f560 (accumulation D) abuts f540 [Input file: R714MO2.J / R714MO2.-J]
Type of contact: Earliest events 2006-8-17vVE f540 covers f544 (installation) [Input file: Q817VE.J / Q817VE.-J]
2006-8-17vVE f540 covers f546 (accumulation D) [Input file: Q817VE.J / Q817VE.-J]
2007-7-14mO f540 covers f547 (floor D) [Input file: R714MO2.J / R714MO2.-J]
Inclusions 05-22-2018 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2012-9-9jW s30J3B [Input file: W909JW.J / W909JW.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2012-9-9jW h9mJ3B [Input file: W909JW.J / W909JW.-J]
Strata within phase 2012-9-8jW s30J3B [Input file: W908JW1.J / W908JW1.-J]
Stratigraphic reasons 2012-9-8jW Layer of natural accumulation directly below topsoil f539. [Input file: W908JW1.J / W908JW1.-J]
Notes on time sequencing 2006-9-4vVE The natural deposit f540 is assigned to s3 because it lies under the top soil. [Input file: Q904VVE.J / Q904VVE.-J]

Ware/Material 2006-8-16eI clay [Input file: Q918EI3.J / Q918EI3.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of view




Drawing of view