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description (summary) 2008-7-20 lH This locus was the expected location of link between the temple and the palace. Due to time constraints in 2008, excavation was halted near the surface. [Input File: S720lH1.j]
best view 2009-3-13 jW [Input File: T313jW.j]

daily notes 2008-7-20 lH We opened a new locus, k54, to the west of k44; then we started to remove the topsoil, f32, after we took a photo for it, v19. Under the topsoil we noticed a new natural accumulation, f35, and under this accumulation was a hard crust of melted brick, f36. [Input File: S720lH.j]
2008-7-21 lH We removed the rest of the natural accumulation, f35, in the northern half of the locus - using the big pick. Using the small pick, we started to remove the crust, f36. Then we found in the southwestern quadrant a new compact feature, f44. It is a natural accumulation that is free of pottery sherds and pebbles. In the northeastern quadrant, there is a line of stones, f40, 140 cm long that goes toward the west. The line has more than eight stones (15-30 cm length). [Input File: S721lH.j]
2008-7-21 mO we dug in two parts; the first one is f36 which is crust. The second part is f35 (natural accumulation). We found new compact accumulation in the SW corner and we see the same accumulation in the SW corner of k44 covering the stones, f28. [Input File: S721mO.j]
2008-7-22 lH We continued removing the natural accumulation, f44, but we didn`t remove the stones of f40. Under the last mentioned feature, we found a hard, compact crust. Lots q55 and q58 came frome above the crust. Lot q61 came from under the crust, and was sent to mKB for analysis because it might contain Middle Assyrian pottery. [Input File: S722lH.j]
2008-8-18 jW Photographed the halted excavation, v95. Placed plastic sheeting on the bottom and began to backfill it using soil from a number of loci under excavation. [Input File: S818jW.j]

Volumetric Localization
space definition 2008-7-20 lH m4745 [Input File: S720lH1.j]
length of two sides 2008-7-20 lH 500 N [Input File: S720lH1.j]
2008-7-20 lH 500 E [Input File: S720lH1.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of locus

2008-7-20 / lH / [Input File:S722lH.j]

2008-8-11 / lH / [Input File:S811lH.j]

2008-8-11 / lH / [Input File:S811lH.j]

2008-8-11 / lH / [Input File:S811lH.j]

2008-8-24 / lH / [Input File:S824lH.j]
2009-3-23 / jW / [Input File:T323jW1.j]