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description (summary) 2009-3-18 jW An irregular pentagon which defines the perimeter of a test probe dug to obtain ceramic material to date the revetment wall extension, f3. Relay r827 marks the NW corner. [Input File: T318jW1.j]
best view 2009-3-13 jW [Input File: T313jW.j]

daily notes 2008-8-26 lH After we removed soft powdery accumulation, f170, which covered about three big limestone, we tried to collect more pottery sherds from the soil among the stones, f177. The collected pottery from the soft podery accumulation, f177, wasn`t enough, so we extended the borders of this test probe towards the east about 50 cm in order to collect more pottery sherds that might help at the chronological understanding of what we presume the second millennium revetment wall, f3, in k22 and k23. After we removed the soft powdery naturall accumulation, f179, of the extention of this locus, we found another big limestones which we couldn`t remove any of them. We covered this locus with plastic bag at the end of our excavation day to protect it from the derts during the night. [Input File: S826lH.j]
2008-8-27 lH We completed excavation this test probe above the western corner of the revetment wall, f3, in k22. Then we backfilled the locus. [Input File: S827lH.j]

Volumetric Localization
space definition 2009-3-18 jW r827 [Input File: T318jW1.j]
relays (applicable to elements) 2008-8-25 hB 753 (41903 46538 - 9019) [Input File: S825DL3R.J]
2008-8-25 hB 754 (41991 46606 - 9010) [Input File: S825DL3R.J]
2008-8-25 hB 755 (41957 46468 - 9023) [Input File: S825DL3R.J]
2008-8-25 hB 756 (42046 46533 - 9014) [Input File: S825DL3R.J]
2008-8-27 hB 824 (42316 46189 - 9035 / Relay location: S corner) [Input File: S828DL3R.J]
2008-8-27 hB 825 (42388 46260 - 9037 / Relay location: E corner) [Input File: S828DL3R.J]
2008-8-27 hB 826 (42444 46256 - 9043 / Relay location: NE corner) [Input File: S828DL3R.J]
2008-8-27 hB 827 (42489 46152 - 9037 / Relay location: NW corner) [Input File: S828DL3R.J]
2008-8-27 hB 828 (42390 46104 - 9045 / Relay location: SW corner) [Input File: S828DL3R.J]
notes on volumetric localization 2009-3-18 jW The perimeter points that define this locus are, proceding counterclockwise from the SE corner: r824, r825, r826, r827, r828. [Input File: T318jW.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of locus

2008-8-28 / lH / [Input File:S828lH.j]

2008-8-28 / lH / [Input File:S828lH.j]

2008-8-28 / lH / [Input File:S828lH.j]
2009-3-23 / jW / [Input File:T323jW1.j]