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Analogical record
Orientation 2008-9-19lH ~E [Input file: S919JW.J / S919JW.-J]
Description of view 2008-9-19lH This view shows the specific labels which were assigned to the groups of main features. The first group, ^stair, included the features that comprise the staircase including the steps, the northern and southern border and the platform with the pathway and the threshold to the east. The second specific label is the bin just to the south of the staircase which presumably had been built during the remodeling of the western entrance to the temple terrace and which might be associated with damages of the staircase. The last mentioned specific label, ^bi n1, was contemporary with the specific label, ^wal l2, which might have been built after ^wal l1 had been covered. Near the surface there is another specific label that includes the two sets of stone installations that are linked by a threshold, ^en t1. This group has been dated to the Middle Assyrian period at the time when the staircase was completely covered. Later there is another group of features, ^roo m1, which was built during the last scattered occupations in the tell when the temple terrace had lost its sacred role. [Input file: S919JW.J / S919JW.-J]

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