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definition (typological label) 2011-10-04 jW st-is [Input File: Vx04jW.j]

description (summary) 2011-10-04 jW The projection to the east of a series of flat stone slabs inclined at a 45 degree angle such that the top would have abutted the Early Dynastic revetment wall, f41, and the bottom would have abutted the stone escarpment, ^esc1. The purpose would have been to protect the wall by diverting water running down the wall face or along the inner edge of the escarpment away from the base. One stone, f293, is still in place, the others probably having been removed, when the later baquaya escarpment, ^esc2, was built. [Input File: Vx04jW.j]

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type of contact: earliest events 2011-10-04 jW z2 (st-is) abuts f41 (stone installation) [Input File: Vx04jW.j]
2011-10-04 jW z2 (st-is) abuts f265 (escarpment) [Input File: Vx04jW.j]