A16 databse

Data bases for unit A16

January 2010 - G. Buccellati
A16 data set
A16 data bases


     The ordered input serves as the fundamental data base from which all text portions of the UGR are derived. It is made available as the most durable version of the data and for teh sake of independent research.

A16 data set

     A summary of the data contained in the data bases is given in the section on Data Set (accessed from the lower portion of the left hand side vertical bar).

A16 data bases

     Following is a fully itemized list of all data bases currently available for A16. The same list appears, in a different format, in the lower portion of the right hand side vertical bar.


          a aggregates
          c composites
          f features
          i items
          k loci
          q lots
          qi q-items
          qp sherds
          s strata
          v views





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