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--I.eiJ613The primary goal of excavations in a9 this year is to establish the perimeter and extent of the baked brick floor (f 84) originally discovered by Jamal Omar two years ago in k 5 during Season H. Although the western edge to the floor was found in Season H, the area uncovered was very small and its purpose could not be ascertained. It has been hypothesized that the floor is part of a central patio in the AK building, allowing access to the kitchen and storerooms on the south and other sections, perhaps even a ceremonial area and residential area, on the other sides. [J613JL.J]
--I.riM930a step trench was dug (through what now is an expanded A9) in MZ6(1990). A full report was not prepared at that time; however, there are documents in the files at Tell Mozan that can contribute to the understanding of the overall stratigraphy of A9 as revealed in excavations in MZ10(1997), MZ12(1999) and MZ14(2001). The first problem was to identify the MZ6 loci. By comparing the features from MZ6 whose photographs are in the file with those found immediately under the backfill in MZ14, it is possible to say with some confidence that: A4k110 is roughly equivalent to A9k51/k52, A3k111 is roughly equivalent to A9k41, A3k112 is roughly equivalent to A9k31, A3k113 is roughly equivalent to A9k21, A2k114 is roughly equivalent to A9k11, and A2k115 is roughly equivalent to A9k10. It is not exact because the grid used to lay out As was re-oriented to match the palace after it came to be revealed at the bottom of the step trench. MZ6 was divided into two phases. In the first, every other locus from 105 at the top of the mound, to 121 at the bottom was excavated. Then, in the second phase, AS was divided into four areas, A1 through A4, and selected even numbered squares were excavated along with the odd numbered squares to study the various phases of occupation of this part of the tell, from Akkadian to Nuzi. [M930JW1.J]
-DY.riM912jlw ran a brief test on the new program J46.a, gb rewrote to address several issues in the use of an earlier version, J44.i. jlw seemed to experience problems in processing feature logs with the earlier version of the program. The problem was that it appeared to prepare incomplete entries for each feature, stopping at the first elevation in each case, while also attempting to process any entry beginning with the letter "m" as a marker file. Yesterday, jlw rushed a test on the new program which appeared to exhibit the same problems. However, when he ran it this morning under more controlled conditions, it proceseed a very large feature log file perfectly. So, the initial conclusion is that the program is working as it should. jlw will attempt to run another set of files using J44.i to see if the problem was "operator error" all along. [M912JW.J]
-DY.riMX07in a continuing review of the documentation available at Tell Mozan that may assist in the compilation of the A9 global record, jlw found discrepancies in the way sketches were numbered through the years. Forty-eight sketches from MZ10, MZ12, and MZ14 were assembled, uniformly numbered, and scanned into the record (W15a). [MX07JW.J]
-DY.riMX08measured the resistance to crushing of unconfined samples of pise walls, bricks, fill and pit refuse with a pocket penetrometer. The pise walls had resistance readings far in excess of 4.5 kilograms per square centimeter, the maximum reading on this particular instrument(Soil Test, Inc. model CL-700). Bricks also had resistance readings in excess of the maximum, but broke at considerably less pressure. Regular fill had resistance readings of from 1.5 to 4.0. Fill of an ashy pit had a resistance reading of 0.75. [MX08JW.J]
-LGJ613Due to the unavailability of complete excavation records from A9 two seasons ago, we have been forced to estimate our starting numbers for all data. Therefore, we shall use the following starting numbers: v 25, i 50, a 25, k 7, f 100, q 200. Any gap in the sequence directly preceding these numbers can be attributed to this factor, since we are trying to create a clear safety margin to avoid duplication. [J613JL.J]
-SGJ613It is important to understand the purpose of this floor surface since, if our understanding of the AK building's construction is accurate, it lies approximately in the center of the building and could be the central courtyard around which building activity and palace functions revolved. In that case, it would almost certainly have access to the ceremonial section of the palace, as well as the residential areas. Therefore, it will help us direct future excavations of the building and ascertain the building's actual purpose more accurately. [J613JL.J]
-SGJ613Therefore, our first step will be to follow the western limit of the floor south through k 4, to the doorway from A6, excavating the accumulation (f 74) on top of f 84. Once that is complete, we will work east, in order to find the floor's eastern limit. We will also immediately begin to remove the baulk between k 5 and k 3, since we will excavate k 3 down to the same level as k 4 and k 5. Finally, there is a possibility that we will begin excavating the square west of k 3 and north of k 5, depending on our results in the other loci. [J613JL.J]
-SGMX08jw and gb discussed actions that could be taken in the final week to maximally advance the progress toward preparing the global record for A9. Two major tasks should be accomplished. First, the sections of the west baulk and north (west end) of k9 must be drawn, as they document the beginning of the use of terracing on this part of the tell. Second, we must attempt to assemble the stratigraphic record from the first season of A9(MZ10). Although some of the records are not here (final days of q logs, relay logs and stratigraphic log) we should be able to reconstruct the record from the feature log and some sketches left by jo, the supervisor that year. [MX08JW.J]
-SG.rdMX07in order to evaluate the pise wall and foundation construction used in several loci of A9, jw will take hardness measurements of various walls and accumulations with a soil penetrometer, which measures the resistance to crushing of an unconfined sample of soil. In addition, we suspect that ash from the kiln was added to the soil mixture to additionally strengthen it. yt, the ceramic manufacturing specialist stated that when alkali from kiln ash deposits (we have found kilns nearby in A7 and A15) is mixed with loess, the result is a very hard dense volume of material that explodes to powder when crushed, the act of which takes a hard push to accomplish. On a microscopic level, individual ash particles and the fine grains of loess are indistinguishable. [MX07JW.J]
-SG.riH706based on analysis of accumulations in Area 2 to the west and the limited amount of remaining excavation time we are going to focus our attnention in the last three weeks on A9k1 and A9k2 as well as the region to the immediate south that was partially excavated as part of A6. Working with A2 we hope to find the reception areas associated with the fomal entrance to the far west being excavated by A7. As a result, we will level A9k3 to an elevation of about 8537, then suspend work there in favor of concentrating on full excavation of A9k1 and A9k2. [O119JW.J]
-SPM930MZ14 excavations of k10, k11, k21, k31, and k51/k52 revealed a number of important structures, many of which had already been partially excavated in MZ6. For these the context was unclear. Fortunately there is some documentation for A3 available at Tell Mozan. For example, there are copies of feature, q-lot and item logs, the journal and a partial relay log. In addition there are copies of some photographs and some drawings and sketches of varying quality. There is a poorer record of the work in A2, which consists of poor copies of hand-written notes. There is a partial record of the work in A4, but it appears portions (including the work on A4k110(A9k51/52) were taken home by the excavator, presumably for post-season analysis. (There are other indications that the originals for all records were taken to Los Angeles.) For the initial work in AS, there is a list of features by locus, so one can presume that within each locus the list reflects the proper stratigraphic relationship. In summation, although no more work is possible during this short study season, we are optimistic that we can reconstuct an adequate record of the MZ6 excavations over the winter, particulary when we can view the original records, including photographs, which are available at IIMAS in Los Angeles. [M930JW1.J]
-SP.rdMX06in study season MZ13(2000-K), jlw undertook several small projects involving the southern border of A9, which is formed by a major E-W wall that forms the north face of the AK building. The first task was to remove a pillar of accumulation from the NW corner of N-S stub wall, f176, which marks the western boundary of A9. The accumulation was of uniform texture and color, 10YR6/2, light brownish gray. There were no artifacts. The second task was to remove a one cubic meter platform of accumulation at the far western end of the same E-W wall, that was technically a part of A7 because it was about 7 meters west of the west face of f176. Sketch A9sk20 describes the situation. There were a few artifacts, consisting of non-diagnostic body sherds of common wares, none of which were kept. The third task involved preparing a sketch of the south, unexcavated, face of doorway, A9a17, which was never excavated. It is important because the doorway remained in use after the main palace was closed. The material in the doorway is about 2m high and consists of a series of alternating thresholds and accumulations, indicating that building AK was accessed by that doorway for an extended period of time after the reign of Tupkish. A layer of brown bricks atop the palace redbrick walls on either side of the doorway is further evidence of the continued occupation of AK. Sketch A9sk19 is the result. [MX07JW.J]
A0003D03H62217 (43688 36417 - 8604 / Relay location: center with radius of 23cm) [O109JW-R.J]
A0005D03H62832 (43527 36171 - 8568 / Relay location: NE corner) [O109JW2R.J]
A0005D03H62833 (43394 36148 - 8576 / Relay location: SE corner) [O109JW2R.J]
A0005D03H62834 (43563 35988 - 8557 / Relay location: NW corner) [O109JW2R.J]
A0005D03H62835 (43426 35956 - 8576 / Relay location: SW corner) [O109JW2R.J]
A0006D03H62836 (43646 36231 - 8554 / Relay location: circle point 1) [O109JW2R.J]
A0006D03H62837 (43724 36216 - 8554 / Relay location: circle point 2) [O109JW2R.J]
A0006D03H62838 (43638 36147 - 8554 / Relay location: circle point 3) [O109JW2R.J]
A0007D03H70558 (44320 35990 - 8566 / Relay location: NW corner) [O114JW-R.J]
A0007D03H70559 (44229 35950 - 8566 / Relay location: SW corner) [O114JW-R.J]
A0007D03H70560 (44216 36002 - 8566 / Relay location: SE corner) [O114JW-R.J]
A0007D03H70561 (44304 36029 - 8566 / Relay location: NE corner) [O114JW-R.J]
A0009A21H706pt [O119JW.J]
A0009B11H70640 x40 cm pit lined with bricks to a depth of 22 cm. Bricks about 10cm thick. gb suggests that this is the form of a foundation box, resembling a modern cornerstone. There was no evidence of associated walls and there was nothing in the contents (bones, sherds, ashes) to indicate such a use, but it may have been disturbed in antquity. [O119JW.J]
A0009D03H70662 (44019 35665 - 8538 / Relay location: NW corner) [O114JW-R.J]
A0009D03H70665 (43999 35695 - 8538 / Relay location: NE corner) [O114JW-R.J]
A0010A21H706pt [O119JW.J]
A0010B11H706when fully excavated, pit was round with a flattened hemispherical bottom. When excavations began, the opening was rectangular (described by relays 53,54,55 and 56). Later as the true shape was revealed, it has been described as a circle (relays 71,72 and 73) with an approximate diameter of 65cm. 36cm depth measured at 8525(surface) and 8489 (bottom). [O119JW.J]
A0010D0371283 (43796 35560 - 8524 / Relay location: E point on circle) [-O114JW1R.J]
A0010D0371284 (43872 35529 - 8524 / Relay location: W point on circle) [-O114JW1R.J]
A0010D03H70553 (43925 35761 - 8530 / Relay location: NW corner) [O114JW-R.J]
A0010D03H70555 (43914 35783 - 8530 / Relay location: NE corner) [O114JW-R.J]
A0010D03H70556 (43872 35776 - 8530 / Relay location: SE corner) [O114JW-R.J]
A0010D03H70672 (43893 35804 - 8525 / Relay location: circumference point) [O114JW-R.J]
A0011D03H70668 (43387 36174 - 8495 / Relay location: end of arc) [O114JW-R.J]
A0011D03H70669 (43421 36200 - 8495 / Relay location: middle of arc) [O114JW-R.J]
A0011D03H70670 (43432 36261 - 8495 / Relay location: end of arc) [O114JW-R.J]
A0042A21LX04f196,f278,f347 [LX04JW.J]
A0042D01LX04kpath [LX04JW.J]
A0042G09LX04E-W working surface extending over 13 meters [LX04JW.J]
F0012D03H62219 (43486 36158 - 8632 / Relay location: highest point on east edge of wall at intersection with f26) [O109JW-R.J]
F0033D03H62522 (43395 36145 - 8582 / Relay location: SE corner) [O109JW-R.J]
F0033D03H62523 (43420 36150 - 8580 / Relay location: E midpoint) [O109JW-R.J]
F0033D03H62524 (43403 36100 - 8579 / Relay location: SW corner) [O109JW-R.J]
F0033D03H62525 (43493 36167 - 8569 / Relay location: NE corner) [O109JW-R.J]
F0033D03H62526 (43492 36133 - 8567 / Relay location: NW corner) [O109JW-R.J]
F0034D03H62527 (43353 36225 - 8585 / Relay location: SE corner) [O109JW-R.J]
F0034D03H62528 (43707 36344 - 8578 / Relay location: NE corner) [O109JW-R.J]
F0034D03H62529 (43396 36149 - 8575 / Relay location: SW corner) [O109JW-R.J]
F0034D03H62530 (43755 36189 - 8567 / Relay location: NW corner) [O109JW-R.J]
F0035D03H62531 (43374 36233 - 8575 / Relay location: NE corner) [O109JW-R.J]
F0065D03H70975 (44274 36247 - 8562 / Relay location: NW corner) [O114JW1R.J]
F0065D03H70976 (44234 36245 - 8562 / Relay location: SW corner) [O114JW1R.J]
F0065D03H70977 (44235 36276 - 8562 / Relay location: SE corner) [O114JW1R.J]
F0065D03H70978 (44258 36297 - 8562 / Relay location: NE corner) [O114JW1R.J]
F0195A21L623ts [L919JW.J]
F0195D01L623k22 [L919JW.J]
F0195D06L6239067 @top [L919JW.J]
F0196A21L623ly [L919JW.J]
F0196D01L623k22 [L919JW.J]
F0196D06L6230 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0196D06L6239046 @top [L919JW.J]
F0197A21L623w [L919JW.J]
F0197D01L623k22 [L919JW.J]
F0197D06L6230 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0197D06L6239039 @top [L919JW.J]
F0198A21L623a [L919JW.J]
F0198D01L623k22 [L919JW.J]
F0198D06L6239039 @top [L919JW.J]
F0199A21L624a [L919JW.J]
F0199D01L624k22 [L919JW.J]
F0199D06L6248967 @top [L919JW.J]
F0199K03L624granular [L919JW.J]
F0199P02L624soft [L919JW.J]
F0200A21L624backfill [L919JW.J]
F0200D01L624k21 [L919JW.J]
F0200D06L6248949 @top [L919JW.J]
F0200K03L624granular [L919JW.J]
F0200P02L624soft [L919JW.J]
F0201A21L624baulk [L919JW.J]
F0201D01L624k21 [L919JW.J]
F0201D06L6249073 @top [L919JW.J]
F0202A21L624ts [L919JW.J]
F0202D01L624k21 [L919JW.J]
F0202D06L6249005 @top [L919JW.J]
F0202K03L624clumps and granules [L919JW.J]
F0202P02L624soft [L919JW.J]
F0203A21L624a [L919JW.J]
F0203D01L624k22 [L919JW.J]
F0203D06L6249017 @top [L919JW.J]
F0204A21L624pb [L919JW.J]
F0204D01L624k21 [L919JW.J]
F0204D06L6240 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0204D06L6248947 @top [L919JW.J]
F0205A21L624pv [L919JW.J]
F0205D01L624k21 [L919JW.J]
F0205D06L6240 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0205D06L6249027 @top [L919JW.J]
F0206A21L625ts [L919JW.J]
F0206D01L625k11 [L919JW.J]
F0206D06L6258791 @top [L919JW.J]
F0206K03L625clumps [L919JW.J]
F0206P02L625soft [L919JW.J]
F0207A21L625a [L919JW.J]
F0207D01L625k11 [L919JW.J]
F0207D06L6258801 @top [L919JW.J]
F0207K03L625smooth when scraped [L919JW.J]
F0207P02L625hard [L919JW.J]
F0208A21L625w [L919JW.J]
F0208D01L625k21 [L919JW.J]
F0208D06L6250 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0208D06L6258981 @top [L919JW.J]
F0209A21L626ts [L919JW.J]
F0209D01L626k10 [L919JW.J]
F0210A21L626backfill [L919JW.J]
F0210D01L626k11 [L919JW.J]
F0211A21L626w [L919JW.J]
F0211D01L626k10 [L919JW.J]
F0211D06L6260 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0211D06L6268765 @top [L919JW.J]
F0212A21L626fi [L919JW.J]
F0212D01L626k21 [L919JW.J]
F0212D06L6268982 @top [L919JW.J]
F0213A21L627backfill [L919JW.J]
F0213D01L627k10 [L919JW.J]
F0214A21L627a [L919JW.J]
F0214D01L627k10 [L919JW.J]
F0214D06L6278780 @top [L919JW.J]
F0215A21L627ta [L919JW.J]
F0215D01L627k10 [L919JW.J]
F0215D06L6278802 @top [L919JW.J]
F0216A21L627fi [L919JW.J]
F0216D01L627k10 [L919JW.J]
F0216D06L6278802 @top [L919JW.J]
F0217A21L627a [L919JW.J]
F0217D01L627k11 [L919JW.J]
F0217D06L6278873 @top [L919JW.J]
F0218A21L628a [L919JW.J]
F0218D01L628k11 [L919JW.J]
F0218D06L6288840 @top [L919JW.J]
F0218K03L628powdery when scraped [L919JW.J]
F0218P02L628very hard [L919JW.J]
F0219A21L628a [L919JW.J]
F0219D01L628k10 [L919JW.J]
F0219D06L6288720 @top [L919JW.J]
F0220A21L628a [L919JW.J]
F0220D01L628k11 [L919JW.J]
F0220D06L6288822 @top [L919JW.J]
F0221A21L628bk [L919JW.J]
F0221D01L628k11 [L919JW.J]
F0221D06L6288862 @top [L919JW.J]
F0222A21L628fi [L919JW.J]
F0222D01L628k11 [L919JW.J]
F0222D06L6288820 @top [L919JW.J]
F0223A21L628ts [L919JW.J]
F0223D01L628k11 [L919JW.J]
F0223D06L6288948 @top [L919JW.J]
F0223K03L628crumbly [L919JW.J]
F0223P02L628soft [L919JW.J]
F0224A21L628a [L919JW.J]
F0224D01L628k21 [L919JW.J]
F0224D06L6288948 @top [L919JW.J]
F0225A21L628foundation [L919JW.J]
F0225D01L628k11 [L919JW.J]
F0225D06L6280 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0225D06L6288939 @top [L919JW.J]
F0225K03L628dense [L919JW.J]
F0225P02L628hard [L919JW.J]
F0226A21L628ta [L919JW.J]
F0226D01L628k10 [L919JW.J]
F0226D06L6288743 @top [L919JW.J]
F0227A21L628backfill [L919JW.J]
F0227D01L628k10 [L919JW.J]
F0227D06L6288848 @top [L919JW.J]
F0227K03L628crumbly [L919JW.J]
F0227P02L628soft [L919JW.J]
F0228A21L628w [L919JW.J]
F0228D01L628k11 [L919JW.J]
F0228D06L6280 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0228D06L6288852 @top [L919JW.J]
F0229A21L628w [L919JW.J]
F0229D01L628k11 [L919JW.J]
F0229D06L6280 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0229D06L6288879 @top [L919JW.J]
F0230A21L628pv [L919JW.J]
F0230D01L628k10 [L919JW.J]
F0230D06L6280 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0230D06L6288720 @top [L919JW.J]
F0231A21L628w [L919JW.J]
F0231D01L628k10 [L919JW.J]
F0231D06L6280 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0231D06L6288758 @top [L919JW.J]
F0232A21L630a [L919JW.J]
F0232D01L630k10 [L919JW.J]
F0232D06L6308866 @top [L919JW.J]
F0233A21L630ts [L919JW.J]
F0233D01L630k14 [L919JW.J]
F0233D06L6308959 @top [L919JW.J]
F0234A21L630a [L919JW.J]
F0234D01L630k11 [L919JW.J]
F0234D06L6308849 @top [L919JW.J]
F0235A21L630pb [L919JW.J]
F0235D01L630k10 [L919JW.J]
F0235D06L6300 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0235D06L6308722 @top [L919JW.J]
F0236A21L630a [L919JW.J]
F0236D01L630k11 [L919JW.J]
F0236D06L6308953 @top [L919JW.J]
F0237A21L630a [L919JW.J]
F0237D01L630k14 [L919JW.J]
F0237D06L6308963 @top [L919JW.J]
F0238A21L630w [L919JW.J]
F0238D01L630k11 [L919JW.J]
F0238D06L6300 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0238D06L6308853 @top [L919JW.J]
F0239A21L630ta [L919JW.J]
F0239D01L630k11 [L919JW.J]
F0239D06L6300 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0239D06L6308820 @top [L919JW.J]
F0239P02L6305YR5/6 [L919JW.J]
F0240A21L630fi [L919JW.J]
F0240D01L630k11 [L919JW.J]
F0240D06L6308932 @top [L919JW.J]
F0241A21L701a [L919JW.J]
F0241D01L701k11 [L919JW.J]
F0241D06L7018880 @top [L919JW.J]
F0242A21L701pc [L919JW.J]
F0242D01L701k14 [L919JW.J]
F0242D06L7010 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0243A21L701bk [L919JW.J]
F0243D01L701k10 [L919JW.J]
F0243D06L7010 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0243D06L7018817 @top [L919JW.J]
F0244A21L701bk [L919JW.J]
F0244D01L701k14 [L919JW.J]
F0244D06L7010 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0244D06L7019086 @top [L919JW.J]
F0245A21L701ta [L919JW.J]
F0245D01L701k10 [L919JW.J]
F0245D06L7018800 @top [L919JW.J]
F0246A21L701fi [L919JW.J]
F0246D01L701k10 [L919JW.J]
F0246D06L7018800 @top [L919JW.J]
F0247A21L701fb [L919JW.J]
F0247D01L701k11 [L919JW.J]
F0247D06L7018803 @top [L919JW.J]
F0247K03L701white powder [L919JW.J]
F0248A21L701pt [L919JW.J]
F0248D01L701k10 [L919JW.J]
F0248P02L701soft [L919JW.J]
F0249A21L701a [L919JW.J]
F0249D01L701k11 [L919JW.J]
F0249D06L7018816 @top [L919JW.J]
F0250A21L702a [L919JW.J]
F0250D01L702k10 [L919JW.J]
F0250D06L7028741 @top [L919JW.J]
F0250P02L702hard [L919JW.J]
F0251A21L702fb [L919JW.J]
F0251D01L702k11 [L919JW.J]
F0251D06L7028803 @top [L919JW.J]
F0251K03L702white powder [L919JW.J]
F0251P02L702hard [L919JW.J]
F0252A21L702foundation [L919JW.J]
F0252D01L702k11 [L919JW.J]
F0252D06L7020 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0252D06L7028848 @top [L919JW.J]
F0252K03L702dense [L919JW.J]
F0252P02L702hard [L919JW.J]
F0253A21L702fi [L919JW.J]
F0253D01L702k10 [L919JW.J]
F0253D06L7028798 @top [L919JW.J]
F0253K03L702crumbly [L919JW.J]
F0253P02L702soft [L919JW.J]
F0254A21L703a [L919JW.J]
F0254D01L703k14 [L919JW.J]
F0254D06L7038895 @top [L919JW.J]
F0254K03L703hard [L919JW.J]
F0254K05L703has soft pockets [L919JW.J]
F0254P02L70310YR7/3 [L919JW.J]
F0255A21L703bk [L919JW.J]
F0255D01L703k14 [L919JW.J]
F0255D06L7030 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0255D06L7038895 @top [L919JW.J]
F0256A21L703a [L919JW.J]
F0256D01L703k11 [L919JW.J]
F0256D06L7038856 @top [L919JW.J]
F0257A21L703a [L919JW.J]
F0257D01L703k21 [L919JW.J]
F0257D06L7039031 @top [L919JW.J]
F0258A21L703bk [L919JW.J]
F0258D01L703k11 [L919JW.J]
F0258D06L7038831 @top [L919JW.J]
F0259A21L704w [L919JW.J]
F0259D01L704k10 [L919JW.J]
F0259D06L7048765 @top [L919JW.J]
F0260A21L704a [L919JW.J]
F0260D01L704k11 [L919JW.J]
F0260D06L7048795 @top [L919JW.J]
F0261A21L704a [L919JW.J]
F0261D01L704k11 [L919JW.J]
F0261D06L7048918 @top [L919JW.J]
F0262A21L704rh [L919JW.J]
F0262D01L704k10 [L919JW.J]
F0262D06L7048728 @top [L919JW.J]
F0263A21L704bk [L919JW.J]
F0263D01L704k14 [L919JW.J]
F0263D06L7040 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0263D06L7048862 @top [L919JW.J]
F0264A21L705a [L919JW.J]
F0264D01L705k10 [L919JW.J]
F0264D06L7058713 @top [L919JW.J]
F0265A21L705pc [L919JW.J]
F0265D01L705k10 [L919JW.J]
F0265D06L7050 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0265D06L7058704 @top [L919JW.J]
F0266A21L705a [L919JW.J]
F0266D01L705k10 [L919JW.J]
F0266D06L7058704 @top [L919JW.J]
F0267A21L705bk [L919JW.J]
F0267D01L705k11 [L919JW.J]
F0267D06L7050 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0267D06L7058871 @top [L919JW.J]
F0268A21L705foundation [L919JW.J]
F0268D01L705k11 [L919JW.J]
F0268D06L7050 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0268D06L7058823 @top [L919JW.J]
F0269A21L705pt [L919JW.J]
F0269D01L705k11 [L919JW.J]
F0269D06L7058889 @top [L919JW.J]
F0270A21L705w [L919JW.J]
F0270D01L705k10 [L919JW.J]
F0270D06L7050 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0270D06L7051965 @top [L919JW.J]
F0271A21L705w [L919JW.J]
F0271D01L705k10 [L919JW.J]
F0271D06L7050 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0271D06L7058723 @top [L919JW.J]
F0272A21L705w [L919JW.J]
F0272D01L705k10 [L919JW.J]
F0272D06L7050 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0272D06L7058721 @top [L919JW.J]
F0273A21L707foundation [L919JW.J]
F0273D01L707k21 [L919JW.J]
F0273D06L7070 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0273D06L7078991 @top [L919JW.J]
F0274A21L707ts [L919JW.J]
F0274D01L707k23 [L919JW.J]
F0274D06L7078993 @top [L919JW.J]
F0275A21L707ts [L919JW.J]
F0275D01L707k24 [L919JW.J]
F0275D06L7079042 @top [L919JW.J]
F0276A21L707a [L919JW.J]
F0276D01L707k23 [L919JW.J]
F0276D06L7079035 @top [L919JW.J]
F0277A21L707pb [L919JW.J]
F0277D01L707k21 [L919JW.J]
F0277D06L7070 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0277D06L7078950 @top [L919JW.J]
F0278A21L707pb [L919JW.J]
F0278D01L707k23 [L919JW.J]
F0278D06L7070 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0278D06L7079024 @top [L919JW.J]
F0279A21L707pb [L919JW.J]
F0279D01L707k21 [L919JW.J]
F0279D06L7070 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0279D06L7078929 @top [L919JW.J]
F0280A21L709ts [L919JW.J]
F0280D01L709k31 [L919JW.J]
F0280D06L7099079 @top [L919JW.J]
F0281A21L709bk [L919JW.J]
F0281D01L709k31 [L919JW.J]
F0281D06L7090 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0281D06L7099047 @top [L919JW.J]
F0282A21L709w [L919JW.J]
F0282D01L709k31 [L919JW.J]
F0282D06L7090 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0282D06L7099178 @top [L919JW.J]
F0283A21L709bu [L919JW.J]
F0283D01L709k31 [L919JW.J]
F0283D06L7090 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0283D06L7099079 @top [L919JW.J]
F0284A21L709bk [L919JW.J]
F0284D01L709k21 [L919JW.J]
F0284D06L7090 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0284D06L7098382 @top [L919JW.J]
F0285A21L709pb [L919JW.J]
F0285D01L709k21 [L919JW.J]
F0285D06L7099087 @top [L919JW.J]
F0286A21L709a [L919JW.J]
F0286D01L709k31 [L919JW.J]
F0286D06L7099076 @top [L919JW.J]
F0287A21L710a [L919JW.J]
F0287D01L710k24 [L919JW.J]
F0287D06L7108997 @top [L919JW.J]
F0288A21L710w [L919JW.J]
F0288D01L710k23 [L919JW.J]
F0288D06L710-10 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0288D06L7108993 @top [L919JW.J]
F0289A21L710bk [L919JW.J]
F0289D01L710k31 [L919JW.J]
F0289D06L710-10 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0290A21L710pv [L919JW.J]
F0290D01L710k31 [L919JW.J]
F0290D06L7100 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0290D06L7109114 @top [L919JW.J]
F0291A21L711ts [L919JW.J]
F0291D01L711k31 [L919JW.J]
F0291D06L7119141 @top [L919JW.J]
F0291P02L711soft [L919JW.J]
F0292A21L711ts [L919JW.J]
F0292D01L711k15 [L919JW.J]
F0292D06L7119052 @top [L919JW.J]
F0292P02L711soft [L919JW.J]
F0293A21L712a [L919JW.J]
F0293D01L712k22 [L919JW.J]
F0293D06L7129041 @top [L919JW.J]
F0294A21L712a [L919JW.J]
F0294D01L712k22 [L919JW.J]
F0294D06L7129005 @top [L919JW.J]
F0294P02L712soft [L919JW.J]
F0295A21L712bk [L919JW.J]
F0295D01L712k11 [L919JW.J]
F0295D06L7128889 @top [L919JW.J]
F0296A21L712w [L919JW.J]
F0296D01L712k22 [L919JW.J]
F0296D06L7128944 @top [L919JW.J]
F0297A21L714pb [L919JW.J]
F0297D01L714k24 [L919JW.J]
F0297D06L7148994 @top [L919JW.J]
F0298A21L714bk [L919JW.J]
F0298D01L714k22 [L919JW.J]
F0298D06L7140 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0298D06L7149012 @top [L919JW.J]
F0299A21L714a [L919JW.J]
F0299D01L714k22 [L919JW.J]
F0299D06L7148944 @top [L919JW.J]
F0300A21L714a [L919JW.J]
F0300D01L714k15 [L919JW.J]
F0300D06L7149068 @top [L919JW.J]
F0301A21L715fi [L919JW.J]
F0301D01L715k22 [L919JW.J]
F0302A21L715bk [L919JW.J]
F0302D01L715k15 [L919JW.J]
F0302D06L7150 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0302D06L7159077 @top [L919JW.J]
F0303A21L715a [L919JW.J]
F0303D01L715k23 [L919JW.J]
F0303D06L7158904 @top [L919JW.J]
F0304A21L716a [L919JW.J]
F0304D01L716k23 [L919JW.J]
F0304D06L7168916 @top [L919JW.J]
F0305A21L716a [L919JW.J]
F0305D01L716k24 [L919JW.J]
F0305D06L7168944 @top [L919JW.J]
F0306A21L716fl [L919JW.J]
F0306D01L716k24 [L919JW.J]
F0306D06L7168907 @top [L919JW.J]
F0306K03L71610YR8/6yellow [L919JW.J]
F0307A21L717ts [L919JW.J]
F0307D01L717k25 [L919JW.J]
F0307D06L7179097 @top [L919JW.J]
F0308A21L717a [L919JW.J]
F0308D01L717k15 [L919JW.J]
F0308D06L7179016 @top [L919JW.J]
F0309A21L717w [L919JW.J]
F0309D01L717k15 [L919JW.J]
F0310A21L717ts [L919JW.J]
F0310D01L717k51 [L919JW.J]
F0310D06L7179359 @top [L919JW.J]
F0311A21L718ts [L919JW.J]
F0311D01L718k41 [L919JW.J]
F0311D06L7189191 @top [L919JW.J]
F0312A21L718a [L919JW.J]
F0312D01L718k25 [L919JW.J]
F0312D06L7189085 @top [L919JW.J]
F0312K03L718granular [L919JW.J]
F0312P02L718soft [L919JW.J]
F0313A21L718a [L919JW.J]
F0313D01L718k24 [L919JW.J]
F0313D06L7188900 @top [L919JW.J]
F0314A21L718a [L919JW.J]
F0314D01L718k24 [L919JW.J]
F0314D06L7188895 @top [L919JW.J]
F0315A21L718bk [L919JW.J]
F0315D01L718k24 [L919JW.J]
F0315D06L7188990 @top [L919JW.J]
F0316A21L719ts [L919JW.J]
F0316D01L719k52 [L919JW.J]
F0316D06L7199323 @top [L919JW.J]
F0317A21L719fi [L919JW.J]
F0317D01L719k24 [L919JW.J]
F0317D06L7198895 @top [L919JW.J]
F0318A21L719ly [L919JW.J]
F0318D01L719k25 [L919JW.J]
F0318D06L7199073 @top [L919JW.J]
F0319A21L719a [L919JW.J]
F0319D01L719k24 [L919JW.J]
F0319D06L7198905 @top [L919JW.J]
F0320A21L720w [L919JW.J]
F0320D01L720k31 [L919JW.J]
F0320D06L7209147 @top [L919JW.J]
F0321A21L720fl [L919JW.J]
F0321D01L720k52 [L919JW.J]
F0321D06L7209311 @top [L919JW.J]
F0322A21L720w [L919JW.J]
F0322D01L720k52 [L919JW.J]
F0322D06L7209327 @top [L919JW.J]
F0323A21L720w [L919JW.J]
F0323D01L720k51 [L919JW.J]
F0323D06L7209320 @top [L919JW.J]
F0324A21L720fl [L919JW.J]
F0324D01L720k52 [L919JW.J]
F0324D06L7209334 @top [L919JW.J]
F0325A21L720w [L919JW.J]
F0325D01L720k24 [L919JW.J]
F0325D06L7208972 @top [L919JW.J]
F0326A21L720fl [L919JW.J]
F0326D01L720k25 [L919JW.J]
F0326D06L7209045 @top [L919JW.J]
F0327A21L720a [L919JW.J]
F0327D01L720k41 [L919JW.J]
F0327D06L7209231 @top [L919JW.J]
F0328A21L720w [L919JW.J]
F0328D01L720k25 [L919JW.J]
F0328D06L7200 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0328D06L7209067 @top [L919JW.J]
F0329A21L722a [L919JW.J]
F0329D01L722k25 [L919JW.J]
F0329D06L7229063 @top [L919JW.J]
F0330A21L723w [L919JW.J]
F0330D01L723k52 [L919JW.J]
F0330D06L7230 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0330D06L7239377 @top [L919JW.J]
F0331A21L723a [L919JW.J]
F0331D01L723k52 [L919JW.J]
F0331D06L7239330 @top [L919JW.J]
F0332A21L723bk [L919JW.J]
F0332D01L723k41 [L919JW.J]
F0332D06L7230 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0332D06L7239192 @top [L919JW.J]
F0333A21L723bk [L919JW.J]
F0333D01L723k41 [L919JW.J]
F0333D06L7230 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0333D06L7239170 @top [L919JW.J]
F0334A21L723bk [L919JW.J]
F0334D01L723k41 [L919JW.J]
F0334D06L7230 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0334D06L7239172 @top [L919JW.J]
F0335A21L724a [L919JW.J]
F0335D01L724k41 [L919JW.J]
F0335D06L7249151 @top [L919JW.J]
F0336A21L724pv [L919JW.J]
F0336D01L724k24 [L919JW.J]
F0336D06L7240 @bottom [L919JW.J]
F0337A21L724ab [L919JW.J]
F0337D01L724k41 [L919JW.J]
F0338A21L724w [L919JW.J]
F0338D01L724k52 [L919JW.J]
F0347A21LX04bk [LX04JW.J]
F0347B11LX04line of bricks seen in section of the north baulk of k21. They are a part of a living surface, a42, that extends from k21 through k23. They probably represent a floor surface that leads out to a pebble street, represented by f278 in k23 and f196 in k22. [LX04JW.J]
I0001D03H62218 (43460 35778 - 8463 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW-R.J]
I0002D03H62220 (44004 36095 - 8647 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW-R.J]
I0003D03H62221 (43415 35842 - 8440 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW-R.J]
I0004D03H62841 (43486 36127 - 8508 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0006D03H62842 (43444 36099 - 8507 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0007D03H62843 (43462 35989 - 8508 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0008D03H62844 (43490 36008 - 8508 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0009D03H70674 (43462 35989 - 8508 / Relay location: center of object) [O114JW-R.J]
I0010D03H62845 (43427 36016 - 8507 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0011D03H62846 (43406 36138 - 8560 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0012D03H62847 (43460 35997 - 8506 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0013D03H62848 (43433 36064 - 8500 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0014D03H70249 (43965 36081 - 8584 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0015D03H70250 (43961 36053 - 8595 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0016D03H70251 (43965 36081 - 8584 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0017D03H70252 (43956 35488 - 8545 / Relay location: center of object) [O109JW2R.J]
I0018D03H70557 (44296 36042 - 8561 / Relay location: center of object) [O114JW-R.J]
I0019D03H70666 (44276 36163 - 8533 / Relay location: center of object) [O114JW-R.J]
I0020D03H70667 (44278 36043 - 8522 / Relay location: center of object) [O114JW-R.J]
I0139A21L716ja [MX07JW.J]
I0139E02L71630, shoulder of jar, N [MX07JW.J]
I0139E03L716W, rim [MX07JW.J]
I0154A21N913la [NX27JW1.J]
I0154B11N913basalt stone tool shaped like a large stone donut(or bundt cake) with one of the two large circular sides flattened and worn. There is also a verical "slice" about 3 cm thick out of one of the rounded sides, the surface of which is worn. The inside of the hole is well-worn, indicating that something perpendicular to the circular sides extensively turned within. One may surmise it was used for something other than a doorsocket because of the wear patterns and the fact that the hole goes completely through the stone and flares outward to a larger diameter from the middle to the edges [NX27JW1.J]
I0154J01N9136.2 [NX27JW1.J]
I0154J04N91317.7 [NX27JW1.J]
I0154K03N913li [NX27JW1.J]
I0154K99N913hole diameter is 3cm [NX27JW1.J]
I0154P99N913to photography [NX27JW1.J]
I0401A21M915la [M915JW.J]
I0401B11M915object of hard, highly polished stone, perhaps granite. Fractured along all three axes, so it is difficult to determine whether it was a tool or an art object. [M915JW.J]
I0401D99M915found in A9 in MZ14. [M915JW.J]
I0401J01M9152.5 [M915JW.J]
I0401J02M9156 [M915JW.J]
I0401J04M9153 [M915JW.J]
I0401K03M915li [M915JW.J]
I0401K05M915black [M915JW.J]
I0401P02M915ZSB20-9 [M915JW.J]
I0402A21M915la [M915JW.J]
I0402B11M915object of hard stone, broken at the base. Shape of remaining portion resembles a flattened mace. The lack of high polish may indicate that it was used as a weapon. [M915JW.J]
I0402D99M915found in A9 in MZ14 [M915JW.J]
I0402J01M9153 [M915JW.J]
I0402J02M9156.5 [M915JW.J]
I0402J04M9155.5 [M915JW.J]
I0402P02M915ZSB20-9 [M915JW.J]
I0403A21M915ja [M915JW.J]
I0403B11M915rim and body sherd from a small, delicate, painted ceramic jar with flaired sides, a high, straight neck and a simple rim. The decorative pattern consists of two horizontal bands at the junction of the neck and body, below which is a large triangle with the apex pointed up filled with a cross-hatch pattern whose lines are parallel to the sloping sides of the triangle. Paint color is dark gray, 10YR4/1. Hammadi, the ceramic analyst, provided the following information on shape and ware: [M915JW.J]
I0403D99M915found in A9k41 in MZ14 [M915JW.J]
I0403J03M9157 [M915JW.J]
I0403J07M9150.3 [M915JW.J]
I0403K03M915fc [M915JW.J]
I0403K04M915jnf-2 [M915JW.J]
I0403K05M915light gray [M915JW.J]
I0403K06M9152.5Y7/2 [M915JW.J]
I0403K09M915h-5 [M915JW.J]
I0403O16M915m(drawing #) [M915JW.J]
I0403P99M915to mkb for special collection after photography and drawing [M915JW.J]
I0404A21M915la [M915JW.J]
I0404B11M915object of hard stone, resembling a flattened loaf of bread and broken axially. The slightly rounded top is more high polished than the other surfaces and may indicate that it was used as a tool. [M915JW.J]
I0404D99M915found in A15 in MZ14 [M915JW.J]
I0404J01M9152 [M915JW.J]
I0404J02M9154.9 [M915JW.J]
I0404J03M9153.8 [M915JW.J]
I0404P02M915ZSB20-9 [M915JW.J]
I0405A21M915la [M915JW.J]
I0405B11M915object of hard stone, resembling a loaf of bread. One end is flattened and the bottom and half of the top are very smooth, incidating that it may have been used as a tool. [M915JW.J]
I0405D99M915found in A15 in MZ14 [M915JW.J]
I0405J01M9153.5 [M915JW.J]
I0405J02M91511 [M915JW.J]
I0405J03M9156 [M915JW.J]
I0405P02M915ZSB20-9 [M915JW.J]
Q0047D03H62840 (44336 36078 - 8585 / Relay location: q-lot limit) [O109JW2R.J]
Q0125B21O914qi012502 [O914JW1.J]
Q0143B21O914qi014302 [O914JW1.J]
Q0603B21MX08qi060302 [MX08JW.J]
Q0603B21MX08qi060303 [MX08JW.J]
Q0634B21MX08qi063401 [MX08JW.J]
Q0692B21M915qi069202 [M915JW.J]
Q0696B21M915qi069603 [M915JW.J]
Q0703B21M915qi070301 [M915JW.J]
QI012502A21O914la [O914JW1.J]
QI012502B11O914Small, trapezoidal block of sandstone. The smoothness and concavity of the 2 large faces indicate that it was used as a tool, possibly for polishing, burnishing, or sharpening. [O914JW1.J]
QI012502C99O914found in pottery lot by hh. [O914JW1.J]
QI012502J01O9141.35 [O914JW1.J]
QI012502J02O9143.59 [O914JW1.J]
QI012502J03O9143.12 [O914JW1.J]
QI012502K05O914light brown [O914JW1.J]
QI012502K10O914small piece broken from one edge, possible damaged during extraction. [O914JW1.J]
QI012502P02O914ZSB 16-69 [O914JW1.J]
QI014302A21O914ca [O914JW1.J]
QI014302B11O914small, roughly cylindrical clay object with a hand-formed ridge along the long axis on the surface. Possibly the neck of an equid. [O914JW1.J]
QI014302J02O9144.07 [O914JW1.J]
QI014302J04O91424.8 [O914JW1.J]
QI014302K05O914very pale brown [O914JW1.J]
QI014302K06O91410YR7/3 [O914JW1.J]
QI014302P02O914ZSB 2-9 [O914JW1.J]
QI060302P02MX08ZSB7-24 [MX08JW.J]
QI060303P02MX08ZSB2.13-3 [MX08JW.J]
QI063401P02MX08ZSB2.13-3 [MX08JW.J]
QI069202A21M915sp [M915JW.J]
QI069202A98M915May appear as q692-s1 in some files, which may lead to confusion. [M915JW.J]
QI069202B11M915fragment of tannur [M915JW.J]
QI069202K05M915reddish yellow [M915JW.J]
QI069202K06M9157.5YR7/6 [M915JW.J]
QI069202P02M915ZSB102-5 [M915JW.J]
QI069603A21M915sp [M915JW.J]
QI069603A98M915May appear as q696-s1 in some files, which may lead to confusion. [M915JW.J]
QI069603B11M915fragment of tannur [M915JW.J]
QI069603K05M915reddish yellow [M915JW.J]
QI069603K06M9157.5YR6/6 [M915JW.J]
QI069603P02M915ZSB102-5 [M915JW.J]
QI070301A21M915ta [M915JW.J]
QI070301A98M915May appear as q703-s1 in some files, which may lead to confusion. [M915JW.J]
QI070301B11M915small part of a tannur [M915JW.J]
QI070301J02M9159 [M915JW.J]
QI070301J03M9154 [M915JW.J]
QI070301K05M915pinkish gray [M915JW.J]
QI070301K06M9155YR6/2 [M915JW.J]
QI070301P02M915ZSB102-5 [M915JW.J]
V0006TO45H617L_V10p0906 A9v6t H617 jW.jpg [A9ZZGVA.J]

Total entries: 683