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-DYO620opened two new squares (k5,k15) and removed the backfill from a previously-excavated part of k22. Cleared accumulated seasonal deposits from k4 and k3, left uncovered after the MZ16 excavation season. [O620JW.J]
-DYO621In addition to excavations, continued cleaning loci excavated in MZ16. [O621JW.J]
-DYO622excavating in 5 loci (k3,4,5,14,13) and cleaning previously opened loci to the north (k1,2,12,89,100). [O624JW1.J]
-DYO623concentrated on finishing the excavation of k14, continuing the excavation of k13, trimming and re-cutting the outside edges of the north baulks on the "1" line of squares and on general cleaning of the loci excavated in previous seasons. [O624JW2.J]
-DYO624opened two new loci, k24,k25, on the west side of the unit. Continued to excavate k13, exploring the extent of accumulation f181, which yielded over 130 clay artifacts. [O625JW.J]
-DYO627continued to remove the black ash, f170, in the SW corner of k5. Excavating k25 and k24 to find the extent of the immense layer of ancient and modern gully wash that we noticed in k15 and k14. Isolated, and continued to excavate the clay projectiles in k13. The working assumption is that they were being manufactured here. [O628JW4.J]
-DYO630excavation activity focused on the west end of the unit. We are seeking surfaces which indicate activity or occupation during individual phases. In the N edge of the N baulks of k4 and k5 we have exposed an E-W line of large worked stones, f198, similar to those found in the palace walls. Abutting these to the south there is a flat, horizontal surface of compacted bricks, f199. To the E of the last stone there is a horizontal pise surface upon which rested a Nuzi jar, i116, and a grindstone, i115. We halted excavating in k24, having reached a horizontal surface below over a 150 cm vertical column of gully wash. We resumed excavating k15 and immediately encountered copious amounts of conical cups and similar period material, confirmed as Ph2-3 by mkb on-site. We resumed excavating k14 and immediately came down on a large mass of gray bricky material which may be a late phase floor. In k13, we have finally reached the end of the deposit containing almost 200 clay objects, as well as baked bricks and raw clay. [O630JW.J]
-DYO701throughout the unit we are trying to find evidence of human activity that has not been obliterated by the gully wash. In the north baulk of k4/k3, we have found a pise floor upon which sit jars, bronze and grindstones. In k15, we have finished excavating a layer in which were found a large number of vessels with string-cut bases. The material beneath has far fewer sherds, only one of which had a base which was of the ring design. We paused excavating in k13, having reached the end of the accumulation which yielded the large number of clay projectiles. We began excavating k22 after breakfast. k4 is the most complex active locus, having two pits and a surface of stones sherds and material resembling deteriorated brick. [O701JW1.J]
-DYO706Most of the heavy tasks were focused on exploring the possible boundaries of the sacral precinct to the west and south. In k23, we are still digging gully wash after almost one meter of excavation. From viewing the E baulks of k24 and k25, we may expect that there may be another meter overlaying evidence of occupation and use. In k25 and k15 we were trying to define the extent and organization of large stones that were found in a general N-S alignment in the middle of both loci. In k15 we found a horizontal stone and sherd surface at the level of the stones. We have either not found the same in k25, immediately to the south or we have inadvertantly dug through it. In k4 we have come down on a very hard surface at the same elevation as the pise floor, f213, along the N edge of the N baulk. [O706JW3.J]
-DYO707covered sherd and stone surfaces, f230 in k15 and f233 in k25 with plastic to reduce the chances of cross-contamination caused by excavation and dirt removal. [O707JW1.J]
-DYO708concentrated work on loci k14, k23, and k24. Spent the entire day removing a sucession of tamped earth floors from the N half of k23. Found several installations and restorable vessels resting on a floor. In k23 we continued to excavate through gully wash, now presumed to be ancient since no plastic has been found. In k24 we concentrated on exavating a 1.5m strip of ashy accumulation on the N side of the locus, eventually encoutering a layer of soft, accumulation which, at the end of the day, approximately matched the extant elevation in k25 to the south. [O708JW2.J]
-DYO710received all LORES and Thumbnail photos from jjj and put them into record. Entered all pending logs and processed them through the "J" and "E" programs. jw developed tentative stratigraphic assignments for the loci we have excavated so far, k3-5, k13-15, and k23-25 in preparation for a meeting with gb and mkb O710. [O711JW.J]
-DYO711continued to excavate in k14, k23, and k23. [O711JW1.J]
-DYO714Photographed the composite of the east baulks of k5, k15, and k25. Began to remove the east baulks of k15 and k25. Later in the day, focused on k25 to avoid conflicts with ongoing excavation in k14, which shares the same baulk as k15. Completed wheelbarrow ramp constructed from the E baulk of k25, shared with k15 to the north. [O714JW.J]
-DYO728work today focused on the removal of baulks in preparation for ceasing all excavation as scheduled tomorrow, O729. We are removing the second series of jars and cups which belong to pottery cache a20 from living accumulation, f278, in k4. In k3 we are excavating two accumulations, f299 and f300, in order to see if they overlay the floor surface, f213, seen in the north baulk of k4 near its juncture with k3. In k22, we are carefully excavating the east baulk of k22 to see if we can find the structural mechanism for keeping the large stone f296 in place. [O802JW.J]
-DYO729Half of the resources were devoted to excavating k4, its east baulk, and a small amount of modern accumulation, f306, covering the area immediately in front of the steps leading down into the abi. One crew cut two ramps between k24 and k23, and k23 and k22, and as well, installed temporary steps from k22 to k21. The purpose of these is to allow visitors to access the abi from the west, just as we assume was done in ancient times during Phase 3. In the last scheduled hour of excavation, a well-preserved seal impression (with inscription) from a door sealing, i239, was found near the bottom of the east baulk of k4. [O803JW.J]
-DYO812Removed jar, i242, whole except for a partially broken rim, from the remnants of the E baulk of k4. Workmen had sounded around it to see how large it was and enough was exposed so that it presented an opportunity for theft in situ. Reviewed section drawings to record features seen in section and not seen while excavating. [O812JW.J]
-DY.ri0615Inspected site to determine state of preservation since excavation stopped last August. None of the loci excavated in season N (2003) were covered. This includes squares k1,2,3,4,11,12,13 as well as exploratory loci k89 and k100. Some surface definition was lost but most large features appear to be intact underneath a layer of blended material including soil deposited by wind and consolidated by precipitation. A general cleaning with small hand tools should restore the unit to the condition it was left. A small, deep gully was cut by surface wash which breached a dirt berm during the winter along the southern side of the unit (roughly corresponding to the "k31,k32..." string of potential loci). It should not interfere with excavations this season. [O617JW.J]
-DY.riO616Spent most of the day at the house studying the global record prepared by last season's unit supervisor, jl. The purpose was to gain general familiarity and to identify surface features to appear upon cleaning. Starting numbers for logs were determined. Spreadsheets were prepared in anticipation of data entry. Photographed each locus active last season to document condition. Assembled blank pages for this year's book. [O617JW.J]
-DY.riO706gb and mkb stressed the need to identify key pottery lots for immediate analysis. All lots cannot be analyzed at the time of excavation and most will be evaluated in a later season. The general criteria for immediate analysis were that the lots have the potential to provide information on phasing that may help to relate strata to occupational sequence. This is especially important in k14 because we have virtually no architecture and the unit is located in an ancient and modern gully that has subjected whatever was built here to consistent erosion. Neverthelss we have excavated several isolated functional units which may provide clues as to the stratigraphy of A14. What follows is a list and rationale for the request for immediate pottery analysis for each. [O706JW2.J]
-EQO617The dirt removal train for A17 and A18 to the east follows a line along and just inside the northern boundary of this unit. Coordinated the location with gb and the contractor SabaH Kassem, to minimize the danger and disruption to A14 workmen as the cars filled with spoils pass overhead. [O617JW.J]
-EQO620need more wheelbarrows. Will be purchased in the next day or so. Need tents for shade from the sun-workman effiency diminished greatly as the day progressed. Promised tomorrow. [O620JW.J]
-EQO6213 wheelbarrows on site today. Will be adequate for the next several days. [O621JW.J]
-EQO621in the next few days gb will have the dirt train from A17/A18 to the lower spoils dump moved to the north. In its current position, it is marginally safe, but the supports and dirt spills interfere with excavation and limit access to the south face of the north baulk and the platform, which is necessary to guide excavation strategy. [O621JW.J]
-EQO622supply of wheelbarrows now adequate. Trowels are of marginal quality and somewhat impede the work of the good pickmen. Work after breakfast slowed by the lack of tents to shield the workplace from the heat of the sun. [O624JW1.J]
-EQO623poles to support the tents have been erected but the covers have not yet been installed. [O624JW2.J]
-EQO624tents fully functional. Workman efficiency improved. [O625JW.J]
-EQO630discussed need for additional wheelbarrows with gb. Four for here is optimum. Re-assigned specific tasks to all workmen to bring and return tools and equipment to site from the house. [O630JW.J]
-EQO701lost use of one wheelbarrow due to bad wheel. [O701JW1.J]
-EQO704still short of wheelbarrows. Had to relinquish one of four to A18. [O704JW.J]
-EQO705distribution of wheelbarrows again a problem. Loaned one to A17 and again discussed the problem with gb. More will be ordered. Also considered installation of a dirt train, but rejected idea because of spatial conflicts with projected new loci. Decided best approach is to move dirt pile closer to unit to reduce transit time. [O705JW.J]
-EQO706More wheelbarrows promised after the improvements to the dirt train to allow more cars to travel per hour from A18/A17. There are no large pottery bags, which means that administrative workload is unnecessarily increased to process more small bags per volume of pottery. [O706JW3.J]
-MKO707markers m3422, m3460, and m3461 loosened and removed. [O707JW1.J]
-MTO630gb reviewed A14 database, transferred to the main server for backup. He wants to prepare a preliminary browser edition to illustrate its utility during excavation. jw and gm must, during O702 and O703 oganize and catalog photos and prepare templates and plots to complete the database prior to running the programs for the browser edition. [O630JW.J]
-MTO714fab suggested that, that to improve safety, we change a wheelbarrow bridge across an eroded gully from one constructed of wood slabs to one constructed of a burlap bag filled with dirt. This new arrangement is immesurably better. [O715JW.J]
-NSO717At the weekly progress meeting, gb presented an explanations for the thick, reddish accumulation, sometimes accompanied by brickchunks, that we have seen in k5, k15, and k14, and the long period for which we are finding Phase 3 pottery. The red came about as a result of remodeling of the AK building during Phase 3. At first, after the Tupkish period, people lived in the building but did not use its installations as constructed for palace occupation. They discarded refuse outside (source of the lowest, gray accumulation). They then altered the palace on the same footprint, primarily by adding a layer of gray bricks to "raise the roof." The red was refuse from this effort. (fab alerted us to look for evidence of roofing tiles, none of which we have seen to date.) People then continued to use the building until its abandonment at the end of a long Phase 3, again discarding material outside, which accounts for the brownish accumulation atop the red. [O717JW.J]
-NS.riO716In k13 and k14 we have excavated a number of sealed strata, only a few of which have been analyzed. They encompass elevations from 8213cm for an accumulation, f181 in k13, which yielded 200 clay oblong objects to 8109cm for a sherd and pebble floor, f253 in k14. All of these strata are above the pebble and sherd surface, f230, in k24, elevation 8048. The sherds from f181 and the sherds from the living accumulation, f229, that covered f230, were analyzed. Both extremes were evaluated as belonging to Phase 3. To guide the excavation strategy in the next few weeks we need to know the function of the intermediate floors and accompanying living accumulations in this stratigraphic column. What follows is a list of individual features and the special characteristics that merit an analysis of the pottery within. [O716JW.J]
-NS.riO724In k4, k13 and k14 we have excavated several living accumulations over pise and pebble/sherd floors, all in strata suggesting they should belong to Phase 3. In k4, the living accumulations above a pise floor, f213, have yielded a number of restorable clay vessels and grindstones. In k14, we have discovered the second in a series of pebble and sherd floors, f253, (the pottery from its covering living accumulation, f254, has already been analyzed), which step up about 50cm each to the east from a pebble and sherd floor found in k15 and k25. In k13 we have discovered the third such floor, f281, which is covered by living accumulation, f280. Analysis of the pottery from these two loci will help us determine what activities were taking place on them and will help us determine why they were built and rebuilt in the same pattern in the same place. At the lowest excavaed level of k5, we have discovered an accumulation, f260, which suggests that it was deposited from the drain system of the palace. The pottery from the bottom of this feature may help us determine if the palace systems were still being used in Phase 3, or if the accumulation was deposited in Phase 2 and therefore gives us a benchmark for the transition to Phase 3, whose material is found in the accumulations above. Finally, we have contined to excavate one pit that extends into several squares. Analysis of one lot from the fill, f203, indicates that it was Phase 4. Now that we have several more lots, it would be useful to confirm the original diagnosis since this is the only benchmark for the transition from Phase 3 to Phase 4. [O724JW1.J]
-NS.riO728There are four parts of A14 that are of interest in the last days of excavation. One, arising from excavation near the northwest side of the abi is important for determing the late date the extant entrance was in use. The second is accumulaton surrounding what appears to be the N end of a N-S brick wall abutting the abi entrance to the south. The other two are continuations of pottery analysis already begun as a result of previous requests. [O728JW.J]
-NS.riO825gb and jw discussed the preliminary strata assignments to the features excavated in MZ17. Although there is a clear Phase 3 sequence from start to finish (except for Phase 4 material in a large pit which cuts deep into the matrix), there is no clear indication of the phase of material just above and just below these features. In the far western part of the unit (k15 and k25) we stopped excavating at a sealed pebble and sherd pavement whose living accumulation was Phase 3. The pavement itself was assumed to be Phase 3 based upon what was found in the accumulation directly above. It was covered during excavation of loci to the east with the thought that it would be a clear starting point for subsequent excavations. The loci in the northeast corner, k1 and k2, were excavated in MZ14 and MZ16. Strata were not assigned in either season. The unit supervisor, jl, responded to a query about the stratigraphy by listing groups of features encountered in MZ16, but did not know to what time period they belonged. There are two large pits which cut deep into most of the accumulations in k1 and k2, and analysis of the contents may allow us to determine when the area around the abi was last used. This in turn would be useful in determining the Phase of the features excavated in MZ14 and MZ16, which could be anything from Phase 3 to Phase 6. [O825JW.J]
-PHO731gg and jw took a series of final photographs of each of the loci both in the morning and the afternoon. Several more remain to be taken on O801. [O801JW.J]
-PHO801gg and jw on site in the morning to photograph remaining loci and construct overall shots showing the numerous activity levels in different loci. gb reviewed the results and suggested one additional overall shot from a ladder looking to the NE toward the palace, whose walls will be re-covered this afternoon. [O801JW1.J]
-SFO624representative of the Department of Antiquities, Hickman, began to work with the unit, joining jw and gm. gm spent the last two hours after breakfast processing objects at home. [O625JW.J]
-SFO627gm ill and worked at home for the entire day. As long as this situation continues, jw will be the sole staff member at the site and therefore the journal will be sparse. Most of his time will be devoted to supervising operations and maintaining the logs. [O628JW4.J]
-SFO628jw sole staff member in field for the entire day as gm continued to work at home as she recovers from illness. [O628JW5.J]
-SFO629gm's illness continued to prevent her from coming to the field. Worked at home for the entire day. [O629JW.J]
-SFO630gm recovering from illness. Worked in field until breakfast, then at home for the rest of the day. [O630JW.J]
-SFO701gm worked the last two hours at home. [O701JW1.J]
-SFO704jo joined the field staff. The initial plan is for him to spend the first half of the morning on site and be available for occasional tasks in the afternoon. The balance of his day will be spent in ceramics analysis. gm worked at home for the second part of the morning. mb temporarily joined the team and will work the first half of the morning. jw sole staff member on site for the second half of the morning. [O704JW.J]
-SFO705mb again participated in the work on site before breakfast. gm remained at home after breakfast to process objects and receive medical treatment. jw lone member of team in field after breakfast. [O705JW.J]
-SFO706jw worked at home for one hour before breakfast to process markers for the surveyor. jo departed at 0800 to work on pottery. jw alone at the site after breakfast, as gm worked at home to enter data in prepartion for the publishing of the preliminary browser edition of the global record. [O706JW3.J]
-SFO707dc joined the staff this morning. Although she will be primarily responsible for work in A12, she will spend today re-familiarizing herself with A14 and routine data recording and analysis procedures. jw spent one hour before breakfast at home entering data for the surveyor and other computer work. [O707JW1.J]
-SFO708dc now full time on A12. jo did not return to the field after breakfast. [O708JW2.J]
-SFO714jw did computer work at home for 1 hour after breakfast, with jo on site. gm worked for 2 hours at home processing objects before lunch. [O715JW.J]
-SFO718gm spent two hours working at home on objects. [O718JW2.J]
-SFO719gm worked at home for the entire day processing objects and trying to get the "J" and "O" programs to process all of our files. The "J" program does not process the file produced by the template program. The "O" program does not process the files from the view logs. [O719JW.J]
-SFO720dc joined the unit full-time. jw and dc spent the entire day at the site. gm worked at home processing objects after breakfast. [O720JW1.J]
-SFO721gm worked at home all day processing items, entering data, and preparing templates. [O723JW3.J]
-SFO722except for occasional trips to home by jw to process relays and u-photos associated with the removal of jars from cache a20 in k4, all staff worked at the site. [O723JW1.J]
-SFO725gm sick at home. Processed a20 jar cache and visited doctor in Qamishlie. dc and jw on site all day. [O725JW.J]
-SFO726gm, jw, dc, and jo all worked in the field, co-ordinating a large number of diverse activities in the unit. [O727JW1.J]
-SFO727gm worked at home after breakfast processing objects. jo stayed for 1.5 hours after lunch to help oversee work in many locations throughout the unit. [O727JW2.J]
-SFO729All staff in field for wrap-up activities. gm returned to the house after breakfast to process the second group of jars and cups from cache a20 in k4. [O803JW.J]
-SFO730jw and dc shared supervisory work in the field. gm stayed at home processing jars from the second phase of the cache a20, found in k4 and the surrounding baulks. jo worked on documenting pottery from other units. [O804JW.J]
-SFO731gm departed for Italy in the morning of O731. dc and jo on site to supervise the final excavation of the E baulk of k4, supervise the cleaning of the unit for final photographs, and to draw a section. jw worked at home reviewing sections prior to scanning. [O801JW.J]
-SF.riO710jw and gm worked full days and evenings at home O709 and O710 to enter and process all recorded data to give to gb for the browser edition of the A14 global record for the first half of the MZ17 excavation season. [O711JW.J]
-SF.riO717on O716, jw and gm each worked at home processing data for 8 hours. On 0717, jw worked in the field in the morning drawing sections while gm processed data at home. Both worked at home in the afternoon processing data. [O717JW.J]
-SF.riO801jw was the sole staff member working on A14. dc was finishing A12, while jo was conducting pottery analysis. [O801JW1.J]
-SF.riO812dc departed for Italy. jw now the sole person working on A14, but the last several days he has been working on the stratigraphic record for A09, located on the opposite side of the AK building and which is expected to provide clues for the analysis of both A14 and A09. [O812JW.J]
-SGO621gb, gm and jw met briefly to review the progress in the first day of the excavation and consider any revisions in approach for the next few days. As k5f170 represents the first horizontal surface encountered, we will pause work in that locus and move east to k4, partially excavated with no significant finds in MZ16. Here we will remove the new material deposited over the winter and consolidated by precipation. We will also re-cut the partially eroded baulks. Similarly, we will repeat this process in k3, where according to what we see in the south face of the extant north baulk, we should see some occupational accumulation under the hardened crust which covers the locus. Although we have not yet reached a level surface in k15, we will open k14 and move to the east, analagous to the move to k4. The string of loci which includes k15 is in the middle of the gully and received the brunt of the wash from above over the centuries. We fear that most of the significant architecture that may have once been here may have been washed away. gm will explore the extent f170 in k5 to see if it is contained. [O621JW.J]
-SGO630we will continue on the basic approach established in a meeting between gb, fab, and jw on O629, which is to seek evidence of occupation and use of this precinct, then identify the Phase. Logically we expect the lowest levels to be associated with the palace (Ph 2), but the action over the centuries of the gully wash may have obliterated earlier facilites which were replaced at the same elevation by those of later phases. We are concentrating on the lower, western portion of the unit because it represents the lowest part of the gully which formed after the palace was abandoned and built over in Phases 4, 5, and 6. [O630JW.J]
-SGO701early in the day, gb, fab, gm and jw briefly reviewed progress for the week and discussed what needed to be done to maintain the schedule of understanding what activities and structures were a part of the abi and platform precinct. Work was suspended in k13, upon reaching the level marking the end of the sling ball manufacturing area. The team working here will be shifted to begin excavating k22, the last full square to the west of the abi entrance. After the section for the N baulk of k4 has been drawn, we will begin to remove it so that we can better trace the horizontal brick surface, f199, and the horizontal pise surface, f213, found along the far north edge of the locus yesterday and today. In k15 we will try to resolve the issue as to the source of the large quantity of Ph 2 pottery in a place and elevation where we would have expected to see Nuzi ware. In k14 we will excavate two pits, a15 and a16, found respectively in the NW and SE corners of the locus. We will finish excavating the pise floor surface,f213, in the E end of the N baulk of k4. [O701JW1.J]
-SGO704gb, fab, jo, gm, mb, and jw met on site to discuss possible alterations in the current approach to this season's excavations, which is to seek to define the sacral precinct by searching for a western boundary or approach and moving E toward the entrance to the abi. Two alternatives were discussed. jo suggested that we focus first on the loci closer to the abi (k1,2,12,22) where we would be more likely to find evidence of use near the current surface since it did not have the deep cover of gully wash seen in the western loci (k15,14,24,25). fab suggested that since a E-W line of stones defines the north side of the abi precinct, a similar line defining the south side may found in the "30" line of squares, where the modern tell increases sharply in elevation and the surface soil shows signs of covering architectural features. jw preliminarily evaluated current resources as insufficient to add this task, but gb indicated that more workmen could be hired. In the end, we decided to stick with the current strategy for the remainer of the week, then reconsider when jo had been fully integrated into the team. [O704JW.J]
-SGO705meeting with gb, fab, jo, gm, mb, and jw to evaluate strategic decisions of O704 in light of progress yesterday and this morning, as well as a series of elevations of key places taken by jw at the close of yesterday. Decided to continue searching for possible stones in k15 that may be in the same N-S alignment with those in k25 to the S, f228, and those in k5 to the N, f165. At jo's suggestion, we will excavate k4 as a E-W half section to get a vertical sense of the stratigraphy, and may choose a similar approach to others, including k14. gb cautioned us to be especially alert for reddish accumulation, which is a common sign of nearness to the Phase 2 walls, which were built with bricks of reddish clay, unlike later Phase walls which used gray soil for bricks. [O705JW.J]
-SGO706Although gb and fab did not yet see the results of yesterday's excavations, it is clear to jw that we should excavate k24 to the level of the stones and open k35 immediately to the south of k25. jw would prefer to temporarily stop excavating k4 and explore horizontally the extent of the possible floor, f230, and the links with nearby floors, f224 and f213, particularly if the requested pottery analysis shows that these are a part of Phase 3. [O706JW3.J]
-SGO707gb, fab, jo, dc, gm and jw discussed progress from yesterday and how to use it to best accomplish our overall goal of defining the sacral precinct and understanding the changes in use over time. [O707JW1.J]
-SGO711Held brief meeting on-site to orient gb, fab, and mkb to the logic behind the tentative stratigraphic assignments made by jw on O710. It was immediately apparent that the east and north baulks of most loci were keys to understanding the stratigraphic sequence. Staff will score baulks and place tags with feature numbers on the baulks to assure that all features had been recognized, named, described, and incorporated into the analysis. [O711JW1.J]
-SGO713gb, fab, and mkb discussed with jw and jo the stratigraphic implications of what we see in the E baulks of k15 and k25 and the N baulk of k15. Feature 207, seen in the E baulk of k15 is of particular interest since it is seen in k14 (as f245) and will, with the removal of the N baulk of k15, be seen in k5. It will be important to analyze the sherds from these features to see what part of the boundary between Phase 3 and Phase 4 they occupy. jw hypothesizes that it should be Ph 3 because the floors in k14 which capped it were Phase 3 and the pit in the NW corner of k14 which cut the accumulation f244 (which covered f245) was Ph 4. [O713JW.J]
-SGO717gb and jw met in the field to review the strategy for the final two weeks of excavation. jw is concerned that the excavation of the deep, ancient and modern gully, filled with wash and no organized architecture, except a pebble surface at an elevation of about 8090cm, which appears in k15 and in the NE corner of k25, will consume almost all of the available resources. gb agreed and we decided to shift the focus to excavating the seven loci to the N of the deepest part of the gully, k1, k2, k3, k4, k5, k12 and k13. To accomplish this, we will close out the excavations in the abi, A12, for the season and devote their resources to excavating in A14. We will continue to excavate k22 with the idea of seeing whether the early phases of the area just in front of the entrance survived the erosional forces that destroyed the area further to the west. [O717JW.J]
-SGO721At the end of the day, jo, dc, gm, and jw met with gb to review the priorities for the final few days of excavation. We decided that the highest priority will be to continue to work in k22, k4, and k3. As soon as possible we should also re-open k12 from last season and to excvate k21, a partial square directly in front of the abi. Due to the unexpected complexity of working surfaces found in the excavation so far, we cannot hope to explore the direct links, if any, between the ceremonial platforms and the abi in k1, k2, k11 and k89. [O723JW3.J]
-SGO728With respect to baulk removal, we will clear only the modern topsoil/gully wash from the E-W line of baulks which includes the north baulks of k24, k23, k22, and k21. This will contribute to the understanding of the erosional effects of the ancient gully which washed through the abi and down the slope to the west. [O802JW.J]
-SG.riO617jw met with gb and fab to discuss the basic approach to the start of excavations. At first we considered directly addressing the issue of the link if any between the platform and the abbi. We could accomplish this by continuing the excavation of loci 1, 2, 11, and 12. However, fab pointed out that we may get an added advantage by moving west to begin at an organized pile of large stones which generally follow the E-W line of the AK palace wall and seem to angle a bit to the south to line up with the abbi. All agreed to this approach since the cover is thin in this region due to erosion and excavation can proceed quickly. Therefore, we will establish squares k4, k5, k14, and k15 today so that excavation may begin there on Sunday, O620. [O617JW.J]
-SNO630vve, on loan from A18 drew E baulks of k24 and k25 and the N baulk of k25. Elevation for string for E baulk of k25 is m3557+42-147 = 8106. Elevation for string for E baulk of k24 is m3560+28-147 = 8164. Elevation for string for N baulk of k25 is m3557+37-147 = 8101. [O630JW.J]
-SNO701gm drew a N section of k4, roughly the same as had served as the N baulk of k4 last season. It is based on an excavated area which extended 250cm to the N of the S baulk and was 400cm wide along the N-S axis. Elevation of the string was m3474+93-134 = 8268. [O701JW1.J]
-SNO706jo began to explore the long, S face of the N baulk of "1 series" squares running E-W from the walls of the AF palace, south of the stone and brick platforms, and along the south side of the Ak wing of the palace. It has been cut and recut several times, and perhaps drawn, but we need an up-to-date analysis and drawing to guide our excavation of k1, k2, and k3 to understand the use of the sacral precinct, particularly the relationship between the abi and the platforms. [O706JW3.J]
-SNO708gm drew the N section of k25. [O708JW2.J]
-SNO712gm and jw drew sections of the north and east baulks of k15 and the east baulk of k25. [O712JW.J]
-SNO714gm drew the E section of k24. Elevation of string was 8160. [O715JW.J]
-SNO717jw drew the N section of k24. Elevation of string was 8160. jw drew the E section of k14. Elevation of the string was 8164. [O717JW.J]
-SNO718jw drew the north section of k14. Elevation of string was 8165. [O718JW2.J]
-SNO720jw began to draw the section of the east baulk of k5. String elevation is 8162. [O720JW1.J]
-SNO726jw drew sections for the north and east baulks of k22, where the string was aligned by the laser level and the elevation was m3653+85-150=8303cm. He began to draw the east baulk of k3, where the string was aligned by the laser level and the elevation was m3656+85-150=8276cm. [O727JW1.J]
-SNO728jw drew sections of the east baulk of k4 (string elevation m3673+86-156=8243cm) and the east and north baulks of k13 (string elevation m3542+95-165=8251cm). [O802JW.J]
-SNO731dc and jo drew the section of the north face of the parts of the north baulks of k1, k2, and k3 which had been trimmed to a uniform E-W line earlier in the season. This should help guide excavations in MZ18. Elevation of the string was m3430+54-165=8289cm. [O801JW.J]
-SNO801jw continued to review the section pencil drawings. In k13 and k4 there were poor correlations between the features assigned during excavation and the features observed in section, otherwise there was close agreement in the other loci. All features observed in the partial section of the north face of the north baulk shared by k1, k2, and k3 are newly assigned and should be useful in guiding future excavations of those loci in future seasons. (The portion extending to k1 contains several pits whose walls have either been excavated or have partially collapsed. Therefore this part of the section could not be drawn.) [O801JW1.J]
-SOO620installed additional guard-ropes to protect workmen in A14 from inadvertantly walking under dirt train moving overhead from A17/A18. [O620JW.J]
-SOO624created a new level pathway just south of the S berm to provide a safe path between the upper level of excavations (A17/A18) and A12/A14. This should minimize the possibility of material rolling downhill into the abi or onto the excavations to the west. [O625JW.J]
-SRO710A14 staff met with mkb and gb to discuss tentative strata assignments. jw proposed 14 strata based on stratigraphic observvations and pottery analysis by mkb. Two combined and one moved down two places as a result of thise discussions. gb and mkb need to visit site to gain familiarity with the relationship between features and their connection with the pottery lots analyzed. [O711JW.J]
-SUO624f181 is the fourth feature/aggregate (others are f170, a13, a14) to have been excavated in the first week that lay along what we had originally hypothisized may have been a path that led from the west to the sacral area to the east. The small pits do not negate the hypothesis, since they could have been dug post-abandonment. On the other hand the large, horseshoe-shaped pit fill, f170, and the contained accumulation f181 are indicia of major occupational activities. They stand direcly in the way of the path. In particular, f171 is only a meter from the initially proposed boundary for the pathway, f165, a W-E line of very large stones. [O625JW.J]
-SVO707surveyor visited unit to discuss need for markers. jw suggested that we will soon need markers in the E baulks of many squares. She will have to install a new survey reference point to the W of A14 to see all of the proposed locations for these markers. [O707JW1.J]
-SY0615jw worked with the surveyor, bp, to re-establish the grid whose remaining markers were all lost during the winter. We marked the northern boundary of the "k1,k2..." string of squares 3.5m from the southern boundary to protect the weak, deep-drop baulk that runs along the northern edge of the unit. We also established the "k31,k32..." string of squares to the south. [O617JW.J]
-SYO617jw worked with the surveyor, bp to establish standard excavation markers for k4,5,14,15. [O617JW.J]
-SYO623gb suggested that we measure the elevations of key points in the unit to keep as a ready reference and guide to excavation strategy. The following were determined: top step of abi=8315, bottom of abi rectangular floor=8059, top of brick platform to N of k1=8241, top of stone platform to N of k2=8190, Ph 2 palace floor(F1 courtyard)=8309, present depth of lowest excavated point so far this season (k15)=8169. [O624JW2.J]
-SYO623surveyor established markers in preparation for excavating k24 and k25, both new. [O624JW2.J]
-SYO627marker m3423 loosened and removed. [O628JW4.J]
-SYO628bp surveyed points on large surface stones f165 and f190 as an aid in drawing them. [O628JW5.J]
-SYO630bp installed and surveyed control points in k4, k5, and k23, where she strang a new square. [O630JW.J]
-SYO701bp installed and surveyed points for k22. [O701JW1.J]
-SYO708bp installed control points on the baulks of k23 and k24 and the full NW grid corner of k5. [O708JW2.J]
-SYO711bp removed unused marker stakes m3559, m3640, m3407, m3560, m3642, m3641, m3406, and m3561 from loci k23 and k24 because we had excavated below the point where they would be useful for relays and elevations. Installed control points in vertical faces of baulks in k14. [O711JW1.J]
-SYO713bp installed new control points deep into locus k23. Survey monument b31 loosened and removed. Marker m3452/3464 loosened and removed. [O713JW.J]
-SYO714Markers m3557, m3469, 3451, and m3482 loosened and removed during baulk removal operations. [O714JW.J]
-SYO717Upon calculating the elevation of the strings for the section drawings, jw noticed a discrepancy in the numbering of control points in k14. The numbers on the stakes were m3476-3478 for the N, E and S baulks respectively. However, the points have been surveyed and recorded as m3776-3778, respectively. As we have taken a number of relays with the improperly designated numbers, we will have to review and correct the relay log where appropriate. [O717JW.J]
-SYO718Marker 3470/3471 loosened and removed. [O718JW2.J]
-SYO720bp installed new markers for k21 and k12. [O720JW1.J]
-SYO721bp installed markers in preparation for excavating k12. [O723JW3.J]
-SYO725bp on site to install markers for the excavation of k11. [O725JW.J]
-SYO727bp in the field to install control points along the south and west faces of the unit to assist in final measurments when interior baulks are removed. The following markers were loosened and removed during baulk clearing operations: 3718, 3404, 3458, 3473, 3472, 3429, 3474/3475, 3424/3459, 3476/3477, 3639. [O727JW2.J]
-WKO628continuing operations in three loci, k25, k24, k13. As time permits, we are also re-cutting sections on the N side of N baulks in k1-k5. [O628JW5.J]
-WKO704continuing to excavate topsoil in k23. Excavating in k15 to reach the current level of k25 (el=8061), where we see a N-S line of small stones, which may define the S end of the precinct. Removed the N baulk of k4 in preparation for excavating the entire locus to the level of the pise floor, f213, (el=8190) seen as a result of excavating the far N baulk moving from N to S. Attempting to resolve the intersection of a number of features under the gully wash in k14. This includes pits in three corners (a15,16,17) and a surface that hints of human activity, f216. [O704JW.J]
-WKO72229 reported, and worked in five crews. [O723JW1.J]
-WK.riO62016 workmen reported. 6 picks and 10 in support. [O620JW.J]
-WK.riO6217 pickmen and 12 in support reported, with four additions and 1 deletion from O620. [O621JW.J]
-WK.riO6227 picks and 11 in support reported for work. After breakfast, Adib (assistant to the surveyor) worked with Musa Ismail and Juan Muhammad to improve their ability to take and record relays. Noticed immediate improvement in speed and accuracy. [O624JW1.J]
-WK.riO6237 picks and 12 in support reported for work. Occasionally supplied workmen to assist in moving the spoils train for A17/A18 to the north to avoid interference with our ongoing excavation work. [O624JW2.J]
-WK.riO6247 picks and 12 in support reported for work. [O625JW.J]
-WK.riO6279 picks and 12 in support reported for work. Khdr detailed to another unit in mid-day. Ahmed Shamden excused at 1030 to attend funeral of relative. [O628JW4.J]
-WK.riO62823 reported for work. [O628JW5.J]
-WK.riO62921 workmen reported. 9 picks. Abd el Menham excused for the day to attend funeral. [O629JW.J]
-WK.riO63023 reported. 9 picks and 12 in support. Musa Ismail excused after breakfast for trip to Qamsihlie. gb pointed out the need for workmen to cut back baulks to the control points and to continuously clean loose dirt from the baulks to prevent accidents. [O630JW.J]
-WK.riO70123 reported for work. 9 picks and 14 in support. Muhammad Kher excused at 1130 for personal business. [O701JW1.J]
-WK.riO70424 reported for work. [O704JW.J]
-WK.riO70523 reported for work. [O705JW.J]
-WK.riO70623 reported for work. Requested 5 additional workmen from gb and fab to expedite dirt removal. This number will allow 2 shovels per unit that is excavating with large picks and two wheelbarrows to move away the spoils. They will be hired to report tomorrow. [O706JW3.J]
-WK.riO707Five new removal personnel reported, raising the total to 28. Immediately detailed 2 to work with SabaH Kassem to install the A18/A17 spoils train. [O707JW1.J]
-WK.riO70828 reported for work. Six (2 skilled picks, 4 removal) assigned to A12 under the supervision of dc. A14/A12 sharing other resources such as relay assistant as needs dictate. Continued to supply occasional assistance to SabaH Kassem for work on A17/A18 spoils train. [O708JW2.J]
-WK.riO71128 reported for work. 6 detailed to A12 to work in the abi. [O711JW1.J]
-WK.riO71228 reported for work. 6 detailed to work in A12. [O712JW.J]
-WK.riO71332 reported for work. Khdr and Hamza assigned as pickmen for a new team of 7 whose primary function will be to remove baulks. Backfilled their two former positions with other high-performing workmen. Khdr and Fawaz then taken by gb for higher priority work in A18. [O713JW.J]
-WK.riO71430 reported for work. Recommended 7 for bonus payments. [O715JW.J]
-WK.riO714Thirty men reported for work. [O714JW.J]
-WK.riO71828 reported for work. Five from A12 excavation reported for a period of 4 hours until a dangerous rock overhanging the abi could be photographed and removed. [O718JW2.J]
-WK.riO71928 reported for work. Abd el Menham and Abd el Rahmah fought just after breakfast. AeM went home for a time and we dispatched Adib and Muhammad Omo to resolve the conflict. AeM returned about 1100 and both workmen promised to co-exist peacfully, although we changed their work groups to effect maximum separation. [O719JW.J]
-WK.riO72028 workmen reported. jw and gb discussed the need for more workmen to remove the baulks in the western part of the unit. With several absences, we are not able to devote a crew full-time to baulk removal. [O720JW1.J]
-WK.riO72129 reported for work [O723JW3.J]
-WK.riO725Two more workmen reported bringing the total to 31, divided into 5 crews and a relay assistant. Deldar Omo departed at 1030 for business at home. Excused by jw after unsuccessfully seeking gb for permission. [O725JW.J]
-WK.riO726Thirty-one reported for work. Organized into 5 teams with one relay assistant. [O727JW1.J]
-WK.riO727Thirty-one reported for work and were divided into 5 teams with one relay assistant. [O727JW2.J]
-WK.riO728Thirty-one reported for work. [O802JW.J]
-WK.riO729Thirty-one reported for final scheduled day of excavation work. Submitted evaluations to gb. [O803JW.J]
-WK.riO730Fifteen reported for work and were assigned duties excavating the east baulk of k4 and cleaning. [O804JW.J]
-WK.riO73115 workmen on site to excavate and assist in cleanup. [O801JW.J]
A0008A21O825pt [O825JW.J]
A0008I99O825This aggregate is a large pit that was dug through about two meters of accumulation in MZ16 in k2. It was discovered early in that season and analysis of its contents could tell us the last time that the surface around the abi was in use. It would allow us to hypothesize when the material it cut through was deposited without analyzing all of the pottery excavated from there in MZ16. There is some discussion in the global record about contamination of the q-lots excavated near the surface, but fill, f81 and f95 should be well sealed. Therefore lots q255, q260, q262, q264, q267, and q272 from f81 and lots q275, q281 and q283 from f95 should be analyzed. [O825JW.J]
A0009A21O825pt [O825JW.J]
A0009I99O825This aggregate is a large pit next to the west wall of the palace that was dug through about one meter of accumulation in MZ16 in k1/k100. As with pit a8, the contents of the pit could give some clue as to when the features it cuts in k1 were deposited. Feature f82 contaained most of the fill from this pit. Therefore lots q306, q309, q312, q317, q381, q385 and q388 from f82 should be analyzed. [O825JW.J]
A0013A21O701pt [O701JW1.J]
A0013A21O801pt [O801JW1.J]
A0013A21O911pt [O911JW.J]
A0013B11O622small pit along the middle of the E baulk of k4. From the cut (designated f184) it is apparent that it was dug late in the tell's occupation cycle. This locus was partially excavated last year, but it is unclear whether it was recognized at that time. Half of the pit remains in the baulk with a long bone showing as part of the contents. [O624JW1.J]
A0013B11O701pit was also named a5 in MZ16. [O701JW1.J]
A0013B11O801pit seen in section of the east baulk of k4 and partially excavated in previous seasons and MZ17. Due to incomplete records at the site and an oversight in drawing of the section, this aggregate has also previously been designated pit, a5, and several feature numbers have been assigned to both the fill and the cut. [O801JW1.J]
A0013B11O911Pit and its fill located along the E baulk of k4. Partially dug last season with different features, not available at this time. Assigned additional feature numbers (f315,f316) to same pit when it was not immediately recognized during the drawing of the section of the E baulk. Fill assumed to be more or less contemporary with the digging and its deposition to be the reason the pit was dug. [O911JW.J]
A0013D01O911k4 [O911JW.J]
A0013G09O911f175,f184,f315,f316 [O911JW.J]
A0013O01O622v0119 [O702JW.J]
A0014A21O623pt [O624JW2.J]
A0014A21O911pt [O911JW.J]
A0014B11O623shallow pit consisting of cut, f180, and fill, f179. Its shallowness (less than 10cm) and its location close to the topsoil indicate that either the area was built up in antiquity and was washed away and covered by gully debris from higher on the tell or that it was dug in modern times through the deep topsoil, for which there was no indication. [O624JW2.J]
A0014B11O911Pit and its fill located in the NW corner of k14. Fill assumed to be more or less contemporary with the digging and its deposition to be the reason the pit was dug. [O911JW.J]
A0014D01O911k14 [O911JW.J]
A0014G09O911f179,f180 [O911JW.J]
A0014O01O622v0118 [O702JW.J]
A0014O01O622v0118a [O702JW.J]
A0015A21O701pt [O701JW1.J]
A0015A21O911pt [O911JW.J]
A0015B11O701deep pit cut, f214, with ashy fill, f203, in the NW corner of k14. Today, it yielded a q-lot of sherds and a seal impression which was sent to mkb for analysis. The pottery lot will also be tagged for analysis. [O701JW1.J]
A0015B11O911Large, deep pit and its fill located at the intersection of k14, k15, k4, and k5. Fill assumed to be more or less contemporary with the digging and its deposition to be the reason the pit was dug. [O911JW.J]
A0015D01O911k14 [O911JW.J]
A0015D03O9011000 (40922 34100 - 8082 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O901JW-R.J]
A0015D03O9011001 (40962 34198 - 8082 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O901JW-R.J]
A0015D03O901999 (41034 34031 - 8082 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O901JW-R.J]
A0015G09O911f203,f214 [O911JW.J]
A0015O01O705v0134 [O911JW2.J]
A0015O01O705v0134a [O911JW2.J]
A0015O01O705v0134b [O911JW2.J]
A0015O01O705v0179a [O911JW2.J]
A0016A21O701pt [O701JW1.J]
A0016A21O911pt [O911JW.J]
A0016B11O701very shallow pit cut, f215, with ashy fill, f206. No artifacts. Fortunately it was relayed before being inadvertently excavated along with the surrounding accumulation, f205. [O701JW1.J]
A0016B11O911Shallow pit and its fill in SE corner of k4. Fill assumed to be more or less contemporary with the digging and its deposition to be the reason the pit was dug. [O911JW.J]
A0016D01O911k14 [O911JW.J]
A0016G09O911f206,f215 [O911JW.J]
A0016O01O705v0134 [O911JW2.J]
A0016P01O701O701 [O701JW1.J]
A0017A21O911pt [O911JW.J]
A0017B11O911Shallow pit and its fill in SW corner of k4, to the SW of a mound of bricky debris from the palace remodeling, f245. Fill assumed to be more or less contemporary with the digging and its deposition to be the reason the pit was dug. [O911JW.J]
A0017D01O911k14 [O911JW.J]
A0017G09O911f217,f218 [O911JW.J]
A0017O01O705v0134 [O911JW2.J]
A0017O01O705v0134c [O911JW2.J]
A0018A21O911is [O911JW.J]
A0018B11O911Two parallel structures with rectangular cross-section, approximately one meter long each, running N-S and separated by a gap of about 50cm.. The western one (f211) was built of at least 3 courses of gray brick as seen in section, while the eastern one may have been pise. The function could not be determined. [O911JW.J]
A0018D01O911k4 [O911JW.J]
A0018G09O911f211,f222 [O911JW.J]
A0018O01O705v0132 [O911JW2.J]
A0019A21O911pt [O911JW.J]
A0019B11O911Shallow pit and its fill in the SW corner of k13. Fill assumed to be more or less contemporary with the digging and its deposition to be the reason the pit was dug. [O911JW.J]
A0019D01O911k13 [O911JW.J]
A0019G09O911f276,f279 [O911JW.J]
A0020A21O911is [O911JW.J]
A0020B11O911Cache of jars, bowls and cups, either resting on floor f213, or sitting in the living accumulations, f197 and f278, above it. The relative lack of whole vessels, the great variety of shapes and wares, and the presence of several piles of bitumen may indicate that this was a work area for the repair of damaged vessels. [O911JW.J]
A0020D01O911k4 [O911JW.J]
A0020G09O911f213,f197,f278,i115,i116,i118,i119,i121,i122,i127,i185,i186,i187,i191,i192,i193,i194,i195,i196,i197,i198,i199,i200,i201,i212,i213,i214,i217,i218,i219,i220,i221,i222,i223,i224,i225,i226,i227,i235,i238,i240,i241,i242, [O911JW.J]
A0020O01O705v0145 [O911JW2.J]
A0020O01O705v0146 [O911JW2.J]
A0020O01O705v0146d [O911JW2.J]
A0020O01O705v0158 [O911JW2.J]
A0020O01O705v0158a [O911JW2.J]
A0020O01O705v0158b [O911JW2.J]
A0020O01O705v0158c [O911JW2.J]
A0021A21O911pt [O911JW.J]
A0021B11O911Shallow pit and its fill in NW quadrant of k12. Fill assumed to be more or less contemporary with the digging and its deposition to be the reason the pit was dug. As this locus was not completely excavated we cannot tell the true horizontal and vertical extent of the pit, which may or may not be the same as a23, seen in section in the N and E baulks of k13 to the west. [O911JW.J]
A0021D01O911k12 [O911JW.J]
A0021D03O9011002 (40421 34964 - 8229 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O901JW-R.J]
A0021D03O9011003 (40508 34957 - 8229 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O901JW-R.J]
A0021D03O9011004 (40513 35066 - 8229 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O901JW-R.J]
A0021D03O9011005 (40447 35055 - 8229 / Relay location: perimeter 4) [O901JW-R.J]
A0021D03O9011006 (40411 35016 - 8229 / Relay location: perimeter 5) [O901JW-R.J]
A0021G09O911f284,f285 [O911JW.J]
A0022A21O801pt [O801JW1.J]
A0022A21O911pt [O911JW.J]
A0022B11O801Cut and fill of a pit, a quarter of which is seen in the SW corner of k12. The components there were cut, f285, and fill, f284. In the east and the north sections of k13, adjacent to the SW, were found fill, 152 and cut, f313. These are components of the same large pit, portions of which may also be found in future excavations of k2. Based on incomplete knowledge, this set of features may also have been a part of aggregate a11, defined as a walled structure (tannur) in MZ16. [O801JW1.J]
A0022B11O911Medium-sized pit and its fill in the E half of the N baulk of k14 discovered during the penultimate day of excavation. Fill assumed to be more or less contemporary with the digging and its deposition to be the reason the pit was dug. Present horizontal profile is half-circle, but it is impossible to say without further excavation whether this is its true shape. [O911JW.J]
A0022D01O911k14 [O911JW.J]
A0022G09O911f303,f328 [O911JW.J]
A0023A21O911pt [O911JW.J]
A0023B11O911Large, deep pit and its fill located at the intersection of k13, k12, and k3, but only seen in section of the N and E baulks of k13. Fill assumed to be more or less contemporary with the digging and its deposition to be the reason the pit was dug. [O911JW.J]
A0023D01O911k13 [O911JW.J]
A0023G09O911f152,f313 [O911JW.J]
A0024A21O911is [O911JW.J]
A0024B11O911Installation containing over 200 oblong unbaked clay objects and fragments, baked bricks, and a pile of component clay. It probably is a facility for the manufacture of the oblongs, whose function we do not yet understand. [O911JW.J]
A0024D01O911k13 [O911JW.J]
A0024G09O911f181,f187,f189,i110,i111,i112,i123, [O911JW.J]
A0025O01O705v0133 [O911JW2.J]
A0026O01O705v0135 [O911JW2.J]
F0020I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0020I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0036A21O801a [O801JW1.J]
F0036B11O801Surface accumulation appearing on final photographs of k13 at the end of the MZ16 season. No entry as to the characteristics in the record. We presume that it was excavated when the platforms and abi were first discovered, but the complete record of this work was not available on site. [O801JW1.J]
F0036I99O801Our entering assumption is that this is the same as the topsoil, f176, assigned at the beginning of excavation for this season. [O801JW1.J]
F0042F02O722<5si q0742 [O905JW.J]
F0042F02O725<5si i0207 [O908JW2.J]
F0042I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0042I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0043F02O722<2cu f0285 [O723JW1.J]
F0043F02O722<5si q0735 [O905JW.J]
F0043F02O722<5si q0737 [O905JW.J]
F0043F02O722<5si q0741 [O905JW.J]
F0043F02O722<5si q0747 [O905JW.J]
F0043I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0043I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0045O01O705v0166 [O911JW2.J]
F0045O01O705v0166a [O911JW2.J]
F0045O01O705v0166b [O911JW2.J]
F0045O01O705v0166c [O911JW2.J]
F0045O01O705v0166e [O911JW2.J]
F0088F02O725<5si i0208 [O908JW2.J]
F0088I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0088I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0089I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0089I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0104F02O915<5si q0846 [O915JW.J]
F0105A21O725ly [O725JW.J]
F0105B11O725A single course of reddish bricks, saved as a mound in the NE quadrant of k3. As seen in section, it is about 2 meters long, beginning in the north, rising slightly in the first 50cm, then descending as it ends in the south. [O725JW.J]
F0105D03O725804 (41053 35068 - 8212 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O830JW-R.J]
F0105D03O725805 (41095 34926 - 8214 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O830JW-R.J]
F0105D03O725806 (41053 34908 - 8229 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O830JW-R.J]
F0105D03O725807 (41005 34939 - 8224 / Relay location: perimeter 4) [O830JW-R.J]
F0105D03O725808 (40960 35044 - 8224 / Relay location: perimeter 5) [O830JW-R.J]
F0105I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0105I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0105O01O705v0144 [O911JW2.J]
F0124A21O725a [O909JW1.J]
F0124A21O726ad [O727JW1.J]
F0124B11O726Designated in MZ16 as grayish red accumulation along the northern baulk of k11. [O727JW1.J]
F0124D01O725k11 [O909JW1.J]
F0124F02O726<5si f0292 [O727JW1.J]
F0124F02O726>0co f0292 [O727JW1.J]
F0124F02O726>0co f0295 [O727JW1.J]
F0124I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0124I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0124K05O725light yellowish brown [O909JW1.J]
F0124K06O72510YR6/4 [O909JW1.J]
F0124K07O7254.5 [O909JW1.J]
F0124K08O725crumbly [O909JW1.J]
F0129I01O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0129I03O824h6-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0134A21O726ad [O727JW1.J]
F0134B11O726Designated in MZ16 as natural accumulation under topsoil, f131, in the southern extension of k11. Contained many small rocks. [O727JW1.J]
F0134F02O726>0co f0297 [O727JW1.J]
F0134F02O726>0co f0298 [O727JW1.J]
F0134I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0134I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0152A21O801fi [O801JW1.J]
F0152B11O801Feature in the NE quadrant of k13, described as a gray soil (ad) and a component of a walled structure (tannur), a11, extending into k3 and k12 in MZ16. In the east and north sections, it clearly appears as the fill of a large pit. jw speculates that what appeared as a tannur may have been the hardened outer edge of the pit, a situation similar to that seen when excavating the fill, f203, from a very large Phase 4 pit in the SW corner of k4. [O801JW1.J]
F0152I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0152I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0163B11O620ts [O620JW.J]
F0163F02O620>0co f0169 [O620JW.J]
F0163F02O629<5si i0114 [O629GM2.J]
F0163F02O629<5si q0461 [O629GM4.J]
F0163F02O629<5si q0463 [O629GM4.J]
F0163F02O629<5si q0467 [O629GM4.J]
F0163F02O630<5si q0470 [O702GM2.J]
F0163F02O709>0co f0169 [O709JW.J]
F0163F02O712<5si q0598 [O716GM4.J]
F0163F02O719<5si q0701 [O905JW.J]
F0163I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0163I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0163O01O620v0112 [O702JW.J]
F0163P01O620O620 [O620JW.J]
F0164B11O620ts [O620JW.J]
F0164F02O620>0co f0167 [O620JW.J]
F0164F02O620>0co f0168 [O620JW.J]
F0164F02O709<8ab f0165 [O709JW.J]
F0164F02O709>0co f0167 [O709JW.J]
F0164F02O709>0co f0168 [O709JW.J]
F0164F02O709>8ab f0165 [O709JW.J]
F0164I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0164I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0164O01O620v0113 [O702JW.J]
F0164O01O620v0113a [O702JW.J]
F0164O01O620v0115 [O702JW.J]
F0164O01O620v0115a [O702JW.J]
F0165A21O620is [O620JW.J]
F0165B11O620pile of large, cut stones. Not seemingly organized, but may be the tumbled corner of a wall system. [O620JW.J]
F0165F02O709<8ab f0164 [O709JW.J]
F0165F02O709>8ab f0164 [O709JW.J]
F0165I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0165I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0165O01O620v0113 [O702JW.J]
F0165O01O620v0113a [O702JW.J]
F0165O01O620v0114 [O702JW.J]
F0165O01O620v0115 [O702JW.J]
F0165O01O620v0115b [O702JW.J]
F0165O01O622v0117 [O702JW.J]
F0165O01O705v0181 [O911JW2.J]
F0165O01O705v0181b [O911JW2.J]
F0165O01O705v0183a [O911JW2.J]
F0166A21O620backfill [O620JW.J]
F0166B11O620spoils over plastic sheet used to protect the results of a prevous season's excavations in k22. Collecting pottery and bones for examination by mkb and jw for individual items of interest. None found and both discarded into spoils pile with no further analysis needed. [O620JW.J]
F0166I01O824s1-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0166I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0166P01O620O620 [O620JW.J]
F0167A21O620lm [O620JW.J]
F0167B11O620laminations of soil in k5. Generally follows slope of hill from E(high) to W(low). Alternating soft and hard mini-layers. No sign of containment or the sandy varve-like min-layers that signify such. Significant amounts of sherds indicate possible out-wash from major gully sloping up to the east. [O620JW.J]
F0167F02O620<0co f0164 [O620JW.J]
F0167F02O620>0co f0170 [O620JW.J]
F0167F02O704<5si q0500 [O707GM1.J]
F0167F02O705<5si q0505 [O707GM1.J]
F0167F02O705<5si q0509 [O707GM1.J]
F0167F02O705<5si q0510 [O707GM1.J]
F0167F02O705<5si q0513 [O707GM1.J]
F0167F02O705<5si q0516 [O707GM1.J]
F0167F02O709<0co f0164 [O709JW.J]
F0167F02O709<5si f0168 [O709JW.J]
F0167F02O709<5si f0170 [O709JW.J]
F0167F02O709>0co f0224 [O709JW.J]
F0167F02O709>0co f0225 [O709JW.J]
F0167F02O709>0co f0235 [O709JW.J]
F0167I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0167I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0167O01O622v0117 [O702JW.J]
F0167O01O705v0133 [O911JW2.J]
F0167O01O705v0133b [O911JW2.J]
F0168A21O620is [O620JW.J]
F0168B11O620cluster of grapefruit-sized stones in roughly circular form in E-central part of k5. May be contained by mud-plaster structure. [O620JW.J]
F0168F02O620<0co f0164 [O620JW.J]
F0168F02O709<0co f0164 [O709JW.J]
F0168F02O709>5si f0167 [O709JW.J]
F0168I01O824s5-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0168I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0168O01O620v0115 [O702JW.J]
F0168O01O620v0115a [O702JW.J]
F0168O01O621v0116 [O702JW.J]
F0168O01O622v0117a [O702JW.J]
F0169A21O620lm [O620JW.J]
F0169B11O620laminations of soil in k15 similar in elevation and appearance to the laminations, f167, in k15 just to the north. [O620JW.J]
F0169F02O620<0co f0163 [O620JW.J]
F0169F02O709<0co f0163 [O709JW.J]
F0169F02O709>0co f0201 [O709JW.J]
F0169F02O712<5si q0600 [O716GM4.J]
F0169F02O712<5si q0602 [O716GM4.J]
F0169F02O712<5si q0604 [O716GM4.J]
F0169F02O712<5si q0606 [O716GM4.J]
F0169I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0169I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0170A21O620ly [O620JW.J]
F0170A21O621ly [O621JW.J]
F0170A21O622fi [O624JW1.J]
F0170A21O627ly [O628JW4.J]
F0170B11O620layer of ashy soil along an EW line through the middle of k15. [O620JW.J]
F0170B11O621upon further exploration, what we at first thought was a thin layer appears to be a contained, more extensive and deeper deposit of ashy material. [O621JW.J]
F0170B11O622very fine-grained ashy material, originally thought to have been a layer, but now recognized as the fill of a large pit, tannur, or kiln. The extent of the fill to the north and east is sharply delimited, indicating full containment. Because of its close proximity to and location on a relatively horizontal surface, as well as its large size, we hypothesize that it may have been a Mitanni facility, but that must be tested by the contents, including the ceramics. [O624JW1.J]
F0170B11O627very thin layer of powdery black ash as seen in section in the SW corner of k5. At various times we have wavered between designating this a layer or pit fill. Once the black material had been completely excavated, it was clear that the feature was a layer whose thickness never exceeded 5cm, and extended throughout the entire SW quadrant. As we excavated, we mixed f170 with overlaying and underlaying clean laminations, giving the appearance of a pit, bounded by the clean northern and eastern horizontal boundary of the layer. [O628JW4.J]
F0170F02O620<0co f0167 [O620JW.J]
F0170F02O621<5si q0417 [O626GM1.J]
F0170F02O627<5si q0444 [O628GM4.J]
F0170F02O709>5si f0167 [O709JW.J]
F0170I01O824s5-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0170I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0170O01O621v0116 [O702JW.J]
F0170O01O622v0117 [O702JW.J]
F0170O01O622v0117a [O702JW.J]
F0171A21O621ad [O621JW.J]
F0171B11O621matrix of loess, blown into the uncovered loci k3, excavated in MZ16 during the winter and consolidated in to a crusty mass by periodic rainfall. [O621JW.J]
F0171F02O621>0co f0174 [O621JW.J]
F0171F02O709>0co f0174 [O709JW.J]
F0171I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0171I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0171P01O621O620 [O621JW.J]
F0172A21O621ad [O621JW.J]
F0172B11O621matrix of loess, blown into the uncovered loci k4, excavated in MZ16 during the winter and consolidated in to a crusty mass by periodic rainfall. [O621JW.J]
F0172F02O622<5si q0420 [O626GM1.J]
F0172F02O709<2cu f0184 [O709JW.J]
F0172F02O709>0co f0223 [O709JW.J]
F0172I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0172I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0173A21O621ts [O621JW.J]
F0173B11O621topsoil on the entire surface of k14. [O621JW.J]
F0173F02O621<5si q0418 [O626GM1.J]
F0173F02O622<5si q0421 [O626GM1.J]
F0173F02O709<2cu f0180 [O709JW.J]
F0173F02O709>0co f0202 [O709JW.J]
F0173I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0173I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0174A21O621lm [O621JW.J]
F0174B11O621laminations covering the entire locus of k3. Within the matrix are a number of third millennium sherds. [O621JW.J]
F0174F02O621<0co f0171 [O621JW.J]
F0174F02O622<5si q0419 [O626GM1.J]
F0174F02O709<0co f0171 [O709JW.J]
F0174I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0174I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0175A21O622fi [O624JW1.J]
F0175B11O622fill of a small pit along the middle of the E baulk in k4. It is relatively clean with a few sherds and animal bones. [O624JW1.J]
F0175F02O709>5si f0184 [O709JW.J]
F0175I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0175I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0175O01O622v0119 [O702JW.J]
F0176A21O622ts [O624JW1.J]
F0176B11O622topsoil in k13. This locus was partially excavated last year, but not covered or backfilled. Therefore a significant layer of soil accreted back due to the action of the wind and water and a half season of vegetation grew in it. [O624JW1.J]
F0176F02O627<5si i0103 [O628GM2.J]
F0176F02O627<5si i0104 [O628GM2.J]
F0176F02O627<5si i0105 [O628GM2.J]
F0176F02O627<5si i0106 [O628GM2.J]
F0176F02O627<5si i0107 [O628GM2.J]
F0176F02O627<5si i0109 [O628GM2.J]
F0176F02O627<5si q0438 [O628GM4.J]
F0176F02O627<5si q0442 [O628GM4.J]
F0176F02O709>0co f0181 [O709JW.J]
F0176F02O709>0co f0187 [O709JW.J]
F0176F02O709>0co f0189 [O709JW.J]
F0176I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0176I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0176O01O624v0121 [O702JW.J]
F0177A21O622ad [O624JW1.J]
F0177B11O622loess accumlated over the fall, winter, and spring from an uncovered pit-like locus, f89, to the N of k1. It will be removed in the next several days in the process of general cleaning. [O624JW1.J]
F0177I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0177I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0178A21O623a [O624JW2.J]
F0178B11O623a combination of topsoil and subsurface accumulation marking the transition from A14 to previously excavated parts of the AK wing of the palace to the north of the south face of the N baulks of k4 and k5. Probably sherds and artifacts from this feature have little to contribute to stratigraphic analysis. [O624JW2.J]
F0178F02O709>0co f0190 [O709JW.J]
F0178F02O709>0co f0192 [O709JW.J]
F0178F02O709>0co f0193 [O709JW.J]
F0178I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0178I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0179A21O623fi [O624JW2.J]
F0179B11O623fill from a small, shallow pit, a14, in the NW quadrant of k14. [O624JW2.J]
F0179F02O709>5si f0180 [O709JW.J]
F0179I01O824s5-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0179I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0179O01O622v0118 [O702JW.J]
F0180A21O623cut [O624JW2.J]
F0180B11O623cut for a small shallow pit, a14, in the NW quadrant of k14. [O624JW2.J]
F0180F02O709<5si f0179 [O709JW.J]
F0180F02O709>2cu f0173 [O709JW.J]
F0180I01O824s5-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0180I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0180O01O622v0118 [O702JW.J]
F0181A21O623a [O624JW2.J]
F0181A21O624a [O625JW.J]
F0181A21O706a [O706JW2.J]
F0181B11O623distinct region of moist, fine-grained, reddish brown soil in the NE quadrant of k13. Also delimits the place where we found a large number of identical clay objects. [O624JW2.J]
F0181B11O624this feature is a horizontal layer of brown soil, markedly differing from the topsoil which covers it, f176. f176 is dry, light, more yellow, follows the slope of the gully, and is filled with layers of roots from successive periods of gully wash and plant growth. f181 also has, within its matrix, a relatively large number of sherds and clay artifacts, previously described. [O625JW.J]
F0181B11O706Accumulation in the NE quadrant of k13, partially sealed, from which over 200 oblong clay objects and raw clay were found. Although there was no horizontal containment, there is a strong suggestion that this was a concentrated industrial activity. The locus is in the middle of the sacral area, but the objects are most likely for secular use. [O706JW2.J]
F0181D03O627416 (40736 34732 - 8249 / Relay location: redo NW corner) [O627JW-R.J]
F0181D03O627417 (40510 34632 - 8243 / Relay location: redo SW corner) [O627JW-R.J]
F0181D03O627418 (40420 34832 - 8250 / Relay location: SE corner) [O627JW-R.J]
F0181D03O627419 (40662 34920 - 8258 / Relay location: NE corner) [O627JW-R.J]
F0181F02O627<5si i0110 [O628GM2.J]
F0181F02O627<5si q0445 [O628GM4.J]
F0181F02O628<5si i0111 [O628GM2.J]
F0181F02O628<5si i0112 [O628GM2.J]
F0181F02O628<5si q0449 [O628GM4.J]
F0181F02O709<0co f0176 [O709JW.J]
F0181F02O709>0co f0189 [O709JW.J]
F0181I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0181I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0181I99O624unlike surrounding accumulations, laminations, and topsoils, f181 is level, contained, and has a large quantity of material suggesting this space was occupied and subject to human activity. If the boundaries are still extant, they are expected to be found in the baulks which surround the locus. [O625JW.J]
F0181I99O706It is important to know when the sacral function ended and analysis of the pottery from this feature should help to provide some definite confirmation of jw's estimate that this activity was conducted in Phase 4. Lots q449, q445, q437, q435, q432, and q430 should be analyzed. [O706JW2.J]
F0181K05O624brown [O625JW.J]
F0181K06O6247.5YR5/4 [O625JW.J]
F0181O01O624v0120 [O702JW.J]
F0181O01O624v0120a [O702JW.J]
F0181O01O628v0122b [O702JW.J]
F0182A21O624ts [O625JW.J]
F0182B11O624topsoil from k25. Surface contained a number of stones on the surface. No ceramics of interest. [O625JW.J]
F0182F02O627<5si q0440 [O628GM4.J]
F0182F02O709>0co f0186 [O709JW.J]
F0182F02O715<5si q0656 [O716GM4.J]
F0182F02O715<5si q0662 [O716GM4.J]
F0182F02O715<5si q0663 [O716GM4.J]
F0182I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0182I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0183A21O624ts [O625JW.J]
F0183B11O624topsoil from k24. Surface contained a number of stones on the surface. No ceramics of interest. [O625JW.J]
F0183F02O627<5si i0108 [O628GM2.J]
F0183F02O627<5si q0439 [O628GM4.J]
F0183F02O709>0co f0185 [O709JW.J]
F0183F02O722<5si q0734 [O905JW.J]
F0183I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0183I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0184A21O622cut [O624JW1.J]
F0184A21O627cut [O628JW4.J]
F0184B11O622cut of pit a13 along the E baulk of k4. [O624JW1.J]
F0184B11O627cut for a pit, a13, in the middle of the E baulk line of k4. [O628JW4.J]
F0184F02O709<5si f0175 [O709JW.J]
F0184F02O709>2cu f0172 [O709JW.J]
F0184I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0184I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0184O01O622v0119 [O702JW.J]
F0184O01O622v0119a [O702JW.J]
F0185A21O627a [O628GM1.J]
F0185A21O627a [O628JW4.J]
F0185A21O628gully wash [O628JW5.J]
F0185B11O627accumulation below topsoil, f183, throughout the entire locus k24. [O628JW4.J]
F0185B11O628mixture of soil and stones containing relatively large quantities of ancient pottery and modern material including plastic sheeting and food and drink cans 150cm below the surface. Origninally mis-identified as accumulation belonging to a stratum from an occupational phase. [O628JW5.J]
F0185D01O627k24 [O628GM1.J]
F0185D06O6278177 @top [O628GM1.J]
F0185F02O627<5si q0441 [O628GM4.J]
F0185F02O627<5si q0446 [O628GM4.J]
F0185F02O628<5si i0113 [O628GM2.J]
F0185F02O628<5si q0448 [O628GM4.J]
F0185F02O628<5si q0452 [O628GM4.J]
F0185F02O628<5si q0454 [O628GM4.J]
F0185F02O629<5si q0456 [O629GM4.J]
F0185F02O630<5si q0471 [O702GM2.J]
F0185F02O709<0co f0183 [O709JW.J]
F0185F02O709>0co f0200 [O709JW.J]
F0185F02O722<5si q0738 [O905JW.J]
F0185I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0185I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0185K05O627brown [O628GM1.J]
F0185K06O62710YR 5/3 [O628GM1.J]
F0185K07O6273 [O628GM1.J]
F0185O01O628v0123 [O702JW.J]
F0185O01O628v0123a [O702JW.J]
F0185O01O628v0123b [O702JW.J]
F0185O01O628v0124 [O702JW.J]
F0186A21O627lm [O628GM1.J]
F0186A21O627lm [O628JW4.J]
F0186B11O627laminations below topsoil, f182, throughout the entire locus k25. [O628JW4.J]
F0186D01O627k25 [O628GM1.J]
F0186D06O6278106 @top [O628GM1.J]
F0186F02O627<5si q0443 [O628GM4.J]
F0186F02O628<5si q0447 [O628GM4.J]
F0186F02O628<5si q0453 [O628GM4.J]
F0186F02O629<5si q0459 [O629GM4.J]
F0186F02O709<0co f0182 [O709JW.J]
F0186F02O709>0co f0194 [O709JW.J]
F0186I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0186I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0186K05O627pale brown [O628GM1.J]
F0186K06O62710YR 6/3 [O628GM1.J]
F0186K07O6273 [O628GM1.J]
F0186K08O627hard with soft pockets [O628GM1.J]
F0186O01O628v0122 [O702JW.J]
F0186O01O628v0122a [O702JW.J]
F0187A21O627bk [O628GM1.J]
F0187A21O627bk [O628JW4.J]
F0187B11O627large group of deteriorated bricks in the middle of the south half of k13. May be a part of a facility to manufacture clay projectiles found nearby in accumulation, f181, to the north. [O628JW4.J]
F0187D01O627k13 [O628GM1.J]
F0187D06O6278243 @top [O628GM1.J]
F0187F02O709<0co f0176 [O709JW.J]
F0187F02O709<8ab f0191 [O709JW.J]
F0187F02O709>5si f0191 [O709JW.J]
F0187I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0187I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0187K05O627reddish yellow [O628GM1.J]
F0187K06O6277.5YR 6/6 [O628GM1.J]
F0188A21O628a [O628GM1.J]
F0188A21O628a [O628JW5.J]
F0188B11O628combined accumulation and wash found in the partially excavated north baulk of k3. It is a remnant of previous excavations of the AK palace walls immediately to the north. [O628JW5.J]
F0188D01O628k3 [O628GM1.J]
F0188D06O6288230 @top [O628GM1.J]
F0188F02O628<5si q0450 [O628GM4.J]
F0188I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0188I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0188K05O628brown [O628GM1.J]
F0188K06O6287.5YR5/4 [O628GM1.J]
F0188K07O6282.75 [O628GM1.J]
F0189A21O628a [O628GM1.J]
F0189A21O628a [O628JW5.J]
F0189B11O628somewhat reddish brown accumulation throughout locus k13 except in the SE quadrant where brickmass, f187, and brownish accumulation, f191 are located. A few of the 200 clay projectiles and fragments were found here although most were concentrated in the NE quadrant, f181. [O628JW5.J]
F0189D01O628k13 [O628GM1.J]
F0189D06O6288235 @top [O628GM1.J]
F0189F02O628<5si q0451 [O628GM4.J]
F0189F02O629<5si q0457 [O629GM4.J]
F0189F02O630<5si q0468 [O702GM2.J]
F0189F02O709<0co f0176 [O709JW.J]
F0189F02O709<0co f0181 [O709JW.J]
F0189F02O709>0co f0191 [O709JW.J]
F0189I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0189I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0189K05O628brown [O628GM1.J]
F0189K06O6287.5YR5/3 [O628GM1.J]
F0189K07O628>4.5 [O628GM1.J]
F0189O01O701v0129 [O702JW.J]
F0189O01O701v0129a [O702JW.J]
F0190A21O628pb [O628GM1.J]
F0190A21O628pb [O628JW5.J]
F0190B11O628large ashlar in k4 N baulk line. It appears to be aligned E-W with the extant Ph 2 AK palace walls immediately to the north. [O628JW5.J]
F0190D01O628k4 [O628GM1.J]
F0190F02O709<0co f0178 [O709JW.J]
F0190I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0190I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0190O01O705v0146 [O911JW2.J]
F0191A21O628a [O628GM1.J]
F0191A21O628a [O628JW5.J]
F0191B11O628brownish accumulation which surrounds brickmass f187 in the SE corner of k13. [O628JW5.J]
F0191D01O628k13 [O628GM1.J]
F0191D03O628457 (40377 34568 - 8233 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O628JW-R.J]
F0191D03O628458 (40440 34599 - 8227 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O628JW-R.J]
F0191D03O628459 (40458 34685 - 8233 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O628JW-R.J]
F0191D03O628460 (40455 34748 - 8237 / Relay location: perimeter 4) [O628JW-R.J]
F0191D03O628461 (40394 34823 - 8243 / Relay location: perimeter 5) [O628JW-R.J]
F0191D03O628462 (40304 34779 - 8237 / Relay location: perimeter 6) [O628JW-R.J]
F0191D06O6288240 @top [O628GM1.J]
F0191F02O628<5si q0455 [O628GM4.J]
F0191F02O629<5si q0466 [O629GM4.J]
F0191F02O709<0co f0189 [O709JW.J]
F0191F02O709<5si f0187 [O709JW.J]
F0191F02O709>8ab f0187 [O709JW.J]
F0191F02O718<5si f0266 [O718JW2.J]
F0191I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0191I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0191K05O628yellowish brown [O628GM1.J]
F0191K06O62810YR5/4 [O628GM1.J]
F0191K07O6281.5 [O628GM1.J]
F0191O01O705v0181 [O911JW2.J]
F0191O01O705v0181a [O911JW2.J]
F0192A21O629ad [O629JW.J]
F0192A21O629ad [O702GM4.J]
F0192A21O629ad [O705GM1.J]
F0192B11O629Natural accumulation over several years in the far north part of k5 covering a previously excavated portion of the north baulk. [O629JW.J]
F0192D01O629k5 [O702GM4.J]
F0192D01O629k5 [O705GM1.J]
F0192D06O6298213 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0192D06O6298213 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0192F02O629<5si q0458 [O629GM4.J]
F0192F02O709<0co f0178 [O709JW.J]
F0192F02O709>0co f0195 [O709JW.J]
F0192F02O709>0co f0196 [O709JW.J]
F0192I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0192I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0192K05O629grayish brown [O702GM4.J]
F0192K05O629grayish brown [O705GM1.J]
F0192K06O62910YR 5/2 [O702GM4.J]
F0192K06O62910YR 5/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0192K07O6291.5 [O702GM4.J]
F0192K07O6291.5 [O705GM1.J]
F0193A21O629ad [O629JW.J]
F0193A21O629ad [O702GM4.J]
F0193A21O629ad [O705GM1.J]
F0193A21O706ad [O706JW2.J]
F0193B11O629Natural accumulation over several years in the far north part of k4 covering a previously excavated portion of the north baulk. [O629JW.J]
F0193B11O706This accumulation in the N baulk of k4 covers a pise floor, f213, and has yielded a number of artifacts including restorable vessels, bronze, and grindstones. It abuts the AK walls and is at the same elevation as the stone platform in the sacral area nearby. It was at least partially sealed by accumulations above. [O706JW2.J]
F0193D01O629k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0193D01O629k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0193D06O6298213 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0193D06O6298213 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0193F02O629<5si q0460 [O629GM4.J]
F0193F02O630<5si q0469 [O702GM2.J]
F0193F02O630<5si q0474 [O702GM2.J]
F0193F02O709<0co f0178 [O709JW.J]
F0193F02O709>0co f0213 [O709JW.J]
F0193I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0193I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0193I99O706The physical placement and the elevation of the artifacts and architecture suggests that this floor was part of an early reuse of the AK building of the palace, which would place it in Phase 3a. Some of the recovered jars and cups are ambiguous in type, so an analyis of the pottery from lots q486, q474, and q469 would be particularly useful in establishing a baseline for post-palace occupation in this part of the tell. [O706JW2.J]
F0193K05O629brown [O702GM4.J]
F0193K05O629brown [O705GM1.J]
F0193K06O62910YR 5/3 [O702GM4.J]
F0193K06O62910YR 5/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0193K07O6292.5 [O702GM4.J]
F0193K07O6292.5 [O705GM1.J]
F0193K08O629some laminations [O702GM4.J]
F0193K08O629some laminations [O705GM1.J]
F0194A21O629a [O629JW.J]
F0194A21O629a [O702GM4.J]
F0194A21O629a [O705GM1.J]
F0194B11O629Accumulation under laminations, f182 throughout k25. It is likely that this represents ancient material carried westward through the action of water rushing down a major gully which cuts throught the locus. [O629JW.J]
F0194D01O629k25 [O702GM4.J]
F0194D01O629k25 [O705GM1.J]
F0194D06O6298061 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0194D06O6298061 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0194F02O706<5si q0532 [O707GM1.J]
F0194F02O706<5si q0536 [O707GM1.J]
F0194F02O706<5si q0537 [O707GM1.J]
F0194F02O706<5si q0538 [O707GM1.J]
F0194F02O706<5si q0539 [O707GM1.J]
F0194F02O709<0co f0186 [O709JW.J]
F0194F02O709>0co f0228 [O709JW.J]
F0194F02O709>0co f0233 [O709JW.J]
F0194F02O915<5si q0843 [O915JW.J]
F0194I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0194I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0194K05O629pale brown [O702GM4.J]
F0194K05O629pale brown [O705GM1.J]
F0194K06O62910YR 6/3 [O702GM4.J]
F0194K06O62910YR 6/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0194K07O6293 [O702GM4.J]
F0194K07O6293 [O705GM1.J]
F0194K08O629fine grains [O702GM4.J]
F0194K08O629fine grains [O705GM1.J]
F0195A21O629ly [O629JW.J]
F0195A21O629ly [O702GM4.J]
F0195A21O629ly [O705GM1.J]
F0195B11O629Layer of stones and sherds in the far north part of k5 below modern accumulation, f192. [O629JW.J]
F0195D01O629k5 [O702GM4.J]
F0195D01O629k5 [O705GM1.J]
F0195F02O629<5si q0462 [O629GM4.J]
F0195F02O709<0co f0192 [O709JW.J]
F0195F02O709>5si f0196 [O709JW.J]
F0195I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0195I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0195K03O629stones, sherds [O702GM4.J]
F0195K03O629stones, sherds [O705GM1.J]
F0195P02O629O629 [O702GM4.J]
F0195P02O629O629 [O705GM1.J]
F0196A21O629a [O629JW.J]
F0196A21O629a [O702GM4.J]
F0196A21O629a [O705GM1.J]
F0196B11O629Ancient accumulation below f192 in the far north part of a previously excavated portion of the north baulk of k5. [O629JW.J]
F0196D01O629k5 [O702GM4.J]
F0196D01O629k5 [O705GM1.J]
F0196D06O6298203 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0196D06O6298203 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0196F02O629<5si q0464 [O629GM4.J]
F0196F02O709<0co f0192 [O709JW.J]
F0196F02O709<5si f0195 [O709JW.J]
F0196I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0196I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0196K05O629light brown [O702GM4.J]
F0196K05O629light brown [O705GM1.J]
F0196K06O6297.5YR 6/4 [O702GM4.J]
F0196K06O6297.5YR 6/4 [O705GM1.J]
F0196K08O629crumbly [O702GM4.J]
F0196K08O629crumbly [O705GM1.J]
F0196P02O629O629 [O702GM4.J]
F0196P02O629O629 [O705GM1.J]
F0197A21O629a [O629JW.J]
F0197A21O629a [O702GM4.J]
F0197A21O629a [O705GM1.J]
F0197B11O629Ancient accumulation below f193 in the far north part of a previously excavated portion of the north baulk of k4. [O629JW.J]
F0197D01O629k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0197D01O629k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0197D06O6298191 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0197D06O6298191 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0197F02O629<5si q0465 [O629GM4.J]
F0197F02O630<5si i0115 [O702GM1.J]
F0197F02O630<5si i0116 [O702GM1.J]
F0197F02O709>0co f0198 [O709JW.J]
F0197F02O709>0co f0199 [O709JW.J]
F0197I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0197I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0197K05O629pale brown [O702GM4.J]
F0197K05O629pale brown [O705GM1.J]
F0197K06O62910YR 6/3 [O702GM4.J]
F0197K06O62910YR 6/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0197K08O629fine grains [O702GM4.J]
F0197K08O629fine grains [O705GM1.J]
F0198A21O630is [O630JW.J]
F0198A21O630w [O702GM4.J]
F0198A21O630w [O705GM1.J]
F0198B11O630E-W line of cut stone blocks with horizontal top surfaces along the far north edge of the N baulks of k5 and k4. Four large stones are visible as of O630. These stones are also in line with a "free-standing" ashlar, f190 to the north. [O630JW.J]
F0198D01O630k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0198D01O630k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0198D03O826981 (41422 34368 - 8181 / Relay location: SE corner) [O829JW-R.J]
F0198D03O826982 (41468 34383 - 8182 / Relay location: NE corner) [O829JW-R.J]
F0198D03O826983 (41526 34121 - 8165 / Relay location: SW corner) [O829JW-R.J]
F0198D03O826984 (41573 34124 - 8167 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW-R.J]
F0198D06O6308226 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0198D06O6308226 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0198F02O709<0co f0197 [O709JW.J]
F0198F02O709<8ab f0199 [O709JW.J]
F0198F02O709>8ab f0199 [O709JW.J]
F0198I01O824s60-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0198I03O824h2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0198K03O630stone [O702GM4.J]
F0198K03O630stone [O705GM1.J]
F0198O01O705v0181 [O911JW2.J]
F0198O01O705v0181a [O911JW2.J]
F0199A21O630bk [O630JW.J]
F0199A21O630bk [O702GM4.J]
F0199A21O630bk [O705GM1.J]
F0199B11O630reddish, hard, flat surface of unbaked brick to the south of the stones, f190. Unclear at this time whether this is a floor or debris from a wall. [O630JW.J]
F0199D01O630k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0199D01O630k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0199D06O6308179 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0199D06O6308179 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0199F02O709<0co f0197 [O709JW.J]
F0199F02O709<8ab f0198 [O709JW.J]
F0199F02O709>8ab f0198 [O709JW.J]
F0199I01O824s60-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0199I03O824h2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0199K03O630brick [O702GM4.J]
F0199K03O630brick [O705GM1.J]
F0199K05O630strong brown [O702GM4.J]
F0199K05O630strong brown [O705GM1.J]
F0199K06O6307.5YR 5/6 [O702GM4.J]
F0199K06O6307.5YR 5/6 [O705GM1.J]
F0200A21O630a [O630JW.J]
F0200A21O630a [O702GM4.J]
F0200A21O630a [O705GM1.J]
F0200B11O630first apparently level surface underneath 150cm of modern and ancient gully wash. Elevation 8116. Marked transition from loose soil with copious amounts of sherds and stones to relatively clean brownish accumulation. An intermediate stopping point for excavations in locus k24. [O630JW.J]
F0200D01O630k24 [O702GM4.J]
F0200D01O630k24 [O705GM1.J]
F0200D06O6308116 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0200D06O6308116 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0200F02O709<0co f0185 [O709JW.J]
F0200F02O709>0co f0234 [O709JW1.J]
F0200F02O715<5si q0670 [O716GM4.J]
F0200I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0200I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0200K05O630light brown [O702GM4.J]
F0200K05O630light brown [O705GM1.J]
F0200K06O6307.5YR 6/3 [O702GM4.J]
F0200K06O6307.5YR 6/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0201A21O630ly [O630JW.J]
F0201A21O630ly [O702GM4.J]
F0201A21O630ly [O705GM1.J]
F0201B11O630distinct layer of brown soil, including small stones, under the gully wash in k15. [O630JW.J]
F0201D01O630k15 [O702GM4.J]
F0201D01O630k15 [O705GM1.J]
F0201D06O6308130 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0201D06O6308130 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0201F02O630<5si q0472 [O702GM2.J]
F0201F02O630<5si q0476 [O702GM2.J]
F0201F02O630<5si q0477 [O702GM2.J]
F0201F02O630<5si q0478 [O702GM2.J]
F0201F02O630<5si q0479 [O702GM2.J]
F0201F02O630<5si q0480 [O702GM2.J]
F0201F02O630<5si q0481 [O702GM2.J]
F0201F02O709<0co f0169 [O709JW.J]
F0201F02O709>0co f0207 [O709JW1.J]
F0201I01O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0201I03O824h6-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0201I99O630mkb inspected ceramics on site, evaluating the considerable amounts of pottery with string-cut bases. She preliminarily concluded that this possibly indicates this surface was in use in Phase 2 or Phase 3. No clues as to deposition however. [O630JW.J]
F0201K05O630grayish brown [O702GM4.J]
F0201K05O630grayish brown [O705GM1.J]
F0201K06O63010YR 5/2 [O702GM4.J]
F0201K06O63010YR 5/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0201K07O6304 [O702GM4.J]
F0201K07O6304 [O705GM1.J]
F0202A21O630a [O630JW.J]
F0202A21O630a [O702GM4.J]
F0202A21O630a [O705GM1.J]
F0202B11O630first truly level surface encountered under gully wash in k14. Seems to surround to the E and W, a level surface containing large stones and hard-packed material with brick-like surfaces on the south side. [O630JW.J]
F0202D01O630k14 [O702GM4.J]
F0202D01O630k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0202D06O6308212 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0202D06O6308212 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0202F02O630<5si q0475 [O702GM2.J]
F0202F02O630<5si q0482 [O702GM2.J]
F0202F02O701<2cu f0214 [O701JW1.J]
F0202F02O709<0co f0173 [O709JW.J]
F0202F02O709<2cu f0214 [O709JW1.J]
F0202F02O709>0co f0205 [O709JW1.J]
F0202F02O709>0co f0216 [O709JW1.J]
F0202F02O709>0co f0219 [O709JW1.J]
F0202I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0202I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0202K05O630brown [O702GM4.J]
F0202K05O630brown [O705GM1.J]
F0202K06O63010YR 5/3 [O702GM4.J]
F0202K06O63010YR 5/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0202K07O6302.5 [O702GM4.J]
F0202K07O6302.5 [O705GM1.J]
F0203A21O630fi [O702GM4.J]
F0203A21O630fi [O705GM1.J]
F0203A21O701fi [O701JW1.J]
F0203A21O706fi [O706JW2.J]
F0203A21O724fi [O724JW1.J]
F0203A21O728fi [O728JW.J]
F0203B11O701ashy fill for deep pit, a quarter of which is seen in the NW corner of k14. Yielded a seal impression which may be useful in determining the stratum of the deposit. [O701JW1.J]
F0203B11O706Fill in a deep pit containing, among other things, a seal impression. [O706JW2.J]
F0203B11O724Fill from a pit in the NW corner of k14 and several baulks from adjacent squares. [O724JW1.J]
F0203B11O728Fill from a deep pit seen in two loci and accompanying bulks. Removal of bulks has yielded more pottery subject to analysis. [O728JW.J]
F0203D01O630k14 [O702GM4.J]
F0203D01O630k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0203D03O701493 (40927 34184 - 8176 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O701JW2R.J]
F0203D03O701494 (40902 34125 - 8181 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O701JW2R.J]
F0203D03O701495 (40916 34071 - 8183 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O701JW2R.J]
F0203D06O6308183 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0203D06O6308183 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0203F02O701>5si f0214 [O701JW1.J]
F0203F02O705<5si q0514 [O707GM1.J]
F0203F02O709>5si f0204 [O709JW1.J]
F0203F02O720<5si q0713 [O905JW.J]
F0203I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0203I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0203I99O706We assume that this feature was created late in the occupational cycle of the sacral precinct, in Phase 6. A specific phase identification from the pottery would help establish the time of last use. Lot q483 should be analyzed. [O706JW2.J]
F0203I99O724Q-lot 483 has been analyzed as Phase 4. We now have several more lots from this pit obtained during baulk removal. Lot q713 should be analyzed to confirm the tentative phasing obtained from analysis of the first lot. [O724JW1.J]
F0203I99O728This pit is the only Phase 4 feature excavated this season. Analysis of two previous lots incicated that it was Phase 4. An analysis of these new sherds could tell us the use to which the area was being put. Was it industrial or residential? Pottery from lots q775, q790, q796, q804, q811, q817 q818, and q819 should be analyzed. [O728JW.J]
F0203K05O630dark gray [O702GM4.J]
F0203K05O630dark gray [O705GM1.J]
F0203K06O63010YR 4/1 [O702GM4.J]
F0203K06O63010YR 4/1 [O705GM1.J]
F0203O01O705v0134a [O911JW2.J]
F0204A21O701ts [O701JW1.J]
F0204A21O701ts [O702GM4.J]
F0204A21O701ts [O705GM1.J]
F0204B11O701topsoil on the surface of k23. Probably reflects a mix of gully wash from recent seasons interleaved with seasonal root growth and decay. [O701JW1.J]
F0204D01O701k23 [O702GM4.J]
F0204D01O701k23 [O705GM1.J]
F0204D06O7018320 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0204D06O7018320 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0204F02O704<5si q0496 [O707GM1.J]
F0204F02O709<5si f0203 [O709JW1.J]
F0204F02O709>0co f0221 [O709JW1.J]
F0204I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0204I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0204K05O701pale brown [O702GM4.J]
F0204K05O701pale brown [O705GM1.J]
F0204K06O70110YR 6/3 [O702GM4.J]
F0204K06O70110YR 6/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0205A21O701a [O701JW1.J]
F0205A21O701a [O702GM4.J]
F0205A21O701a [O705GM1.J]
F0205B11O701accumulation to E of hard packed layer of soil, sherds and stones, f216, in the N center of k14. [O701JW1.J]
F0205D01O701k14 [O702GM4.J]
F0205D01O701k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0205D03O701496 (40497 34237 - 8192 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O701JW2R.J]
F0205D03O701497 (40525 34288 - 8179 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O701JW2R.J]
F0205D03O701498 (40539 34343 - 8184 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O701JW2R.J]
F0205D06O7018179 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0205D06O7018179 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0205F02O701<3in f0215 [O701JW1.J]
F0205F02O704<5si q0497 [O707GM1.J]
F0205F02O704<5si q0501 [O707GM1.J]
F0205F02O709<0co f0202 [O709JW1.J]
F0205F02O709<0co f0216 [O709JW1.J]
F0205F02O709<0co f0219 [O709JW1.J]
F0205F02O709<0co f0241 [O709JW1.J]
F0205F02O709<2cu f0214 [O709JW1.J]
F0205F02O709<2cu f0215 [O709JW1.J]
F0205F02O709<2cu f0218 [O709JW1.J]
F0205I01O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0205I03O824h6-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0205K05O701brown [O702GM4.J]
F0205K05O701brown [O705GM1.J]
F0205K06O7017.5YR 5/4 [O702GM4.J]
F0205K06O7017.5YR 5/4 [O705GM1.J]
F0206A21O701fi [O701JW1.J]
F0206A21O701fi [O702GM4.J]
F0206A21O701fi [O705GM1.J]
F0206B11O701ashy fill for shallow pit in the SE corner of k14. [O701JW1.J]
F0206D01O701k14 [O702GM4.J]
F0206D01O701k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0206D06O7018174 @bottom [O702GM4.J]
F0206D06O7018174 @bottom [O705GM1.J]
F0206D06O7018184 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0206D06O7018184 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0206F02O701>5si f0215 [O701JW1.J]
F0206F02O704<5si q0499 [O707GM1.J]
F0206F02O709>5si f0215 [O709JW1.J]
F0206I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0206I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0206K05O701grayish brown [O702GM4.J]
F0206K05O701grayish brown [O705GM1.J]
F0206K06O70110YR 5/2 [O702GM4.J]
F0206K06O70110YR 5/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0206P01O701O701 [O701JW1.J]
F0207A21O701a [O701JW1.J]
F0207A21O701a [O702GM4.J]
F0207A21O701a [O705GM1.J]
F0207B11O701accumulation in the entire k15 below the accumulation f201 which yielded the copious amounts of ceramics with string-cut bases. Feature was changed when the ceramic type changed. [O701JW1.J]
F0207D01O701k15 [O702GM4.J]
F0207D01O701k15 [O705GM1.J]
F0207D06O7018112 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0207D06O7018112 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0207F02O704<5si q0495 [O707GM1.J]
F0207F02O709<0co f0201 [O709JW1.J]
F0207F02O709>0co f0220 [O709JW1.J]
F0207I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0207I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0207K05O701grayish brown [O702GM4.J]
F0207K05O701grayish brown [O705GM1.J]
F0207K06O70110YR 5/2 [O702GM4.J]
F0207K06O70110YR 5/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0208A21O701gully wash [O701JW1.J]
F0208A21O701seen in section [O702GM4.J]
F0208A21O701seen in section [O705GM1.J]
F0208B11O701gully wash from this year which appears atop the topsoil in section in the north section of k4. Probably assigned a feature during last season's excavation, but the data is not yet available. [O701JW1.J]
F0208D01O701k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0208D01O701k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0208D06O7018233 @bottom [O702GM4.J]
F0208D06O7018233 @bottom [O705GM1.J]
F0208D06O7018239 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0208D06O7018239 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0208F02O709>0co f0209 [O709JW1.J]
F0208I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0208I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0208K05O701light gray [O705GM1.J]
F0208K06O70110YR 7/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0208P02O701O704 [O705GM1.J]
F0209A21O701seen in section [O702GM4.J]
F0209A21O701seen in section [O705GM1.J]
F0209A21O701ts [O701JW1.J]
F0209B11O701topsoil as seen in section in the north section of k4. Probably assigned a feature during last season's excavation, but the data is not yet available. [O701JW1.J]
F0209D01O701k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0209D01O701k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0209D06O7018231 @bottom [O702GM4.J]
F0209D06O7018231 @bottom [O705GM1.J]
F0209D06O7018233 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0209D06O7018233 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0209F02O704<5si q0494 [O707GM1.J]
F0209F02O709<0co f0208 [O709JW1.J]
F0209F02O709>0co f0210 [O709JW1.J]
F0209I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0209I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0209K05O701light brownish gray [O705GM1.J]
F0209K06O70110YR 6/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0209P02O701O704 [O705GM1.J]
F0210A21O701a [O701JW1.J]
F0210A21O701seen in section [O702GM4.J]
F0210A21O701seen in section [O705GM1.J]
F0210B11O701hard accumulation as seen in section in the north section of k4. Probably assigned a feature during last season's excavation, but the data is not yet available. [O701JW1.J]
F0210D01O701k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0210D01O701k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0210D06O7018183 @bottom [O702GM4.J]
F0210D06O7018183 @bottom [O705GM1.J]
F0210D06O7018231 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0210D06O7018231 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0210F02O704<5si q0498 [O707GM1.J]
F0210F02O704<5si q0504 [O707GM1.J]
F0210F02O705<5si q0507 [O707GM1.J]
F0210F02O709<0co f0209 [O709JW1.J]
F0210F02O709>0co f0211 [O709JW1.J]
F0210F02O709>0co f0212 [O709JW1.J]
F0210F02O709>0co f0222 [O709JW1.J]
F0210I01O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0210I03O824h6-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0210K05O701light gray [O705GM1.J]
F0210K06O70110YR 7/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0210P02O701O704 [O705GM1.J]
F0211A21O701rh [O701JW1.J]
F0211A21O701seen in section [O702GM4.J]
F0211A21O701seen in section [O705GM1.J]
F0211B11O701rodent holes as seen in section in the north section of k4. Probably assigned a feature during last season's excavation, but the data is not yet available. [O701JW1.J]
F0211D01O701k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0211D01O701k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0211D06O7018183 @bottom [O702GM4.J]
F0211D06O7018183 @bottom [O705GM1.J]
F0211D06O7018213 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0211D06O7018213 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0211F02O709<0co f0210 [O709JW1.J]
F0211I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0211I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0211K05O701very pale brown [O705GM1.J]
F0211K06O70110YR 8/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0211O01O705v0132 [O911JW2.J]
F0211O01O705v0132a [O911JW2.J]
F0211P02O701O704 [O705GM1.J]
F0212A21O701bk [O701JW1.J]
F0212A21O701seen in section [O702GM4.J]
F0212A21O701seen in section [O705GM1.J]
F0212B11O701bricks as seen in section in the north section of k4. Probably assigned a feature during last season's excavation, but the data is not yet available. [O701JW1.J]
F0212D01O701k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0212D01O701k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0212D06O7018187 @bottom [O702GM4.J]
F0212D06O7018187 @bottom [O705GM1.J]
F0212D06O7018244 @top [O702GM4.J]
F0212D06O7018244 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0212F02O709<0co f0210 [O709JW1.J]
F0212I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0212I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0212K05O701pale brown [O705GM1.J]
F0212K06O70110YR 6/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0212P02O701O704 [O705GM1.J]
F0213A21O701f [O702GM4.J]
F0213A21O701f [O705GM1.J]
F0213A21O701fb [O701JW1.J]
F0213A21O725fc [O725JW.J]
F0213A21O729fc [O803JW.J]
F0213B11O701pise rammed earth floor in the far E part of the N baulk of k4, extending into the far W part of the N baulk of k3. Begins at the E end of a large ashlar stone, f191. Has yielded a number of restorable vessels, a bronze object and several large grindstones. [O701JW1.J]
F0213B11O725Pise floor extending south from the palace edge throughout most of locus k4 and upon which a number of jars, a20, and processing impliments (e.g grindstones) rested. It also contains at least two small circular patches of hard, blue-black material, which may indicate a very intense fire of short duration. [O725JW.J]
F0213D01O701k4 [O702GM4.J]
F0213D01O701k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0213F02O709<0co f0193 [O709JW.J]
F0213I01O824s52b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0213I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0213I99O729Now that the north minibaulk and the east baulk of k5, the east baulk of k4 and the north baulk of k14 have been removed, it is clear that this feature, which slopes down from north to south and was at least partially contained by the southern mound of reddish accumulation, f244, in k14, was formed by the immediate use of the surface of the residue from remodeling of the AK wing of the palace during Phase 3b. Initially there does not seem to have been any attempt to level the surface and jw's notion that a number of jars and cups rested on a floor after a temporary abandonment must be carefully re-examined. It seems equally likely that the surface was in use for an extended time and that the jars were either being repaired (several piles of bitumen were found along the north side) or that they were individually left over this large outdoor area after being broken in use and were subsequently covered by loess carried in by the wind. [O803JW.J]
F0213O01O630v0127 [O702JW.J]
F0213O01O630v0127a [O702JW.J]
F0213O01O701v0128 [O702JW.J]
F0213O01O705v0178 [O911JW2.J]
F0214A21O701cut [O701JW1.J]
F0214A21O704cut [O705GM1.J]
F0214B11O701cut for deep pit in NW corner of k14. [O701JW1.J]
F0214D01O704k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0214F02O701<5si f0203 [O701JW1.J]
F0214F02O701>2cu f0202 [O701JW1.J]
F0214F02O709>2cu f0202 [O709JW1.J]
F0214F02O709>2cu f0205 [O709JW1.J]
F0214I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0214I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0215A21O701cut [O701JW1.J]
F0215A21O704cut [O705GM1.J]
F0215B11O701cut for shallow pit in SE corner of k14, detected only by arc of ashy fill, f206. [O701JW1.J]
F0215D01O704k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0215F02O701<5si f0206 [O701JW1.J]
F0215F02O701>3in f0205 [O701JW1.J]
F0215F02O709<5si f0206 [O709JW1.J]
F0215F02O709>2cu f0205 [O709JW1.J]
F0215I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0215I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0216A21O701ly [O701JW1.J]
F0216A21O704ly [O705GM1.J]
F0216A21O716fb [O716JW.J]
F0216B11O701layer of hard grayish soil with a many sherds and large, smooth stones as inclusions. At some places, particularly along the E edge, it resembled a row of bricks. Possibly it is a path. [O701JW1.J]
F0216D01O704k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0216D03O704517 (40844 34386 - 8177 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O706GM-R.J]
F0216D03O704518 (40834 34359 - 8180 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O706GM-R.J]
F0216D03O704519 (40659 34302 - 8180 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O706GM-R.J]
F0216D03O704520 (40655 34244 - 8177 / Relay location: perimeter 4) [O706GM-R.J]
F0216D03O704521 (40680 34125 - 8167 / Relay location: perimeter 5) [O706GM-R.J]
F0216D03O704522 (40751 34135 - 8177 / Relay location: perimeter 6) [O706GM-R.J]
F0216D03O704523 (40811 34064 - 8173 / Relay location: perimeter 7) [O706GM-R.J]
F0216D03O704524 (40921 34214 - 8189 / Relay location: perimeter 8) [O706GM-R.J]
F0216D06O7048182 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0216F02O709<0co f0202 [O709JW1.J]
F0216F02O709>0co f0205 [O709JW1.J]
F0216I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0216I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0216I99O716The likely southern extension of a series of pise floor surfaces, f231, in k4 which contained an imbedded hearth, f249. This feature is the highest of the discernable floors in k4 and was clearly defined as a 200cm square patch extending south from the middle of the south baulk. Other than one imbedded grindstone, there was no indication of function. Lots q562, q566, and q569 should be analyzed from this feature. [O716JW.J]
F0216K05O704light brown [O705GM1.J]
F0216K06O7047.5YR 6/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0216K07O7042.5 [O705GM1.J]
F0216O01O705v0134 [O911JW2.J]
F0216O01O705v0134a [O911JW2.J]
F0216O01O705v0134b [O911JW2.J]
F0216O01O705v0134c [O911JW2.J]
F0216O01O705v0135 [O911JW2.J]
F0217A21O704fi [O704JW.J]
F0217A21O704fi [O705GM1.J]
F0217B11O704fill of pit in SW corner of k14. Fully excavated. Bottom about 75 cm below surface of f205. [O704JW.J]
F0217D01O704k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0217D06O7048157 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0217F02O704<5si q0502 [O707GM1.J]
F0217F02O709>5si f0218 [O709JW1.J]
F0217I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0217I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0217K05O704light brownish gray [O705GM1.J]
F0217K06O70410YR 6/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0217K07O7042 [O705GM1.J]
F0217P01O704O704. [O704JW.J]
F0217P02O704O704 [O705GM1.J]
F0218A21O704cut [O704JW.J]
F0218A21O704cut [O705GM1.J]
F0218B11O704cut of pit a17. Quarter section in k14. Difficult to see in section. [O704JW.J]
F0218D01O704k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0218F02O709<5si f0217 [O709JW1.J]
F0218F02O709>2cu f0205 [O709JW1.J]
F0218I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0218I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0219A21O704a [O704JW.J]
F0219A21O704a [O705GM1.J]
F0219B11O704grayish accumulation in the NE corner of k14. Does not seem to be associated with a pit. [O704JW.J]
F0219D01O704k14 [O705GM1.J]
F0219D06O7048145 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0219F02O704<5si q0503 [O707GM1.J]
F0219F02O709<0co f0202 [O709JW1.J]
F0219F02O709>0co f0205 [O709JW1.J]
F0219I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0219I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0219K05O704brown [O705GM1.J]
F0219K06O70410YR 5/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0219K07O7044.5 [O705GM1.J]
F0220A21O705a [O705GM1.J]
F0220A21O705a [O705JW.J]
F0220B11O705brownish-gray accumulation under f207 in the entire locus of k15. Uniformity and horizontal surface as seen in section should act as a seal to any material below. Lack of red implies no contact with palace walls. [O705JW.J]
F0220D01O705k15 [O705GM1.J]
F0220D06O7058090 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0220F02O705<5si q0506 [O707GM1.J]
F0220F02O705<5si q0512 [O707GM1.J]
F0220F02O709<0co f0207 [O709JW1.J]
F0220F02O709>0co f0227 [O709JW1.J]
F0220F02O709>0co f0229 [O709JW1.J]
F0220I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0220I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0220K05O705pale brown [O705GM1.J]
F0220K06O70510YR 6/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0220K07O7053 [O705GM1.J]
F0221A21O705a [O705GM1.J]
F0221A21O705gully wash [O705JW.J]
F0221B11O705new feature assigned to the leveled accumulation in the entire locus of k23. Discovery of plastic sheeting after excavating all day in this feature confirms that it is the remnants of a spoils pile from a previous season's excavation. The stratigraphic value of any artifacts from this feature must be heavily discounted. [O705JW.J]
F0221D01O705k23 [O705GM1.J]
F0221D06O7058306 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0221F02O705<5si q0508 [O707GM1.J]
F0221F02O706<5si q0531 [O707GM1.J]
F0221F02O706<5si q0540 [O707GM1.J]
F0221F02O706<5si q0541 [O707GM1.J]
F0221F02O709<0co f0204 [O709JW1.J]
F0221F02O712<5si q0593 [O716GM4.J]
F0221F02O712<5si q0597 [O716GM4.J]
F0221I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0221I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0221K05O705brown [O705GM1.J]
F0221K06O70510YR 5/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0221K07O7054 [O705GM1.J]
F0222A21O705bk [O705GM1.J]
F0222D01O705k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0222F02O709<0co f0210 [O709JW1.J]
F0222I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0222I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0222O01O705v0132 [O911JW2.J]
F0222O01O705v0132a [O911JW2.J]
F0223A21O705a [O705GM1.J]
F0223A21O705a [O705JW.J]
F0223B11O705accumulation under f172 in the southern third of k4. [O705JW.J]
F0223D01O705k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0223D06O7058309 @top [O705GM1.J]
F0223F02O705<5si q0511 [O707GM1.J]
F0223F02O706<5si q0529 [O707GM1.J]
F0223F02O706<5si q0533 [O707GM1.J]
F0223F02O706<5si q0534 [O707GM1.J]
F0223F02O709<0co f0172 [O709JW.J]
F0223F02O709<5si f0226 [O709JW1.J]
F0223F02O709>0co f0231 [O709JW1.J]
F0223F02O719<5si i0173 [O908JW2.J]
F0223F02O719<5si i0174 [O908JW2.J]
F0223F02O719<5si i0177 [O908JW2.J]
F0223F02O719<5si i0178 [O908JW2.J]
F0223F02O719<5si q0694 [O905JW.J]
F0223F02O719<5si q0697 [O905JW.J]
F0223F02O720<5si q0710 [O905JW.J]
F0223I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0223I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0223K05O705light yellowish brown [O705GM1.J]
F0223K06O70510YR 6/4 [O705GM1.J]
F0223K07O7053 [O705GM1.J]
F0224A21O705fb [O705GM1.J]
F0224A21O705fb [O705JW.J]
F0224B11O705hard-packed horizontal surface under laminations, f167, along the E baulk in k4. [O705JW.J]
F0224D01O705k5 [O705GM1.J]
F0224F02O709<0co f0167 [O709JW.J]
F0224F02O709>0co f0236 [O709JW1.J]
F0224I01O824s52b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0224I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0224K05O705light gray [O705GM1.J]
F0224K06O70510YR 7/2 [O705GM1.J]
F0224K07O705>4.5 [O705GM1.J]
F0224O01O705v0133 [O911JW2.J]
F0224O01O705v0133a [O911JW2.J]
F0224O01O705v0133b [O911JW2.J]
F0225A21O705pc [O705GM1.J]
F0225A21O705pc [O705JW.J]
F0225B11O705E-W line of fist-sized stones and sherds imbedded in the floor, f224, along the E baulk of k5. [O705JW.J]
F0225D01O705k5 [O705GM1.J]
F0225F02O709<0co f0167 [O709JW.J]
F0225I01O824s52b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0225I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0225K03O705li [O705GM1.J]
F0225O01O705v0133 [O911JW2.J]
F0225O01O705v0133a [O911JW2.J]
F0225O01O705v0133b [O911JW2.J]
F0226A21O705a [O705GM1.J]
F0226A21O705a [O705JW.J]
F0226A21O706a [O706JW2.J]
F0226B11O705soft pocket of accumulation in the SW corner of k4, surrounded on the north and east by the harder accumulation, f223. [O705JW.J]
F0226B11O706This accumulation in the southern part of k4 covers a floor, f231, with a very hard surface and at an identical elevation to, f193. This soft accumulation was sealed by a harder accumulation, f223 above. [O706JW2.J]
F0226D01O705k4 [O705GM1.J]
F0226F02O705<5si q0515 [O707GM1.J]
F0226F02O705<5si q0517 [O707GM1.J]
F0226F02O709>0co f0231 [O709JW1.J]
F0226F02O709>5si f0223 [O709JW1.J]
F0226I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0226I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0226I99O706Because of its apparent relationship with the floor in the north baulk of the same locus, analysis of the pottery from here could confirm that the floors are the same and were used in Phase 3a. Lots q517, and q518 should be analyzed. [O706JW2.J]
F0226K05O705pale brown [O705GM1.J]
F0226K06O70510YR 6/3 [O705GM1.J]
F0226K07O7051 [O705GM1.J]
F0226K08O705soft pocket [O705GM1.J]
F0227A21O705pb [O705GM1.J]
F0227A21O705pb [O705JW.J]
F0227B11O705Group of large cut stones along the middle of the south baulk of k15. They align N-S with a group of smaller stones, f228, in k25, and a group of large stones in the north part of k5. [O705JW.J]
F0227D01O705k15 [O705GM1.J]
F0227F02O709<0co f0220 [O709JW1.J]
F0227F02O709>8ab f0230 [O709JW1.J]
F0227I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0227I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0227K03O705li [O705GM1.J]
F0227O01O705v0137b [O911JW2.J]
F0227O01O705v0138b [O911JW2.J]
F0227O01O705v0138c [O911JW2.J]
F0227O01O705v0184 [O911JW2.J]
F0228A21O705pb [O705GM1.J]
F0228A21O705pb [O705JW.J]
F0228B11O705Group of melon-sized stones aligned N-S along the N-S centerline of k25. They are also in line with stones of various sizes in k15 and k5 to the north. [O705JW.J]
F0228D01O705k25 [O705GM1.J]
F0228F02O709<0co f0194 [O709JW.J]
F0228F02O709>8ab f0233 [O709JW1.J]
F0228I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0228I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0228K03O705li [O705GM1.J]
F0228O01O705v0139c [O911JW2.J]
F0228O01O705v0185 [O911JW2.J]
F0228O01O705v0185a [O911JW2.J]
F0228O01O705v0185b [O911JW2.J]
F0229A21O706a [O706JW2.J]
F0229A21O706a [O706JW3.J]
F0229A21O707aa [O707JW1.J]
F0229B11O706Accumulation above stone and sherd pavement, f230, in the entire locus of k15. Sealed by accumulations that yeilded large amounts of pottery with string-cut bases. There are also a number of large ashlars, f227, in the matrix. [O706JW2.J]
F0229B11O706Accumulation around large cut stones in the entire locus, k15. Basically the same color and texture as the accumulation overlying, f220, but this accumulation covers an extensive layer of fist-sized stones and sherds. [O706JW3.J]
F0229B11O707Originally defined as unclassified accumulation in the entire locus of k15, the discovery of the sherd and pebble surface surface, f230, directly underneath means that this feature qualifies as a living accumulation and has particular importance in determining when f230 was in use. [O707JW1.J]
F0229F02O706<5si q0528 [O707GM1.J]
F0229F02O706<5si q0530 [O707GM1.J]
F0229F02O706<5si q0535 [O707GM1.J]
F0229F02O706<5si q0542 [O707GM1.J]
F0229F02O709<0co f0220 [O709JW1.J]
F0229F02O709>0co f0230 [O709JW1.J]
F0229I01O824s58a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0229I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0229I99O706Our current presumption is that the ashlars may mark the western extent of sacral precinct in Phase 2 or 3. Analysis of the pottery, excavated today, which comes from the deepest part of the current excavation should provide some indication of the validity of the hypothesis. Pottery from lots q542, q535, and q528 should be analyzed. [O706JW2.J]
F0229O01O705v0184 [O911JW2.J]
F0230A21O706fb [O706JW3.J]
F0230A21O707pb [O707JW1.J]
F0230B11O706Very hard, tamped earth floor in the southern half of k4. May have been a surface exposed to weather as there are no apparent boundaries. May be the same floor as f213 along the N edge of the N baulk of k4 and as f224, immediately adjacent along the E baulk of k5. Pottery from the accumulation covering part of this floor, f226 was tagged for immediate analysis by mkb. jw's preliminary estimate is that the floor is Phase 3. [O706JW3.J]
F0230B11O707stone and pebble surface running NW to SE in the northern 2/3 of k15. Similar in appearance and elevation to f233 in the NE corner of k25. [O707JW1.J]
F0230F02O709<0co f0229 [O709JW1.J]
F0230F02O709<8ab f0227 [O709JW1.J]
F0230I01O824s58b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0230I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0230O01O705v0137b [O911JW2.J]
F0230O01O705v0138b [O911JW2.J]
F0230O01O705v0138c [O911JW2.J]
F0230O01O705v0140a [O911JW2.J]
F0230O01O705v0184 [O911JW2.J]
F0231A21O706ly [O706JW3.J]
F0231A21O707fb [O707JW1.J]
F0231B11O706Stone and sherd surface abutting the large cut stones, f227, in most of the locus of k15. Unclear whether this is a path or a working surface. We will continue to expose more of it in the coming days. [O706JW3.J]
F0231B11O707Outdoor tamped earth floor surface consisting of at least three thin layers of material in the south half of k4. Hearth imbedded in top layer with a small amount of ash and reddish burned clay near north baulk line. [O707JW1.J]
F0231F02O709<0co f0223 [O709JW1.J]
F0231F02O709<0co f0226 [O709JW1.J]
F0231I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0231I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0231O01O705v0136 [O911JW2.J]
F0231O01O705v0136a [O911JW2.J]
F0232A21O707aa [O707JW1.J]
F0232B11O707Covers f233 in k25. Similar in appearance and elevation to f229 which runs diagonally from NW to SE in k15. [O707JW1.J]
F0232F02O709>0co f0233 [O709JW1.J]
F0232I01O824s58a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0232I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0232O01O705v0155 [O911JW2.J]
F0233A21O707pc [O707JW1.J]
F0233A21O825pc [O825JW.J]
F0233B11O707Stone and pebble surface in SE corner of k25. Similar in appearance and elevation to f229 which runs diagonally from NW to SE in k15. [O707JW1.J]
F0233D03O826952 (40505 33913 - 8048 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O828JW-R.J]
F0233D03O826953 (40146 33778 - 8048 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O828JW-R.J]
F0233D03O826954 (40181 33673 - 8048 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O828JW-R.J]
F0233D03O826955 (40437 33757 - 8048 / Relay location: perimeter 4) [O828JW-R.J]
F0233D03O826956 (40533 33669 - 8048 / Relay location: perimeter 5) [O828JW-R.J]
F0233D03O826957 (40587 33694 - 8048 / Relay location: perimeter 6) [O828JW-R.J]
F0233F02O709<0co f0194 [O709JW.J]
F0233F02O709<0co f0232 [O709JW1.J]
F0233F02O709<8ab f0228 [O709JW1.J]
F0233F02O826<5si i0243 [O908JW2.J]
F0233I01O824s58b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0233I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0233I99O825This feature in k25, a stone and sherd pavement extending over at least two loci, was assigned to Phase 3 based upon the pottery in the living accumulation, f229, directly above its counterpart ,f230, in k15. Excavation of the east baulk of k25 exposed a well-preserved portion of this pavement. gb suggested that he, mkb, and jw inspect this pavement on O826 to determine if the pottery indicates that it belongs to Phase 2. Evidence supporting that hypothesis includes the low elevation with respect to the AK building floors, 8047cm, and the fact that the bottom elevation of the outfall from the palace drain system, f275, in k5 to the north that we know was in use in Phase 2, is 8053cm. [O825JW.J]
F0233O01O705v0139c [O911JW2.J]
F0233O01O705v0140a [O911JW2.J]
F0233O01O705v0185 [O911JW2.J]
F0233O01O705v0185a [O911JW2.J]
F0233O01O705v0185b [O911JW2.J]
F0233O01O705v0192 [O911JW2.J]
F0234A21O707a [O707JW1.J]
F0234B11O707Accumulation across the entire locus of k24, and under f200. It may not differ much from this earlier accumulation, but we changed loci because work had paused there for a week and we lost track of the characteristics of that feature. Similar in appearance and elevation to f229 which runs diagonally from NW to SE in k15. [O707JW1.J]
F0234F02O709<0co f0200 [O709JW1.J]
F0234F02O709>0co f0237 [O709JW1.J]
F0234F02O722<5si q0744 [O905JW.J]
F0234I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0234I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0235A21O707ts [O707JW1.J]
F0235B11O707Topsoil in locus k35 [O707JW1.J]
F0235F02O709<0co f0167 [O709JW.J]
F0235I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0235I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0235O01O705v0193 [O911JW2.J]
F0236A21O707sf [O707JW1.J]
F0236B11O707Possible eroded subfloor to f224 in SW corner of k5. [O707JW1.J]
F0236F02O709<0co f0224 [O709JW1.J]
F0236I01O824s54-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0236I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0236O01O705v0183 [O911JW2.J]
F0237A21O708a [O708JW2.J]
F0237A21O708a [O710GM1.J]
F0237B11O708Pale brown accumulation with a hard crust in the north half of k24. [O708JW2.J]
F0237D01O708k24 [O710GM1.J]
F0237F02O709<0co f0234 [O709JW1.J]
F0237F02O709>0co f0242 [O709JW1.J]
F0237I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0237I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0237K05O708pale brown [O710GM1.J]
F0237K06O70810YR 6/3 [O710GM1.J]
F0237K07O708>4.5 [O710GM1.J]
F0238A21O708aa [O708JW2.J]
F0238A21O708aa [O710GM1.J]
F0238A21O716aa [O716JW.J]
F0238B11O708Living accumulation surrounding three clay vessels resting on a floor, f239, in the north half of k14. However, due to its thickness (about 5 cm) and its relative softness it may have resulted from temporary abandonment or filling, since there was a hard surface, f216, covering it, which we surmised was also a floor. [O708JW2.J]
F0238B11O716This living accumulation covers floor f239 and contains 3 restorable jars, i137, i138, and i139. [O716JW.J]
F0238D01O708k14 [O710GM1.J]
F0238F02O709>0co f0239 [O709JW1.J]
F0238F02O915<5si q0844 [O915JW.J]
F0238F02O915<5si q0845 [O915JW.J]
F0238I01O824s54-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0238I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0238I99O716Two of the three jars were burned, as was a stone nearby, indicating that food preparation was one of the functions of this space. Lot q563 should be analyzed from this feature. [O716JW.J]
F0239A21O708fb [O708JW2.J]
F0239A21O708fb [O710GM1.J]
F0239A21O716fb [O716JW.J]
F0239B11O708Highly compacted earthen floor surface upon which rested three jars, i137-139, in the NE quadrant of A14. Its elevation, 8188, is within 10 cm of other nearby similar floors in k5 and k4, suggesting that this area was once a large, outdoor living/working space, used and repeatedly resurfaced for an extended period of time. [O708JW2.J]
F0239B11O716This floor in k14 was capped by living accumulation, f238, and was the surface upon which the 3 jars rested. [O716JW.J]
F0239D01O708k14 [O710GM1.J]
F0239D06O7088173 @bottom [O710GM1.J]
F0239D06O7088188 @top [O710GM1.J]
F0239F02O709<0co f0238 [O709JW1.J]
F0239F02O709>0co f0241 [O709JW1.J]
F0239I01O824s54-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0239I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0239I99O716There were no sherds imbedded in this floor to contribute to pottery analysis. [O716JW.J]
F0239O01O705v0135 [O911JW2.J]
F0239O01O705v0135a [O911JW2.J]
F0240A21O708pc [O708JW2.J]
F0240A21O708pc [O710GM1.J]
F0240B11O708Ring of fist-sized stones in f239 in k14. Function unknown. No signs of burning or heating in the immediate vicinity. [O708JW2.J]
F0240D01O708k14 [O710GM1.J]
F0240D06O7088173 @top [O710GM1.J]
F0240F02O709>5si f0241 [O709JW1.J]
F0240I01O824s54-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0240I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0241A21O708fb [O708JW2.J]
F0241A21O708fb [O710GM1.J]
F0241A21O716fb [O716JW.J]
F0241B11O708Highly compacted floor surface with imbedded sherds in the N half of k14. Sealed by several working floors immediately above. [O708JW2.J]
F0241B11O716This floor in k14 contained an imbedded ring of fist-sized stones, f240, whose function is unknown. [O716JW.J]
F0241D01O708k14 [O710GM1.J]
F0241D06O7088164 @top [O710GM1.J]
F0241F02O709<0co f0239 [O709JW1.J]
F0241F02O709<5si f0240 [O709JW1.J]
F0241F02O709>0co f0205 [O709JW1.J]
F0241I01O824s54-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0241I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0241I99O716This feature is an intermediate floor with some indicia of specialized activity. Lot q570 should be analyzed from this feature. [O716JW.J]
F0242A21O708a [O708JW2.J]
F0242A21O708a [O710GM1.J]
F0242B11O708Accumulation in the N half of k24 under f237. Soft with small white rootlets scattered in matrix. [O708JW2.J]
F0242D01O708k24 [O710GM1.J]
F0242D06O7088098 @top [O710GM1.J]
F0242F02O709<0co f0237 [O709JW1.J]
F0242I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0242I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0242K05O708light brownish gray [O710GM1.J]
F0242K06O70810YR 6/2 [O710GM1.J]
F0243A21O711sf [O711JW1.J]
F0243A21O716fb [O716JW.J]
F0243B11O711Hard-packed soil in k14 under accumulation f205 (which itself may have been part of the subfloor under parts of pise floors f239 and f241). [O711JW1.J]
F0243B11O716This floor in locus k14, under accumulation f205 and similar to f241, was traced to all parts of the locus. [O716JW.J]
F0243I01O824s54-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0243I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0243I99O716This feature is an intermediate-level floor with imbedded pottery. Lot q575 should be analyzed from this feature. [O716JW.J]
F0244A21O711a [O711JW1.J]
F0244A21O712a [O712JW.J]
F0244A21O716a [O716JW.J]
F0244B11O711brown accumulation under f243 in N part of k14 [O711JW1.J]
F0244B11O712this brownish accumulation seems to be the same as f167, seen in section across the east baulk of k15. [O712JW.J]
F0244B11O716This accumulation was below floor, f241, in k14 and contained several seal impressions as well as a relatively large amount of pottery. [O716JW.J]
F0244F02O712<5si q0595 [O716GM4.J]
F0244F02O712<5si q0599 [O716GM4.J]
F0244F02O712<5si q0601 [O716GM4.J]
F0244F02O720<5si q0711 [O905JW.J]
F0244F02O721<5si q0725 [O905JW.J]
F0244F02O722<5si q0736 [O905JW.J]
F0244F02O812<2cu f0328 [O812JW.J]
F0244I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0244I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0244I99O716This accumulation was contained on the south by a reddish accumulation, f245, which may be the material from a melted palace wall. It is below a series of pise floors and above a stone and sherd floor which extends throughout the entire locus. Why the seal impressions and other artifacts were in this accumlation is important to know and the pottery analysis may give some clue. Lots q579, q586, q592, q595, q599, q601, q608, q612, q618, and q628 should be analyzed from this feature. [O716JW.J]
F0245A21O711a [O711JW1.J]
F0245A21O712a [O712JW.J]
F0245B11O711reddish under f243 in S part of k14 [O711JW1.J]
F0245B11O712this reddish accumulation seems to be the same as f207, seen in section across the east baulk of k15. [O712JW.J]
F0245F02O715<5si q0654 [O716GM4.J]
F0245F02O721<5si q0719 [O905JW.J]
F0245F02O722<5si q0731 [O905JW.J]
F0245F02O812<3in f0328 [O812JW.J]
F0245I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0245I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0245O01O705v0140b [O911JW2.J]
F0245O01O705v0142 [O911JW2.J]
F0246A21O711aa [O711JW1.J]
F0246B11O711soft brown under f242 in k24 [O711JW1.J]
F0246F02O712<5si q0594 [O716GM4.J]
F0246I01O824s58a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0246I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0247A21O712ly [O712JW.J]
F0247B11O712Layer seen in east section of k25. Seems to be a succession of alternating dark and light bands of soil and fine pebbles. Missed when we excavated the locus. [O712JW.J]
F0247I01O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0247I03O824h6-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0248A21O712pb [O712JW.J]
F0248A21O713pb [O716GM3.J]
F0248B11O712Half ring of sherds, laid flat, in SE corner of N baulk of k15. Elevation approximately that of a series of pise floors seen in k4, k5, and k14. Function unknown, but possibly part of a foundation for an accompanying wall structure to the south and west which would have been eroded by the gully. [O712JW.J]
F0248D01O713k15 [O716GM3.J]
F0248D06O7138181 @top [O716GM3.J]
F0248F02O712<5si q0603 [O716GM4.J]
F0248I01O824s52b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0248I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0249A21O712he [O712JW.J]
F0249A21O713he [O716GM3.J]
F0249B11O712Ring of sherds with burned soil and traces of charcoal in center in the middle of k4. Incorporated in a floor built up with thin layers formed by successive applications of moistened soil and packed down with each application. [O712JW.J]
F0249D01O713k4 [O716GM3.J]
F0249I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0249I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0249O01O705v0136 [O911JW2.J]
F0249O01O705v0136a [O911JW2.J]
F0250A21O712a [O712JW.J]
F0250A21O713a [O716GM3.J]
F0250B11O712Brown accumulation in the vicinity of large stones in k23. Designated in anticipation that it may cover architectural elements. [O712JW.J]
F0250D01O713k23 [O716GM3.J]
F0250D06O7138146 @top [O716GM3.J]
F0250F02O712<5si q0605 [O716GM4.J]
F0250F02O714<5si q0632 [O716GM4.J]
F0250I01O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0250I03O824h6-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0250K05O713light yellowish brown [O716GM3.J]
F0250K06O71310YR 6/4 [O716GM3.J]
F0250K07O7133.5 [O716GM3.J]
F0251A21O713a [O713JW.J]
F0251A21O713a [O716GM3.J]
F0251B11O713Reddish accumulation aroung SE quarter of locus k23. It is damp, strong brown in color, and has a granular texture. No specific signs of bricks yet, but the color suggests the possiblity. Clearly differentiated from f250, the accumulation in the other parts of the locus, which surrounds large stones and contains a large number of disorganized pebbles and stones. [O713JW.J]
F0251D01O713k23 [O716GM3.J]
F0251D06O7138129 @top [O716GM3.J]
F0251F02O714<5si q0633 [O716GM4.J]
F0251I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0251I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0251K05O713strong brown [O716GM3.J]
F0251K06O7137.5YR 4/6 [O716GM3.J]
F0251K07O7133.5 [O716GM3.J]
F0252A21O713a [O713JW.J]
F0252A21O713a [O716GM3.J]
F0252B11O713Reddish accumulation under f224 in k5. Feature 224 was an eroded subfloor, which should have served to seal this accumulation. It is equivalent to f207, which was found in k15 and positively linked throuth the excavation of the N baulk of k14. [O713JW.J]
F0252B11O714ac [O714JW.J]
F0252D01O713k5 [O716GM3.J]
F0252D06O7138175 @top [O716GM3.J]
F0252F02O714<5si q0631 [O716GM4.J]
F0252F02O714>0co f0256 [O714JW.J]
F0252I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0252I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0252K05O713brown [O716GM3.J]
F0252K06O7137.5YR 7/3 [O716GM3.J]
F0252K07O7134 [O716GM3.J]
F0252O01O705v0140b [O911JW2.J]
F0252O01O705v0140d [O911JW2.J]
F0252O01O705v0155 [O911JW2.J]
F0252O01O705v0164 [O911JW2.J]
F0252O01O705v0183 [O911JW2.J]
F0252O01O705v0183a [O911JW2.J]
F0252P01O714O714 [O714JW.J]
F0253A21O713fb [O713JW.J]
F0253A21O713fb [O716GM3.J]
F0253B11O713Surface of sherds and stones in the NW quadrant of k14. Sealed by a relatively thick brownish accumulation, f244, which has yielded several seal impressions. [O713JW.J]
F0253D01O713k14 [O716GM3.J]
F0253D06O7138109 @top [O716GM3.J]
F0253F02O714<0co f0254 [O714JW.J]
F0253I01O824s56-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0253I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0253O01O705v0142 [O911JW2.J]
F0253O01O705v0152a [O911JW2.J]
F0253O01O705v0178 [O911JW2.J]
F0253O01O705v0179 [O911JW2.J]
F0253O01O705v0179a [O911JW2.J]
F0254A21O714aa [O714JW.J]
F0254A21O714aa [O716GM3.J]
F0254A21O716aa [O716JW.J]
F0254B11O714Floor accumulation over stone and sherd floor, f253, in k14. [O714JW.J]
F0254B11O716This is the living accumulation above a pebble and sherd floor, f253, that extends throughout most of the locus. [O716JW.J]
F0254D01O714k14 [O716GM3.J]
F0254D06O7148109 @bottom [O716GM3.J]
F0254D06O7148127 @top [O716GM3.J]
F0254F02O714<5si q0630 [O716GM4.J]
F0254F02O714>0co f0253 [O714JW.J]
F0254I01O824s56-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0254I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0254I99O714Candidate for pottery analysis to tell us what functions were carried out on the underlying floor, f253. [O714JW.J]
F0254I99O716It is our practice to consider living accumulations to be the subject of a pottery analysis, Lots q630 and q645 should be analyzed from this feature and may help discern whether f244 was a subfloor, fill, or accumulation. [O716JW.J]
F0254K05O714light gray [O716GM3.J]
F0254K06O71410YR7/2 [O716GM3.J]
F0254K07O714>4.5 [O716GM3.J]
F0254K08O714like cement to S [O716GM3.J]
F0254P01O714O714 [O714JW.J]
F0255A21O714a [O714JW.J]
F0255A21O714a [O715JW.J]
F0255A21O714a [O716GM3.J]
F0255B11O714Accumulation under accumulations, f250 and f251 in k23. Full of stones, large pebbles, and sherds. [O714JW.J]
F0255D01O714k23 [O716GM3.J]
F0255F02O714>0co f0257 [O715JW.J]
F0255F02O715<5si q0653 [O716GM4.J]
F0255F02O715<5si q0664 [O716GM4.J]
F0255F02O715<5si q0667 [O716GM4.J]
F0255F02O715<5si q0672 [O716GM4.J]
F0255F02O715<5si q0673 [O716GM4.J]
F0255I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0255I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0255K05O714light yellowish brown [O716GM3.J]
F0255K06O71410YR6/4 [O716GM3.J]
F0255K07O7144 [O716GM3.J]
F0256A21O714a [O714JW.J]
F0256A21O714a [O715JW.J]
F0256A21O714a [O716GM3.J]
F0256B11O714Brown accumulation under reddish accumulation, f252, in k5. Includes similar accumulation from the N baulk of k15 (the two are now being dug as a unit). [O714JW.J]
F0256D01O714k5 [O716GM3.J]
F0256F02O714<0co f0252 [O714JW.J]
F0256F02O714>0co f0260 [O715JW.J]
F0256F02O715<5si q0655 [O716GM4.J]
F0256F02O715<5si q0657 [O716GM4.J]
F0256F02O715<5si q0665 [O716GM4.J]
F0256I01O824s56-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0256I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0256K07O7143.5 [O716GM3.J]
F0256O01O705v0155 [O911JW2.J]
F0256O01O705v0183 [O911JW2.J]
F0256P01O714O715 [O715JW.J]
F0257A21O714a [O715JW.J]
F0257A21O715a [O716GM3.J]
F0257B11O714Hard, grayish accumulation in the SE corner of k23. In some ways it resembles that of f254, which covers the sherd and pebble floor, f253, in k24. Although we have found sherds and stones they have not been a part of a floor surface. [O715JW.J]
F0257D01O715k23 [O716GM3.J]
F0257F02O714<0co f0255 [O715JW.J]
F0257F02O715<5si q0658 [O716GM4.J]
F0257F02O715<5si q0659 [O716GM4.J]
F0257F02O715<5si q0661 [O716GM4.J]
F0257F02O715<5si q0668 [O716GM4.J]
F0257F02O715<5si q0671 [O716GM4.J]
F0257I01O824s56-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0257I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0257K05O715dark yellowish brown [O716GM3.J]
F0257K06O71510YR 7/1 [O716GM3.J]
F0257K07O715>4.5 [O716GM3.J]
F0257K08O715cement-like [O716GM3.J]
F0258A21O714ts [O715JW.J]
F0258A21O715ts [O716GM3.J]
F0258B11O714Although technically topsoil because it had extant plant growth, it is really the remnant of a dirt pile from a previous season's excavation and gully wash from this past winter. Pottery and bones from this feature will have no stratigraphic significance, although they may have typological value. [O715JW.J]
F0258D01O715k22 [O716GM3.J]
F0258F02O715<5si q0660 [O716GM4.J]
F0258F02O719<5si q0698 [O905JW.J]
F0258F02O719<5si q0703 [O905JW.J]
F0258F02O720<5si q0709 [O905JW.J]
F0258I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0258I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0258K05O715pale brown [O716GM3.J]
F0258K06O71510YR 6/3 [O716GM3.J]
F0258K07O7153.5 [O716GM3.J]
F0259A21O714a [O715JW.J]
F0259A21O715a [O716GM3.J]
F0259B11O714Seen in the E section in k24, but not recognized at the time of excavation as a separate feature. [O715JW.J]
F0259D01O715k24 [O716GM3.J]
F0259D06O7158177 @bottom [O716GM3.J]
F0259D06O7158198 @top [O716GM3.J]
F0259I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0259I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0259K05O715light gray [O716GM3.J]
F0259K06O71510YR 7/2 [O716GM3.J]
F0260A21O714a [O715JW.J]
F0260A21O715a [O716GM3.J]
F0260A21O724a [O724JW1.J]
F0260B11O714Gray accumulation in k5 under brownish accumulation, f256, which has sealed in and made it a good candidate for meaningful pottery analysis. [O715JW.J]
F0260B11O724Greenish-gray accumulation under several Phase 3 accumulations in k5 and resembling the material in the palace drain system seen in the A10 excavations last season. [O724JW1.J]
F0260D01O715k5 [O716GM3.J]
F0260F02O714<0co f0256 [O715JW.J]
F0260F02O715<5si q0666 [O716GM4.J]
F0260F02O715<5si q0669 [O716GM4.J]
F0260F02O719<5si i0175 [O908JW2.J]
F0260I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0260I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0260I99O724Two drains within twenty meters of this accumulation could have deposited it. Analysis of the pottery from the lowest levels of this accumualtion should tell us when the drain system was in use and therefore contribute to our understanding of the phasing of the sacral precinct and the functions performed in the areas drained. As a start, lots q693, q690, and 685 which were taken from the bottom of the feature should be analyzed. [O724JW1.J]
F0260K05O715light brownish gray [O716GM3.J]
F0260K06O71510YR 6/2 [O716GM3.J]
F0260K07O7154 [O716GM3.J]
F0260O01O705v0155 [O911JW2.J]
F0260O01O705v0183 [O911JW2.J]
F0261A21O717a [O717JW.J]
F0261A21O717a [O909JW1.J]
F0261B11O717accumulation under f205 in the NE corner of k14. Seen only in section after excavation. [O717JW.J]
F0261D01O717k14 [O909JW1.J]
F0261I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0261I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0261K05O717light brown [O909JW1.J]
F0261K06O7177.5YR6/4 [O909JW1.J]
F0262A21O717a [O717JW.J]
F0262A21O717a [O909JW1.J]
F0262B11O717accumulation under f261 in the NE corner of k14. Seen only in section after excavation. [O717JW.J]
F0262D01O717k14 [O909JW1.J]
F0262I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0262I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0262K05O717very pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0262K06O71710YR7/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0263A21O717a [O717JW.J]
F0263A21O717a [O909JW1.J]
F0263B11O717accumulation under f234 in the NE corner of k24. Seen only in section after excavation. [O717JW.J]
F0263D01O717k24 [O909JW1.J]
F0263I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0263I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0264A21O717a [O717JW.J]
F0264A21O717a [O909JW1.J]
F0264B11O717accumulation which sits in accumulation f242 in the NE corner of k24. Seen only in section after excavation. [O717JW.J]
F0264D01O717k24 [O909JW1.J]
F0264I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0264I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0265A21O717a [O717JW.J]
F0265A21O717a [O909JW1.J]
F0265B11O717accumulation under f242 in the NE corner of k24. Seen only in section after excavation. [O717JW.J]
F0265D01O717k24 [O909JW1.J]
F0265I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0265I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0266A21O718bk [O718JW2.J]
F0266B11O718Baked bricks and raw clay pedistaled in k13. These are part of the work area where over 200 oblong clay projectiles and fragments were found. [O718JW2.J]
F0266F02O718>5si f0191 [O718JW2.J]
F0266I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0266I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0266P01O718O718 [O718JW2.J]
F0267A21O718a [O718JW2.J]
F0267B11O718Accumulation under f189 and f266 in k13. This accumulation is below the lowest level where the oblong clay objects were found. [O718JW2.J]
F0267F02O719<5si q0695 [O905JW.J]
F0267I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0267I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0268A21O718a [O718JW2.J]
F0268B11O718Accumulation under residual topsoil accreted in k3 after excavation last year. The locus was not covered over the fall, winter, and spring seasons. [O718JW2.J]
F0268F02O719<5si q0699 [O905JW.J]
F0268F02O719<5si q0702 [O905JW.J]
F0268F02O719<5si q0705 [O905JW.J]
F0268F02O720<5si q0708 [O905JW.J]
F0268F02O720<5si q0715 [O905JW.J]
F0268F02O720<5si q0717 [O905JW.J]
F0268F02O721<5si q0723 [O905JW.J]
F0268F02O721<5si q0724 [O905JW.J]
F0268F02O722<5si q0733 [O905JW.J]
F0268I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0268I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0269A21O718aa [O718JW2.J]
F0269B11O718Living accumulation in the E baulk of k25 found atop pebble and sherd floor f270. Several interesting figurines were found in the associated q-lots. [O718JW2.J]
F0269F02O719<5si q0696 [O905JW.J]
F0269I01O824s58a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0269I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0269I99O718As with all living accumulations, it will be important to analyze the sherds from this feature, found in lots q680, q686, and q691. [O718JW2.J]
F0270A21O718fb [O718JW2.J]
F0270B11O718Pebble and sherd floor throughout the length and breadth of the E baulk of k25. Undoubtedly the same as the floor, f233, found in the NE corner of k25, but designated a separate feature in order to preserve the living accumulation above for analysis. (We had not done so for the accumulation above f233 because we did not see the floor until after the living accumulation above it had been excavated.) [O718JW2.J]
F0270I01O824s58b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0270I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0270O01O705v0172 [O911JW2.J]
F0270O01O705v0185 [O911JW2.J]
F0270O01O705v0185a [O911JW2.J]
F0270O01O705v0185b [O911JW2.J]
F0270O01O705v0192 [O911JW2.J]
F0271A21O718a [O718JW2.J]
F0271B11O718accumulation under f261 in the NW corner of k14. Seen only in north section after excavation. [O718JW2.J]
F0271I01O824s54-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0271I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0272A21O718273 [O718JW2.J]
F0272A21O718a [O718JW2.J]
F0272B11O718accumulation under f261 in the NE corner of k14. Seen only in north section after excavation. [O718JW2.J]
F0272B11O718accumulation under f272 in the NW corner of k14. Seen only in north section after excavation. [O718JW2.J]
F0272I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0272I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0273I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0273I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0274A21O719a [O719JW.J]
F0274B11O719Accumulation below accumulation, f267, in k13. Occasioned by a change in color and texture. There is a hint of gray, possibly pit fill in the SW corner. [O719JW.J]
F0274F02O719<5si i0176 [O908JW2.J]
F0274F02O719<5si q0700 [O905JW.J]
F0274F02O719<5si q0704 [O905JW.J]
F0274F02O720<3in f0279 [O720JW1.J]
F0274F02O720<5si q0706 [O905JW.J]
F0274F02O720<5si q0716 [O905JW.J]
F0274F02O721<5si q0722 [O905JW.J]
F0274F02O721<5si q0727 [O905JW.J]
F0274I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0274I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0275A21O719a [O719JW.J]
F0275B11O719Greenish-gray accumulation under accumulation, f..., in the entire locus, k5. It was not noticed until much of it had been excavated. Therefore, many of the q-lots were associated with f.... The pickman, Hussein, said that it reminded him of the material excavated from the palace drains last season in A10. [O719JW.J]
F0275F02O719<5si q0693 [O905JW.J]
F0275I01O824s58a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0275I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0275I99O719The discovery of this material raises the issue of Phasing. If the palace drains were only active in Phase 2, then this material must have been deposited in Phase 2. If the drains continued to be used in Phase 3, then the material may have been deposited in both Phase 2 and Phase 3. [O719JW.J]
F0275O01O705v0155 [O911JW2.J]
F0275O01O705v0183 [O911JW2.J]
F0276A21O720fi [O720JW1.J]
F0276A21O720fi [O909JW1.J]
F0276B11O720Fill from pit a19 in the SW corner of k13. [O720JW1.J]
F0276D01O720k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0276D03O720734 (40509 34452 - 8164 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
F0276D03O720735 (40446 34628 - 8169 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
F0276D03O720736 (40362 34604 - 8175 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
F0276D06O7208186 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0276F02O720<5si q0707 [O905JW.J]
F0276F02O720>5si f0279 [O720JW1.J]
F0276I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0276I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0276K05O720grayish brown [O909JW1.J]
F0276K06O72010YR5/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0276K07O7201 [O909JW1.J]
F0277A21O720a [O720JW1.J]
F0277A21O720a [O909JW1.J]
F0277B11O720First layer of accumulation below the topsoil in k22. [O720JW1.J]
F0277D01O720k22 [O909JW1.J]
F0277D06O7208336 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0277F02O720<5si q0714 [O905JW.J]
F0277F02O720<5si q0718 [O905JW.J]
F0277F02O721<5si q0720 [O905JW.J]
F0277F02O721<5si q0726 [O905JW.J]
F0277F02O721<5si q0728 [O905JW.J]
F0277F02O722<5si q0732 [O905JW.J]
F0277F02O722<5si q0739 [O905JW.J]
F0277F02O722<5si q0740 [O905JW.J]
F0277F02O722<5si q0746 [O905JW.J]
F0277I01O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0277I03O824h6-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0277K05O720pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0277K06O72010YR6/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0277K07O7201 [O909JW1.J]
F0278A21O720aa [O720JW1.J]
F0278A21O720aa [O909JW1.J]
F0278A21O724aa [O724JW1.J]
F0278A21O728aa [O728JW.J]
F0278B11O720Living accumulation above the southern extension of pise floor, f213, discovered while excavating the N baulk of k4. Several large vessels can be seen resting on the floor, and they will be removed tomorrow. [O720JW1.J]
F0278B11O724Living accumulation over a pise floor, f213, in k4 that has yielded a number of restorable vessels, extracted as items. [O724JW1.J]
F0278B11O728This accumulation overlays a pise floor surface that has yielded many restorable and fragmentary vessels (a20). [O728JW.J]
F0278D01O720k4 [O909JW1.J]
F0278D06O7208194 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0278F02O720<5si q0712 [O905JW.J]
F0278F02O721<5si q0721 [O905JW.J]
F0278F02O721<5si q0729 [O905JW.J]
F0278F02O722<5si q0745 [O905JW.J]
F0278F02O722<5si q0748 [O905JW.J]
F0278F02O722<5si q0749 [O905JW.J]
F0278F02O812<5si i0242 [O908JW2.J]
F0278I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0278I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0278I99O724With so many vessels and other artifacts, including grindstones and a small quern, the fragments of the remaining pottery should be useful in determining the function of this large surface which presumably was uncoverd while in use, but nevertheless contained jars and cups resting on it, apparently abandoned. Lots q712, q721, and q729 should be analyzed. [O724JW1.J]
F0278I99O728Previous analysis was begun to determine the functional use of the space where the jars and stone processing tools were found. mkb indicated a continuing interest in examining more sherds from this feature. Therefore, pottery from lots q753, q765, q783, q786, q797, q805, q806, q809, q826, q828, q831, q834, q835, and q836 should be analyzed. [O728JW.J]
F0278K05O720light yellowish brown [O909JW1.J]
F0278K06O72010YR6/4 [O909JW1.J]
F0278K07O720>4.5 [O909JW1.J]
F0278O01O705v0146 [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0146a [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0146b [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0146c [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0146d [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0156 [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0158 [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0158a [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0164 [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0164a [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0175 [O911JW2.J]
F0278O01O705v0178a [O911JW2.J]
F0279A21O720cut [O720JW1.J]
F0279A21O720pt [O909JW1.J]
F0279B11O720cut of pit a19. [O720JW1.J]
F0279D01O720k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0279F02O720<5si f0276 [O720JW1.J]
F0279F02O720>3in f0274 [O720JW1.J]
F0279I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0279I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0279O01O705v0178a [O911JW2.J]
F0280A21O721aa [O723JW3.J]
F0280A21O721aa [O909JW1.J]
F0280A21O724aa [O724JW1.J]
F0280B11O721living accumulation above a crude stone and pebble floor, f281, in k13. [O723JW3.J]
F0280B11O724Living accumulation over a pebble and sherd surface, f281, in the east third of k13. [O724JW1.J]
F0280D01O721k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0280D06O7218151 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0280D06O7218161 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0280F02O721<5si q0730 [O905JW.J]
F0280I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0280I01O824s56-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0280I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0280I99O721pottery from this feature will be presented to mkb for analysis to determine the functions carried out upon it. [O723JW3.J]
F0280I99O724This is the highest of three stepped working surfaces found in adjacent loci running from west to east, up to slope to the abi. Understanding the activities taking place on this surface will help us understand the organization of the sacral precinct at various times. Pottery from lot q730 should be analyzed. [O724JW1.J]
F0280K05O721strong brown [O909JW1.J]
F0280K06O7217.5YR5/6 [O909JW1.J]
F0280O01O705v0174 [O911JW2.J]
F0280O01O705v0174a [O911JW2.J]
F0281A21O721fb [O723JW3.J]
F0281A21O721pc [O909JW1.J]
F0281B11O721crude stone and pebble floor along the eastern quarter of k13. [O723JW3.J]
F0281D01O721k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0281D06O7218151 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0281I01O824s56-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0281I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0281O01O705v0178 [O911JW2.J]
F0282A21O721ts [O909JW1.J]
F0282A21O725ts [O725JW.J]
F0282B11O725Topsoil in locus k21, immediately to the west of the abi entrance. [O725JW.J]
F0282D01O721k21 [O909JW1.J]
F0282I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0282I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0282K05O721pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0282K06O72110YR6/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0283A21O721fb [O723JW3.J]
F0283A21O721fb [O909JW1.J]
F0283B11O721pise floor seen in secton of the north baulk of k13, in the western half. It was not noticed at the time of excavation, and it seems to be linked to the pise floor, f213, in k4, adjacent in the NW. [O723JW3.J]
F0283D01O721k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0283D06O7218193 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0283I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0283I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0284A21O722fi [O723JW1.J]
F0284B11O722soft, gray soil under accumulation, f43, in the NW quadrant of k12. Part of aggregate, a22. [O723JW1.J]
F0284D03O722779 (40513 35076 - 8268 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O722JW-R.J]
F0284D03O722780 (40521 35023 - 8260 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O722JW-R.J]
F0284D03O722781 (40505 34978 - 8268 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O722JW-R.J]
F0284D03O722782 (40417 34953 - 8248 / Relay location: perimeter 4) [O722JW-R.J]
F0284D03O722783 (40402 35026 - 8248 / Relay location: perimeter 5) [O722JW-R.J]
F0284D03O722784 (40423 35137 - 8301 / Relay location: perimeter 6) [O722JW-R.J]
F0284F02O722<5si q0743 [O905JW.J]
F0284F02O722>5si f0285 [O723JW1.J]
F0284F02O725<5si i0206 [O908JW2.J]
F0284I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0284I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0285A21O722cut [O723JW1.J]
F0285B11O722cut of pit a22. [O723JW1.J]
F0285F02O722<5si f0284 [O723JW1.J]
F0285F02O722>2cu f0043 [O723JW1.J]
F0285I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0285I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0286A21O725ls [O725JW.J]
F0286A21O725pc [O909JW1.J]
F0286B11O725lens of small stones concentrated in the SE corner of locus k12. Its deposition may be related to some part of the entrance to the abi, the northern edge of which is framed in large stones immediately to the east. [O725JW.J]
F0286D01O725k12 [O909JW1.J]
F0286D03O725799 (40230 35281 - 8271 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O830JW-R.J]
F0286D03O725800 (40247 35161 - 8261 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O830JW-R.J]
F0286D03O725801 (40190 35179 - 8264 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O830JW-R.J]
F0286D03O725802 (40163 35168 - 8271 / Relay location: perimeter 4) [O830JW-R.J]
F0286D03O725803 (40127 35246 - 8291 / Relay location: perimeter 5) [O830JW-R.J]
F0286I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0286I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0286O01O705v0178 [O911JW2.J]
F0286O01O705v0180 [O911JW2.J]
F0286O01O705v0180a [O911JW2.J]
F0287A21O725ly [O725JW.J]
F0287A21O725ly [O909JW1.J]
F0287B11O725layer of ashy material in the SW quadrant of k3 and atop a large, cut stone. It contains a number of charcoal bits and charred seeds, some of which were saved as a sample. [O725JW.J]
F0287D01O725k3 [O909JW1.J]
F0287D03O726823 (41045 35068 - 8223 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0287D03O726824 (41088 34930 - 8214 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0287D03O726826 (41050 34835 - 8211 / Relay location: N corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0287D03O726827 (40983 34754 - 8205 / Relay location: N corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0287D03O726828 (40996 34643 - 8204 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0287D03O726849 (40753 34954 - 8181 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0287D03O726850 (40886 34596 - 8180 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0287D06O7258225 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0287I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0287I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0287K05O725pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0287K06O72510YR6/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0287O01O705v0148 [O911JW2.J]
F0287O01O705v0148a [O911JW2.J]
F0287O01O705v0148b [O911JW2.J]
F0287O01O705v0148c [O911JW2.J]
F0288A21O725ly [O725JW.J]
F0288A21O725ly [O909JW1.J]
F0288B11O725Level layer of scattered pebbles in accumulation in locus k22. [O725JW.J]
F0288D01O725k22 [O909JW1.J]
F0288D06O7258194 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0288I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0288I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0289A21O726st-is [O727JW1.J]
F0289B11O726large cut stone with a square top which is surrounded by layer, f287, in the SE quadrant of k3. It is aligned with the AK building walls, but its function or connection with that building is unknown. [O727JW1.J]
F0289D03O726830 (40875 34943 - 8207 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0289D03O726831 (40901 34880 - 8203 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0289D03O726840 (40912 34882 - 8206 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0289D03O726841 (40889 34945 - 8208 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0289I01O824s60-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0289I03O824h2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0289O01O705v0148 [O911JW2.J]
F0289O01O705v0148a [O911JW2.J]
F0289O01O705v0148c [O911JW2.J]
F0289O01O705v0159 [O911JW2.J]
F0289O01O705v0159a [O911JW2.J]
F0290A21O726a [O727JW1.J]
F0290B11O726soft layer of accumulation in all of k3 and which surrounds the large stone, f287. Covered by f287 in the SE quadrant. Contains patches of ashy soil which have not been separately designated as features. [O727JW1.J]
F0290D03O726842 (41265 34758 - 8208 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0290D03O726843 (41126 35086 - 8278 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0290D03O726844 (41045 35068 - 8223 / Relay location: E corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0290D03O726845 (41088 34930 - 8214 / Relay location: E corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0290D03O726846 (41050 34835 - 8211 / Relay location: E corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0290D03O726847 (40983 34754 - 8205 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0290D03O726848 (40996 34643 - 8204 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0290I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0290I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0291A21O726a [O727JW1.J]
F0291B11O726accumulation under topsoil, f282, in locus k21, which extends about 250cm to the east of the eastern boundary of k22 to the entrance stonework of the abi. [O727JW1.J]
F0291F02O726>0co f0293 [O727JW1.J]
F0291F02O726>0co f0294 [O727JW1.J]
F0291I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0291I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0292A21O726ly [O727JW1.J]
F0292B11O726Patches of the white residue from deteriorated reed matting in the NW quadrant of k21. [O727JW1.J]
F0292D03O727899 (40313 35454 - 8325 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0292D03O727900 (40340 35455 - 8327 / Relay location: W corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0292D03O727901 (40361 35473 - 8325 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0292D03O727902 (40355 35494 - 8329 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0292D03O727903 (40321 35496 - 8330 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0292F02O726<0co f0124 [O727JW1.J]
F0292F02O726>5si f0124 [O727JW1.J]
F0292I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0292I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0292O01O705v0149 [O911JW2.J]
F0292O01O705v0149a [O911JW2.J]
F0292O01O705v0149b [O911JW2.J]
F0292O01O705v0166 [O911JW2.J]
F0292O01O705v0166d [O911JW2.J]
F0293A21O726ac [O727JW1.J]
F0293A21O728a [O728JW.J]
F0293B11O726Red, bricky accumulation below accumulation, f291, in the south half of k11. [O727JW1.J]
F0293B11O728Reddish accumulation sealed by accumulation, f291, in the southern half of k21. It surrounds at least 3 courses of reddish bricks, f302, which appear to be the north end of a N-S wall immediately to the south of the abi entrance. [O728JW.J]
F0293D03O726858 (39544 35337 - 8348 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0293D03O726859 (39613 35177 - 8348 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0293D03O726860 (39732 35213 - 8331 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0293D03O726861 (39746 35295 - 8323 / Relay location: N corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0293D03O726862 (39736 35398 - 8330 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0293F02O726<0co f0291 [O727JW1.J]
F0293F02O726>1ov f0296 [O727JW1.J]
F0293I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0293I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0293I99O728In order to form the strategy for our excavations in the following season and to phase the results of the current one, we need to know when the structure containing the bricks was extant. Analysis of q785 should help us answer this question. Analysis of q769 from f291 may also prove useful in this inquiry. [O728JW.J]
F0294A21O726ac [O727JW1.J]
F0294B11O726Soft, ashy accumulation below accumulation, f291 in the north half of k11. [O727JW1.J]
F0294D03O726853 (39732 35213 - 8331 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0294D03O726854 (39746 35295 - 8323 / Relay location: S corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0294D03O726855 (39736 35398 - 8330 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0294D03O726856 (39904 35493 - 8336 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0294D03O726857 (39967 35307 - 8337 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
F0294F02O726<0co f0291 [O727JW1.J]
F0294F02O726>1ov f0296 [O727JW1.J]
F0294I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0294I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0295A21O726bk [O727JW1.J]
F0295B11O726A layer of bricks laid flat along the center portion of the north baulk of k11. Unfortunately, time does not permit us to explore this feature, and therefore its definition and function must be determined next season. [O727JW1.J]
F0295F02O726<0co f0124 [O727JW1.J]
F0295I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0295I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0295O01O705v0166 [O911JW2.J]
F0295O01O705v0166d [O911JW2.J]
F0296A21O727is-st [O727JW2.J]
F0296A21O727is-st [O909JW1.J]
F0296B11O727Very large cut stone, with only the top visible, in the middle of k21. The stone is somewhat irregularly shaped and is about 120cm long and 80cm wide. Although not polished, the top has been carefully flattened and the surface has the consistency of fine sandpaper. There are no visible accompanying stones and the support structure for keeping it in place near the edge of a steep descending slope is not apparent at this time. [O727JW2.J]
F0296C02O727We will carefully excavate the east baulk of k22, immediately to the west of the stone to see if we can find either a retaining wall or the cut of a pit that may have been dug into harder accumulation and into which the stone would have been placed. [O727JW2.J]
F0296D01O727k21 [O909JW1.J]
F0296D03O9011016 (39755 35347 - 8325 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O901JW-R.J]
F0296D03O9011017 (39789 35378 - 8325 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O901JW-R.J]
F0296D03O9011018 (39835 35388 - 8325 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O901JW-R.J]
F0296D03O9011019 (39875 35382 - 8325 / Relay location: perimeter 4) [O901JW-R.J]
F0296D03O9011020 (39894 35345 - 8325 / Relay location: perimeter 5) [O901JW-R.J]
F0296D03O9011021 (39864 35317 - 8325 / Relay location: perimeter 6) [O901JW-R.J]
F0296D03O9011022 (39821 35309 - 8325 / Relay location: perimeter 7) [O901JW-R.J]
F0296D03O9011023 (39781 35313 - 8325 / Relay location: perimeter 8) [O901JW-R.J]
F0296D06O7278325 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0296F02O726<1ov f0293 [O727JW1.J]
F0296F02O726<1ov f0294 [O727JW1.J]
F0296I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0296I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0296O01O705v0157 [O911JW2.J]
F0296O01O705v0157a [O911JW2.J]
F0296O01O705v0157c [O911JW2.J]
F0296O01O705v0165 [O911JW2.J]
F0296O01O705v0165a [O911JW2.J]
F0296O01O705v0166 [O911JW2.J]
F0296O01O705v0187 [O911JW2.J]
F0296O01O705v0188 [O911JW2.J]
F0297A21O727ly [O727JW2.J]
F0297A21O727pc [O909JW1.J]
F0297A21O728ly [O728JW.J]
F0297B11O727layer of pebbles and sherds in the SW quadrant of k11. [O727JW2.J]
F0297B11O728Layer of stones and sherds in the SW quadrant of k11. Originally believed to be a deposit filling a stairway leading up from west to east that may have formed part of the abi entrance, the better view now is that it may have been part of a path leading to the entrance on the north side. [O728JW.J]
F0297D01O727k11 [O909JW1.J]
F0297D03O9011007 (40233 35407 - 8306 / Relay location: NW corner) [O901JW-R.J]
F0297D03O9011008 (40155 35634 - 8306 / Relay location: NE corner) [O901JW-R.J]
F0297D03O9011009 (39980 35576 - 8306 / Relay location: SE corner) [O901JW-R.J]
F0297D03O9011010 (40084 35360 - 8306 / Relay location: SW corner) [O901JW-R.J]
F0297D06O7278306 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0297D06O7278320 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0297F02O726<0co f0134 [O727JW1.J]
F0297F02O727<8ab f0298 [O727JW2.J]
F0297F02O727>8ab f0298 [O727JW2.J]
F0297I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0297I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0297I99O728This layer of stones and sherds has a counterpart in the SE corner of k12, f286. Originally the two features seemed to be a gully deposit formed when groundwater runoff dropped heavier material into a confined channel formed by large stones which framed a path or stairway running west to east up the hill toward the abi. During the excavation of one pickrun through this feature, jo examined the sherds and preliminarily determined that they were Phase 3. This presents the intriguing question of whether this layer may have been part of the entrance to the abi. If so, it may be from the time that the entrance as we see it today was last used, since the elevation of this feature and the top step are approximately equal. The pottery from lot q787 should be analyzed to determine the phase of this layer. [O728JW.J]
F0297O01O705v0166 [O911JW2.J]
F0298A21O727lm [O727JW2.J]
F0298A21O727lm [O909JW1.J]
F0298B11O727laminations in the SE quadrant of k11 in the niche bounded on the north by a5, bounded on the east by the west face of the abi and bounded on the south by a line of stones, not yet designated. [O727JW2.J]
F0298D01O727k11 [O909JW1.J]
F0298D03O9011011 (40155 35634 - 8306 / Relay location: NW corner) [O901JW-R.J]
F0298D03O9011012 (40096 35803 - 8306 / Relay location: NE corner) [O901JW-R.J]
F0298D03O9011013 (39943 35769 - 8306 / Relay location: SE corner) [O901JW-R.J]
F0298D03O9011014 (39980 35576 - 8306 / Relay location: SW corner) [O901JW-R.J]
F0298D06O7278320 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0298F02O726<0co f0134 [O727JW1.J]
F0298F02O727<8ab f0297 [O727JW2.J]
F0298F02O727>8ab f0297 [O727JW2.J]
F0298I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0298I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0298K05O727light gray [O909JW1.J]
F0298K06O72710YR7/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0299A21O727a [O727JW2.J]
F0299A21O727aa [O909JW1.J]
F0299B11O727accumulation under f290 in the west half of k3. Expected to be equivalent to living accumulation, f278, to the south in k4. [O727JW2.J]
F0299D01O727k3 [O909JW1.J]
F0299D03O727880 (41266 34752 - 8195 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0299D03O727881 (41168 35009 - 8197 / Relay location: NEcorner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0299D03O727882 (41153 34986 - 8194 / Relay location: E corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0299D03O727883 (41161 34910 - 8193 / Relay location: E corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0299D03O727884 (41077 34866 - 8194 / Relay location: E corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0299D03O727885 (41020 34799 - 8190 / Relay location: E corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0299D03O727886 (40967 34779 - 8189 / Relay location: E corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0299D03O727887 (40823 34747 - 8187 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0299D03O727888 (40891 34598 - 8189 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0299D06O7278185 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0299I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0299I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0299K05O727brown [O909JW1.J]
F0299K06O72710YR5/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0299O01O705v0159 [O911JW2.J]
F0299O01O705v0159a [O911JW2.J]
F0300A21O727a [O727JW2.J]
F0300A21O727aa [O909JW1.J]
F0300B11O727accumulation under f290 and surrounding stone, f289, in the east half of k3. [O727JW2.J]
F0300D01O727k3 [O909JW1.J]
F0300D03O727890 (41132 35098 - 8200 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0300D03O727891 (40747 34953 - 8191 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0300D03O727892 (40823 34747 - 8187 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0300D03O727893 (40967 34779 - 8189 / Relay location: W corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0300D03O727894 (41020 34799 - 8190 / Relay location: W corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0300D03O727895 (41077 34866 - 8194 / Relay location: W corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0300D03O727896 (41161 34910 - 8193 / Relay location: W corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0300D03O727897 (41153 34986 - 8194 / Relay location: W corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0300D03O727898 (41168 35009 - 8197 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
F0300D06O7278190 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0300I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0300I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0300K05O727pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0300K06O72710YR6/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0300O01O705v0159 [O911JW2.J]
F0300O01O705v0159a [O911JW2.J]
F0301A21O728is-st [O802JW.J]
F0301A21O728st-is [O909JW1.J]
F0301B11O728About 38 large stones, ranging in size from wheelbarrow to watermelon, scattered in many loci throughout the unit. Most appear to have been carried downhill to the west from the vicinity of the palace and abi by the action of water and gravity. [O802JW.J]
F0301D01O728k23 [O909JW1.J]
F0301D03O727905 (40139 34714 - 8192 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
F0301D03O727906 (39997 34500 - 8149 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
F0301D03O727907 (40140 34568 - 8124 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
F0301D03O727908 (40182 34492 - 8123 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
F0301D03O727909 (40186 34442 - 8139 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
F0301D03O727910 (40124 34344 - 8128 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
F0301D03O727911 (40150 34242 - 8123 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
F0301D03O727912 (40159 34042 - 8076 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
F0301D03O727913 (40168 34079 - 8095 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
F0301D03O826962 (40115 34927 - 8247 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826963 (40060 35051 - 8265 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826964 (39683 35037 - 8303 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826965 (40532 35254 - 8352 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826966 (40511 35305 - 8350 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826967 (41457 34010 - 8223 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826968 (41515 33962 - 8204 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826969 (41526 33907 - 8186 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826970 (41494 33880 - 8195 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826971 (41483 33841 - 8174 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826972 (41434 33817 - 8176 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826973 (41437 33872 - 8221 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826974 (41575 33856 - 8190 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826975 (41431 33947 - 8198 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826976 (41521 34174 - 8203 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826977 (41501 34232 - 8194 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826978 (41445 34350 - 8184 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826980 (41471 33766 - 8163 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826985 (40487 33697 - 8052 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826986 (40375 33379 - 8066 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826991 (40595 33663 - 8064 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826992 (40913 34911 - 8240 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826993 (40838 35339 - 8420 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826994 (40922 35303 - 8380 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826995 (40933 33600 - 8051 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826996 (40850 33649 - 8056 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301D03O826997 (40805 33670 - 8056 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW-R.J]
F0301I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0301I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0301O01O705v0137b [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0138b [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0138c [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0139c [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0141 [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0141a [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0170a [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0170b [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0171 [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0171b [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0171c [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0172 [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0172a [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0185 [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0185a [O911JW2.J]
F0301O01O705v0185b [O911JW2.J]
F0302A21O728bk [O802JW.J]
F0302A21O728bk [O909JW1.J]
F0302B11O728Several courses of deteriorated bricks along the south baulk of k21 just to the south of the abi entrance. Relationship with the abi or possible structures to the south cannot be determined this season due to limited time. [O802JW.J]
F0302D01O728k21 [O909JW1.J]
F0302D03O9011024 (39544 35354 - 8337 / Relay location: perimeter 1) [O901JW-R.J]
F0302D03O9011025 (39698 35404 - 8329 / Relay location: perimeter 2) [O901JW-R.J]
F0302D03O9011026 (39688 35453 - 8325 / Relay location: perimeter 3) [O901JW-R.J]
F0302D03O9011027 (39626 35429 - 8326 / Relay location: perimeter 4) [O901JW-R.J]
F0302D03O9011028 (39589 35487 - 8326 / Relay location: perimeter 5) [O901JW-R.J]
F0302D03O9011029 (39560 35487 - 8326 / Relay location: perimeter 6) [O901JW-R.J]
F0302D03O9011030 (39532 35522 - 8347 / Relay location: perimeter 7) [O901JW-R.J]
F0302D03O9011031 (39483 35515 - 8369 / Relay location: perimeter 8) [O901JW-R.J]
F0302D06O7288325 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0302D06O7288369 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0302I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0302I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0302O01O705v0157 [O911JW2.J]
F0302O01O705v0157a [O911JW2.J]
F0302O01O705v0157d [O911JW2.J]
F0302O01O705v0165 [O911JW2.J]
F0302O01O705v0187 [O911JW2.J]
F0303A21O728fi [O802JW.J]
F0303A21O728fi [O909JW1.J]
F0303B11O728Fill of a pit, appearing as a half-circle in the north baulk of k14. A component of aggregate, a22, along with cut, f317. [O802JW.J]
F0303D01O728k14 [O909JW1.J]
F0303D06O7288066 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0303D06O7288156 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0303I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0303I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0303K05O728pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0303K06O72810YR6/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0303K08O728soft powder [O909JW1.J]
F0304A21O728lens [O909JW1.J]
F0304A21O728ls [O802JW.J]
F0304B11O728Lens of soft, brown soil seen at the east edge of accumulation, f299, in the middle of k3. [O802JW.J]
F0304D01O728k3 [O909JW1.J]
F0304D06O7288190 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0304I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0304I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0304K05O728brown [O909JW1.J]
F0304K06O7287.5YR5/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0304O01O705v0159 [O911JW2.J]
F0304O01O705v0159a [O911JW2.J]
F0305A21O728pc [O802JW.J]
F0305A21O728pc [O909JW1.J]
F0305B11O728Surface of stones and sherds in the middle of the east baulk of k22. [O802JW.J]
F0305D01O728k22 [O909JW1.J]
F0305I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0305I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0305O01O705v0157 [O911JW2.J]
F0305O01O705v0157a [O911JW2.J]
F0305O01O705v0170a [O911JW2.J]
F0306A21O729ad [O803JW.J]
F0306B11O729natural accumulation recently deposited over the area directly in front of the abi in the far eastern part of k21. Excavation ceased when we removed a modern piece of synthetic rope, similar to that used to erect tents that shade the workmen. [O803JW.J]
F0306D03O826959 (39759 35474 - 8315 / Relay location: SW) [O828JW-R.J]
F0306D03O826960 (39735 35567 - 8319 / Relay location: SE) [O828JW-R.J]
F0306D03O826961 (39981 35562 - 8316 / Relay location: NE corner) [O828JW-R.J]
F0306D03O9011015 (39953 35613 - 8319 / Relay location: NE corner) [O901JW-R.J]
F0306I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0306I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0307A21O801a [O801JW1.J]
F0307A21O801a [O909JW1.J]
F0307B11O801Reddish accumulation seen in the south half of the section of the east baulk of k22. It roughly corresponds to similar patches of red seen in the south baulks of k21, k23 and k24. This strongly suggests that there are ancient brick walls to the south. Abuts the pebble and sherd surface, f305, to the north. [O801JW1.J]
F0307D01O801k22 [O909JW1.J]
F0307D06O8018242 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0307D06O8018303 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0307I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0307I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0307K05O801pinkish gray [O909JW1.J]
F0307K06O8017.5YR7/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0307O01O705v0157 [O911JW2.J]
F0308A21O801a [O801JW1.J]
F0308A21O801a [O909JW1.J]
F0308B11O801Brown accumulation under accumulation, f277, along the west side of the section of the north baulk of k22. Abuts pebble and sherd surface, f305, to the south. [O801JW1.J]
F0308D01O801k22 [O909JW1.J]
F0308D06O8018210 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0308D06O8018250 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0308I01O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0308I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0308I99O801Dated as modern due to the presence of two deteriorated food cans at the same elevation as f305. We can presume that this modern accumlation was gully wash and that the action of the water probably cut away part of f205, whose visible sherds indicate was most likely laid down in Phase 3. [O801JW1.J]
F0308K05O801pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0308K06O80110YR6/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0308O01O705v0157 [O911JW2.J]
F0308O01O705v0157b [O911JW2.J]
F0309A21O801ly [O801JW1.J]
F0309A21O801ly [O909JW1.J]
F0309B11O801Layer of granular red material seen at the surface in the middle of the section of the east baulk of k13. Not recognized during excavation. It resembles the packing seen under floors in the outdoor palace brick floors in A15. [O801JW1.J]
F0309D01O801k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0309D06O8018284 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0309D06O8018306 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0309I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0309I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0309K05O801reddish yellow [O909JW1.J]
F0309K06O8017.5YR6/6 [O909JW1.J]
F0310A21O801lens [O909JW1.J]
F0310A21O801ly [O801JW1.J]
F0310B11O801Mound of hard, gray soil which sits in accumulation, f267, and seen in section along the south side of the east baulk of k13. Not recognized during excavation. [O801JW1.J]
F0310D01O801k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0310D06O8018158 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0310D06O8018214 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0310I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0310I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0310K05O801light gray [O909JW1.J]
F0310K06O80110YR7/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0311A21O801ly [O801JW1.J]
F0311A21O801ly [O909JW1.J]
F0311B11O801Several bands of light gray soil which sit in accumulation, f274, and seen in section in the east baulk of k13. Not recognized during excavation. [O801JW1.J]
F0311D01O801k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0311D06O8018182 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0311D06O8018221 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0311I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0311I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0311K05O801light gray [O909JW1.J]
F0311K06O80110YR7/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0312A21O801ly [O801JW1.J]
F0312A21O801ly [O909JW1.J]
F0312B11O801Light gray accumulation on surface and seen in section in west side of the north baulk of k13. Not recognized during excavation of k13. [O801JW1.J]
F0312D01O801k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0312D06O8018253 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0312D06O8018297 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0312I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0312I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0312K05O801light gray [O909JW1.J]
F0312K06O80110YR7/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0313A21O801cut [O801JW1.J]
F0313A21O801pt [O909JW1.J]
F0313B11O801Cut of pit with fill, f152, seen in section of the north and east baulks of k13. Not recognized during excavation k13. [O801JW1.J]
F0313D01O801k13 [O909JW1.J]
F0313D06O8018156 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0313D06O8018308 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0313I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0313I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0314A21O801ly [O801JW1.J]
F0314A21O801ly [O909JW1.J]
F0314B11O801Reddish layer seen in section of the east baulk of k4. Not recognized during excavation. [O801JW1.J]
F0314D01O801k4 [O909JW1.J]
F0314D06O8018217 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0314D06O8018223 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0314I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0314I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0314K05O801light brown [O909JW1.J]
F0314K06O8017.5YR6/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0315A21O801fi [O801JW1.J]
F0315A21O801fi [O909JW1.J]
F0315B11O801Fill of a pit seen in the middle of the section of the east baulk of k4. Not recognized as f175 during the drawing of the section and given a separate feature number. [O801JW1.J]
F0315D01O801k4 [O909JW1.J]
F0315D06O8018243 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0315D06O8018300 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0315I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0315I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0315K05O801light brownish gray [O909JW1.J]
F0315K06O80110YR6/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0316A21O801cut [O801JW1.J]
F0316A21O801pt [O909JW1.J]
F0316B11O801Cut of a pit seen in the middle of the section of the east baulk of k4. Not recognized as f184 during the drawing of the section and given a separate feature number. [O801JW1.J]
F0316D01O801k4 [O909JW1.J]
F0316D06O8018243 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0316D06O8018300 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0316I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0316I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0317A21O802ts [O909JW1.J]
F0317A21O812ts [O812JW.J]
F0317B11O812Topsoil seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2. It contains several large pieces of broken reddish brick. [O812JW.J]
F0317D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0317D06O8028293 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0317D06O8028379 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0317F02O812>0co f0319 [O812JW.J]
F0317I01O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0317I03O824h7-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0317K05O802very pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0317K06O80210YR7/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0318A21O802ly [O909JW1.J]
F0318A21O812ly [O812JW.J]
F0318B11O812Layer of light brown soil seen in section of the N face of the N baulk and which sits in f318 on the E side of k2, near k1. [O812JW.J]
F0318D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0318D06O8028289 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0318D06O8028323 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0318F02O812<5si f0318 [O812JW.J]
F0318F02O812>5si f0318 [O812JW.J]
F0318I01O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0318I03O824h6-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0318K05O802light brown [O909JW1.J]
F0318K06O8027.5YR6/4 [O909JW1.J]
F0319A21O802a [O909JW1.J]
F0319A21O812a [O812JW.J]
F0319B11O812Grayish accumulation under topsoil, f318, seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2. [O812JW.J]
F0319D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0319D06O8028231 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0319D06O8028321 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0319F02O812<0co f0317 [O812JW.J]
F0319F02O812>0co f0320 [O812JW.J]
F0319F02O812>0co f0321 [O812JW.J]
F0319F02O812>1ov f0322 [O812JW.J]
F0319I01O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0319I03O824h6-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0319K05O802light brownish gray [O909JW1.J]
F0319K06O80210YR7/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0320A21O802lens [O909JW1.J]
F0320A21O812l [O812JW.J]
F0320B11O812Gray lens of soil seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2 under accumulation, f319, on E side. [O812JW.J]
F0320D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0320D06O8028222 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0320D06O8028273 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0320F02O812<0co f0319 [O812JW.J]
F0320F02O812>1ov f0322 [O812JW.J]
F0320I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0320I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0320K05O802light gray [O909JW1.J]
F0320K06O80210YR7/1 [O909JW1.J]
F0321A21O802lens [O909JW1.J]
F0321A21O812l [O812JW.J]
F0321B11O812Brown lens of soil seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2 under accumulation, f319, on W side. [O812JW.J]
F0321D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0321D06O8028214 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0321D06O8028234 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0321F02O812<0co f0319 [O812JW.J]
F0321F02O812>1ov f0322 [O812JW.J]
F0321I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0321I03O824h3-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0321K05O802pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0321K06O80210YR5/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0322A21O802a [O909JW1.J]
F0322A21O812a [O812JW.J]
F0322B11O812Pinkish accumulation seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2 under accumulation, f319. [O812JW.J]
F0322D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0322D06O8028211 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0322D06O8028281 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0322F02O812<1ov f0319 [O812JW.J]
F0322F02O812<1ov f0320 [O812JW.J]
F0322F02O812<1ov f0321 [O812JW.J]
F0322F02O812>0co f0323 [O812JW.J]
F0322F02O812>1ov f0324 [O812JW.J]
F0322I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0322I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0322K05O802pinkish gray [O909JW1.J]
F0322K06O8027.5YR6/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0323A21O802ly [O909JW1.J]
F0323A21O812ly [O812JW.J]
F0323B11O812Yellowish brown soil seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2 under accumulation, f322 in W half of locus. [O812JW.J]
F0323D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0323D06O8028199 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0323D06O8028217 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0323F02O812<0co f0322 [O812JW.J]
F0323F02O812>1ov f0324 [O812JW.J]
F0323I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0323I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0323K05O802yellownish brown [O909JW1.J]
F0323K06O80210YR5/4 [O909JW1.J]
F0324A21O802a [O909JW1.J]
F0324A21O812a [O812JW.J]
F0324B11O812Brown accumulation seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2 under accumulation f322, and layer, f323. [O812JW.J]
F0324D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0324D06O8028190 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0324D06O8028219 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0324F02O812<1ov f0322 [O812JW.J]
F0324F02O812<1ov f0323 [O812JW.J]
F0324F02O812>0co f0325 [O812JW.J]
F0324I01O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0324I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0324K05O802pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0324K06O80210YR6/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0325A21O802a [O909JW1.J]
F0325A21O812a [O812JW.J]
F0325B11O812Brownish-gray accumulation seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2 under accumulation, f324. [O812JW.J]
F0325D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0325D06O8028175 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0325D06O8028211 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0325F02O812<0co f0324 [O812JW.J]
F0325F02O812>0co f0326 [O812JW.J]
F0325F02O812>0co f0327 [O812JW.J]
F0325I01O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0325I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0325K05O802light brownish gray [O909JW1.J]
F0325K06O80210YR6/2 [O909JW1.J]
F0326A21O802a [O909JW1.J]
F0326A21O812a [O812JW.J]
F0326B11O812Pale brown accumulation seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2 under accumulation, f325, in the E half of the locus. [O812JW.J]
F0326D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0326D06O8028159 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0326D06O8028194 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0326F02O812<0co f0325 [O812JW.J]
F0326F02O812>8ab f0327 [O812JW.J]
F0326I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0326I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0326K05O802very pale brown [O909JW1.J]
F0326K06O80210YR7/4 [O909JW1.J]
F0327A21O802a [O909JW1.J]
F0327A21O812a [O812JW.J]
F0327B11O812Reddish accumulation seen in section of the N face of the N baulk of k2 under accumulation, f325, in the W half of the locus. [O812JW.J]
F0327D01O802k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0327D06O8028159 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0327D06O8028183 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0327F02O812<0co f0325 [O812JW.J]
F0327F02O812<8ab f0326 [O812JW.J]
F0327F02O812<8ab f0327 [O812JW.J]
F0327F02O812>8ab f0327 [O812JW.J]
F0327I01O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0327I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0327K05O802light brown [O909JW1.J]
F0327K06O8027.5YR6/3 [O909JW1.J]
F0328A21O812pt [O812JW.J]
F0328A21O826pt [O909JW1.J]
F0328B11O812Cut of pit a22 in the E baulk of k14 containing fill, f303. [O812JW.J]
F0328D01O826k14 [O909JW1.J]
F0328D06O8268068 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0328D06O8268162 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0328F02O812>2cu f0244 [O812JW.J]
F0328F02O812>3in f0245 [O812JW.J]
F0328I01O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0328I03O824h4-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0329A21O826ly [O909JW1.J]
F0329D01O826k2 [O909JW1.J]
F0329D06O8268175 @bottom [O909JW1.J]
F0329D06O8268181 @top [O909JW1.J]
F0329I01O824s54-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0329I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0330A21O826rh [O909JW1.J]
F0330D01O826k25 [O909JW1.J]
F0330I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0330I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0331A21O826st-is [O909JW1.J]
F0331D01O826k25 [O909JW1.J]
F0331D03O826987 (40442 33586 - 8049 / Relay location: NE corner) [O829JW-R.J]
F0331D03O826988 (40462 33477 - 8042 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW-R.J]
F0331D03O826989 (40290 33526 - 8043 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW-R.J]
F0331D03O826990 (40319 33441 - 8038 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW-R.J]
F0331I01O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0331I03O824h3a-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0331O01O705v0147 [O911JW2.J]
F0331O01O705v0154 [O911JW2.J]
F0331O01O705v0185 [O911JW2.J]
F0331O01O705v0185a [O911JW2.J]
F0331O01O705v0185b [O911JW2.J]
F0332A21O826e [O909JW1.J]
F0332D01O826k4 [O909JW1.J]
F0332I01O824s51-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0332I03O824h3b-JPA [O824JW.J]
F0332O01O705v0164 [O911JW2.J]
F0332O01O705v0164a [O911JW2.J]
H2-JPAI04O824s60-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3-JPAI04O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3A-JPAI04O824s55-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3A-JPAI04O824s56-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3A-JPAI04O824s57-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3A-JPAI04O824s58a-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3A-JPAI04O824s58b-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3B-JPAI04O824s50-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3B-JPAI04O824s51-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3B-JPAI04O824s52a-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3B-JPAI04O824s52b-JPA [O824JW.J]
H3B-JPAI04O824s54-JPA [O824JW.J]
H4-JPAI04O824s46-JPA [O824JW.J]
H6-JPAI04O824s10-JPA [O824JW.J]
H7-JPAI04O824s1-JPA [O824JW.J]
H7-JPAI04O824s2-JPA [O824JW.J]
H7-JPAI04O824s3-JPA [O824JW.J]
H7-JPAI04O824s5-JPA [O824JW.J]
I0077A21O914ja [O914JW.J]
I0077A98O914Assigned to a new, separate q-lot, A14q846-p, for analysis as regular pottery. [O914JW.J]
I0077B11O914Sherds from a vessel excavated in MZ16 that, when analyzed by mkb, proved non-restorable. [O914JW.J]
I0077P99O914Now in A14q846-p. [O914JW.J]
I0090D03O622376 (40587 34140 - 8223 / Relay location: center of object) [O625JW1R.J]
I0103BA1O627glass [O628GM2.J]
I0103BA2O6270.1 [O628GM2.J]
I0103BA6O627gl [O628GM2.J]
I0103BA9O627modern glass in ancient context [O628GM2.J]
I0103D01O627k13 [O628GM2.J]
I0103D03O627420 (40390 34588 - 8242 / Relay location: center of object) [O627JW-R.J]
I0103F02O627>5si f0176 [O628GM2.J]
I0103G03O627associated q-lot: 438 [O628GM2.J]
I0104BA1O627bd [O628GM2.J]
I0104BA2O6271 [O628GM2.J]
I0104BA5O6270.7 [O628GM2.J]
I0104BA6O627li [O628GM2.J]
I0104BA8O627brown [O628GM2.J]
I0104BA9O627carnelian bead [O628GM2.J]
I0104D01O627k13 [O628GM2.J]
I0104D03O627421 (40512 34609 - 8246 / Relay location: center of object) [O627JW-R.J]
I0104F02O627>5si f0176 [O628GM2.J]
I0104G03O627associated q-lot: 439 [O628GM2.J]
I0105BA1O627ma [O628GM2.J]
I0105BA3O6277 [O628GM2.J]
I0105BA5O6270.6 [O628GM2.J]
I0105BA6O627mt [O628GM2.J]
I0105BA9O627iron nail [O628GM2.J]
I0105D01O627k13 [O628GM2.J]
I0105D03O627422 (40392 34538 - 8244 / Relay location: center of object) [O627JW-R.J]
I0105F02O627>5si f0176 [O628GM2.J]
I0105G03O627associated q-lot: 438 [O628GM2.J]
I0106BA1O627ma [O628GM2.J]
I0106BA3O6279 [O628GM2.J]
I0106BA5O6274 [O628GM2.J]
I0106BA6O627mt [O628GM2.J]
I0106BA9O627iron rod [O628GM2.J]
I0106D01O627k13 [O628GM2.J]
I0106D03O627423 (40395 34531 - 8244 / Relay location: center of object) [O627JW-R.J]
I0106F02O627>5si f0176 [O628GM2.J]
I0106G03O627associated q-lot: 438 [O628GM2.J]
I0107BA1O627ma [O628GM2.J]
I0107BA2O6271.5 [O628GM2.J]
I0107BA3O62711 [O628GM2.J]
I0107BA4O6273 [O628GM2.J]
I0107BA6O627mt [O628GM2.J]
I0107BA9O627iron chunk [O628GM2.J]
I0107D01O627k13 [O628GM2.J]
I0107D03O627424 (40393 34524 - 8245 / Relay location: center of object) [O627JW-R.J]
I0107F02O627>5si f0176 [O628GM2.J]
I0107G03O627associated q-lot: 438 [O628GM2.J]
I0108BA1O627cl [O628GM2.J]
I0108BA2O6272.5 [O628GM2.J]
I0108BA3O6274 [O628GM2.J]
I0108BA4O6273.5 [O628GM2.J]
I0108BA6O627cl [O628GM2.J]
I0108BA9O6272 pcs of clay lump [O628GM2.J]
I0108D01O627k24 [O628GM2.J]
I0108D03O627425 (40252 34139 - 8202 / Relay location: center of object) [O627JW-R.J]
I0108F02O627>5si f0183 [O628GM2.J]
I0108G03O627associated q-lot: 439 [O628GM2.J]
I0109BA1O627ca [O628GM2.J]
I0109BA2O6274 [O628GM2.J]
I0109BA3O6276 [O628GM2.J]
I0109BA4O6274.5 [O628GM2.J]
I0109BA6O627cl [O628GM2.J]
I0109BA9O6276 pcs of clay objects, first one outside f181 [O628GM2.J]
I0109D01O627k13 [O628GM2.J]
I0109D03O627428 (40613 34650 - 8231 / Relay location: center of object) [O627JW-R.J]
I0109F02O627>5si f0176 [O628GM2.J]
I0109G03O627associated q-lot: 427 [O628GM2.J]
I0110A21O627ca [O628GM.J]
I0110B11O627Two pieces of a clay object, with oblong shape, triangular section, plain sides, rounded edges, roots and traces of roots on the surface and in section. [O628GM.J]
I0110BA1O627ca [O628GM2.J]
I0110BA2O6275 [O628GM2.J]
I0110BA3O62711 [O628GM2.J]
I0110BA4O6275 [O628GM2.J]
I0110BA6O627cl [O628GM2.J]
I0110BA9O627whole oblong clay object [O628GM2.J]
I0110D01O627k13 [O628GM2.J]
I0110D03O627432 (40666 34747 - 8237 / Relay location: center of object) [O627JW-R.J]
I0110D10O627The two pieces measured together; seen that the sides have almost the same dimensions, measured only length and width. [O628GM.J]
I0110F02O627>5si f0181 [O628GM2.J]
I0110G03O627associated q-lot: 445 [O628GM2.J]
I0110J02O62711.21 [O628GM.J]
I0110J03O6274.79 [O628GM.J]
I0110J08O6274.79 [O628GM.J]
I0110K03O627cl [O628GM.J]
I0110K05O627pink [O628GM.J]
I0110K06O6277.5YR7/4 [O628GM.J]
I0110P99O627To conservation [O628GM.J]
I0111A21O628ca [O628GM.J]
I0111B11O628Irregular clay "ball" with cracked surface, roots and burned spots. [O628GM.J]
I0111BA1O628ca [O628GM2.J]
I0111BA5O6286 [O628GM2.J]
I0111BA6O628cl [O628GM2.J]
I0111BA8O628red-brown [O628GM2.J]
I0111BA9O628clay ball, probably an oblong object before shaping [O628GM2.J]
I0111D01O628k13 [O628GM2.J]
I0111D03O628437 (40655 34864 - 8234 / Relay location: center of object) [O628JW-R.J]
I0111F02O628>5si f0181 [O628GM2.J]
I0111G03O628associated q-lot: 449 [O628GM2.J]
I0111J04O6286.49 [O628GM.J]
I0111J08O628214 [O628GM.J]
I0111K03O628cl [O628GM.J]
I0111K05O628light brown [O628GM.J]
I0111K06O6287.5YR6/4 [O628GM.J]
I0111O01O628v0122b [O702JW.J]
I0111P99O628To photography [O628GM.J]
I0112A21O628ca [O628GM.J]
I0112B11O628Clay object with oblong shape, plain sides, rounded edges, triangular section, roots and traces of roots, burned spots. [O628GM.J]
I0112BA1O628ca [O628GM2.J]
I0112BA2O6284.5 [O628GM2.J]
I0112BA3O62810 [O628GM2.J]
I0112BA4O6284.5 [O628GM2.J]
I0112BA8O628red-brown [O628GM2.J]
I0112BA9O628whole oblong object [O628GM2.J]
I0112D01O628k13 [O628GM2.J]
I0112D03O628438 (40645 34848 - 8234 / Relay location: center of object) [O628JW-R.J]
I0112F02O628>5si f0181 [O628GM2.J]
I0112G03O628associated q-lot: 449 [O628GM2.J]
I0112J01O6283.85 [O628GM.J]
I0112J02O6289.84 [O628GM.J]
I0112J03O6284.40 [O628GM.J]
I0112J08O628157 [O628GM.J]
I0112K03O628cl [O628GM.J]
I0112K05O628pink [O628GM.J]
I0112K06O6287.5YR7/3 [O628GM.J]
I0112O01O628v0122b [O702JW.J]
I0112P99O628To drafting and photography [O628GM.J]
I0113A21O628ma [O628GM.J]
I0113B11O628Modern soda can and sardine can. [O628GM.J]
I0113BA1O628modern cans [O628GM2.J]
I0113BA2O6287 [O628GM2.J]
I0113BA3O62810 [O628GM2.J]
I0113BA4O62810 [O628GM2.J]
I0113BA6O628mt [O628GM2.J]
I0113BA9O628soda can and sardine can [O628GM2.J]
I0113D01O628k24 [O628GM2.J]
I0113D03O628443 (40124 34141 - 8157 / Relay location: center of object) [O628JW-R.J]
I0113F02O628>5si f0185 [O628GM2.J]
I0113G03O628associated q-lot: 454 [O628GM2.J]
I0113K03O628mt [O628GM.J]
I0113O01O628v0124 [O702JW.J]
I0113O01O628v0124a [O702JW.J]
I0113P02O628ZSB 29-14 [O628GM.J]
I0114BA1O629fg [O629GM2.J]
I0114BA2O6296 [O629GM2.J]
I0114BA3O6297 [O629GM2.J]
I0114BA4O6295.5 [O629GM2.J]
I0114BA6O629cl [O629GM2.J]
I0114BA8O629tan [O629GM2.J]
I0114BA9O629figurine with axle holes [O629GM2.J]
I0114D01O629k15 [O629GM2.J]
I0114D03O629469 (40767 33647 - 8150 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0114F02O629>5si f0163 [O629GM2.J]
I0114G03O629associated q-lot: 461 [O629GM2.J]
I0115A21O628fg [O629GM.J]
I0115A21O630la [O702GM.J]
I0115B11O628Fragment of an animal figurine, with part of the trunk, the beginning of the hind legs and of the tale; the legs have holes in them, that go throughout (maybe to insert wheels); one side of the trunk is described as covered by fur, with long vertical cuts in the clay. [O629GM.J]
I0115B11O630Basalt granding stone, or weight; rounded profile, but not such regular, with a hole in the middle. Rough surface. [O702GM.J]
I0115BA1O630la [O702GM1.J]
I0115BA2O6307 [O702GM1.J]
I0115BA5O63022 [O702GM1.J]
I0115BA6O630li [O702GM1.J]
I0115BA8O630pale brown [O702GM1.J]
I0115BA9O630stone "donut" (door socket?) [O702GM1.J]
I0115D01O630k4 [O702GM1.J]
I0115D03O630481 (41405 34518 - 8211 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0115D10O630w2 is the diameter of the hole; wt > 1 k [O702GM.J]
I0115F02O630>5si f0197 [O702GM1.J]
I0115G03O630associated q-lot: 474 [O702GM1.J]
I0115J01O6285.92 [O629GM.J]
I0115J01O63022.10 [O702GM.J]
I0115J02O6287.25 [O629GM.J]
I0115J03O6285.33 [O629GM.J]
I0115J03O6306.13 [O702GM.J]
I0115J04O6304.82 [O702GM.J]
I0115J08O628168 [O629GM.J]
I0115K03O628cl [O629GM.J]
I0115K03O630li [O702GM.J]
I0115K05O628light gray [O629GM.J]
I0115K05O630dark gray [O702GM.J]
I0115K06O62810YR7/2 [O629GM.J]
I0115O01O630v0127 [O702JW.J]
I0115O01O630v0127a [O702JW.J]
I0115P99O628To RAH for further analysis [O629GM.J]
I0115P99O630To drafting and photography [O702GM.J]
I0116A21O630ja [O702GM.J]
I0116A21O630ja [O704GM.J]
I0116B11O630Fragments of a jar; it shows a ring base, and the outer surface is decorated with red slip. [O704GM.J]
I0116B11O630Fragments of a jar; the ring base tells us that it's a Nuzi jar, with the outer surface decorated with red slip. [O702GM.J]
I0116BA1O630ja [O702GM1.J]
I0116BA2O63012 [O702GM1.J]
I0116BA5O63012 [O702GM1.J]
I0116BA6O630cl [O702GM1.J]
I0116BA8O630red [O702GM1.J]
I0116BA9O630ring-base jar (estimated dimensions) [O702GM1.J]
I0116D01O630k4 [O702GM1.J]
I0116D03O630484 (41365 34615 - 8198 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0116F02O630>5si f0197 [O702GM1.J]
I0116G03O630associated q-lot: 474 [O702GM1.J]
I0116J05O6304.53 [O702GM.J]
I0116J05O6304.53 [O704GM.J]
I0116K03O630Nuzi [O702GM.J]
I0116K03O630Red Burnished Ware [O704GM.J]
I0116K10O630Broken into small pieces, rim missing [O702GM.J]
I0116K10O630Broken into small pieces, rim missing. [O704GM.J]
I0116K99O630typology sorted by MKB [O704GM.J]
I0116P99O630To conservation [O702GM.J]
I0116P99O630To conservation [O704GM.J]
I0117D03O701501 (40918 34154 - 8171 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0118D03O701499 (41317 34660 - 8192 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0118O01O701v0128 [O702JW.J]
I0118O01O701v0128a [O702JW.J]
I0119A21O815cu [O815JW.J]
I0119B11O815large conical cup with string-cut base. Wheel marks, some wide and deep, on upper body. [O815JW.J]
I0119C99O815There were several piles of a black, bitumen-like substance found in the vicinity of this and other jars in the cache. [O815JW.J]
I0119D03O701500 (41292 34616 - 8194 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0119G01O815Part of a20 cache. [O815JW.J]
I0119I03O8153 [O815JW.J]
I0119J01O81513.1 [O815JW.J]
I0119J03O81513.5 [O815JW.J]
I0119J05O8155.5 [O815JW.J]
I0119K03O815fc [O815JW.J]
I0119K05O815light gray [O815JW.J]
I0119K06O8155Y7/2 [O815JW.J]
I0119K10O815Approximately one-third of cup is missing, but a full vertical section remains. [O815JW.J]
I0119K11O815Reassembled from fragments. It appears as if this vessel was repaired in antiquity because there are black marks that cover cracks on both the inside and outside of the vessel. [O815JW.J]
I0119O01O701v0128 [O702JW.J]
I0119O01O701v0128a [O702JW.J]
I0119P99O815To photography and drafting prior to storage at Mozan. [O815JW.J]
I011901A21O815cu [O815JW.J]
I011901B11O815half rim and body section of large, but delicately made conical cup. Base missing. Some wheel marks on interior. [O815JW.J]
I011901D10O815Dimensions are for extant portion, with rim diameter estimated by chart. [O815JW.J]
I011901G01O815Part of a20 cache. [O815JW.J]
I011901I03O8153 [O815JW.J]
I011901J01O8159.4 [O815JW.J]
I011901J03O81510 [O815JW.J]
I011901K03O815fc [O815JW.J]
I011901K05O815light gray [O815JW.J]
I011901K06O8152.5Y7/2 [O815JW.J]
I011901K11O815Re-assembled from fragments. [O815JW.J]
I011901P02O815To photography and drafting prior to storage at Mozan. [O815JW.J]
I0120D03O701506 (41298 34675 - 8187 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0121D03O701502 (41309 34732 - 8196 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0122D03O701503 (41296 34728 - 8200 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0123D03O701508 (40590 34764 - 8228 / Relay location: center of object) [O701JW2R.J]
I0123O01O701v0129 [O702JW.J]
I0123O01O701v0129a [O702JW.J]
I0124A21O704ja [O704GM.J]
I0124A21O914ja [O914JW.J]
I0124D03O704525 (40747 34313 - 8163 / Relay location: center of object) [O706GM-R.J]
I0124K03O914ROG [O914JW.J]
I0124K04O914jnf-2 [O914JW.J]
I0124K99O704to MKB [O704GM.J]
I0124K99O914According to mkb the shape is related to jnf-2, but not identical. The ware, ROG, is very coarse. [O914JW.J]
I0124P99O704To conservation [O704GM.J]
I0125A21O704la [O704GM.J]
I0125B11O704Stone tool, a pestle, with the shape of a trunked cone; the surface is smoothed but it's still a little rough; the sections are elliptical and almost half of the object is covered by concretions. [O704GM.J]
I0125D03O704526 (41352 33887 - 8189 / Relay location: center of object) [O706GM-R.J]
I0125J01O7046.46 [O704GM.J]
I0125J02O7045.80 [O704GM.J]
I0125J03O7044.81 [O704GM.J]
I0125J08O704290 [O704GM.J]
I0125K03O704li [O704GM.J]
I0125K05O704dark brown [O704GM.J]
I0125P99O704To photography [O704GM.J]
I0126A21O704sl [O704GM.J]
I0126B11O704Sealing with almost rounded profile, with the upper side convex and the lower side with the imprint of the object that was sealed, probably the top of a bottle; it shows an outer perimeter of smoothed material with a central and deeper circle. [O704GM.J]
I0126D03O704530 (40867 33871 - 8090 / Relay location: center of object) [O706GM-R.J]
I0126J01O7041.95 [O704GM.J]
I0126J02O7045.39 [O704GM.J]
I0126J03O7044.94 [O704GM.J]
I0126J08O70449 [O704GM.J]
I0126K03O704cl [O704GM.J]
I0126K05O704gray [O704GM.J]
I0126K06O70410YR6/1 [O704GM.J]
I0126P99O704To photography [O704GM.J]
I0137O01O705v0135a [O911JW2.J]
I0138A21O914ja [O914JW.J]
I0138A98O914Assigned to a new, separate q-lot, A14q845-p, for analysis as regular pottery. [O914JW.J]
I0138B11O914Sherds from a vessel excavated in MZ17 that, when analyzed by mkb, proved non-restorable. [O914JW.J]
I0138O01O705v0135a [O911JW2.J]
I0138P99O914Now in A14q845-p. [O914JW.J]
I0139A21O914ja [O914JW.J]
I0139A98O914Assigned a new, separate q-lot, A14q844-p, for analysis as regular pottery. [O914JW.J]
I0139B11O914Sherds from a vessel excavated in MZ17 that, when analyzed by mkb, proved non-restorable. [O914JW.J]
I0139O01O705v0135a [O911JW2.J]
I0139P99O914Now in A14q844-p. [O914JW.J]
I0157D03O713631 (39922 34369 - 8122 / Relay location: center of object) [O719GM-R.J]
I0160D03O714643 (40984 34456 - 8167 / Relay location: center of object) [O719GM-R.J]
I0161D03O714644 (41085 34271 - 8163 / Relay location: center of object) [O719GM-R.J]
I0162D03O714645 (40808 34407 - 8080 / Relay location: center of object) [O719GM-R.J]
I0163D03O714646 (41098 34194 - 8169 / Relay location: center of object) [O719GM-R.J]
I0164D03O714647 (41345 33948 - 8118 / Relay location: center of object) [O719GM-R.J]
I0165D03O715651 (39898 34466 - 8102 / Relay location: center of object) [O719GM-R.J]
I0173BA1O719la [O908JW2.J]
I0173BA2O7195 [O908JW2.J]
I0173BA3O7197 [O908JW2.J]
I0173BA4O7197 [O908JW2.J]
I0173BA6O719li [O908JW2.J]
I0173BA8O719gray [O908JW2.J]
I0173BA9O719stone tool [O908JW2.J]
I0173D01O719k4 [O908JW2.J]
I0173D03O719708 (41340 34435 - 8197 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0173F02O719>5si f0223 [O908JW2.J]
I0173G03O719associated q-lot: 697 [O908JW2.J]
I0174BA1O719ca [O908JW2.J]
I0174BA2O7194 [O908JW2.J]
I0174BA3O7192 [O908JW2.J]
I0174BA4O7191.2 [O908JW2.J]
I0174BA6O719cl [O908JW2.J]
I0174BA8O719black [O908JW2.J]
I0174BA9O719incised [O908JW2.J]
I0174D01O719k4 [O908JW2.J]
I0174D03O719709 (41386 34302 - 8195 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0174F02O719>5si f0223 [O908JW2.J]
I0174G03O719associated q-lot: 697 [O908JW2.J]
I0175BA1O719ca [O908JW2.J]
I0175BA2O7192 [O908JW2.J]
I0175BA3O7194.5 [O908JW2.J]
I0175BA4O7193.5 [O908JW2.J]
I0175BA8O719pale brown [O908JW2.J]
I0175BA9O719rounded edge of a clay cat [O908JW2.J]
I0175D01O719k3 [O908JW2.J]
I0175D03O719713 (40973 34869 - 8245 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0175F02O719>5si f0260 [O908JW2.J]
I0175G03O719associated q-lot: 699 [O908JW2.J]
I0176BA1O719si [O908JW2.J]
I0176BA3O7194.7 [O908JW2.J]
I0176BA4O7193.1 [O908JW2.J]
I0176BA5O7190.6 [O908JW2.J]
I0176BA6O719cl [O908JW2.J]
I0176BA8O719black [O908JW2.J]
I0176D01O719k13 [O908JW2.J]
I0176D03O719711 (40780 34558 - 8192 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0176F02O719>5si f0274 [O908JW2.J]
I0176G03O719associated q-lot: 700 [O908JW2.J]
I0177BA1O719la [O908JW2.J]
I0177BA2O71913.7 [O908JW2.J]
I0177BA4O71913 [O908JW2.J]
I0177BA8O719black [O908JW2.J]
I0177BA9O719grinder [O908JW2.J]
I0177D01O719k4 [O908JW2.J]
I0177D03O719714 (41267 34343 - 8204 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0177F02O719>5si f0223 [O908JW2.J]
I0177G03O719associated q-lot: 697 [O908JW2.J]
I0178BA1O719fg [O908JW2.J]
I0178BA2O7192.5 [O908JW2.J]
I0178BA3O7196 [O908JW2.J]
I0178BA4O7192.5 [O908JW2.J]
I0178BA6O719cl [O908JW2.J]
I0178BA8O719tan [O908JW2.J]
I0178BA9O719animal [O908JW2.J]
I0178D01O719k4 [O908JW2.J]
I0178D03O719718 (41151 34221 - 8193 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0178F02O719>5si f0223 [O908JW2.J]
I0178G03O719associated q-lot: 697 [O908JW2.J]
I0179D03O720725 (41003 34515 - 8196 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0180D03O720728 (40429 34506 - 8163 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0181D03O720729 (41306 34441 - 8195 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0182D03O720731 (40826 34990 - 8238 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0183D03O720732 (41195 34541 - 8194 / Relay location: center of object) [O829JW4R.J]
I0184D03O721742 (40952 34779 - 8223 / Relay location: center of object) [O721JW2R.J]
I0185A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0185D03O721755 (41236 34493 - 8191 / Relay location: center) [O721JW-R.J]
I0185D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0185E02O7220 rim S [O723JW.J]
I0185E03O722E rim [O723JW.J]
I0186A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0186D03O721754 (41229 34564 - 8195 / Relay location: center) [O721JW-R.J]
I0186D04O722rests on floor, 213 [O723JW.J]
I0186E02O72290 rim - [O723JW.J]
I0186O01O705v0146a [O911JW2.J]
I0187A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0187A21O817ja [O914JW.J]
I0187B11O817Wide-mouth jar with rope decoration and narrow, turned-out rim. Base is clearly defined, but slightly convex. Decoration is one horizontal band, 2cm wide and 1cm thick, set 6cm below the rim. Light turn marks on outside of body. [O914JW.J]
I0187D03O721756 (41047 34475 - 8187 / Relay location: center) [O721JW-R.J]
I0187D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0187E02O7220 rim W [O723JW.J]
I0187E03O722S rim [O723JW.J]
I0187J01O81742.8 [O914JW.J]
I0187J03O81745.7 [O914JW.J]
I0187J05O81723.5 [O914JW.J]
I0187K03O817CH [O914JW.J]
I0187K05O817pale yellow [O914JW.J]
I0187K06O8172.5YR7/3 [O914JW.J]
I0187K10O817One large piece, about one-fifth the diameter, missing from rim just before turn of body to base. [O914JW.J]
I0187K11O817Restored from fragments [O914JW.J]
I0187O01O705v0146c [O911JW2.J]
I0187P99O817to Deir ez-Zor [O914JW.J]
I0188A21O722ca [O723JW1.J]
I0188A21P917ca [P917JW4.J]
I0188B11O722Approximately 1m length of clay pipe, probably for carrying water and a part of the palace/abi complex. Found in the vicinity of tumbled stones. [O723JW1.J]
I0188B11P917A length of fired, cylindrical clay pipe, approximately 80cm long, probably made to transport water. It was more likely than not made by placing loops of pottery clay around a form and smoothing the exterior by hand. Finger marks on the diagonal can be clearly seen on the exterior, which is roughened, either by inclusions in the clay's temper or natural concretions deposited after it was made. It is tapered, the diameter ranging from 14cm at one end to 19cm at the other. It is about 1.5cm thick. [P917JW4.J]
I0188D03O721748 (39721 34900 - 8268 / Relay location: center of object) [O721JW2R.J]
I0188E02O72230 rim S [O723JW1.J]
I0188E03O722E rim [O723JW1.J]
I0188J02P91778.8 [P917JW4.J]
I0188J04P91719 [P917JW4.J]
I0188J07P9171.5 [P917JW4.J]
I0188K05P917very pale brown [P917JW4.J]
I0188K06P91710YR8/2 [P917JW4.J]
I0188K10P917There is a small chip in the rim with the larger diameter,; otherwise it is intact. [P917JW4.J]
I0188O01O705v0147 [O911JW2.J]
I0188O01O705v0147a [O911JW2.J]
I0188P99P917Packaged for shipment to Dier ez-Zor museum. [P917JW4.J]
I0189D03O721749 (40422 34654 - 8145 / Relay location: center of object) [O721JW2R.J]
I0190D03O721753 (40916 34822 - 8208 / Relay location: center of object) [O721JW2R.J]
I0191A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0191D03O721758 (41042 34282 - 8182 / Relay location: center) [O721JW-R.J]
I0191D03O722777 (41081 34401 - 8186 / Relay location: redo of r758) [O722JW-R.J]
I0191D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0191E02O72230 base SE [O723JW.J]
I0191E03O722NE base [O723JW.J]
I0191O01O705v0146b [O911JW2.J]
I0192A21O722cup [O723JW.J]
I0192A21O815cu [O815JW.J]
I0192B11O815Approximately two-thirds of a conical cup with string-cut base. Transition from base to body more rounded than the typical exemplar of a conical cup. [O815JW.J]
I0192D03O721757 (40991 34495 - 8187 / Relay location: center) [O721JW-R.J]
I0192D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0192E02O722-45 rim NW [O723JW.J]
I0192E03O722SW rim [O723JW.J]
I0192G01O815Part of a20 cache [O815JW.J]
I0192I03O8153 [O815JW.J]
I0192J01O8158.9 [O815JW.J]
I0192J03O81511 [O815JW.J]
I0192J05O8153.3 [O815JW.J]
I0192K03O815rog [O815JW.J]
I0192K05O815very pale brown [O815JW.J]
I0192K06O81510YR7/4 [O815JW.J]
I0192K10O815Entire base and vertical section extant, allowing a full determination of form. [O815JW.J]
I0192P99O815To photography and drafting prior to storage at Mozan. [O815JW.J]
I0193A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0193D03O722766 (41047 34512 - 8188 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0193D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0193E02O7220 rim SW [O723JW.J]
I0193E03O722SE rim [O723JW.J]
I0194A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0194D03O722767 (41080 34271 - 8181 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0194D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0194E02O72210 rim E [O723JW.J]
I0194E03O722N rim [O723JW.J]
I0195A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0195D03O722768 (41091 34447 - 8185 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0195D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0195E02O7220 rim NE [O723JW.J]
I0195E03O722NW rim [O723JW.J]
I0196A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0196D03O722769 (41060 34447 - 8188 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0196D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0196E02O722-90 base - [O723JW.J]
I0197A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0197D03O722770 (41205 34549 - 8190 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0197D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0197E99O722too fragmented to define axially [O723JW.J]
I0198A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0198D03O722771 (41244 34594 - 8200 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0198D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0198E99O722too fragmented to define axially [O723JW.J]
I0199A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0199D03O722772 (41096 34346 - 8186 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0199D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0199E99O722too fragmented to define axially [O723JW.J]
I0200A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0200A21O815ja [O815JW.J]
I0200B11O815Base of a flat-bottom jar. [O815JW.J]
I0200D03O722773 (41036 34443 - 8187 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0200D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0200D10O815Measurements pertain to extant portion. [O815JW.J]
I0200E02O722-90 base - [O723JW.J]
I0200G01O815Part of a20 cache. [O815JW.J]
I0200I03O8153 [O815JW.J]
I0200J01O8153.5 [O815JW.J]
I0200J05O8155 [O815JW.J]
I0200K03O815rog [O815JW.J]
I0200K05O815very pale brown [O815JW.J]
I0200K06O81510YR8/3 [O815JW.J]
I0200K10O815Only base, turn, and 5cm of body extant. [O815JW.J]
I0200K11O815Reconstructed from fragments. [O815JW.J]
I0201A21O722ja [O723JW.J]
I0201D03O722774 (41084 34366 - 8185 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0201D04O722rests on floor, f213 [O723JW.J]
I0201E02O72290 base - [O723JW.J]
I0202D03O722765 (40349 34995 - 8270 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0203D03O722786 (40033 34972 - 8233 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0204D03O722787 (40437 34949 - 8258 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0205D03O722788 (40978 34821 - 8208 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
I0206BA1O725cl [O908JW2.J]
I0206BA2O7251 [O908JW2.J]
I0206BA3O7252.5 [O908JW2.J]
I0206BA4O7252 [O908JW2.J]
I0206BA6O725cl [O908JW2.J]
I0206BA8O725dark brown [O908JW2.J]
I0206BA9O725possible seal impression [O908JW2.J]
I0206D01O725k12 [O908JW2.J]
I0206D03O725795 (40472 35048 - 8236 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW-R.J]
I0206F02O725>5si f0284 [O908JW2.J]
I0206G03O725associated q-lot: 755 [O908JW2.J]
I0207BA1O725ca [O908JW2.J]
I0207D01O725k12 [O908JW2.J]
I0207D03O725798 (40480 35333 - 8320 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW-R.J]
I0207F02O725>5si f0042 [O908JW2.J]
I0207G03O725associated q-lot: 756 [O908JW2.J]
I0208BA1O725ca [O908JW2.J]
I0208BA2O7252.5 [O908JW2.J]
I0208BA3O7255 [O908JW2.J]
I0208BA4O7253.8 [O908JW2.J]
I0208BA6O725cl [O908JW2.J]
I0208BA8O725brown [O908JW2.J]
I0208BA9O725rectangular object [O908JW2.J]
I0208D01O725k12 [O908JW2.J]
I0208D03O725812 (40525 35159 - 8301 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW-R.J]
I0208F02O725>5si f0088 [O908JW2.J]
I0208G03O725associated q-lot: 759 [O908JW2.J]
I0209D03O726818 (40992 34469 - 8183 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0210D03O726819 (39634 35350 - 8364 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0211D03O726820 (40305 35513 - 8325 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0212A21O817ja [O914JW.J]
I0212B11O817Wide-mouth jar with out-turned rim. Bottom is spherical and has a formed hole 2cm in diameter in the center. Horizontal rope and combed decorations. Rope decoration (1cm wide and 0.7cm thick) forms jar's maximum diameter and is located 6cm below the rim. Lower comb (below rope) is 1cm thick and horizontal. Top comb (above rope) is sinusoidal wave with peak-to-peak amplitude of 2cm and a period of 7cm. [O914JW.J]
I0212D03O726821 (41097 34305 - 8181 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0212J01O81736.2 [O914JW.J]
I0212J03O81736.5 [O914JW.J]
I0212J04O81741.5 [O914JW.J]
I0212K03O817CH [O914JW.J]
I0212K05O817pale yellow [O914JW.J]
I0212K06O8175Y8/2 [O914JW.J]
I0212K10O817One large piece, about one-eigth diameter missing from rim to mid-body. Several other body sherds missing. [O914JW.J]
I0212K11O817restored from fragments. [O914JW.J]
I0212P99O817to Deir ez-Zor [O914JW.J]
I0213D03O726822 (41093 34368 - 8179 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0214D03O726825 (41132 34413 - 8182 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0215D03O726832 (39838 35436 - 8333 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0216D03O726833 (40166 35425 - 8311 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0217A21O817ja [O914JW.J]
I0217B11O817globular-base jar with out-turned rim. [O914JW.J]
I0217D03O726834 (41103 34469 - 8173 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0217J01O81734.7 [O914JW.J]
I0217J03O81712.3 [O914JW.J]
I0217J04O81727.0 [O914JW.J]
I0217K03O817ROG [O914JW.J]
I0217K05O817very pale brown [O914JW.J]
I0217K06O81710YR8/2 [O914JW.J]
I0217K10O817Holes in rim and body [O914JW.J]
I0217K11O817restored from fragments [O914JW.J]
I0217P99O817to Deir ez-Zor [O914JW.J]
I0218D03O726835 (41078 34522 - 8172 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0219A21O815cu [O815JW.J]
I0219B11O815conical cup with string-cut base. [O815JW.J]
I0219D03O726837 (41054 34470 - 8169 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0219G01O815Part of a20 cache. [O815JW.J]
I0219I03O8153 [O815JW.J]
I0219J01O8159.7 [O815JW.J]
I0219J03O8159.7 [O815JW.J]
I0219J05O8154.5 [O815JW.J]
I0219K03O815rog [O815JW.J]
I0219K05O815pale yellow [O815JW.J]
I0219K06O8152.5Y7/3 [O815JW.J]
I0219K10O815Approximately three-quarters remains. Vertical section complete. Most of bottom broken out. [O815JW.J]
I0219K11O815re-assembled from fragments. Traces of black material on inside of base may indicate repair was attempted in antiquity. [O815JW.J]
I0219P99O815To photography and drafting prior to storage at Mozan. [O815JW.J]
I0220D03O726838 (41025 34499 - 8178 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0221D03O726836 (41072 34536 - 8172 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0222D03O726839 (41018 34458 - 8173 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW2R.J]
I0223D03O727870 (41151 34440 - 8178 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
I0224D03O727871 (41154 34338 - 8179 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
I0225D03O727872 (41084 34432 - 8174 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
I0226A21O815ja [O815JW.J]
I0226B11O815Base and part of the body section of a flat-bottom jar. [O815JW.J]
I0226D03O727873 (41097 34394 - 8170 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
I0226D10O815Measurements pertain to extant portion. [O815JW.J]
I0226G01O815Part of a20 cache. [O815JW.J]
I0226I03O8153 [O815JW.J]
I0226J01O81514.2 [O815JW.J]
I0226J05O81511 [O815JW.J]
I0226K05O815very pale brown [O815JW.J]
I0226K06O81510YR7/3 [O815JW.J]
I0226K10O815Base and vertical slice of body section just shy of maximum diameter extant. [O815JW.J]
I0226K11O815Reconstructed from fragments. [O815JW.J]
I0226K99O815Small portion of what may be a horizontal combed decoration at very top of extant body section. Burn mark on part of interior on bottom and side. [O815JW.J]
I0226P99O815To photography and drafting prior to storage at Mozan. [O815JW.J]
I0227D03O727874 (41001 34426 - 8179 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
I0228D03O727876 (41181 34903 - 8195 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
I0229D03O727877 (41104 34704 - 8187 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
I0230D03O727879 (40864 34428 - 8180 / Relay location: center of object) [O830JW4R.J]
I0230O01O705v0156 [O911JW2.J]
I0230O01O705v0156a [O911JW2.J]
I0230O01O705v0156b [O911JW2.J]
I0236O01O705v0157 [O911JW2.J]
I0236O01O705v0157b [O911JW2.J]
I0239A21O729si [O803JW.J]
I0239B11O729seal impression with inscription. [O803JW.J]
I0239E02O72990 heads_of_figures_in_most_complete_rolling N [O803JW.J]
I0239E03O729E face_of_sealing_with_impressions [O803JW.J]
I0239I99O729Later analysis by gb of the text revealed that it named a previously unknown enden of Urkesh, Ishar-napshum. As the context was a sealed living accumulation, f278, above the material from re-modeling of the palace, we have tentatively assigned the stratum of the findspot to Phase 3b. [O803JW.J]
I0239O01O705v0164 [O911JW2.J]
I0239O01O705v0164b [O911JW2.J]
I0239P99O729to mkb for immediate cleaning and processing [O803JW.J]
I0240A21O815cu [O815JW.J]
I0240B11O815Conical cup with string-cut base. [O815JW.J]
I0240D10O815Height is of extant portion. [O815JW.J]
I0240G01O815Part of a20 jar cache. [O815JW.J]
I0240I03O8153 [O815JW.J]
I0240J01O8159.5 [O815JW.J]
I0240J05O8154.7 [O815JW.J]
I0240K03O815fc [O815JW.J]
I0240K05O815light gray [O815JW.J]
I0240K06O81510YR7/2 [O815JW.J]
I0240K10O815Base and much of body extant. Rim missing. [O815JW.J]
I0240K11O815Reassembled from fragments. [O815JW.J]
I0240O01O705v0175 [O911JW2.J]
I0240P99O815To photography and drafting prior to storage at Mozan. [O815JW.J]
I0241O01O705v0175 [O911JW2.J]
I0242A21O812ja [O812JW.J]
I0242B11O812Round-bottom jar with out-turned rim. Part of jar cache a20. [O812JW.J]
I0242BA1O812ja [O908JW2.J]
I0242BA9O812round-bottom jar from a20 cache [O908JW2.J]
I0242D01O812k4 [O908JW2.J]
I0242D03O812950 (41041 34596 - 8181 / Relay location: center of object) [O831JW-R.J]
I0242E02O8120 rim NE [O812JW.J]
I0242E03O812NW rim [O812JW.J]
I0242E04O8126 half of rim missing [O812JW.J]
I0242F02O812>5si f0278 [O908JW2.J]
I0243A21O914fg [O914JW.J]
I0243B11O914Hindquarters and a substantial part of the body of a female animal. Genitalia prominently displayed. [O914JW.J]
I0243BA1O826fg [O908JW2.J]
I0243BA2O8264.5 [O908JW2.J]
I0243BA3O8268 [O908JW2.J]
I0243BA4O8265 [O908JW2.J]
I0243BA6O826cl [O908JW2.J]
I0243BA8O826tan [O908JW2.J]
I0243BA9O826hindquarters of animal [O908JW2.J]
I0243D01O826k25 [O908JW2.J]
I0243D03O826951 (40233 33798 - 8047 / Relay location: center of object) [O828JW-R.J]
I0243F02O826>5si f0233 [O908JW2.J]
I0243G03O826associated q-lot: 837 [O908JW2.J]
I0243J01O9144.88 [O914JW.J]
I0243J02O9148.05 [O914JW.J]
I0243J03O9144.82 [O914JW.J]
I0243K05O914very pale brown [O914JW.J]
I0243K06O91410YR8/2 [O914JW.J]
I0243K10O914Head, forequarters and half the hind legs are missing. Attachment for a tail is also broken off. [O914JW.J]
I0243P02O914to drafting and then ZSB storage [O914JW.J]
K0001B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks; excavated in previous seasons but not in MZ17. [O911JW1.J]
K0001D20O911m3425 [O911JW1.J]
K0001D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0001O01O701v0131 [O702JW.J]
K0001O01O701v0131d [O702JW.J]
K0001O01O705v0168 [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0168a [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0001O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0002B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks; excavated in previous seasons but not in MZ17. [O911JW1.J]
K0002C01O812Reviewed the section drawing of the N face of the N baulk of k2 (which was not excavated this season). [O812JW.J]
K0002D20O911m3422 [O911JW1.J]
K0002D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0002I99O812Review of the section drawing was particularly revealing in that it shows a number of layers generally sloping down from E to W, which may indicate that there were probably no major structures immediately to the sputh of the palace and west of the stone and brick platforms and that the platforms may have gone out of use during Phase 3, since it is likely that the accumulations rose against the southern walls of the AK building. [O812JW.J]
K0002O01O701v0131 [O702JW.J]
K0002O01O701v0131e [O702JW.J]
K0002O01O705v0167 [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0167a [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0002O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0003B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0003C01O621removed several pickruns through consolidated loess, f171, similar to that in k4. Later we began to encounter laminations, f176 which lay directly above living accumulations which contained third millennium sherds. Cut new sections on extant baulks. [O621JW.J]
K0003C01O718Moved the crew from A12 here to begin excavations in this locus for this season. They returned to A12 to finish work there after an overhanging rock had been removed. [O718JW2.J]
K0003C01O721Daily journal for this locus being prepared by dc. [O723JW3.J]
K0003C01O722Journal entries for this locus will be made by dc, who is supervising the work there. [O723JW1.J]
K0003C01O725Continued excavating the accumulation, f268, below the stopping point of the MZ16 (2003) season. Removed f105, which was saved as a mound, possibly a wall, but which turned out to be a layer formed of a single course of bricks. Finished uncovering layer, f287, which will be photographed and removed on O726. [O725JW.J]
K0003C01O726Detailed ournal for this square being written by dc, who supervised the work there. Removed layer, f287, from the SE quadrant and uncovered a large, cut stone with a square top, f289, which was aligned with the palace walls and at an appropriate elevation to have a functional purpose, whose revelation unfortunately must await next year's excavations. [O727JW1.J]
K0003C01O727Report of activities in this locus being carried out being written by dc who is supervising the excavation here. [O727JW2.J]
K0003C01O728Separate report being written by dc, who is supervising the excavation of this locus. Located an irregularly shaped patch of soft, brown soil, about 50cm in diameter in the middle of the locus. [O802JW.J]
K0003C02O718In a day or so, after work is closed out in A12 for the season, we will continue to excavate here with this crew. [O718JW2.J]
K0003D20O911m3423 [O911JW1.J]
K0003D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0003O01O701v0131 [O702JW.J]
K0003O01O701v0131g [O702JW.J]
K0003O01O705v0144 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0148 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0148c [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0159 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0159a [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0160 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0160a [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0177 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0178 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0178a [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0003O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0004B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0004C01O620cleaning revealed some evidence for a burial in the east baulk of k22. We will explore this tomorrow. [O620JW.J]
K0004C01O621began cleaning surface accumulation of loess, consolidated and hardened by winter precipitation, f172. Made several pick runs and still have not reached either an ancient accumulation or architectural element. However, at the end of the day it began to apppear as if softer material was being revealed, and there may be brickwork near and under the N baulk. Cut new sections on all four baulks. A quick read revealed no architecture or man-made surfaces. [O621JW.J]
K0004C01O629extended operations in k5 east to the corresponding region of this locus. Surface is a mixture of loess and loose soil remaining after excavations of the AK wing of the palace. [O629JW.J]
K0004C01O701gm drew section in preparation for baulk removal on Sunday. Abd el Karim finished tracing the tamped mud floor, f213, which extends E from a large stones, f190, to a previously excavated section to the east. The pickman who excavated the section did not recognize the floor, which appears as a thin horizontal line as one looks west. A number of clay vessels, a piece of bronze, and two grindstones were found resting on the floor and removed to the house for analysis after being relayed. [O701JW1.J]
K0004C01O704began to remove N baulk. Encountered what may possibly be a doorway into a late-period room. Will study it tomorrow. [O704JW.J]
K0004C01O705in the first part of the morning, cleaned and defined a possible doorway, a18, consisting of several courses of single bricks to the W and a possible pise wall to the E. After photography by jw, v132, proceeded to dig a 150cm wide trench oriented E-W in the S part of the locus. [O705JW.J]
K0004C01O706Encountered hard, horizontal surface, f231, which is at the same elevation as the floor, f213, found in the N edge of the N baulk. Tagged accumulation above, f226 for pottery analysis to help determine phase of floor. [O706JW3.J]
K0004C01O718Resumed excavating in the north half of this locus after a hiatus of one week. [O718JW2.J]
K0004C01O719Continued to excavate the accumulation above the level of the pise floor, f213, found in the north baulk two weeks ago, where a rich deposit of vessels and other objects were found resting upon it. [O719JW.J]
K0004C01O720Continued to excavate slowly the living accumulation above what we believe will be the southern extension of the pise floor, f213. A number of large jars are resting on the floor and we anticipate they will be removed tomorrow. [O720JW1.J]
K0004C01O721Continued to remove living accumulation, f278, from the entire locus. At the end of the day it became clear that there are a large number of whole and restorable jars resting on floor, f213, immediately below. A guard was posted overnight and we will photograph and remove them tomorrow. [O723JW3.J]
K0004C01O722Removed the eleven vessels that constitute aggregate a20. Before doing this we numbered the fragments that had inside surfaces showing, relayed each vessel, photographed each vessel, recorded axial definitions for each vessel (see file O723jw.j), and formed separate q-lots by groups of vessels for fragments that could not be positively associated with one of the designated ones. [O723JW1.J]
K0004C01O725Continued to excavate lining accumulation f278, which covered a pise floor, f213, upon which rested a number of jars, a20. [O725JW.J]
K0004C01O726Continued to excavate living accumulation, f278, covering pise floor, f213. We are still finding a number of sherds from jars that may be partially restorable. We anticipate that it will take several more days to clear f213. [O727JW1.J]
K0004C01O728Continued to clear living accumulation from atop surface, f213, and preparing to remove a second group of restorable jars and cups from cache a20. Removing fill, f203, from pit, a15. [O802JW.J]
K0004C01O729continued to excavate the east baulk of k4 using a skilled crew with large picks. In the last hour they found a seal impression, with inscription, which was probably a door seal, i239. [O803JW.J]
K0004C01O730Continued excavating the east baulk to the level of accumlation, f299, in k3. [O804JW.J]
K0004C01O731Finished excavating the final 25 cm of the E baulk. We decided not to bring the level of k4 and k3 to the same elevation. Although there are strong signs that floor, f213, extends east into k3, the likely living accumulation above it in k3, f299, was too thick to excavate this season, even though there were jar fragments appearing in the matrix. [O801JW.J]
K0004C02O701we will remove the north baulk and resume excavation of k4, where, from the sections already visible, we expect to find little until we reach the level of floor f213, stone f190, stones f198, and bricks f199, all of which are at the same approximate elevation. [O701JW1.J]
K0004C02O718We anticipate finding more of of the pise floor surface, f231, found in the south half. [O718JW2.J]
K0004C02O722on O722 we will excavate the final few centimeters of living accumulation above the pise floor, f213, being alert for residual fragments from vessels excavated today. [O723JW1.J]
K0004C02O725We expect to finish excavating in this locus tomorrow, stopping when the entire floor, f213 is exposed. [O725JW.J]
K0004C02O729After photographing, relaying, and removing the object, we decided to excavate the remaining 50cm high baulk to the floor level of k3, f299, with small picks, screening the dirt for additional pieces of the sealing. This work by a limited crew may take several more days, but can be conducted in parallel with final cleanup for photographs. [O803JW.J]
K0004C02O730We intend to leave a small ledge on the west face of the east baulk of k4 that is 20cm higher than living accumulation, f278 in k4. Although f299 and f278 are undoubted the same accumulation, it would have taken too much time to excavate f299 down to the level of f278, which itself has not been fully removed. Both accumulations will be fully excavated in a subsequent season. [O804JW.J]
K0004D03O727875 (41221 34477 - 8185 / Relay location: object NE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
K0004D20O911m3424 [O911JW1.J]
K0004D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0004I99O801The east section does not show many of the soil features excavated. There is evidence of a cut and fill of a pit, a13 (also a5 in MZ16). The section gets full exposure to the afternoon sun and it may have dried to the extent that color differences, slight when the excavation was going on, have been washed out. It may have been possible to re-cut the section to get better definition, but we decided it was better to remove the baulk, since the soil features above living accumulation, f278, were well documented in the north section and by the considerable number of measurements made in the process of extracting the jars in the cache, a20. [O801JW1.J]
K0004O01O622v0119 [O702JW.J]
K0004O01O630v0127 [O702JW.J]
K0004O01O701v0128 [O702JW.J]
K0004O01O701v0131 [O702JW.J]
K0004O01O701v0131b [O702JW.J]
K0004O01O705v0132 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0136 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0145 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0146 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0158 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0158a [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0161 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0161a [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0164 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0164a [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0175 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0176 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0178 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0178a [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0179 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0179a [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0181 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0004O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0005B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0005C01O620removed the topsoil, f164, and part of the underlying laminations, f167. Encountered small installation of stones, f168, and a thin layer of burned soil, f170. [O620JW.J]
K0005C01O621finished removing the laminations, f169, and the small pedistaled group of stones, f168. Now we see a relatively level surface, and we will temporarily pause here while we explore the immediate sub-surface to the east. gm exploring the extent and containment, if any of ash, f170 [O621JW.J]
K0005C01O622removing overlaying topsoil overlaying pit fill, f170, (in a half horse-shoe shape) to expose the very fine, black ashy component. [O624JW1.J]
K0005C01O629continued to excavate the far northern part of the north baulk, which directly abuts the palace walls. [O629JW.J]
K0005C01O705cleared away the laminations, f167, from the part of the locus not occupied by the large stones, f165. Came down upon a floor with a very hard surface, f224, along the E baulk, which has an E-W line of stones as an inclusion. [O705JW.J]
K0005C01O713We are now treating k5 and the N baulk of k15 as a single unit. Features will be designated under k5 and any equivalence with corresponding features in k15 will be noted. At the end of the day we reached the reddish accumulation, f252, equivalent to f207 in k15, and we will excavate it from south to north tomorrow. [O713JW.J]
K0005C01O714Finished excavating the reddish accumulation, f252, and began to excavate the brownish accumulation, f252, below it. [O714JW.J]
K0005C01O714excavated the brown layer of accumulation, f256, and began to remove the grayish accumulation, f260 beneath. [O715JW.J]
K0005C01O718Contined to remove accumulation, f260, from the entire locus. [O718JW2.J]
K0005C01O719Finished excavating in the locus. Hussein pointed out that the last accumulation, now designated f275, had a greenish tint and resembled material found in the drains during last season's excavation in A10. We did not find the stone and sherd pavement, f230, immediately adjacent to the south in k14. [O719JW.J]
K0005C01O727Began to remove the east baulk down to the bottom of the living accumulation, f278, in the locus adjacent to the east, k4. [O727JW2.J]
K0005C01O728Finished excavating the east end of the thin remainder of the north baulk down to the level of surface, f213, seen in k4. Finished excavating the east baulk to the level of surface, 213, seen in k4. [O802JW.J]
K0005C02O705clean carefully to the W of f224, which include a subfloor subjected to erosion down the slope after use of 224 ceased. [O705JW.J]
K0005C02O718Tomorrow we will remove carefully the last few centimeters of f260 in anticipation of finding more of the pebble and sherd surface found in k14, directly to the south. [O718JW2.J]
K0005D03O826979 (41533 33619 - 8176 / Relay location: top of stake) [O828JW-R.J]
K0005D20O911m3452 [O911JW1.J]
K0005D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0005I99O718The large stones, f165, appear to be lying on the surface and are not a part of any wall system. [O718JW2.J]
K0005O01O620v0113 [O702JW.J]
K0005O01O620v0113a [O702JW.J]
K0005O01O620v0114 [O702JW.J]
K0005O01O620v0114a [O702JW.J]
K0005O01O620v0115 [O702JW.J]
K0005O01O621v0116 [O702JW.J]
K0005O01O622v0117 [O702JW.J]
K0005O01O705v0133 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0140 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0140b [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0140c [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0140d [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0155 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0155a [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0164 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0181 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0183 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0183a [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0183b [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0005O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0011B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0011C01O725Did preparatory cleaning in order to open this locus tomorrow. It incorporates the northern edge of the entrance to the abi and we expect it will provide important evidence about the late use of the structure. [O725JW.J]
K0011C01O726began to excavate carefully accumlations f134 and f124, designated in the MZ16 season. Uncovered a patch of soil covered with deteriorated reed matting, f292, in the NW quadrant and the top of a course of bricks, f295, in the middle near the north baulk. [O727JW1.J]
K0011C01O727Removed the layer of decayed matting, f292. Designated as new features the material exposed upon the excavation of accumulation f134 in the southern portion of the locus. Accumulation, f298, covers the SE quadrant, while stone and sherd pavement f297 covers the SW quadrant. One pickrun was made in each of these new features. [O727JW2.J]
K0011D20O911m3455 [O911JW1.J]
K0011D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0011I99O727Our intention in excavating in f297 and f298 was to see if the stones and sherds were a path up to the entrance to the abi or were material dropped by rainwater as it washed down a staircase, indication of which was implied from the containment on the N side by an E-W line of cut stone blocks (a5) discovered in previous seasons. As it turns out, the large stones constituting a5 seem to be laid on soil, although it is possible that we have not dug deep enough to see if it is really mud mortar and there is another course below. gb cautioned we should stop digging here this season, since by excavating f297 and 298 in isolation we may have interrupted the stratigraphic link between the large flat stone, f296, and the north side of the abi entrance. Resolution of the issue may still be possible by excavating the north baulk of k21, which will hopefully be accomplished next season. [O727JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0149 [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0166 [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0166a [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0166b [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0166c [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0166d [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0166e [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0180b [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0011O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0012B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0012C01O722Opened this locus for excavation. It had been partially excavated in previous seasons. We made several pickruns in accumulation, f43, and removed several outcroppings along the N baulk. [O723JW1.J]
K0012C01O725Finished excavating here after removing the features left at the end of the MZ16 (2003) season. Encountered a lens of small stones in the SE corner, f286, and a pit, a21, in the NW corner. This should provide a framework for excavating at the entrance to the abi in loci k11 and k21. [O725JW.J]
K0012D20O911m3454 [O911JW1.J]
K0012D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0012O01O701v0131 [O702JW.J]
K0012O01O701v0131f [O702JW.J]
K0012O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0178 [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0180 [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0180b [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0012O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0013B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0013C01O623began to retrieve a large quantity of large, goose-egg size objects with a triangular cross-section. Almost all were from the NE quadrant, which was designated f181. [O624JW2.J]
K0013C01O628continuing to excavate matrix containing clay projectiles and evidence of their manufacture here. A few being found in all parts of the locus except the SE corner where there is a concentration of baked and unbaked reddish bricks, f187, surrounded by a soft, brownish accumulation, f191. [O628JW5.J]
K0013C01O701momentarily stopped excavating in this locus, after reaching the bottom of the deposits containing the projectiles, f189 and f191. Photographed and removed as a sample a small mound of clay similar to that used in the projectiles that was found in the center of the putative fabrication/storage area. [O701JW1.J]
K0013C01O718Resumed excavation in this locus after a hiatus of one week. [O718JW2.J]
K0013C01O719Continued to excavate below the level where the oblong clay objects were found, and anticipating encountering some of the pise floors found in k14 and k4, about 60 cm below the current elevation. The fight occurred between two workmen from this square, so work slowed somewhat as a result. [O719JW.J]
K0013C01O720Continued to excavate a layer of brownish accumulation containing one pit, a19, which is being dug separately. One clear seal impression was found within the accumulation. [O720JW1.J]
K0013C01O721Continued to remove brown accumulation, f274, from the locus. Inspection of the section in the SW corner reveals that what we first believed to be a pit may well be an ashy layer. Inspection of the section in the NW corner reveals that we probably excavated through a thinly layered pise floor, f283, which is at virtually the same elevation as a similar floor, f213, in k4, diagonally to the NW. At the end of the day, we found a poorly made pebble and sherd floor along the eastern edge of the locus (it had been partially dug through in the NE corner). We will consider stopping here for the season. [O723JW3.J]
K0013D20O911m3453 [O911JW1.J]
K0013D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0013I99O801The north and east sections do not correlate with the soil features described during the excavation. A number of reasons could have contributed. During the excavation, there were four active loci and the time to supervise each by jw, the sole team member in the field for many days while gm was sick at home, was limited. In addition, the lead pickman and the only one highly skilled in the team had house responsibilities and was ill for part of the time. Third, the focus during the first portion of the excavation focused on the retrieval of a number of oblong clay objects, and some features were tied to this rather than to soil characteristics as observed in section. Evidence of two floors, f283 and f281, were encountered, and both can be seen in the north section. [O801JW1.J]
K0013O01O624v0120 [O702JW.J]
K0013O01O624v0121 [O702JW.J]
K0013O01O624v0121a [O702JW.J]
K0013O01O628v0122 [O702JW.J]
K0013O01O628v0122a [O702JW.J]
K0013O01O701v0129 [O702JW.J]
K0013O01O701v0131 [O702JW.J]
K0013O01O701v0131h [O702JW.J]
K0013O01O705v0162 [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0162a [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0163 [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0163a [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0174 [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0178 [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0013O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0014B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0014C01O621removed two pickruns of topsoil. [O621JW.J]
K0014C01O622despite having excavated to a depth of 60cm as measured on the E baulk, we are still encountering patches of decayed vegetation, indicating successive cycles of gully wash in the winter and growth of vegetation in the following seasons. Therefore, the continued use of the topsoil feature, f173 is appropriate. In the adjacent locus to the north, k4, which is outside the gully, and not excavated to so great a depth, we have encountered evidence of occupation, including pit fill, f175 and the corresponding cut, f184. [O624JW1.J]
K0014C01O623while cleaning, noticed a small, shallow circular pit, a14. [O624JW2.J]
K0014C01O701continued to trace the extent of a layer of grayish hard material, f216, having inclusions of fist-sized stones and larger, seemingly bounded on the W and S by what may be deteriorated brick. Removing overlaying grayish material in the NE quadrant, f202, and abutting reddish material to the W and S, f205. Excavated pit, a16 in the SE corner and began to excavate a much deeper pit, a15, in the NW corner, stopping at a depth of about 100cm because of cramped quarters for pickman. jw looked at extant section below the current level of f205, and saw no signs of walls or floors in the first 50cm. [O701JW1.J]
K0014C01O704continued to dig and clean around a hard-packed region of accumulation with a hard surface and many sherds and small stones showing on the surface, f216. Will define evaluate features after cleaning, including pits in three of four corners, a15,a16,a17, and patches of reddish accumulation, f205. [O704JW.J]
K0014C01O711Removed the subfloor, f243, associated with a series of pise floors excavated on O708. Differentiated a reddish accumulation in the south half, f245, from a browner accumulation, f244, in the north half. [O711JW1.J]
K0014C01O712continued to excavate the brown layer, f244, which covers the more reddish layer, f245, seen more prominently in the south half of the square. [O712JW.J]
K0014C01O713continued to excavate brown accumulation, f244, now seemingly contained to the northern two-thirds of the locus by accumulation, f245. In the NW corner, we began to see a stone and sherd surface, f253. [O713JW.J]
K0014C01O714Began to explore the stratigraphic relationship between the sherd and pebble floor, f253, and the mound of reddish accumulation, f245, in the SW quadrant of the locus. We want to know if the floor extends beneath the accumulation or if the accumulation is the remnant of a wall that abuts the floor. [O715JW.J]
K0014C01O714Finished following the stone and sherd floor, f253, in all parts of the locus except for the pit cut, f214 in the NW corner, and the pile of reddish accumulation in the SW corner, f245. [O714JW.J]
K0014C01O721Removed the remaining red accumulation, f245, and the brown accumulation, f244 underneath, exposing portions of the pebble and sherd floor, f253. [O723JW3.J]
K0014C01O726Began to remove the east baulk. [O727JW1.J]
K0014C01O727Began to remove the north baulk. Encountered the north portion of the pit, a15, and excavated more of the fill, f203. [O727JW2.J]
K0014C01O728Continued to excavate the north baulk, clearing living accumulation,f278 (k4 feature) from atop working surface, f213 and removing fill, f303, from pit, a22. [O802JW.J]
K0014C02O713Explore the relationship between f244, and f253 with small picks tomorrow. [O713JW.J]
K0014C02O714Tomorrow we will determine whether the floor, f253, continues under the accumulation, f245, or merely abuts it. [O714JW.J]
K0014C02O714When an overambitious workman began to remove the E end of the accumulation, gb suggested that we temporarily suspend this activity to ensure that we preserve the full extent of f245 until the north baulk of k24 is removed. Then we can determine if the southern extent of this accumulation (which lies in k14, k15 and k5)is here or if it extended futher to the south in antiquity and was eroded by the action of the ancient gully. [O715JW.J]
K0014D20O911m3451 [O911JW1.J]
K0014D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0014O01O622v0118 [O702JW.J]
K0014O01O624v0121a [O702JW.J]
K0014O01O705v0134 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0135 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0142 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0142a [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0151 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0151a [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0152 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0152a [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0156 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0178 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0014O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0015B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0015C01O620removed the topsoil, f163 and part of the first layer beneath, lamininations, f169. No evidence for occupational installations. [O620JW.J]
K0015C01O621halted excavations here, roughly at a level 10cm below k5. No significant artifacts in the lamination, f169. No signs yet of a level surface, paving, or architecture underneath. [O621JW.J]
K0015C01O701ceased finding the large concentration of vessels with string-cut bases in accumulation, f201. Will flag q-lots for further analysis by mkb. Changed accumulation feature to f207, although soil color and texture was similar. [O701JW1.J]
K0015C01O704accumulation more gray, uniform and contains fewer inclusions (stones and sherds). Will designate as a new feature for the first pick run O705. It will be a level layer which effectively seals the material below. [O704JW.J]
K0015C01O705continued to excavate accumulation f220 with large picks. On the last pick run of the day, found a series of stone blocks and smaller stones, f227, which are aligned with the large cut stones, f165, to the north in k5, and the stones, f228, in k25. [O705JW.J]
K0015C01O706Finished excavating accumulation, f220, on the first pick run. Due to the proximity of the large stones, f227, we changed the feature of the accumulation to f229, to segregate pottery and to identify the Phase associated with the use of the stones. On the last pick run of the day we encountered a stone and sherd surface throuthout the locus, f231, which could be associated with the use of the stones or could be a path to the sacral area. [O706JW3.J]
K0015C01O712Drew the N baulk in anticipation of removal. Began to remove it by features, with the intention of incorporating it into k5 when the two are at the same elevation. [O712JW.J]
K0015C01O720continued to excavate the east baulk, stopping at the reddish accumulation seen prominently in the SW corner of k5. Excavated separately the fill, f203 from a deep pit on the north edge. [O720JW1.J]
K0015C01O722Continued removing the E baulk, down to the level of the stone pavement, f253. [O723JW1.J]
K0015C02O722Barring unexpected developments, we will stop excavating here for this season and seek to view in the line of loci that includes k15, k14, k13, and k12, a succession of stone and sherd surfaces that are built one atop the other, portions of which as we move to the east have increasingly survived the erosive effects of the ancient and modern gullys. [O723JW1.J]
K0015D20O911m3456 [O911JW1.J]
K0015D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0015O01O620v0112 [O702JW.J]
K0015O01O624v0121a [O702JW.J]
K0015O01O705v0137 [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0137a [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0137b [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0138 [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0138a [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0138b [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0138c [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0140 [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0140a [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0140b [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0140c [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0184 [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0184a [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0189 [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0015O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0021B11O911No E baulk. N baulk extends only 200cm E. Locus stops at abi west wall. [O911JW1.J]
K0021C01O725Opened this locus, which incorporates the southern edge and the main access to the abi to investigate the architecture of the entrance during the late use of the structure. [O725JW.J]
K0021C01O726Removed topsoil, f282, and accumlation underneath, f291. Under f291, accumlations differed north and south. To the south was a clean, reddish, bricky material, accumulation, f293. To the north was a grayish, ashy accumulation, f294. [O727JW1.J]
K0021C01O727Cleared accumulation from a large cut stone, f296, placed horizontally just to the west of the abi entrance. Cleared accumulation, f293, from atop several courses of bricks, f302, which extend into the south baulk. [O727JW2.J]
K0021D20O911m3405 [O911JW1.J]
K0021D21O911500 cms North, 380 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0021O01O705v0157 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0165 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0166 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0173 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0180b [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0182 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0187 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0188 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0190 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0021O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0022B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0022C01O621close inspection of k22 after removal of backfill, f166, indicates that the plastic sheeting and the soil above it probably were the remnants of a backdirt pile and not a covered excavation from previous seasons. [O621JW.J]
K0022C01O714Began excavating the topsoil/backfill from this locus. [O715JW.J]
K0022C01O718Contined to remove the topsoil/gully wash from this locus. [O718JW2.J]
K0022C01O719Continued to excavate the topsoil/excavation dirt/gully wash. [O719JW.J]
K0022C01O720Finished excavating the topsoil and began to excavate the more ancient gully wash. Found several large stones along the north and south baulks. [O720JW1.J]
K0022C01O721continued to excavate accumulation, f277, (probably ancient gullywash) beneath the topsoil. [O723JW3.J]
K0022C01O722Continued to excavate the gully wash below topsoil. Removed the length of hand-finished clay pipe, i188, to the house. The soil began to become more red in the last pick run and we will consider changing features when excavations resume on O725. [O723JW1.J]
K0022C01O725Finished excavating this locus after encountering a level surface with a number of pebbles scattered throughout, f288. It probably is a layer formed by the action of ancient gully wash, but it is of adequate depth to provide a frame this season for the investigation of the abi entrance to the east. [O725JW.J]
K0022C01O727Began to carefully excavate the east baulk of k22 to determine if there was a link between the large stone, f296, in k21 and a possible supporting structure just to its west. (There surely has to be something holding the stone in place to resist the washing action of the modern and ancient gullies which slope sharply down to the west that we observed in the excavation of k22, k23, k24, and k25.) [O727JW2.J]
K0022C01O728Removed the last remnants of accumulation, f277, from the east baulk. Below there were three features at the same elevation: a red accumulation, f307, to the south, a grayish accumlation filled with gravel (and containing two modern food cans) to the north, and, in the middle, a stone and sherd surface, f305. [O802JW.J]
K0022C02O718Will move a less experienced crew here to continue to remove the modern and ancient gully wash. [O718JW2.J]
K0022C02O728With the concurrence of gb, we will stop excavating here for the season. There is not enough time to explore the relationship between the surface, f305 and the stone, f296. Although it is clear that f308 is modern gully wash, we cannot say to what extent it may have eroded f305 and whatever structural mechanism supported the large stone, f296. If we dug more in this restricted area in the hours remaining this season, there is a good chance that we would loosen f296 and destroy whatever stratigraphic links with the abi entrance remain. [O802JW.J]
K0022D20O911m3404 [O911JW1.J]
K0022D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0022O01O705v0147 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0154 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0154a [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0154b [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0154c [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0157 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0170 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0170a [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0170b [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0173 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0180b [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0182 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0188 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0022O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0023B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0023C01O701opened this locus and made several pickruns through topsoil/recent gully wash. [O701JW1.J]
K0023C01O704continued to clear the gully wash from the entire locus. At the end of the day it was level. It is in the deepest part of the gully and according to the assistant guard is in an area where we have had spoils piles in the past. Will declare a new feature for the first pick run in the morning. [O704JW.J]
K0023C01O705entire surface leveled against the slope of the hill. Assigned new feature to the accumulation below, f204. In the last pick run of the day, uncovered a large sheet of plastic, probably used to isolate a spoils pile from past excavations. [O705JW.J]
K0023C01O706Continued to dig without encountering anything but modern gully wash. No immediate promise for change. [O706JW3.J]
K0023C01O711Continued to remove ancient gully wash from what the section indicates may have been the deepest part of it. There is still about 100cm difference in the elevations of the current work in this locus and the stone and sherd paving, f233, in k25, about 5m downslope to the west. [O711JW1.J]
K0023C01O712Continued to excavate deeply into locus. Throughout the day, began to encounter large and small stones, randomly scattered throughout, without any apparent organization. Designated a new feature for the accumulation, f250, surrounding the largest concentration of stones in the north half of the locus. Upon scraping, the accumulation in the south half, still undesignated, seems more bricky. [O712JW.J]
K0023C01O713beginning to see a clear differentiation in accumulations in k25. In the SE corner, f251, strong brown in color, and granular texture, contrasts with f250 in the other parts of the locus, which shows signs of interaction of soil with water - hard crusty surfaces with soft pockets of fine soil. [O713JW.J]
K0023C01O714Continued to excavate and level the entire locus. At the start of the day we could differentiate a reddish layer in the SE corner from a water-influenced brown accumulation in the rest of the locus. At the end of the day, all quadrants seemed uniform in color and texture, so we assigned a new feature to this accumulation, f255. The elevation was measured as 8113cm, equivalent to that of the floor, f253, in k14 diretly to the NW whose elevation is 8109cm. A number of loose stones and pebbles were removed from this accumulation. [O714JW.J]
K0023C01O714Spent another frustrating day excavating in this locus, which is in the channel of the ancient and modern gully wash. Despite occasional moments of homogeneity, there has been a clear differentiation in either soil color or accumulation content between the SE corner and the rest of the locus, which generally have been assigned separate features. Each feature has had interesting artifacts including beads and animal figurines. [O715JW.J]
K0023C01O727Removed the east baulk. [O727JW2.J]
K0023C02O714jw recommends that we stop excavating here, perhaps for the season and proceed on the master plan to follow the existing phase 3 and later deposits eastward in squares k4, k3, k2, k1, k13, k12 and k11, to the entrance of the abi. The strong influence of the gully may also mean that we may not see any architecture from later phases in the part of the sacral precinct which lies to the west directly in front of the abi entrance. [O715JW.J]
K0023D20O911m3406 [O911JW1.J]
K0023D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0023I99O714The thought occurs to jw that we are nearing the stratigraphic point where the gully first began to form, presumably in Phase 3 when the walls of the palace began to deteriorate and material higher and to the east began to be carried to the west by successive rains. [O715JW.J]
K0023O01O705v0141 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0141a [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0143 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0143a [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0150 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0153 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0153a [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0171 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0171b [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0171c [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0173 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0182 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0188 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0023O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0024B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0024C01O628continuing to remove large quantities of accumulation, f185, from the entire locus. We are continuing to find modern material in the matrix, including today, white and blue plastic sheeting and cans for soda and meat. This indicates that f185 continues to be a mixture of old and new gully wash, rather than accumulation, and that pottery taken from here will not be useful in dating this stratum. [O628JW5.J]
K0024C01O629mkb inspected sherds from q456. [O629JW.J]
K0024C01O711Approaching the elevation of the stone and sherd pavement, f233, in k25, immediately to the west. We see a transition from the accumulation, f242, containing large amounts of sherds (preliminarily assessed by jo to be Phase 3) to a softer, brown accumulation, f246, resembling f229, which covered stone and sherd paving, f230, diagonally to the NW in k15. [O711JW1.J]
K0024C01O712carefully removed 5cm of accumulation, f246, in the NW corner of the locus to see if the stone and sherd layer seen at the same elevation in the SE corner of k25 continues through the baulk. Except for a few stones seen in the N section, it appears as if the layer ends in the baulk. [O712JW.J]
K0024C01O722began to remove the E baulk. [O723JW1.J]
K0024C01O725Finished removing the east baulk. [O725JW.J]
K0024C02O711Carefully excavate another 5 cm to see if we encounter a SE extension of the sherd and stone paving seen in k15, and k25. [O711JW1.J]
K0024D20O911m3405 [O911JW1.J]
K0024D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0024I99O629Mixture of rims and bases from Phases 6,4 and 3 in q456. Therefore we conclude that the material we are encountering is still gully wash, confirmed by finds of plastic sheeting and other modern material over 100cm beneath the surface which is covered with vegetation. [O629JW.J]
K0024O01O628v0123 [O702JW.J]
K0024O01O628v0124 [O702JW.J]
K0024O01O630v0125b [O702JW.J]
K0024O01O630v0126 [O702JW.J]
K0024O01O630v0126a [O702JW.J]
K0024O01O701v0130 [O702JW.J]
K0024O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0172 [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0172a [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0173 [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0182 [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0188 [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0024O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0025B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks. [O911JW1.J]
K0025C01O628now definitely below topsoil and in level accumulation, f186, where we are approaching the elevation of the floor of the retangular portion of the abi. We are looking for a possible wall network which will define the western boundary of a possible sacral precinct, extending south from the platforms and west from the entrance to the abi. [O628JW5.J]
K0025C01O629encountered new soil layer within which were large stones, roughly in line with the aggregation of large surface stones in k5 to the north. Temporarily ceased operations in this locus. [O629JW.J]
K0025C01O706Began to clear the accumulation from the vicinity of the large stones. Found several more, but the alignment is not N-S along the centerline of the locus as we had previously thought. Although we took copious amounts of pottery from the surrounding accumulation, f194, we did not see the same type of stone and sherd surface as is evident in k15 directly to the north. [O706JW3.J]
K0025C01O713Began to remove the N baulk., In the process we are making a ramp which rises from E to the surface in the W to facilitate dirt removal in successive excavtions of k14, k13, k12, k23, and k22 baulks. [O713JW.J]
K0025C01O714continued to excavate the east baulk. Now within about 50cm of the stopping point of previous excavations of the entire locus. [O715JW.J]
K0025D20O911m3555 [O911JW1.J]
K0025D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0025O01O630v0125 [O702JW.J]
K0025O01O630v0125a [O702JW.J]
K0025O01O630v0125b [O702JW.J]
K0025O01O705v0139 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0139a [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0139b [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0139c [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0139d [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0140 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0140a [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0173 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0182 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0185 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0185a [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0185b [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0188 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0189 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0191 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0191a [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0191b [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0192 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O705v0194 [O911JW2.J]
K0025O01O915v0195 [O915JW.J]
K0032B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks; not excavated in MZ17. [O911JW1.J]
K0032D20O911m3421 [O911JW1.J]
K0032D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0032O01O701v0130 [O702JW.J]
K0033B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks; not excavated in MZ17. [O911JW1.J]
K0033D20O911m3402 [O911JW1.J]
K0033D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0034B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks; not excavated in MZ17. [O911JW1.J]
K0034D20O911m3403 [O911JW1.J]
K0034D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0035B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks; only 2 pickruns of topsoil excavated this season. [O911JW1.J]
K0035D20O911m3690 [O911JW1.J]
K0035D21O911500 cms North, 500 cms East [O911JW1.J]
K0035O01O705v0169 [O911JW2.J]
K0035O01O705v0169a [O911JW2.J]
K0035O01O705v0186 [O911JW2.J]
K0035O01O705v0186a [O911JW2.J]
K0035O01O705v0186b [O911JW2.J]
K0035O01O705v0186c [O911JW2.J]
K0035O01O705v0193 [O911JW2.J]
K0089B11O911Area N of k11; excavated in previous seasons but not in MZ17. [O911JW1.J]
K0089B11O911Limit includes N and E baulks; only 2 pickruns of topsoil excavated this season. [O911JW1.J]
K0089O01O701v0131 [O702JW.J]
K0089O01O701v0131c [O702JW.J]
K0100B11O911Area N of k11; excavated in previous seasons but not in MZ17. [O911JW1.J]
K0100B11O911Originally the N baulk of k1, but re-incorporated there after section in pit cut and evaluated; excavated in previous seasons but not in MZ17. [O911JW1.J]
K0100O01O701v0131 [O702JW.J]
K0100O01O701v0131a [O702JW.J]
Q0005B21O817qi000501 [O914JW.J]
Q0017B21O817qi001703 [O914JW.J]
Q0232B21O914qi023201 [O914JW.J]
Q0381B21O914qi038101 [O914JW.J]
Q0404A21O620p [O620JW.J]
Q0404P01O620pottery lot inspected by mkb and jw in the field for potential to aid stratigraphic analysis. No contributing sherds. Discarded to backdirt O620. [O620JW.J]
Q0405A21O620p [O620JW.J]
Q0405P01O620pottery lot inspected by mkb and jw in the field for potential to aid stratigraphic analysis. No contributing sherds. Discarded to backdirt O620. [O620JW.J]
Q0406A21O620p [O620JW.J]
Q0406P01O620pottery lot inspected by mkb and jw in the field for potential to aid stratigraphic analysis. No contributing sherds. Discarded to backdirt O620. [O620JW.J]
Q0407A21O620p [O620JW.J]
Q0407P01O620pottery lot inspected by mkb and jw in the field for potential to aid stratigraphic analysis. No contributing sherds. Discarded to backdirt O620. [O620JW.J]
Q0413B21O627qi041302 [O628GM.J]
Q0415B21O621qi041502 [O626GM2.J]
Q0415B21O621qi041503 [O626GM2.J]
Q0415B21O914qi041503 [O914JW.J]
Q0416B21O621qi041601 [O626GM2.J]
Q0416B21O621qi041602 [O626GM2.J]
Q0416B21O621qi041603 [O626GM2.J]
Q0416B21O621qi041604 [O626GM2.J]
Q0417A21O621i [O626GM1.J]
Q0417B21O621qi041701 [O626GM2.J]
Q0417D01O621k5 [O626GM1.J]
Q0417F02O621>5si f0170 [O626GM1.J]
Q0418A21O621p, b [O626GM1.J]
Q0418D01O621k14 [O626GM1.J]
Q0418D13O621m3475 (8263) + 148 (height of instrument) - 139 [O626GM1.J]
Q0418D20O621r372 [O626GM1.J]
Q0418D21O621350 cms North, 400 cms West [O626GM1.J]
Q0418D22O6218254 [O626GM1.J]
Q0418F02O621>5si f0173 [O626GM1.J]
Q0419A21O622p [O626GM1.J]
Q0419D01O622k3 [O626GM1.J]
Q0419D03O622373 (40889 34593 - 8277 / Relay location: SW corner) [O625JW1R.J]
Q0419D13O622m3423 (8311) + 143 (height of instrument) - 99 [O626GM1.J]
Q0419D20O622r373 [O626GM1.J]
Q0419D21O622350 cms North, 400 cms East [O626GM1.J]
Q0419D22O6228267 [O626GM1.J]
Q0419F02O622>5si f0174 [O626GM1.J]
Q0420A21O622p [O626GM1.J]
Q0420D01O622k4 [O626GM1.J]
Q0420D03O622374 (41059 34120 - 8241 / Relay location: SW corner) [O625JW1R.J]
Q0420D13O622m3475 (8263) + 143 (height of instrument) - 137 [O626GM1.J]
Q0420D20O622r374 [O626GM1.J]
Q0420D21O622350 cms North, 400 cms East [O626GM1.J]
Q0420D22O6228257 [O626GM1.J]
Q0420F02O622>5si f0172 [O626GM1.J]
Q0421A21O622p [O626GM1.J]
Q0421D01O622k14 [O626GM1.J]
Q0421D03O622375 (40468 34309 - 8251 / Relay location: SE corner) [O625JW1R.J]
Q0421D13O622m3482 (8228) + 143 (height of instrument) - 146 [O626GM1.J]
Q0421D20O622r375 [O626GM1.J]
Q0421D21O622350 cms North, 400 cms West [O626GM1.J]
Q0421D22O6228231 [O626GM1.J]
Q0421F02O622>5si f0173 [O626GM1.J]
Q0428A21O623ca [O624JW2.J]
Q0428B11O623first lot containing goose-egg sized clay objects with triangular cross-section. They are made of coarse clay, contain inclusions and are not fired. In general form they resemble the smaller egg-shaped clay objects with a circular cross-section that we believe to have been sling balls. [O624JW2.J]
Q0438A21O627p, b [O628GM4.J]
Q0438B21O627qi043801 [O628GM3.J]
Q0438D01O627k13 [O628GM4.J]
Q0438D03O627413 (40435 34420 - 8248 / Relay location: SW corner) [O627JW-R.J]
Q0438D13O627m3542 (8321) + 119 (height of instrument) - 46 [O628GM4.J]
Q0438D20O627r413 [O628GM4.J]
Q0438D21O627400 cms North, 400 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0438D22O6278248 [O628GM4.J]
Q0438F02O627>5si f0176 [O628GM4.J]
Q0439A21O627p, b [O628GM4.J]
Q0439B21O627qi043901 [O628GM3.J]
Q0439D01O627k24 [O628GM4.J]
Q0439D03O627414 (40138 33781 - 8177 / Relay location: SW corner) [O627JW-R.J]
Q0439D13O627m3561 (8287) + 119 (height of instrument) - 9 [O628GM4.J]
Q0439D20O627r414 [O628GM4.J]
Q0439D21O627400 cms North, 400 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0439D22O6278177 [O628GM4.J]
Q0439F02O627>5si f0183 [O628GM4.J]
Q0440A21O627p [O628GM4.J]
Q0440B21O627qi044001 [O628GM3.J]
Q0440B21O627qi044002 [O628GM3.J]
Q0440D01O627k25 [O628GM4.J]
Q0440D03O627415 (40314 33312 - 8126 / Relay location: SW corner) [O627JW-R.J]
Q0440D13O627m3558 (8200) + 119 (height of instrument) - 45 [O628GM4.J]
Q0440D20O627r415 [O628GM4.J]
Q0440D21O627400 cms North, 400 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0440D22O6278126 [O628GM4.J]
Q0440F02O627>5si f0182 [O628GM4.J]
Q0441A21O627p [O628GM4.J]
Q0441B21O627qi044101 [O628GM.J]
Q0441B21O627qi044101 [O628GM3.J]
Q0441D01O627k24 [O628GM4.J]
Q0441D03O627426 (40139 33778 - 8177 / Relay location: SW corner) [O627JW-R.J]
Q0441D13O627m3561 (8287) + 119 (height of instrument) - 9 [O628GM4.J]
Q0441D20O627r426 [O628GM4.J]
Q0441D21O627400 cms North, 400 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0441D22O6278177 [O628GM4.J]
Q0441F02O627>5si f0185 [O628GM4.J]
Q0442A21O627p, b [O628GM4.J]
Q0442B21O627qi044201 [O628GM.J]
Q0442B21O627qi044201 [O628GM3.J]
Q0442B21O627qi044202 [O628GM.J]
Q0442B21O627qi044202 [O628GM3.J]
Q0442B21O627qi044203 [O628GM.J]
Q0442B21O627qi044203 [O628GM3.J]
Q0442B21O627qi044204 [O628GM.J]
Q0442B21O627qi044204 [O628GM3.J]
Q0442D01O627k13 [O628GM4.J]
Q0442D03O627427 (40434 34421 - 8244 / Relay location: SW corner) [O627JW-R.J]
Q0442D13O627m3542 (8321) + 119 (height of instrument) - 42 [O628GM4.J]
Q0442D20O627r427 [O628GM4.J]
Q0442D21O627400 cms North, 400 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0442D22O6278244 [O628GM4.J]
Q0442F02O627>5si f0176 [O628GM4.J]
Q0443A21O627p, b [O628GM4.J]
Q0443B21O628qi044301 [O628GM.J]
Q0443B21O628qi044301 [O628GM3.J]
Q0443D01O627k25 [O628GM4.J]
Q0443D03O627429 (40178 33677 - 8118 / Relay location: SE corner) [O627JW-R.J]
Q0443D13O627m3558 (8200) + 119 (height of instrument) - 25 [O628GM4.J]
Q0443D20O627r429 [O628GM4.J]
Q0443D21O627400 cms North, 400 cms West [O628GM4.J]
Q0443D22O6278106 [O628GM4.J]
Q0443F02O627>5si f0186 [O628GM4.J]
Q0444A21O627p, b [O628GM4.J]
Q0444D01O627k5 [O628GM4.J]
Q0444D03O627430 (41404 33728 - 8173 / Relay location: NW corner) [O627JW-R.J]
Q0444D13O627m3464 (8210) + 119 (height of instrument) - 90 [O628GM4.J]
Q0444D20O627r430 [O628GM4.J]
Q0444D21O627170 cms South, 290 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0444D22O6278181 [O628GM4.J]
Q0444F02O627>5si f0170 [O628GM4.J]
Q0445A21O627p [O628GM4.J]
Q0445B21O627qi044501 [O628GM.J]
Q0445B21O627qi044501 [O628GM3.J]
Q0445B21O627qi044502 [O628GM.J]
Q0445B21O627qi044502 [O628GM3.J]
Q0445B21O627qi044503 [O628GM.J]
Q0445B21O627qi044503 [O628GM3.J]
Q0445D01O627k13 [O628GM4.J]
Q0445D03O627431 (40423 34832 - 8248 / Relay location: SW corner) [O627JW-R.J]
Q0445D13O627m3541 (8324) + 119 (height of instrument) - 43 [O628GM4.J]
Q0445D20O627r431 [O628GM4.J]
Q0445D21O627260 cms North, 230 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0445D22O6278248 [O628GM4.J]
Q0445F02O627>5si f0181 [O628GM4.J]
Q0446A21O627p [O628GM4.J]
Q0446D01O627k24 [O628GM4.J]
Q0446D06O627entire k - Mohammed Khercm down [O628GM4.J]
Q0446D20O627entire k [O628GM4.J]
Q0446F02O627>5si f0185 [O628GM4.J]
Q0447A21O628p, b [O628GM4.J]
Q0447D01O628k25 [O628GM4.J]
Q0447D03O628433 (40542 33810 - 8123 / Relay location: NE corner) [O628JW-R.J]
Q0447D13O628m3556 (8164) + 119 (height of instrument) - 78 [O628GM4.J]
Q0447D20O628r433 [O628GM4.J]
Q0447D21O628400 cms North, 400 cms West [O628GM4.J]
Q0447D22O6288123 [O628GM4.J]
Q0447F02O628>5si f0186 [O628GM4.J]
Q0448A21O628p [O628GM4.J]
Q0448D01O628k24 [O628GM4.J]
Q0448D03O628434 (40504 33908 - 8165 / Relay location: NW corner) [O628JW-R.J]
Q0448D13O628m3407 (8205) + 119 (height of instrument) - 79 [O628GM4.J]
Q0448D20O628r434 [O628GM4.J]
Q0448D21O628400 cms South, 400 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0448D22O6288165 [O628GM4.J]
Q0448F02O628>5si f0185 [O628GM4.J]
Q0449A21O628p [O628GM4.J]
Q0449B21O628qi044901 [O628GM.J]
Q0449B21O628qi044901 [O628GM3.J]
Q0449B21O628qi044902 [O628GM.J]
Q0449B21O628qi044902 [O628GM3.J]
Q0449D01O628k13 [O628GM4.J]
Q0449D03O628435 (40663 34921 - 8259 / Relay location: NE corner) [O628JW-R.J]
Q0449D13O628m3542 (8321) + 119 (height of instrument) - 57 [O628GM4.J]
Q0449D20O628r435 [O628GM4.J]
Q0449D21O628260 cms South, 230 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0449D22O6288259 [O628GM4.J]
Q0449F02O628>5si f0181 [O628GM4.J]
Q0450A21O628p, b [O628GM4.J]
Q0450B21O628qi045001 [O628GM.J]
Q0450B21O628qi045001 [O628GM3.J]
Q0450B21O628qi045002 [O629GM.J]
Q0450B21O629qi045002 [O629GM3.J]
Q0450D01O628k3 [O628GM4.J]
Q0450D03O628436 (41368 34761 - 8230 / Relay location: NW corner) [O628JW-R.J]
Q0450D13O628m3428 (8355) + 151 (height of instrument) - 26 [O628GM4.J]
Q0450D20O628r436 [O628GM4.J]
Q0450D21O628100 cms South, 200 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0450D22O6288230 [O628GM4.J]
Q0450F02O628>5si f0188 [O628GM4.J]
Q0451A21O628p [O628GM4.J]
Q0451B21O628qi045101 [O628GM.J]
Q0451B21O628qi045101 [O628GM3.J]
Q0451B21O628qi045102 [O628GM.J]
Q0451B21O628qi045102 [O628GM3.J]
Q0451B21O907qi045102 [O914JW.J]
Q0451D01O628k13 [O628GM4.J]
Q0451D03O628439 (40437 34422 - 8235 / Relay location: SW corner) [O628JW-R.J]
Q0451D13O628m3542 (8321) + 135 (height of instrument) - 49 [O628GM4.J]
Q0451D20O628r439 [O628GM4.J]
Q0451D21O628400 cms North, 400 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0451D22O6288235 [O628GM4.J]
Q0451F02O628>5si f0189 [O628GM4.J]
Q0452A21O628p [O628GM4.J]
Q0452D01O628k24 [O628GM4.J]
Q0452D03O628442 (40138 33779 - 8146 / Relay location: SW corner) [O628JW-R.J]
Q0452D13O628m3561 (8287) + 153 (height of instrument) - 33 [O628GM4.J]
Q0452D20O628r442 [O628GM4.J]
Q0452D21O628400 cms North, 200 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0452D22O6288167 [O628GM4.J]
Q0452F02O628>5si f0185 [O628GM4.J]
Q0453A21O628p [O628GM4.J]
Q0453B21O628qi045301 [O628GM.J]
Q0453B21O628qi045301 [O628GM3.J]
Q0453B21O628qi045302 [O628GM.J]
Q0453B21O628qi045302 [O628GM3.J]
Q0453D01O628k25 [O628GM4.J]
Q0453D03O628441 (40679 33444 - 8088 / Relay location: NW corner) [O628JW-R.J]
Q0453D13O628m3555 (8149) + 153 (height of instrument) - 92 [O628GM4.J]
Q0453D20O628r441 [O628GM4.J]
Q0453D21O628400 cms South, 400 cms East [O628GM4.J]
Q0453D22O6288088 [O628GM4.J]
Q0453F02O628>5si f0186 [O628GM4.J]
Q0454A21O628p [O628GM4.J]
Q0454D01O628k24 [O628GM4.J]
Q0454D03O628440 (40381 34282 - 8167 / Relay location: NE corner) [O628JW-R.J]
Q0454D13O628m3561 (8287) + 153 (height of instrument) - 33 [O628GM4.J]
Q0454D20O628r440 [O628GM4.J]
Q0454D21O628400 cms South, 200 cms West [O628GM4.J]
Q0454D22O6288167 [O628GM4.J]
Q0454F02O628>5si f0185 [O628GM4.J]
Q0455A21O628p [O628GM4.J]
Q0455D01O628k13 [O628GM4.J]
Q0455D03O628444 (40304 34779 - 8240 / Relay location: SE corner) [O628JW-R.J]
Q0455D13O628m3541 (8324) + 131 (height of instrument) - 47 [O628GM4.J]
Q0455D20O628r444 [O628GM4.J]
Q0455D21O628140 cms North, 350 cms West [O628GM4.J]
Q0455D22O6288240 [O628GM4.J]
Q0455F02O628>5si f0191 [O628GM4.J]
Q0456A21O629p, b [O629GM4.J]
Q0456B21O630qi045601 [O702GM.J]
Q0456B21O630qi045601 [O702GM3.J]
Q0456B21O630qi045602 [O702GM.J]
Q0456B21O630qi045602 [O702GM3.J]
Q0456D01O629k24 [O629GM4.J]
Q0456D03O629463 (40361 34267 - 8155 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0456D13O629m3561 (8287) + 147 (height of instrument) - 15 [O629GM4.J]
Q0456D20O629NE corner, r 463 [O629GM4.J]
Q0456D21O629400 cms South, 400 cms West [O629GM4.J]
Q0456D22O6298155 [O629GM4.J]
Q0456F02O629>5si f0185 [O629GM4.J]
Q0457A21O629p, b [O629GM4.J]
Q0457B21O628qi045701 [O629GM.J]
Q0457B21O628qi045702 [O629GM.J]
Q0457B21O629qi045701 [O629GM3.J]
Q0457B21O629qi045702 [O629GM3.J]
Q0457D01O629k13 [O629GM4.J]
Q0457D03O629464 (40797 34559 - 8227 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0457D13O629m3541 (8324) + 147 (height of instrument) - 50 [O629GM4.J]
Q0457D20O629NW, r464 [O629GM4.J]
Q0457D21O629400 cms South, 400 cms East [O629GM4.J]
Q0457D22O6298227 [O629GM4.J]
Q0457F02O629>5si f0189 [O629GM4.J]
Q0458A21O629p, b [O629GM4.J]
Q0458B21O628qi045801 [O629GM.J]
Q0458B21O629qi045801 [O629GM3.J]
Q0458D01O629k5 [O629GM4.J]
Q0458D03O629465 (41556 34208 - 8213 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0458D13O629m3459 (8302) + 147 (height of instrument) - 58 [O629GM4.J]
Q0458D20O629NE, r465 [O629GM4.J]
Q0458D21O629100 cms South, 500 cms West [O629GM4.J]
Q0458D22O6298213 [O629GM4.J]
Q0458F02O629>5si f0192 [O629GM4.J]
Q0459A21O629p, b [O629GM4.J]
Q0459D01O629k25 [O629GM4.J]
Q0459D03O629466 (40536 33785 - 8087 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0459D13O629m3558 (8200) + 147 (height of instrument) - 34 [O629GM4.J]
Q0459D20O629NE, r466 [O629GM4.J]
Q0459D21O629400 cms South, 400 cms West [O629GM4.J]
Q0459D22O6298087 [O629GM4.J]
Q0459F02O629>5si f0186 [O629GM4.J]
Q0460A21O629p, b [O629GM4.J]
Q0460B21O628qi046001 [O629GM.J]
Q0460B21O629qi046001 [O629GM3.J]
Q0460D01O629k4 [O629GM4.J]
Q0460D03O629467 (41553 34206 - 8202 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0460D13O629m3459 (8302) + 147 (height of instrument) - 47 [O629GM4.J]
Q0460D20O629NW, r467 [O629GM4.J]
Q0460D21O629100 cms South, 500 cms East [O629GM4.J]
Q0460D22O6298202 [O629GM4.J]
Q0460F02O629>5si f0193 [O629GM4.J]
Q0461A21O629p, b [O629GM4.J]
Q0461B21O628qi046101 [O629GM.J]
Q0461B21O629qi046101 [O629GM3.J]
Q0461D01O629k15 [O629GM4.J]
Q0461D03O629468 (40779 33493 - 8157 / Relay location: SW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0461D13O629m3466 (8211) + 147 (height of instrument) - 93 [O629GM4.J]
Q0461D20O629SW, r468 [O629GM4.J]
Q0461D21O629200 cms North, 400 cms East [O629GM4.J]
Q0461D22O6298157 [O629GM4.J]
Q0461F02O629>5si f0163 [O629GM4.J]
Q0462A21O629p [O629GM4.J]
Q0462B21O628qi046201 [O629GM.J]
Q0462B21O629qi046201 [O629GM3.J]
Q0462D01O629k5 [O629GM4.J]
Q0462D03O629470 (41556 34209 - 8196 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0462D13O629m3459 (8302) + 147 (height of instrument) - 41 [O629GM4.J]
Q0462D20O629NE, r470 [O629GM4.J]
Q0462D21O629100 cms South, 500 cms West [O629GM4.J]
Q0462D22O6298196 [O629GM4.J]
Q0462F02O629>5si f0195 [O629GM4.J]
Q0463A21O629p [O629GM4.J]
Q0463D01O629k15 [O629GM4.J]
Q0463D03O629471 (41004 33982 - 8197 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0463D13O629m3466 (8211) + 147 (height of instrument) - 133 [O629GM4.J]
Q0463D20O629NE, r471 [O629GM4.J]
Q0463D21O629200 cms South, 400 cms West [O629GM4.J]
Q0463D22O6298197 [O629GM4.J]
Q0463F02O629>5si f0163 [O629GM4.J]
Q0464A21O629p [O629GM4.J]
Q0464B21O628qi046401 [O629GM.J]
Q0464B21O629qi046401 [O629GM3.J]
Q0464B21O630qi046402 [O702GM.J]
Q0464B21O630qi046402 [O702GM3.J]
Q0464D01O629k5 [O629GM4.J]
Q0464D03O629472 (41555 34209 - 8195 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0464D13O629m3458 (8293) + 147 (height of instrument) - 40 [O629GM4.J]
Q0464D20O629NE, r472 [O629GM4.J]
Q0464D21O629100 cms South, 500 cms West [O629GM4.J]
Q0464D22O6298186 [O629GM4.J]
Q0464F02O629>5si f0196 [O629GM4.J]
Q0465A21O629p [O629GM4.J]
Q0465D01O629k4 [O629GM4.J]
Q0465D03O629473 (41553 34213 - 8194 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0465D13O629m3474 (8309) + 147 (height of instrument) - 32 [O629GM4.J]
Q0465D20O629NW, r473 [O629GM4.J]
Q0465D21O629100 cms South, 500 cms East [O629GM4.J]
Q0465D22O6298194 [O629GM4.J]
Q0465F02O629>5si f0197 [O629GM4.J]
Q0466A21O629p [O629GM4.J]
Q0466B21O628qi046601 [O629GM.J]
Q0466B21O629qi046601 [O629GM3.J]
Q0466D01O629k13 [O629GM4.J]
Q0466D03O629474 (40299 34785 - 8237 / Relay location: SE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0466D13O629m3541 (8324) + 147 (height of instrument) - 60 [O629GM4.J]
Q0466D20O629SE, r474 [O629GM4.J]
Q0466D21O629150 cms North, 200 cms West [O629GM4.J]
Q0466D22O6298237 [O629GM4.J]
Q0466F02O629>5si f0191 [O629GM4.J]
Q0467A21O629p [O629GM4.J]
Q0467D01O629k15 [O629GM4.J]
Q0467D03O629475 (41137 33631 - 8160 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0467D13O629m3467 (8170) + 147 (height of instrument) - 137 [O629GM4.J]
Q0467D20O629NW, r475 [O629GM4.J]
Q0467D21O629200 cms South, 400 cms East [O629GM4.J]
Q0467D22O6298160 [O629GM4.J]
Q0467F02O629>5si f0163 [O629GM4.J]
Q0468A21O630p, b [O702GM2.J]
Q0468D01O630k13 [O702GM2.J]
Q0468D03O630476 (40665 34915 - 8226 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0468D13O630m3542 (8321) + 145 (height of instrument) - 50 [O702GM2.J]
Q0468D20O630NE, r 476 [O702GM2.J]
Q0468D21O630400 cms North, 400 cms West [O702GM2.J]
Q0468D22O6308226 [O702GM2.J]
Q0468F02O630>5si f0189 [O702GM2.J]
Q0469A21O630p, b [O702GM2.J]
Q0469B21O630qi046901 [O630GM.J]
Q0469B21O630qi046901 [O702GM3.J]
Q0469D01O630k4 [O702GM2.J]
Q0469D03O630477 (41463 34436 - 8225 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0469D13O630m3474 (8309) + 139 (height of instrument) - 55 [O702GM2.J]
Q0469D20O630r477 [O702GM2.J]
Q0469D21O630100 cms South, 500 cms East [O702GM2.J]
Q0469D22O6308225 [O702GM2.J]
Q0469F02O630>5si f0193 [O702GM2.J]
Q0470A21O630p, b [O702GM2.J]
Q0470D01O630k15 [O702GM2.J]
Q0470D03O630478 (41004 33979 - 7882 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0470D13O630m3466 (8211) + 139 (height of instrument) - 110 [O702GM2.J]
Q0470D20O630r478 [O702GM2.J]
Q0470D21O630400 cms South, 400 cms West [O702GM2.J]
Q0470D22O6308182 [O702GM2.J]
Q0470F02O630>5si f0163 [O702GM2.J]
Q0471A21O630p [O702GM2.J]
Q0471D01O630k24 [O702GM2.J]
Q0471D03O630479 (40490 33916 - 8124 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0471D13O630m3560 (8283) + 164 (height of instrument) - 5 [O702GM2.J]
Q0471D20O630r479 [O702GM2.J]
Q0471D21O630400 cms South, 400 cms East [O702GM2.J]
Q0471D22O6308124 [O702GM2.J]
Q0471F02O630>5si f0185 [O702GM2.J]
Q0472A21O630p, b [O702GM2.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047201 [O630GM.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047201 [O702GM3.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047202 [O630GM.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047202 [O702GM3.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047203 [O702GM.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047203 [O702GM3.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047204 [O702GM.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047204 [O702GM3.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047205 [O702GM.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047205 [O702GM3.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047206 [O702GM.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047206 [O702GM3.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047207 [O702GM.J]
Q0472B21O630qi047207 [O702GM3.J]
Q0472D01O630k15 [O702GM2.J]
Q0472D03O630480 (40644 33854 - 8177 / Relay location: SE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0472D13O630m3470 (8234) + 145 (height of instrument) - 88 [O702GM2.J]
Q0472D20O630r480 [O702GM2.J]
Q0472D21O630400 cms North, 400 cms West [O702GM2.J]
Q0472D22O6308177 [O702GM2.J]
Q0472F02O630>5si f0201 [O702GM2.J]
Q0473A21O630i [O702GM2.J]
Q0473B21O630qi047301 [O702GM.J]
Q0473B21O630qi047301 [O702GM3.J]
Q0473D01O630k3 [O702GM2.J]
Q0473D20O630backfill [O702GM2.J]
Q0474A21O630p [O702GM2.J]
Q0474B21O630qi047401 [O702GM.J]
Q0474B21O630qi047401 [O702GM3.J]
Q0474D01O630k4 [O702GM2.J]
Q0474D03O630483 (41352 34739 - 8235 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0474D13O630m3461 (8343) + 145 (height of instrument) - 37 [O702GM2.J]
Q0474D20O630r483 [O702GM2.J]
Q0474D22O6308235 [O702GM2.J]
Q0474F02O630>5si f0193 [O702GM2.J]
Q0475A21O630p, b [O702GM2.J]
Q0475B21O630qi047501 [O702GM.J]
Q0475B21O630qi047501 [O702GM3.J]
Q0475D01O630k14 [O702GM2.J]
Q0475D03O630482 (40822 34448 - 8212 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0475D13O630m3481 (8286) + 145 (height of instrument) - 71 [O702GM2.J]
Q0475D20O630r482 [O702GM2.J]
Q0475D22O6308212 [O702GM2.J]
Q0475F02O630>5si f0202 [O702GM2.J]
Q0476A21O630p, b [O702GM2.J]
Q0476D01O630k15 [O702GM2.J]
Q0476D20O630wk [O702GM2.J]
Q0476F02O630>5si f0201 [O702GM2.J]
Q0477A21O630p [O702GM2.J]
Q0477D01O630k15 [O702GM2.J]
Q0477D20O630wk [O702GM2.J]
Q0477D99O6302cm down in whole locus [O702GM2.J]
Q0477F02O630>5si f0201 [O702GM2.J]
Q0478A21O630p [O702GM2.J]
Q0478D01O630k15 [O702GM2.J]
Q0478D20O630wk [O702GM2.J]
Q0478D99O6302cm down in whole locus [O702GM2.J]
Q0478F02O630>5si f0201 [O702GM2.J]
Q0479A21O630p [O702GM2.J]
Q0479D01O630k15 [O702GM2.J]
Q0479D20O630wk [O702GM2.J]
Q0479D99O6302cm down in whole locus [O702GM2.J]
Q0479F02O630>5si f0201 [O702GM2.J]
Q0480A21O630p [O702GM2.J]
Q0480D01O630k15 [O702GM2.J]
Q0480D20O630wk [O702GM2.J]
Q0480D99O6302cm down in whole locus [O702GM2.J]
Q0480F02O630>5si f0201 [O702GM2.J]
Q0481A21O630p [O702GM2.J]
Q0481D01O630k15 [O702GM2.J]
Q0481D03O630485 (40646 33851 - 8141 / Relay location: SE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0481D13O630m3467 (8170) + 145 (height of instrument) - 116 - 2 @bottom [O702GM2.J]
Q0481D20O630r485 [O702GM2.J]
Q0481D22O6308141 [O702GM2.J]
Q0481D23O6308139 [O702GM2.J]
Q0481F02O630>5si f0201 [O702GM2.J]
Q0482A21O630p [O702GM2.J]
Q0482D01O630k14 [O702GM2.J]
Q0482D20O630wk [O702GM2.J]
Q0482D99O6305cm down in whole locus [O702GM2.J]
Q0482F02O630>5si f0202 [O702GM2.J]
Q0483B21O914qi048301 [O914JW.J]
Q0483D03O701486 (40963 34088 - 8180 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0484B21O701qi048401 [O702GM.J]
Q0484B21O701qi048401 [O702GM3.J]
Q0484B21O701qi048402 [O702GM.J]
Q0484B21O701qi048403 [O702GM.J]
Q0484B21O701qi048404 [O702GM.J]
Q0484D03O701487 (40820 34449 - 8217 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0485B21O701qi048501 [O702GM.J]
Q0485B21O701qi048502 [O702GM.J]
Q0485D03O701488 (41001 33976 - 8155 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0486B21O701qi048601 [O702GM.J]
Q0486B21O701qi048601 [O702GM3.J]
Q0486B21O701qi048602 [O702GM3.J]
Q0486B21O701qi048603 [O702GM.J]
Q0486B21O701qi048603 [O702GM3.J]
Q0486D03O701489 (41343 34717 - 8214 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0487B21O701qi048701 [O702GM.J]
Q0487B21O701qi048701 [O702GM3.J]
Q0487D03O701490 (40336 34373 - 8264 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0487D03O701509 (40336 34373 - 8293 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0488B21O701qi048801 [O702GM.J]
Q0488D03O701491 (41001 33976 - 8155 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0489D03O701492 (40605 33953 - 8171 / Relay location: SW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0490D03O701505 (40825 34451 - 8175 / Relay location: NE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0491D03O701504 (40465 34315 - 8177 / Relay location: SE corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0492D03O701507 (41147 33620 - 8112 / Relay location: NW corner) [O701JW2R.J]
Q0494A21O704p [O707GM1.J]
Q0494B21O704qi049401 [O704GM.J]
Q0494D01O704k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0494D03O704510 (41386 34251 - 8298 / Relay location: NW corner) [O706GM-R.J]
Q0494D13O704m3461 (8343) + 135 (height of instrument) - 90 [O707GM1.J]
Q0494D20O704NW r510 [O707GM1.J]
Q0494D21O704100 cms South, 400 cms East [O707GM1.J]
Q0494D22O7048298 [O707GM1.J]
Q0494F02O704>5si f0209 [O707GM1.J]
Q0495A21O704p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0495B21O704qi049501 [O704GM.J]
Q0495D01O704k15 [O707GM1.J]
Q0495D03O704511 (40647 33852 - 8107 / Relay location: SE corner) [O706GM-R.J]
Q0495D13O704m3470 (8234) + 135 (height of instrument) - 8 [O707GM1.J]
Q0495D20O704SE r511 [O707GM1.J]
Q0495D21O704400 cms North, 400 cms West [O707GM1.J]
Q0495D22O7048107 [O707GM1.J]
Q0495F02O704>5si f0207 [O707GM1.J]
Q0496A21O704p [O707GM1.J]
Q0496B21O704qi049601 [O704GM.J]
Q0496B21O704qi049602 [O704GM.J]
Q0496D01O704k23 [O707GM1.J]
Q0496D03O704512 (40187 34756 - 8337 / Relay location: NE corner) [O706GM-R.J]
Q0496D13O704m3640 (8292) + 135 (height of instrument) - 180 [O707GM1.J]
Q0496D20O704NE r512 [O707GM1.J]
Q0496D21O704400 cms South, 400 cms West [O707GM1.J]
Q0496D22O7048337 [O707GM1.J]
Q0496F02O704>5si f0204 [O707GM1.J]
Q0497A21O704p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0497B21O704qi049701 [O704GM.J]
Q0497D01O704k14 [O707GM1.J]
Q0497D03O704513 (40826 34447 - 8190 / Relay location: NE corner) [O706GM-R.J]
Q0497D13O704m3481 (8286) + 135 (height of instrument) - 39 [O707GM1.J]
Q0497D20O704NE r513 [O707GM1.J]
Q0497D22O7048190 [O707GM1.J]
Q0497F02O704>5si f0205 [O707GM1.J]
Q0498A21O704p [O707GM1.J]
Q0498B21O704qi049801 [O704GM.J]
Q0498D01O704k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0498D13O704m3461 (8343) + 135 (height of instrument) - 80 [O707GM1.J]
Q0498D20O704NW r510 [O707GM1.J]
Q0498D22O7048288 [O707GM1.J]
Q0498F02O704>5si f0210 [O707GM1.J]
Q0499A21O704p [O707GM1.J]
Q0499D01O704k14 [O707GM1.J]
Q0499D03O704515 (40466 34317 - 8165 / Relay location: SE corner) [O706GM-R.J]
Q0499D13O704m3481 (8286) + 152 (height of instrument) - 40 [O707GM1.J]
Q0499D20O704SE [O707GM1.J]
Q0499D22O7048174 [O707GM1.J]
Q0499F02O704>5si f0206 [O707GM1.J]
Q0500A21O704p [O707GM1.J]
Q0500D01O704k5 [O707GM1.J]
Q0500D13O704m3463 (8174) + 152 (height of instrument) - 144 [O707GM1.J]
Q0500D20O704r514 [O707GM1.J]
Q0500D21O704150 cms South, 250 cms East [O707GM1.J]
Q0500D22O7048166 [O707GM1.J]
Q0500F02O704>5si f0167 [O707GM1.J]
Q0501A21O704p [O707GM1.J]
Q0501D01O704k14 [O707GM1.J]
Q0501D03O704516 (40606 33958 - 8165 / Relay location: SW corner) [O706GM-R.J]
Q0501D13O704m3477 (8257) + 152 (height of instrument) - 60 [O707GM1.J]
Q0501D20O704SW r516 [O707GM1.J]
Q0501D22O7048165 [O707GM1.J]
Q0501F02O704>5si f0205 [O707GM1.J]
Q0502A21O704p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0502D01O704k14 [O707GM1.J]
Q0502D03O704527 (40606 33953 - 8160 / Relay location: SW corner) [O706GM-R.J]
Q0502D13O704m3477 (8257) + 162 (height of instrument) - 65 [O707GM1.J]
Q0502D20O704SW r527 [O707GM1.J]
Q0502D21O704100 cms North, 100 cms East [O707GM1.J]
Q0502D22O7048160 [O707GM1.J]
Q0502F02O704>5si f0217 [O707GM1.J]
Q0503A21O704p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0503D01O704k14 [O707GM1.J]
Q0503D03O704528 (40824 34449 - 8145 / Relay location: NE corner) [O706GM-R.J]
Q0503D13O704m3477 (8257) + 162 (height of instrument) - 50 [O707GM1.J]
Q0503D20O704NE r528 [O707GM1.J]
Q0503D21O704100 cms South, 400 cms West [O707GM1.J]
Q0503D22O7048145 [O707GM1.J]
Q0503F02O704>5si f0219 [O707GM1.J]
Q0504A21O704p [O707GM1.J]
Q0504B21O704qi050401 [O704GM.J]
Q0504D01O704k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0504D03O704529 (41276 34627 - 8248 / Relay location: NE corner) [O706GM-R.J]
Q0504D13O704m3462 (8278) + 162 (height of instrument) - 132 [O707GM1.J]
Q0504D20O704NE r529 [O707GM1.J]
Q0504D21O704100 cms South, 400 cms West [O707GM1.J]
Q0504D22O7048248 [O707GM1.J]
Q0504F02O704>5si f0210 [O707GM1.J]
Q0505A21O705p [O707GM1.J]
Q0505D01O705k5 [O707GM1.J]
Q0505D13O705m3464 (8210) + 128 (height of instrument) - 29 - 2 @bottom [O707GM1.J]
Q0505D20O705SE r531 [O707GM1.J]
Q0505D21O705400 cms North, 400 cms West [O707GM1.J]
Q0505D22O7058111 [O707GM1.J]
Q0505D23O7058109 [O707GM1.J]
Q0505F02O705>5si f0167 [O707GM1.J]
Q0506A21O705p [O707GM1.J]
Q0506D01O705k15 [O707GM1.J]
Q0506D13O705m3466 (8211) + 156 (height of instrument) - 35 [O707GM1.J]
Q0506D20O705NE r532 [O707GM1.J]
Q0506D21O705400 cms South, 400 cms West [O707GM1.J]
Q0506D22O7058090 [O707GM1.J]
Q0506F02O705>5si f0220 [O707GM1.J]
Q0507A21O705p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0507D01O705k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0507D13O705m3474 (8309) + 156 (height of instrument) - 78 [O707GM1.J]
Q0507D20O705SW r533 [O707GM1.J]
Q0507D21O705400 cms North, 400 cms East [O707GM1.J]
Q0507D22O7058231 [O707GM1.J]
Q0507F02O705>5si f0210 [O707GM1.J]
Q0508A21O705p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0508D01O705k23 [O707GM1.J]
Q0508D13O705m3642 (8362) + 156 (height of instrument) - 100 [O707GM1.J]
Q0508D20O705NE r534 [O707GM1.J]
Q0508D21O705400 cms South, 400 cms West [O707GM1.J]
Q0508D22O7058306 [O707GM1.J]
Q0508F02O705>5si f0221 [O707GM1.J]
Q0509A21O705p [O707GM1.J]
Q0509D01O705k5 [O707GM1.J]
Q0509D06O705SE r531 - 2cm down [O707GM1.J]
Q0509D20O705SE r531 [O707GM1.J]
Q0509D21O705400 cms North, 400 cms West [O707GM1.J]
Q0509F02O705>5si f0167 [O707GM1.J]
Q0510A21O705p [O707GM1.J]
Q0510D01O705k5 [O707GM1.J]
Q0510D06O705SE r531 - 2cm down [O707GM1.J]
Q0510D20O705SE r531 [O707GM1.J]
Q0510D21O705400 cms North, 400 cms West [O707GM1.J]
Q0510F02O705>5si f0167 [O707GM1.J]
Q0511A21O705p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0511D01O705k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0511D13O705m3474 (8309) + 156 (height of instrument) - 78 [O707GM1.J]
Q0511D20O705SW r536 [O707GM1.J]
Q0511D21O705250 cms North, 400 cms East [O707GM1.J]
Q0511D22O7058231 [O707GM1.J]
Q0511F02O705>5si f0223 [O707GM1.J]
Q0512A21O705p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0512D01O705k15 [O707GM1.J]
Q0512D13O705m3467 (8170) + 156 (height of instrument) - 55 [O707GM1.J]
Q0512D20O705NW r537 [O707GM1.J]
Q0512D21O705400 cms South, 400 cms East [O707GM1.J]
Q0512D22O7058069 [O707GM1.J]
Q0512F02O705>5si f0220 [O707GM1.J]
Q0513A21O705p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0513D01O705k5 [O707GM1.J]
Q0513D13O705m3473 (8256) + 156 (height of instrument) - 65 - 5 @bottom [O707GM1.J]
Q0513D20O705SW r538 [O707GM1.J]
Q0513D21O705200 cms North, 300 cms East [O707GM1.J]
Q0513D22O7058165 [O707GM1.J]
Q0513D23O7058160 [O707GM1.J]
Q0513F02O705>5si f0167 [O707GM1.J]
Q0514A21O705p,b [O707GM1.J]
Q0514D01O705k14 [O707GM1.J]
Q0514F02O705>5si f0203 [O707GM1.J]
Q0515A21O705p [O707GM1.J]
Q0515D01O705k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0515D20O705r540 [O707GM1.J]
Q0515F02O705>5si f0226 [O707GM1.J]
Q0516A21O705p [O707GM1.J]
Q0516D01O705k5 [O707GM1.J]
Q0516D13O705m3673 (8313) + 156 (height of instrument) - 60 - 5 @bottom [O707GM1.J]
Q0516D20O705r538 [O707GM1.J]
Q0516D22O7058217 [O707GM1.J]
Q0516D23O7058212 [O707GM1.J]
Q0516F02O705>5si f0167 [O707GM1.J]
Q0517A21O705p [O707GM1.J]
Q0517D01O705k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0517D13O705m3475 (8263) + 156 (height of instrument) - 127 [O707GM1.J]
Q0517D20O705r541 [O707GM1.J]
Q0517D22O7058234 [O707GM1.J]
Q0517F02O705>5si f0226 [O707GM1.J]
Q0527B21O914qi052702 [O914JW.J]
Q0527B21O914qi052703 [O914JW.J]
Q0527B21O914qi052704 [O914JW.J]
Q0527B21O914qi052705 [O914JW.J]
Q0527B21O914qi052706 [O914JW.J]
Q0527B21O914qi052707 [O914JW.J]
Q0527B21O914qi052708 [O914JW.J]
Q0528A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0528D01O706k15 [O707GM1.J]
Q0528D13O706m3466 (8211) + 165 (height of instrument) - 11 [O707GM1.J]
Q0528D20O706NW r548 [O707GM1.J]
Q0528D21O706400 cms South, 400 cms East [O707GM1.J]
Q0528D22O7068057 [O707GM1.J]
Q0528F02O706>5si f0229 [O707GM1.J]
Q0529A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0529D01O706k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0529D13O706m3475 (8263) + 143 (height of instrument) - 111 [O707GM1.J]
Q0529D20O706r549 [O707GM1.J]
Q0529D22O7068231 [O707GM1.J]
Q0529F02O706>5si f0223 [O707GM1.J]
Q0530A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0530A21O707p [O707JW1.J]
Q0530B11O707number allocated on O706 but not used. [O707JW1.J]
Q0530D01O706k15 [O707GM1.J]
Q0530D13O706m3466 (8211) + 135 (height of instrument) - 88 [O707GM1.J]
Q0530D20O706NE r550 [O707GM1.J]
Q0530D22O7068164 [O707GM1.J]
Q0530F02O706>5si f0229 [O707GM1.J]
Q0531A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0531D01O706k23 [O707GM1.J]
Q0531D13O706m3406 (8291) + 135 (height of instrument) - 88 [O707GM1.J]
Q0531D20O706r551 [O707GM1.J]
Q0531D22O7068244 [O707GM1.J]
Q0531F02O706>5si f0221 [O707GM1.J]
Q0532A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0532D01O706k25 [O707GM1.J]
Q0532D13O706m3673 (8313) + 135 (height of instrument) - 53 [O707GM1.J]
Q0532D20O706r556 [O707GM1.J]
Q0532D22O7068231 [O707GM1.J]
Q0532F02O706>5si f0194 [O707GM1.J]
Q0533A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0533D01O706k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0533F02O706>5si f0223 [O707GM1.J]
Q0534A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0534D01O706k4 [O707GM1.J]
Q0534D20O706r555 [O707GM1.J]
Q0534F02O706>5si f0223 [O707GM1.J]
Q0535A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0535D01O706k15 [O707GM1.J]
Q0535D20O706wk [O707GM1.J]
Q0535F02O706>5si f0229 [O707GM1.J]
Q0536A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0536D01O706k25 [O707GM1.J]
Q0536D20O706wk [O707GM1.J]
Q0536F02O706>5si f0194 [O707GM1.J]
Q0537A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0537D01O706k25 [O707GM1.J]
Q0537D20O706wk [O707GM1.J]
Q0537F02O706>5si f0194 [O707GM1.J]
Q0538A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0538D01O706k25 [O707GM1.J]
Q0538D20O706wk [O707GM1.J]
Q0538F02O706>5si f0194 [O707GM1.J]
Q0539A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0539D01O706k25 [O707GM1.J]
Q0539D20O706wk [O707GM1.J]
Q0539F02O706>5si f0194 [O707GM1.J]
Q0540A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0540D01O706k23 [O707GM1.J]
Q0540D20O706wk [O707GM1.J]
Q0540F02O706>5si f0221 [O707GM1.J]
Q0541A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0541D01O706k23 [O707GM1.J]
Q0541D20O706wk [O707GM1.J]
Q0541F02O706>5si f0221 [O707GM1.J]
Q0542A21O706p [O707GM1.J]
Q0542D01O706k15 [O707GM1.J]
Q0542D20O706wk [O707GM1.J]
Q0542F02O706>5si f0229 [O707GM1.J]
Q0549A21O707p [O707JW1.J]
Q0549B11O707number allocated on O707 but not used. [O707JW1.J]
Q0593A21O712p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0593D01O712k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0593D13O712m3723 (8252) + 148 (height of instrument) - 60 [O716GM4.J]
Q0593D20O712r610 [O716GM4.J]
Q0593D22O7128164 [O716GM4.J]
Q0593F02O712>5si f0221 [O716GM4.J]
Q0594A21O712p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0594D01O712k24 [O716GM4.J]
Q0594D13O712m3724 (8170) + 164 (height of instrument) - 45 [O716GM4.J]
Q0594D20O712r571 [O716GM4.J]
Q0594D22O7128051 [O716GM4.J]
Q0594F02O712>5si f0246 [O716GM4.J]
Q0595A21O712p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0595D01O712k14 [O716GM4.J]
Q0595D13O712m3477 (8257) + 149 (height of instrument) - 65 [O716GM4.J]
Q0595D20O712NE r612 [O716GM4.J]
Q0595D21O712300 cms South, 400 cms East [O716GM4.J]
Q0595D22O7128173 [O716GM4.J]
Q0595F02O712>5si f0244 [O716GM4.J]
Q0597A21O712p [O716GM4.J]
Q0597D01O712k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0597D20O712wk [O716GM4.J]
Q0597F02O712>5si f0221 [O716GM4.J]
Q0598A21O712p [O716GM4.J]
Q0598D01O712k15 [O716GM4.J]
Q0598D06O7128247 @top [O716GM4.J]
Q0598D20O712NE m3472 [O716GM4.J]
Q0598D21O712100 cms South, 400 cms West [O716GM4.J]
Q0598F02O712>5si f0163 [O716GM4.J]
Q0599A21O712p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0599D01O712k14 [O716GM4.J]
Q0599D21O712300 cms South, 400 cms East [O716GM4.J]
Q0599F02O712>5si f0244 [O716GM4.J]
Q0600A21O712p [O716GM4.J]
Q0600D01O712k15 [O716GM4.J]
Q0600D13O712m3473 (8256) + 122 (height of instrument) - 82 [O716GM4.J]
Q0600D20O712SE r614 [O716GM4.J]
Q0600D21O712100 cms North, 400 cms West [O716GM4.J]
Q0600D22O7128216 [O716GM4.J]
Q0600F02O712>5si f0169 [O716GM4.J]
Q0601A21O712p [O716GM4.J]
Q0601D01O712k14 [O716GM4.J]
Q0601D21O712300 cms South, 400 cms East [O716GM4.J]
Q0601F02O712>5si f0244 [O716GM4.J]
Q0602A21O712p [O716GM4.J]
Q0602D01O712k15 [O716GM4.J]
Q0602F02O712>5si f0169 [O716GM4.J]
Q0603A21O712p [O716GM4.J]
Q0603D01O712k15 [O716GM4.J]
Q0603D20O712wf [O716GM4.J]
Q0603F02O712>5si f0248 [O716GM4.J]
Q0604A21O712p [O716GM4.J]
Q0604D01O712k15 [O716GM4.J]
Q0604F02O712>5si f0169 [O716GM4.J]
Q0605A21O712p [O716GM4.J]
Q0605D01O712k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0605F02O712>5si f0250 [O716GM4.J]
Q0606A21O712p [O716GM4.J]
Q0606D01O712k15 [O716GM4.J]
Q0606F02O712>5si f0169 [O716GM4.J]
Q0608B21O721qi060801 [O910JW.J]
Q0624D03O713632 (39995 34655 - 8129 / Relay location: NE corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0625D03O713633 (39995 34655 - 8129 / Relay location: SE corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0626B21O713qi062601 [O717GM1.J]
Q0626B21O713qi062602 [O717GM1.J]
Q0626D03O713635 (41162 33634 - 8138 / Relay location: SW corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0627A21O713p [O713JW.J]
Q0627B21O713qi062701 [O717GM1.J]
Q0627B21O713qi062702 [O717GM1.J]
Q0627C99O713This lot arose out of a project to excavate a baulk in a triangular shape to form a wheelbarrow ramp for dirt removal from loci further to the east. Pottery from features f182 and f186 were inadvertently mixed in the process. [O713JW.J]
Q0627D03O713634 (40630 33841 - 8131 / Relay location: NE corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0630A21O714p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0630D01O714k14 [O716GM4.J]
Q0630D13O714m3477 (8257) + 164 (height of instrument) - 34 [O716GM4.J]
Q0630D20O714NE r641 [O716GM4.J]
Q0630D22O7148127 [O716GM4.J]
Q0630F02O714>5si f0254 [O716GM4.J]
Q0631A21O714p [O716GM4.J]
Q0631D01O714k5 [O716GM4.J]
Q0631D13O714m3473 (8256) + 158 (height of instrument) - 77 [O716GM4.J]
Q0631D20O714NE r638 [O716GM4.J]
Q0631D21O714400 cms South, 100 cms East [O716GM4.J]
Q0631D22O7148175 [O716GM4.J]
Q0631F02O714>5si f0252 [O716GM4.J]
Q0632A21O714p [O716GM4.J]
Q0632D01O714k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0632D13O714m3723 (8252) + 158 (height of instrument) - 44 [O716GM4.J]
Q0632D20O714NE r636 [O716GM4.J]
Q0632D22O7148138 [O716GM4.J]
Q0632F02O714>5si f0250 [O716GM4.J]
Q0633A21O714p [O716GM4.J]
Q0633D01O714k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0633D13O714m3723 (8252) + 164 (height of instrument) - 27 [O716GM4.J]
Q0633D20O714NE r639 [O716GM4.J]
Q0633D22O7148115 [O716GM4.J]
Q0633F02O714>5si f0251 [O716GM4.J]
Q0648B21O714qi064801 [O717GM1.J]
Q0648B21O714qi064802 [O717GM1.J]
Q0648B21O714qi064803 [O717GM1.J]
Q0649D03O714648 (41029 33992 - 8140 / Relay location: SE corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0650D03O714649 (40693 34270 - 8248 / Relay location: SW corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0651B21O714qi065101 [O717GM1.J]
Q0651B21O715qi065102 [O910JW.J]
Q0651D03O714650 (39977 34267 - 8113 / Relay location: SW corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0653A21O715p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0653B21O715qi065301 [O717GM1.J]
Q0653B21O715qi065302 [O717GM1.J]
Q0653B21O715qi065304 [O717GM1.J]
Q0653B21O715qi065305 [O717GM1.J]
Q0653D01O715k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0653F02O715>5si f0255 [O716GM4.J]
Q0654A21O715p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0654D01O715k14 [O716GM4.J]
Q0654D03O715655 (40886 34469 - 8218 / Relay location: SE corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0654D13O715m3478 (8305) + 147 (height of instrument) - 60 [O716GM4.J]
Q0654D20O715SE r655 [O716GM4.J]
Q0654D22O7158218 [O716GM4.J]
Q0654F02O715>5si f0245 [O716GM4.J]
Q0655A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0655D01O715k5 [O716GM4.J]
Q0655D03O715653 (41417 34128 - 8115 / Relay location: NE corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0655D13O715m3463 (8174) + 165 (height of instrument) - 106 [O716GM4.J]
Q0655D20O715NE r653 [O716GM4.J]
Q0655D22O7158115 [O716GM4.J]
Q0655F02O715>5si f0256 [O716GM4.J]
Q0656A21O715p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0656D01O715k25 [O716GM4.J]
Q0656D03O715654 (40184 33685 - 8149 / Relay location: SE corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0656D13O715m3721 (8194) + 122 (height of instrument) - 77 [O716GM4.J]
Q0656D20O715SE r654 [O716GM4.J]
Q0656D22O7158149 [O716GM4.J]
Q0656F02O715>5si f0182 [O716GM4.J]
Q0657A21O715p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0657B21O715qi065701 [O717GM1.J]
Q0657D01O715k5 [O716GM4.J]
Q0657F02O715>5si f0256 [O716GM4.J]
Q0658A21O715p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0658B21O715qi065801 [O717GM1.J]
Q0658D01O715k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0658D03O715652 (39821 34604 - 8110 / Relay location: SE corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0658D13O715m3807 (8161) + 144 (height of instrument) - 93 [O716GM4.J]
Q0658D20O715SE r652 [O716GM4.J]
Q0658D22O7158110 [O716GM4.J]
Q0658F02O715>5si f0257 [O716GM4.J]
Q0659A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0659D01O715k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0659F02O715>5si f0257 [O716GM4.J]
Q0660A21O715p,b [O716GM4.J]
Q0660D01O715k22 [O716GM4.J]
Q0660D03O715656 (40160 34841 - 8369 / Relay location: NW corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0660D13O715m3653 (8368) + 110 (height of instrument) - 111 [O716GM4.J]
Q0660D20O715NW r656 [O716GM4.J]
Q0660D22O7158369 [O716GM4.J]
Q0660F02O715>5si f0258 [O716GM4.J]
Q0661A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0661D01O715k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0661F02O715>5si f0257 [O716GM4.J]
Q0662A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0662D01O715k25 [O716GM4.J]
Q0662F02O715>5si f0182 [O716GM4.J]
Q0663A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0663D01O715k25 [O716GM4.J]
Q0663F02O715>5si f0182 [O716GM4.J]
Q0664A21O715i [O716GM4.J]
Q0664F02O715>5si f0255 [O716GM4.J]
Q0665A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0665D01O715k5 [O716GM4.J]
Q0665F02O715>5si f0256 [O716GM4.J]
Q0666A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0666D01O715k5 [O716GM4.J]
Q0666F02O715>5si f0260 [O716GM4.J]
Q0667A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0667D01O715k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0667F02O715>5si f0255 [O716GM4.J]
Q0668A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0668D01O715k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0668F02O715>5si f0257 [O716GM4.J]
Q0669A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0669D01O715k5 [O716GM4.J]
Q0669D03O715672 (41062 33987 - 8092 / Relay location: SE corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0669D13O715m3466 (8211) + 146 (height of instrument) - 27 [O716GM4.J]
Q0669D20O715SE r672 [O716GM4.J]
Q0669D21O715300 cms North, 400 cms West [O716GM4.J]
Q0669D22O7158092 [O716GM4.J]
Q0669F02O715>5si f0260 [O716GM4.J]
Q0670A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0670D01O715k25 [O716GM4.J]
Q0670D03O715673 (40532 33826 - 8109 / Relay location: NW corner) [O719GM-R.J]
Q0670D13O715m3724 (8170) + 127 (height of instrument) - 66 [O716GM4.J]
Q0670D20O715r673 [O716GM4.J]
Q0670D22O7158109 [O716GM4.J]
Q0670F02O715>5si f0200 [O716GM4.J]
Q0671A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0671D01O715k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0671F02O715>5si f0257 [O716GM4.J]
Q0672A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0672D01O715k23 [O716GM4.J]
Q0672F02O715>5si f0255 [O716GM4.J]
Q0673A21O715p [O716GM4.J]
Q0673D01O715k25 [O716GM4.J]
Q0673F02O715>5si f0255 [O716GM4.J]
Q0693A21O719p [O905JW.J]
Q0693D01O719k5 [O905JW.J]
Q0693D03O719702 (41064 33990 - 8062 / Relay location: SE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0693D13O719m3460 (8332) + 163 (height of instrument) - 14 [O905JW.J]
Q0693D20O719r702 [O905JW.J]
Q0693D21O719400 cms North, 400 cms West [O905JW.J]
Q0693D22O7198183 [O905JW.J]
Q0693F02O719>5si f0275 [O905JW.J]
Q0694A21O719p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0694D01O719k4 [O905JW.J]
Q0694D03O719703 (41263 34613 - 8220 / Relay location: NE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0694D13O719m3474 (8309) + 150 (height of instrument) - 61 - 5 @bottom [O905JW.J]
Q0694D20O719r703 [O905JW.J]
Q0694D21O719200 cms South, 400 cms West [O905JW.J]
Q0694D22O7198220 [O905JW.J]
Q0694D23O7198215 [O905JW.J]
Q0694F02O719>5si f0223 [O905JW.J]
Q0695A21O719p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0695D01O719k13 [O905JW.J]
Q0695D03O719704 (40664 34920 - 8197 / Relay location: NE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0695D13O719m3540 (8319) + 150 (height of instrument) - 28 [O905JW.J]
Q0695D20O719r704 [O905JW.J]
Q0695D21O719400 cms South, 400 cms West [O905JW.J]
Q0695D22O7198197 [O905JW.J]
Q0695F02O719>5si f0267 [O905JW.J]
Q0696A21O719p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0696D01O719k25 [O905JW.J]
Q0696D03O719705 (40188 33686 - 8063 / Relay location: SW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0696D13O719m3721 (8194) + 163 (height of instrument) - 32 [O905JW.J]
Q0696D20O719r705 [O905JW.J]
Q0696D21O719100 cms North, 100 cms East [O905JW.J]
Q0696D22O7198063 [O905JW.J]
Q0696F02O719>5si f0269 [O905JW.J]
Q0697A21O719p [O905JW.J]
Q0697D01O719k4 [O905JW.J]
Q0697D03O719707 (41385 34256 - 8209 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0697D13O719m3475 (8263) + 128 (height of instrument) - 74 [O905JW.J]
Q0697D20O719r707 [O905JW.J]
Q0697D21O719200 cms South, 400 cms East [O905JW.J]
Q0697D22O7198209 [O905JW.J]
Q0697F02O719>5si f0223 [O905JW.J]
Q0698A21O719p [O905JW.J]
Q0698D01O719k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0698D03O719706 (40151 34844 - 8338 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0698D13O719m3653 (8368) + 128 (height of instrument) - 98 [O905JW.J]
Q0698D20O719r706 [O905JW.J]
Q0698D21O719400 cms South, 400 cms East [O905JW.J]
Q0698D22O7198338 [O905JW.J]
Q0698F02O719>5si f0258 [O905JW.J]
Q0699A21O719p,b,i [O905JW.J]
Q0699D01O719k3 [O905JW.J]
Q0699D03O719712 (41213 34721 - 8257 / Relay location: NE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0699D13O719m3655 (8319) + 143 (height of instrument) - 81 [O905JW.J]
Q0699D20O719r712 [O905JW.J]
Q0699D22O7198257 [O905JW.J]
Q0699F02O719>5si f0268 [O905JW.J]
Q0700A21O719p,i [O905JW.J]
Q0700D01O719k13 [O905JW.J]
Q0700D03O719710 (40661 34921 - 8196 / Relay location: NE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0700D13O719m3542 (8321) + 143 (height of instrument) - 18 - 10 @bottom [O905JW.J]
Q0700D20O719r710 [O905JW.J]
Q0700D21O719400 cms South, 400 cms East [O905JW.J]
Q0700D22O7198196 [O905JW.J]
Q0700D23O7198186 [O905JW.J]
Q0700F02O719>5si f0274 [O905JW.J]
Q0701A21O719p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0701D01O719k15 [O905JW.J]
Q0701D03O719715 (40619 33932 - 8194 / Relay location: SE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0701D13O719m3778 (8215) + 125 (height of instrument) - 104 [O905JW.J]
Q0701D20O719r715 [O905JW.J]
Q0701D22O7198194 [O905JW.J]
Q0701F02O719>5si f0163 [O905JW.J]
Q0702A21O719p,i [O905JW.J]
Q0702D01O719k3 [O905JW.J]
Q0702F02O719>5si f0268 [O905JW.J]
Q0703A21O719p [O905JW.J]
Q0703D01O719k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0703D03O719716 (40009 35195 - 8346 / Relay location: NE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0703D13O719m3654 (8431) + 134 (height of instrument) - 40 [O905JW.J]
Q0703D20O719r716 [O905JW.J]
Q0703D22O7198337 [O905JW.J]
Q0703F02O719>5si f0258 [O905JW.J]
Q0704A21O719p [O905JW.J]
Q0704D01O719k13 [O905JW.J]
Q0704F02O719>5si f0274 [O905JW.J]
Q0705A21O719p,b,i [O905JW.J]
Q0705D01O719k3 [O905JW.J]
Q0705D03O719717 (40882 34596 - 8247 / Relay location: SW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0705D13O719m3656 (8341) + 134 (height of instrument) - 40 [O905JW.J]
Q0705D20O719r717 [O905JW.J]
Q0705D21O719374 cms North, 127 cms East [O905JW.J]
Q0705D22O7198247 [O905JW.J]
Q0705F02O719>5si f0268 [O905JW.J]
Q0706A21O720p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0706D01O720k13 [O905JW.J]
Q0706D03O720720 (40291 34786 - 8188 / Relay location: SE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0706D13O720m3541 (8324) + 145 (height of instrument) - 91 [O905JW.J]
Q0706D20O720r720 [O905JW.J]
Q0706D21O720400 cms North, 350 cms West [O905JW.J]
Q0706D22O7208270 [O905JW.J]
Q0706F02O720>5si f0274 [O905JW.J]
Q0707A21O720p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0707D01O720k13 [O905JW.J]
Q0707D03O720724 (40439 34414 - 8186 / Relay location: SW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0707D13O720m3542 (8321) + 145 (height of instrument) - 10 [O905JW.J]
Q0707D20O720r724 [O905JW.J]
Q0707D21O720400 cms North, 400 cms East [O905JW.J]
Q0707D22O7208186 [O905JW.J]
Q0707F02O720>5si f0276 [O905JW.J]
Q0708A21O720p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0708D01O720k3 [O905JW.J]
Q0708D03O720723 (40743 34961 - 8245 / Relay location: SE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0708D13O720m3655 (8319) + 145 (height of instrument) - 71 [O905JW.J]
Q0708D20O720r723 [O905JW.J]
Q0708D21O720400 cms North, 400 cms East [O905JW.J]
Q0708D22O7208245 [O905JW.J]
Q0708F02O720>5si f0268 [O905JW.J]
Q0709A21O720p [O905JW.J]
Q0709D01O720k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0709D03O720719 (40017 35206 - 8346 / Relay location: NE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0709D13O720m3654 (8431) + 145 (height of instrument) - 60 [O905JW.J]
Q0709D20O720r719 [O905JW.J]
Q0709D21O720400 cms South, 400 cms West [O905JW.J]
Q0709D22O7208346 [O905JW.J]
Q0709F02O720>5si f0258 [O905JW.J]
Q0710A21O720p [O905JW.J]
Q0710D01O720k4 [O905JW.J]
Q0710D03O720722 (40926 34490 - 8200 / Relay location: SE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0710D13O720m3475 (8263) + 145 (height of instrument) - 82 [O905JW.J]
Q0710D20O720r722 [O905JW.J]
Q0710D21O720400 cms North, 400 cms West [O905JW.J]
Q0710D22O7208200 [O905JW.J]
Q0710F02O720>5si f0223 [O905JW.J]
Q0711A21O720p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0711D01O720k15 [O905JW.J]
Q0711D03O720721 (40625 33939 - 8163 / Relay location: SE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0711D13O720m3778 (8215) + 145 (height of instrument) - 93 [O905JW.J]
Q0711D20O720r721 [O905JW.J]
Q0711D22O7208163 [O905JW.J]
Q0711F02O720>5si f0244 [O905JW.J]
Q0712A21O720p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0712D01O720k4 [O905JW.J]
Q0712D03O720727 (41064 34121 - 8194 / Relay location: SW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0712D13O720m3673 (8313) + 142 (height of instrument) - 23 [O905JW.J]
Q0712D20O720r727 [O905JW.J]
Q0712D21O720400 cms North, 400 cms East [O905JW.J]
Q0712D22O7208194 [O905JW.J]
Q0712F02O720>5si f0278 [O905JW.J]
Q0713A21O720p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0713D01O720k14 [O905JW.J]
Q0713D03O720726 (40969 34068 - 8141 / Relay location: pit center) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0713D13O720m3776 (8215) + 142 (height of instrument) - 68 [O905JW.J]
Q0713D20O720r726 [O905JW.J]
Q0713D22O7208141 [O905JW.J]
Q0713F02O720>5si f0203 [O905JW.J]
Q0714A21O720p [O905JW.J]
Q0714D01O720k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0714D20O720wk [O905JW.J]
Q0714F02O720>5si f0277 [O905JW.J]
Q0715A21O720p,i [O905JW.J]
Q0715D01O720k3 [O905JW.J]
Q0715D03O720730 (40743 34959 - 8241) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0715D13O720m3655 (8319) + 149 (height of instrument) - 71 [O905JW.J]
Q0715D20O720r730 [O905JW.J]
Q0715D22O7208241 [O905JW.J]
Q0715F02O720>5si f0268 [O905JW.J]
Q0716A21O720p,i [O905JW.J]
Q0716D01O720k13 [O905JW.J]
Q0716D03O720733 (40793 34556 - 8172 / Relay location: NW corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0716F02O720>5si f0274 [O905JW.J]
Q0717A21O720p,b,i [O905JW.J]
Q0717D01O720k3 [O905JW.J]
Q0717D03O720737 (40741 34959 - 8238 / Relay location: SE corner) [O829JW4R.J]
Q0717D20O720r737 [O905JW.J]
Q0717F02O720>5si f0268 [O905JW.J]
Q0718A21O720p [O905JW.J]
Q0718B21O721qi071802 [O910JW.J]
Q0718D01O720k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0718F02O720>5si f0277 [O905JW.J]
Q0719A21O721p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0719B21O721qi071901 [O910JW.J]
Q0719B21O721qi071903 [O910JW.J]
Q0719B21O721qi071904 [O910JW.J]
Q0719D01O721k14 [O905JW.J]
Q0719D03O721744 (40594 34015 - 8140 / Relay location: SW corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0719D13O721m3778 (8215) + 136 (height of instrument) - 61 [O905JW.J]
Q0719D20O721r744 [O905JW.J]
Q0719D22O7218140 [O905JW.J]
Q0719F02O721>5si f0245 [O905JW.J]
Q0720A21O721p [O905JW.J]
Q0720D01O721k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0720D03O721738 (39793 34719 - 8293 / Relay location: SW corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0720D13O721m3654 (8431) + 160 (height of instrument) - 22 [O905JW.J]
Q0720D20O721r738 [O905JW.J]
Q0720D22O7218293 [O905JW.J]
Q0720F02O721>5si f0277 [O905JW.J]
Q0721A21O721p,b,i [O905JW.J]
Q0721B21O721qi072101 [O910JW.J]
Q0721D01O721k4 [O905JW.J]
Q0721D03O721740 (41063 34121 - 8187 / Relay location: SW corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0721D13O721m3424 (8256) + 160 (height of instrument) - 38 [O905JW.J]
Q0721D20O721r740 [O905JW.J]
Q0721D22O7218134 [O905JW.J]
Q0721F02O721>5si f0278 [O905JW.J]
Q0722A21O721p,b,i [O905JW.J]
Q0722B21O721qi072201 [O910JW.J]
Q0722B21O721qi072202 [O910JW.J]
Q0722D01O721k13 [O905JW.J]
Q0722D03O721739 (40442 34428 - 8164 / Relay location: SW corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0722D13O721m3542 (8321) + 164 (height of instrument) - 7 [O905JW.J]
Q0722D20O721r739 [O905JW.J]
Q0722D22O7218164 [O905JW.J]
Q0722F02O721>5si f0274 [O905JW.J]
Q0723A21O721p,b,i [O905JW.J]
Q0723B21O721qi072301 [O910JW.J]
Q0723B21O721qi072302 [O910JW.J]
Q0723D01O721k3 [O905JW.J]
Q0723D03O721741 (41206 34724 - 8229 / Relay location: NW corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0723D13O721m3655 (8319) + 136 (height of instrument) - 46 [O905JW.J]
Q0723D20O721r741 [O905JW.J]
Q0723D22O7218229 [O905JW.J]
Q0723F02O721>5si f0268 [O905JW.J]
Q0724A21O721p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072401 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072402 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072403 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072404 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072405 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072406 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072407 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072408 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072409 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072410 [O910JW.J]
Q0724B21O721qi072411 [O910JW.J]
Q0724D01O721k3 [O905JW.J]
Q0724D03O721743 (40883 34606 - 8226 / Relay location: SW corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0724D13O721m3656 (8341) + 136 (height of instrument) - 21 [O905JW.J]
Q0724D20O721r743 [O905JW.J]
Q0724D22O7218226 [O905JW.J]
Q0724F02O721>5si f0268 [O905JW.J]
Q0725A21O721p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0725B21O721qi072501 [O910JW.J]
Q0725D01O721k14 [O905JW.J]
Q0725D03O721745 (40617 33957 - 8122 / Relay location: SW corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0725D20O721r745 [O905JW.J]
Q0725F02O721>5si f0244 [O905JW.J]
Q0726A21O721p [O905JW.J]
Q0726D01O721k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0726D03O721746 (40018 35211 - 8290 / Relay location: NE corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0726D20O721r746 [O905JW.J]
Q0726F02O721>5si f0277 [O905JW.J]
Q0727A21O721p [O905JW.J]
Q0727D01O721k13 [O905JW.J]
Q0727D03O721750 (40299 34785 - 8154 / Relay location: SE corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0727D20O721r750 [O905JW.J]
Q0727F02O721>5si f0274 [O905JW.J]
Q0728A21O721p [O905JW.J]
Q0728D01O721k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0728D03O721747 (39788 34706 - 8278 / Relay location: SW corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0728F02O721>5si f0277 [O905JW.J]
Q0729A21O721p [O905JW.J]
Q0729D01O721k4 [O905JW.J]
Q0729D03O721752 (40926 34495 - 8198 / Relay location: SW corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0729F02O721>5si f0278 [O905JW.J]
Q0730A21O721p [O905JW.J]
Q0730B21O721qi073001 [O910JW.J]
Q0730B21O721qi073002 [O910JW.J]
Q0730B21O721qi073004 [O910JW.J]
Q0730B21O721qi073005 [O910JW.J]
Q0730B21O721qi073006 [O910JW.J]
Q0730D01O721k13 [O905JW.J]
Q0730D03O721751 (40660 34918 - 8161 / Relay location: NE corner) [O721JW2R.J]
Q0730F02O721>5si f0280 [O905JW.J]
Q0731A21O722p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0731D01O722k15 [O905JW.J]
Q0731D03O722759 (40620 33942 - 8149 / Relay location: SE corner) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0731D20O722r759 [O905JW.J]
Q0731F02O722>5si f0245 [O905JW.J]
Q0732A21O722p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0732B21O722qi073201 [O910JW.J]
Q0732D01O722k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0732D03O722760 (39784 34717 - 8261 / Relay location: SW corner) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0732D20O722r760 [O905JW.J]
Q0732F02O722>5si f0277 [O905JW.J]
Q0733A21O722p,i [O905JW.J]
Q0733B21O722qi073301 [O910JW.J]
Q0733B21O722qi073302 [O910JW.J]
Q0733B21O722qi073303 [O910JW.J]
Q0733D01O722k3 [O905JW.J]
Q0733D03O722761 (40838 34624 - 8215 / Relay location: SW corner) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0733D20O722r761 [O905JW.J]
Q0733F02O722>5si f0268 [O905JW.J]
Q0734A21O722p [O905JW.J]
Q0734D01O722k24 [O905JW.J]
Q0734D03O722762 (40334 34365 - 8222 / Relay location: NE corner) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0734D20O722r762 [O905JW.J]
Q0734F02O722>5si f0183 [O905JW.J]
Q0735A21O722p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0735B21O722qi073501 [O910JW.J]
Q0735D01O722k12 [O905JW.J]
Q0735D03O722763 (40121 35253 - 8302 / Relay location: SE corner) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0735D20O722r763 [O905JW.J]
Q0735F02O722>5si f0043 [O905JW.J]
Q0736A21O722p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0736D01O722k15 [O905JW.J]
Q0736F02O722>5si f0244 [O905JW.J]
Q0737A21O722p,i [O905JW.J]
Q0737B21O722qi073701 [O910JW.J]
Q0737B21O722qi073702 [O910JW.J]
Q0737B21O722qi073703 [O910JW.J]
Q0737B21O722qi073704 [O910JW.J]
Q0737D01O722k12 [O905JW.J]
Q0737D03O722776 (40122 35254 - 8289 / Relay location: SE corner) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0737D20O722r776 [O905JW.J]
Q0737F02O722>5si f0043 [O905JW.J]
Q0738A21O722p [O905JW.J]
Q0738B21O722qi073801 [O910JW.J]
Q0738B21O722qi073802 [O910JW.J]
Q0738D01O722k24 [O905JW.J]
Q0738D03O722764 (40316 34354 - 8280 / Relay location: NE corner) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0738D20O722r764 [O905JW.J]
Q0738F02O722>5si f0185 [O905JW.J]
Q0739A21O722p [O905JW.J]
Q0739D01O722k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0739F02O722>5si f0277 [O905JW.J]
Q0740A21O722p [O905JW.J]
Q0740D01O722k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0740F02O722>5si f0277 [O905JW.J]
Q0741A21O722p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0741D01O722k12 [O905JW.J]
Q0741D03O722778 (40267 34901 - 8276 / Relay location: SW corner) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0741D20O722r778 [O905JW.J]
Q0741F02O722>5si f0043 [O905JW.J]
Q0742A21O722p,i [O905JW.J]
Q0742B21O722qi074201 [O910JW.J]
Q0742B21O722qi074202 [O910JW.J]
Q0742B21O722qi074203 [O910JW.J]
Q0742B21O722qi074204 [O910JW.J]
Q0742B21O722qi074205 [O910JW.J]
Q0742D01O722k12 [O905JW.J]
Q0742F02O722>5si f0042 [O905JW.J]
Q0743A21O722p,b [O905JW.J]
Q0743B21O722qi074301 [O910JW.J]
Q0743D01O722k12 [O905JW.J]
Q0743F02O722>5si f0284 [O905JW.J]
Q0744A21O722p [O905JW.J]
Q0744D01O722k24 [O905JW.J]
Q0744D03O722775 (40622 33948 - 8125 / Relay location: center of object) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0744D20O722r775 [O905JW.J]
Q0744F02O722>5si f0234 [O905JW.J]
Q0745A21O722i [O905JW.J]
Q0745D01O722k4 [O905JW.J]
Q0745F02O722>5si f0278 [O905JW.J]
Q0746A21O722p [O905JW.J]
Q0746D01O722k22 [O905JW.J]
Q0746D03O722785 (40015 35209 - 8250 / Relay location: NE corner) [O722JW-R.J]
Q0746D20O722r785 [O905JW.J]
Q0746F02O722>5si f0277 [O905JW.J]
Q0747A21O722p [O905JW.J]
Q0747D01O722k12 [O905JW.J]
Q0747F02O722>5si f0043 [O905JW.J]
Q0748A21O722i [O905JW.J]
Q0748B21O722qi074801 [O910JW.J]
Q0748B21O725qi074802 [O910JW.J]
Q0748D01O722k4 [O905JW.J]
Q0748F02O722>5si f0278 [O905JW.J]
Q0749A21O722i [O905JW.J]
Q0749D01O722k4 [O905JW.J]
Q0749F02O722>5si f0278 [O905JW.J]
Q0750B21O725qi075001 [O910JW.J]
Q0750D03O725789 (40427 35359 - 8295 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0751B21O725qi075101 [O910JW.J]
Q0751D03O725790 (41226 34730 - 8218 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0752D03O725791 (40141 34847 - 8238 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0753B21O725qi075301 [O910JW.J]
Q0753B21O725qi075302 [O910JW.J]
Q0753B21O725qi075303 [O910JW.J]
Q0753B21O725qi075304 [O910JW.J]
Q0753B21O725qi075305 [O910JW.J]
Q0753D03O725792 (40926 34492 - 8195 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0754D03O725793 (39987 34233 - 8161 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0755D03O725794 (39869 35154 - 8248 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0756B21O725qi075601 [O910JW.J]
Q0756D03O725796 (40484 35386 - 8354 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0757D03O725797 (39973 35310 - 8365 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0758B21O725qi075801 [O910JW.J]
Q0758B21O725qi075802 [O910JW.J]
Q0758B21O725qi075803 [O910JW.J]
Q0758D03O725811 (41053 35068 - 8212 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0759B21O725qi075901 [O910JW.J]
Q0759D03O725809 (40599 35065 - 8331 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0760B21O725qi076001 [O910JW.J]
Q0760D03O725810 (40573 35040 - 8302 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0761D03O725813 (40439 35455 - 8355 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0761D03O726817 (40385 35640 - 8356 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
Q0763B21O725qi076301 [O910JW.J]
Q0764D03O725814 (39909 35495 - 8365 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW-R.J]
Q0767D03O726815 (39545 35342 - 8384 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
Q0768D03O726816 (41064 34118 - 8184 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
Q0770D03O726829 (41045 35068 - 8223 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
Q0770D03O726851 (40886 34596 - 8180 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
Q0772D03O727904 (40114 35269 - 8325 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0774D03O726852 (41265 34758 - 8208 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW2R.J]
Q0779D03O726863 (39544 35337 - 8348 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW2R.J]
Q0780D03O727865 (39968 35309 - 8333 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0781D03O727866 (40096 35810 - 8319 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0782D03O727864 (41125 35089 - 8217 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0783D03O727868 (41247 34605 - 8183 / Relay location: NE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0784D03O727867 (40184 34758 - 8351 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0787D03O727869 (40085 35353 - 8320 / Relay location: SW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0788D03O727878 (40408 35540 - 8336 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0792D03O727914 (39873 35143 - 8356 / Relay location: SE corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0798D03O727889 (41266 34752 - 8195 / Relay location: NW corner) [O830JW4R.J]
Q0831B21O914qi083102 [O914JW.J]
Q0831B21O914qi08310201 [O914JW.J]
Q0831B21O914qi083104 [O914JW.J]
Q0834B21O914qi083403 [O914JW.J]
Q0834B21O914qi083404 [O914JW.J]
Q0834B21O914qi083405 [O914JW.J]
Q0835B21O914qi083501 [O914JW.J]
Q0835B21O914qi083502 [O914JW.J]
Q0835B21O914qi083503 [O914JW.J]
Q0835B21O914qi083504 [O914JW.J]
Q0835B21O914qi083505 [O914JW.J]
Q0836B21O914qi083602 [O914JW.J]
Q0836B21O914qi083603 [O914JW.J]
Q0837B21O914qi083701 [O914JW.J]
Q0837D03O826958 (41047 33995 - 8057 / Relay location: NE corner) [O828JW-R.J]
Q0843A21O914p [O914JW.J]
Q0843A21O915p [O915JW.J]
Q0843A98O914Consolidated here to be processed as sherds, as none could be restored to a whole vessel. [O914JW.J]
Q0843B11O914New pottery lot comprised of eight string-cut bases that were originally designated as item A14q527.2. [O914JW.J]
Q0843D01O915k25 [O915JW.J]
Q0843F02O915>5si f0194 [O915JW.J]
Q0843P99O914Stored with pottery lots [O914JW.J]
Q0844A21O914p [O914JW.J]
Q0844A21O915p [O915JW.J]
Q0844A98O914Not restorable, so assigned to this q-lot to be processed as sherds. [O914JW.J]
Q0844B11O914New pottery lot comprised sherds from a jar excavated in MZ17 and originally thought to be restorable, A14.139. [O914JW.J]
Q0844D01O915k14 [O915JW.J]
Q0844F02O915>5si f0238 [O915JW.J]
Q0844P99O914Stored with pottery lots. [O914JW.J]
Q0845A21O914p [O914JW.J]
Q0845A21O915p [O915JW.J]
Q0845A98O914Not restorable, so assigned to this q-lot to be processed as sherds. [O914JW.J]
Q0845B11O914New pottery lot comprised sherds from a jar excavated in MZ17 and originally thought to be restorable, A14.138. [O914JW.J]
Q0845D01O915k14 [O915JW.J]
Q0845F02O915>5si f0238 [O915JW.J]
Q0845P99O914Stored with pottery lots. [O914JW.J]
Q0846A21O914p [O914JW.J]
Q0846A21O915p [O915JW.J]
Q0846A98O914Not restorable, so assigned to this q-lot to be processed as sherds. [O914JW.J]
Q0846B11O914New pottery lot comprised sherds from a jar excavated in MZ16 and originally thought to be restorable, A14.77. [O914JW.J]
Q0846D01O915k2 [O915JW.J]
Q0846F02O915>5si f0104 [O915JW.J]
Q0846P99O914Stored with pottery lots. [O914JW.J]
QI000501A21O817fg [O914JW.J]
QI000501B11O817Fragment of what may be the leg of a figurine. It is cylindrical, tapering somewhat from what appears to be the point of attachment to a bigger, rounded object. [O914JW.J]
QI000501C99O817Originally included in a pottery lot (A14q5-p) in season MZ14, but recognized as an item by hh and forwarded for proper analysis and storage. [O914JW.J]
QI000501D10O817Measurements are of the extant fragment. w2 is the maximum diameter. [O914JW.J]
QI000501J02O8174.2 [O914JW.J]
QI000501J04O8172.3 [O914JW.J]
QI000501K05O817light gray [O914JW.J]
QI000501K06O8172.5Y7/2 [O914JW.J]
QI000501P02O817ZSB 2-9 [O914JW.J]
QI001703A21O817fg [O914JW.J]
QI001703B11O817Fragment of what may the neck of a figurine. It is cylindrical and slightly curved along the long axis. [O914JW.J]
QI001703C99O817Originally included in a pottery lot (A14q17-p) in season MZ14, but recognized as an item by hh and forwarded for proper analysis and storage. [O914JW.J]
QI001703D10O817Measurements are of the extant fragment. [O914JW.J]
QI001703J02O8172.15 [O914JW.J]
QI001703J04O8172.05 [O914JW.J]
QI001703K05O817light gray [O914JW.J]
QI001703K06O8172.5Y7/2 [O914JW.J]
QI001703P02O817ZSB 2-9 [O914JW.J]
QI023201A21O914ca [O914JW.J]
QI023201B11O914fragment of a clay artifact shaped like a human foot, impression on flat side [O914JW.J]
QI023201J01O9148.15 [O914JW.J]
QI023201J02O91410.90 [O914JW.J]
QI023201J03O9144.35 [O914JW.J]
QI023201K05O914light brown [O914JW.J]
QI023201P02O9147-59 [O914JW.J]
QI038101A21O914ca [O914JW.J]
QI038101B11O914fragment of a decorated, un-fired clay disk. The front has a raised, convex center section into the center of which is pressed a smaller concave depression centered on the axis of rotation. Beyond the center, the disk is decorated with closely spaced radial lines from the outside edge of the center section to the circumference; however, the back is flat and undecorated. [O914JW.J]
QI038101J01O9141.3 [O914JW.J]
QI038101J04O9146.5 [O914JW.J]
QI038101K05O914light gray [O914JW.J]
QI038101K06O91410YR7/2 [O914JW.J]
QI038101K10O914About half of the object remains, including the entire center core and a little less than half of the peripheral elements. [O914JW.J]
QI038101K99O914Diameter of center section is 2.8cm. [O914JW.J]
QI038101P99O914to drafting and photography [O914JW.J]
QI041302A21O627cl [O628GM.J]
QI041302B11O627Clay object with lots of fingerprints on the external surface; it shows also the pleats caused by the pressure on the material. On the internal side there's an imprint, composed by three parallel concavities, long and narrow. The section shows a burned spot. [O628GM.J]
QI041302D99O627The object comes from the pottery bag [O628GM.J]
QI041302J01O6272.74 [O628GM.J]
QI041302J02O6275.04 [O628GM.J]
QI041302J03O6272.64 [O628GM.J]
QI041302J08O62731 [O628GM.J]
QI041302K03O627CL [O628GM.J]
QI041302K05O627pale yellow [O628GM.J]
QI041302K06O62710YR7/3 [O628GM.J]
QI041302P02O627ZSB 8-23 [O628GM.J]
QI041502BA1O621sp [O626GM2.J]
QI041502BA2O6210.7 [O626GM2.J]
QI041502BA3O6211.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041502BA4O6211.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041502BA6O621li [O626GM2.J]
QI041502BA8O621milky white [O626GM2.J]
QI041502BA9O621mineral crystal [O626GM2.J]
QI041503A21O914t [O914JW.J]
QI041503B11O914Fragment of clay disk with impressed circles. [O914JW.J]
QI041503BA1O621ca [O626GM2.J]
QI041503BA2O6211 [O626GM2.J]
QI041503BA3O6213.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041503BA4O6212.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041503BA6O621cl [O626GM2.J]
QI041503BA8O621tan [O626GM2.J]
QI041503BA9O6211/2 clay wheel with incised top [O626GM2.J]
QI041503K10O914Over one-third extant including an arc of the rim and the center. [O914JW.J]
QI041503K99O914Examined by gb, who stated that it could be a numeric or school tablet. [O914JW.J]
QI041503P99O914to drafting and then to the Dier ez-Zor museum. [O914JW.J]
QI041601BA1O621ca [O626GM2.J]
QI041601BA2O6211 [O626GM2.J]
QI041601BA3O6212.3 [O626GM2.J]
QI041601BA4O6211.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041601BA6O621cl [O626GM2.J]
QI041601BA8O621gray [O626GM2.J]
QI041601BA9O621clay lump with fingerprint [O626GM2.J]
QI041602BA1O621ca [O626GM2.J]
QI041602BA2O6211.3 [O626GM2.J]
QI041602BA3O6213.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041602BA4O6213 [O626GM2.J]
QI041602BA6O621cl [O626GM2.J]
QI041602BA8O621dark brown [O626GM2.J]
QI041602BA9O6213 pcs meadured largest piece [O626GM2.J]
QI041603BA1O621ca [O626GM2.J]
QI041603BA2O6211.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041603BA3O6212.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041603BA4O6212 [O626GM2.J]
QI041603BA6O621cl [O626GM2.J]
QI041603BA9O6212 pcs, measured largest piece [O626GM2.J]
QI041604BA1O621sm [O626GM2.J]
QI041604BA9O621charcoal imbedded in dirt matrix [O626GM2.J]
QI041701BA1O621la [O626GM2.J]
QI041701BA2O6210.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041701BA3O6213.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041701BA4O6212.5 [O626GM2.J]
QI041701BA6O621ob [O626GM2.J]
QI041701BA8O621black [O626GM2.J]
QI041701BA9O621large obsidian flake [O626GM2.J]
QI043801BA1O627ca [O628GM3.J]
QI043801BA2O6272.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI043801BA3O6276 [O628GM3.J]
QI043801BA4O6274.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI043801BA6O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI043801BA8O627brown [O628GM3.J]
QI043801BA9O6274 goose-egg pcs, measured largest [O628GM3.J]
QI043901BA1O627la [O628GM3.J]
QI043901BA2O6271.7 [O628GM3.J]
QI043901BA3O6273 [O628GM3.J]
QI043901BA4O6272 [O628GM3.J]
QI043901BA6O627li [O628GM3.J]
QI043901BA8O627gray [O628GM3.J]
QI043901BA9O627flint core [O628GM3.J]
QI044001BA1O627ma [O628GM3.J]
QI044001BA2O6276.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044001BA4O6270.3 [O628GM3.J]
QI044001BA6O627bz [O628GM3.J]
QI044001BA9O627bronze fibula [O628GM3.J]
QI044002BA1O627ca [O628GM3.J]
QI044002BA2O6272 [O628GM3.J]
QI044002BA5O6271 [O628GM3.J]
QI044002BA6O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044002BA8O627tan [O628GM3.J]
QI044002BA9O627clay bead [O628GM3.J]
QI044101A21O627la [O628GM.J]
QI044101B11O627Two obsidian fragments. One is a flake, with signs of hitting, and half of the surface is still rough; one side shows notches. The other is a tool, broken, with the lower face still rough and covered by concretions, instead the upper face is polished, and shows three main plains divided by two corners. [O628GM.J]
QI044101BA1O627la [O628GM3.J]
QI044101BA2O6270.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044101BA3O6272.8 [O628GM3.J]
QI044101BA4O6272 [O628GM3.J]
QI044101BA6O627ob [O628GM3.J]
QI044101BA8O627black [O628GM3.J]
QI044101BA9O6272 obsidian flakes [O628GM3.J]
QI044101D10O627Measures taken on the larger piece [O628GM.J]
QI044101J01O6270.72 [O628GM.J]
QI044101J02O6272.90 [O628GM.J]
QI044101J03O6272.04 [O628GM.J]
QI044101K03O627OB [O628GM.J]
QI044101K05O627black [O628GM.J]
QI044101P02O627ZSB 16-33 [O628GM.J]
QI044201A21O627ca [O628GM.J]
QI044201B11O627Ten pieces of clay objects, with oblong shape, almost triangular section, plain sides, rounded edges, roots and traces of roots. The dimensions for all of them are less than a half of an entire object. [O628GM.J]
QI044201BA1O627ca [O628GM3.J]
QI044201BA2O6274 [O628GM3.J]
QI044201BA3O6277 [O628GM3.J]
QI044201BA4O6274.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044201BA6O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044201BA8O627brown [O628GM3.J]
QI044201BA9O6279 goose-eggs pcs, largest measured [O628GM3.J]
QI044201D10O627Bigger piece measured [O628GM.J]
QI044201J01O6274.11 [O628GM.J]
QI044201J02O6277.04 [O628GM.J]
QI044201J03O6274.27 [O628GM.J]
QI044201J08O627108 [O628GM.J]
QI044201K03O627CL [O628GM.J]
QI044201K05O627pink [O628GM.J]
QI044201K06O6275YR7/3 [O628GM.J]
QI044201P99O627To photography [O628GM.J]
QI044202A21O627ca [O628GM.J]
QI044202B11O627Two pieces of clay objects, with oblong shape, plain sides, rounded edges, triangular section, roots and traces of roots. Bad conservation. [O628GM.J]
QI044202BA1O627ca [O628GM3.J]
QI044202BA2O6274.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044202BA3O6277 [O628GM3.J]
QI044202BA4O6274 [O628GM3.J]
QI044202BA6O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044202BA8O627brown [O628GM3.J]
QI044202BA9O6272 clay pcs, not eggs, from 176, measured largest [O628GM3.J]
QI044202D10O627Bigger piece measured [O628GM.J]
QI044202J01O6274.27 [O628GM.J]
QI044202J02O6277.23 [O628GM.J]
QI044202J03O6274.41 [O628GM.J]
QI044202J08O62791 [O628GM.J]
QI044202K03O627CL [O628GM.J]
QI044202K05O627pinkish gray [O628GM.J]
QI044202K06O6275YR7/2 [O628GM.J]
QI044202P99O627To photography [O628GM.J]
QI044203A21O627sp [O628GM.J]
QI044203B11O627Clay lump with bitumen layer attached; very fragile and incoherent. [O628GM.J]
QI044203BA1O627sm [O628GM3.J]
QI044203BA2O6274 [O628GM3.J]
QI044203BA3O6274.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044203BA4O6274 [O628GM3.J]
QI044203BA6O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044203BA8O627black-brown [O628GM3.J]
QI044203BA9O627bitumen cooted, clay piece [O628GM3.J]
QI044203J01O6274.45 [O628GM.J]
QI044203J02O6275.43 [O628GM.J]
QI044203J03O6274.46 [O628GM.J]
QI044203J08O62748 [O628GM.J]
QI044203K03O627CL [O628GM.J]
QI044203K05O627light gray [O628GM.J]
QI044203K06O62710YR7/2 [O628GM.J]
QI044203P02O627ZSB 29-14 [O628GM.J]
QI044204A21O627ca [O628GM.J]
QI044204B11O627One fragment of one clay object (more than a half of the entire object), with triangular section, oblong shape, plain sides, rounded edges, roots and traces of roots, burned spots on surface. [O628GM.J]
QI044204BA1O627ca [O628GM3.J]
QI044204BA2O6274 [O628GM3.J]
QI044204BA3O6278 [O628GM3.J]
QI044204BA4O6274.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044204BA6O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044204BA8O627brown [O628GM3.J]
QI044204BA9O627clay egg fragment [O628GM3.J]
QI044204J01O6274.00 [O628GM.J]
QI044204J02O6278.34 [O628GM.J]
QI044204J03O6274.89 [O628GM.J]
QI044204J08O627153 [O628GM.J]
QI044204K03O627CL [O628GM.J]
QI044204K05O627pink [O628GM.J]
QI044204K06O6275YR7/3 [O628GM.J]
QI044204P99O627To photography [O628GM.J]
QI044301A21O628la [O628GM.J]
QI044301B11O628Granding stone, very heavy; one side has a rounded shape, instead the opposite is plain but with a little concavity; the material is rough, the section is semi circular. [O628GM.J]
QI044301BA1O628la [O628GM3.J]
QI044301BA2O6286.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044301BA3O62818 [O628GM3.J]
QI044301BA4O62813 [O628GM3.J]
QI044301BA6O628li [O628GM3.J]
QI044301BA9O628basalt grinding stone/door socket [O628GM3.J]
QI044301D10O628weight > 1 k [O628GM.J]
QI044301J01O6286.30 [O628GM.J]
QI044301J02O62817.34 [O628GM.J]
QI044301J03O62812.95 [O628GM.J]
QI044301K03O628LI [O628GM.J]
QI044301K05O628dark gray [O628GM.J]
QI044301P99O628To photography [O628GM.J]
QI044501A21O627ca [O628GM.J]
QI044501B11O62738 pieces of clay objects, with oblong shape, rounded edges, plain sides, triangular section, roots and traces of roots, burned spots. [O628GM.J]
QI044501BA1O627ca [O628GM3.J]
QI044501BA2O6275 [O628GM3.J]
QI044501BA3O6277 [O628GM3.J]
QI044501BA4O6275 [O628GM3.J]
QI044501BA6O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044501BA9O627about 30 egg pcs, largest piece measured [O628GM3.J]
QI044501D10O627Bigger piece measured [O628GM.J]
QI044501J01O6274.76 [O628GM.J]
QI044501J02O6278.62 [O628GM.J]
QI044501J03O6274.81 [O628GM.J]
QI044501J08O627186 [O628GM.J]
QI044501K03O627CL [O628GM.J]
QI044501K05O627pink [O628GM.J]
QI044501K06O6277.5YR7/4 [O628GM.J]
QI044501P99O627To photography [O628GM.J]
QI044502A21O627cl [O628GM.J]
QI044502B11O627Clay lump with imprints on both sides. The smoother side shows two parallel concavities (probably made by fingers, but no fingerprints); the other side shows several small concavities, close one another. [O628GM.J]
QI044502BA1O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044502BA2O6271.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044502BA3O6275 [O628GM3.J]
QI044502BA4O6273.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044502BA6O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044502BA8O627brown [O628GM3.J]
QI044502BA9O627finger marks [O628GM3.J]
QI044502J01O6271.96 [O628GM.J]
QI044502J02O6275.22 [O628GM.J]
QI044502J03O6274.06 [O628GM.J]
QI044502J08O62731 [O628GM.J]
QI044502K03O627CL [O628GM.J]
QI044502K05O627pinkish gray [O628GM.J]
QI044502K06O6277.5YR7/2 [O628GM.J]
QI044502P02O627ZSB 8-23 [O628GM.J]
QI044503A21O627fg [O628GM.J]
QI044503B11O627Small piece of a figurine with fingerprints on the surface and burned spots; almost round section, broken, one end larger than the other. [O628GM.J]
QI044503BA1O627fg [O628GM3.J]
QI044503BA2O6271.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044503BA3O6273 [O628GM3.J]
QI044503BA4O6272 [O628GM3.J]
QI044503BA6O627cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044503BA8O627gray-brown [O628GM3.J]
QI044503BA9O627possible?? [O628GM3.J]
QI044503J01O6271.70 [O628GM.J]
QI044503J02O6272.89 [O628GM.J]
QI044503J03O6271.97 [O628GM.J]
QI044503J08O62710 [O628GM.J]
QI044503K03O627CL [O628GM.J]
QI044503K05O627pinkish gray [O628GM.J]
QI044503K06O6277.5YR7/2 [O628GM.J]
QI044503P02O627ZSB 2.13-6 [O628GM.J]
QI044901A21O628ca [O628GM.J]
QI044901B11O62813 pieces of clay objects, with oblong shape, plain sides, rounded edges, triangular section, roots and traces of roots, burned spots. [O628GM.J]
QI044901BA1O628ca [O628GM3.J]
QI044901BA2O6284.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044901BA3O6289 [O628GM3.J]
QI044901BA4O6284.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI044901BA6O628cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044901BA9O62813 pieces of clay eggs, largest measured [O628GM3.J]
QI044901D10O628Bigger piece measured [O628GM.J]
QI044901J01O6284.20 [O628GM.J]
QI044901J02O6288.97 [O628GM.J]
QI044901J03O6284.72 [O628GM.J]
QI044901J08O628147 [O628GM.J]
QI044901K03O628CL [O628GM.J]
QI044901K05O628pink [O628GM.J]
QI044901K06O6287.5YR7/4 [O628GM.J]
QI044901P99O628To photography [O628GM.J]
QI044902A21O628cl [O628GM.J]
QI044902B11O628Clay lump, almost globular shape, with a string imprint on its surface; in section a thin bluish fragment is visible. [O628GM.J]
QI044902BA1O628cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044902BA2O6282 [O628GM3.J]
QI044902BA3O6284 [O628GM3.J]
QI044902BA4O6283 [O628GM3.J]
QI044902BA6O628cl [O628GM3.J]
QI044902BA9O628lump with unknown inclusion [O628GM3.J]
QI044902J01O6282.28 [O628GM.J]
QI044902J02O6284.11 [O628GM.J]
QI044902J03O6283.08 [O628GM.J]
QI044902J08O62814 [O628GM.J]
QI044902K03O628CL [O628GM.J]
QI044902K05O628reddish yellow [O628GM.J]
QI044902K06O6287.5YR8/6 [O628GM.J]
QI044902P02O628ZSB 8-23 [O628GM.J]
QI045001A21O628sp [O628GM.J]
QI045001B11O628Charcoal embedded in dirt matrix. [O628GM.J]
QI045001BA1O628sm [O628GM3.J]
QI045001BA2O6280.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI045001BA3O6280.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI045001BA4O6280.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI045001BA6O628charcoal [O628GM3.J]
QI045001BA8O628black [O628GM3.J]
QI045001BA9O628charcoal in dirt matrix [O628GM3.J]
QI045001K05O628black [O628GM.J]
QI045001P02O628ZSB 24-24 [O628GM.J]
QI045002A21O628bd [O629GM.J]
QI045002B11O628Little striped shell; a part of it was profiled, and then a hole was made, to obtain a bead. [O629GM.J]
QI045002BA1O629bd [O629GM3.J]
QI045002BA2O6291.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI045002BA5O6291 [O629GM3.J]
QI045002BA6O629sh [O629GM3.J]
QI045002BA8O629brown with white stripes [O629GM3.J]
QI045002BA9O629shell bead [O629GM3.J]
QI045002J01O6281.59 [O629GM.J]
QI045002J02O6280.97 [O629GM.J]
QI045002J03O6280.80 [O629GM.J]
QI045002K03O628SH [O629GM.J]
QI045002K05O628white and black stripes [O629GM.J]
QI045002P99O628To drafting and photography [O629GM.J]
QI045101A21O628ca [O628GM.J]
QI045101B11O628Three pieces of clay objects, with rounded edges, plain sides, triangular section, roots and traces of roots, burned spots. [O628GM.J]
QI045101BA1O628ca [O628GM3.J]
QI045101BA2O6284 [O628GM3.J]
QI045101BA3O6285.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI045101BA4O6284 [O628GM3.J]
QI045101BA9O6283 clay egg pieces [O628GM3.J]
QI045101D10O628Bigger piece measured [O628GM.J]
QI045101J01O6283.32 [O628GM.J]
QI045101J02O6288.14 [O628GM.J]
QI045101J03O6284.03 [O628GM.J]
QI045101J08O62892 [O628GM.J]
QI045101K03O628CL [O628GM.J]
QI045101K05O628very pale brown [O628GM.J]
QI045101K06O62810YR7/3 [O628GM.J]
QI045101P99O628To photography [O628GM.J]
QI045102A21O628si [O628GM.J]
QI045102A21O907b [O914JW.J]
QI045102B11O628Possible seal impression. [O628GM.J]
QI045102B11O907Upper globe of the skull of a pig. [O914JW.J]
QI045102B99O907Re-packaged as A14q451-b1 [O914JW.J]
QI045102BA1O628si [O628GM3.J]
QI045102BA2O6281 [O628GM3.J]
QI045102BA3O6284 [O628GM3.J]
QI045102BA4O6282.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI045102BA6O628cl [O628GM3.J]
QI045102BA9O628possible seal impression [O628GM3.J]
QI045102J01O6283.40 [O628GM.J]
QI045102J02O6284.30 [O628GM.J]
QI045102J03O6281.10 [O628GM.J]
QI045102J08O62810 [O628GM.J]
QI045102K03O628CL [O628GM.J]
QI045102K05O628light brownish gray [O628GM.J]
QI045102K06O62810YR6/2 [O628GM.J]
QI045102K99O628To MKB for analysis [O628GM.J]
QI045102K99O907Identification made by visiting paleozoologist, Dr. H-P Eurpmann, from the University of Tuebingen, Germany. [O914JW.J]
QI045102P01O907Placed in bone lot storage. [O914JW.J]
QI045301A21O628la [O628GM.J]
QI045301B11O628Fragment of a grinding stone; the material is rough, and the surfaces are partially covered by concretions. [O628GM.J]
QI045301BA1O628la [O628GM3.J]
QI045301BA2O6286 [O628GM3.J]
QI045301BA3O62810 [O628GM3.J]
QI045301BA4O6286.5 [O628GM3.J]
QI045301BA6O628li [O628GM3.J]
QI045301BA8O628black [O628GM3.J]
QI045301BA9O628piece of basalt grindstone [O628GM3.J]
QI045301J01O6286.99 [O628GM.J]
QI045301J02O6289.76 [O628GM.J]
QI045301J03O6286.95 [O628GM.J]
QI045301J08O628529 [O628GM.J]
QI045301K03O628LI [O628GM.J]
QI045301K05O628gray [O628GM.J]
QI045301P02O628Ready for storage [O628GM.J]
QI045302A21O628la [O628GM.J]
QI045302B11O628Fragment of a grinding stone, with almost semi circular section; one side is rounded, the opposite is plain; the material is rough, the surfaces are covered by concretions. [O628GM.J]
QI045302BA1O628la [O628GM3.J]
QI045302BA2O6286 [O628GM3.J]
QI045302BA3O62810 [O628GM3.J]
QI045302BA4O62813 [O628GM3.J]
QI045302BA6O628li [O628GM3.J]
QI045302BA8O628black [O628GM3.J]
QI045302BA9O628piece of basalt grindstone [O628GM3.J]
QI045302J01O6285.59 [O628GM.J]
QI045302J02O62810.30 [O628GM.J]
QI045302J03O62811.90 [O628GM.J]
QI045302J08O628713 [O628GM.J]
QI045302K03O628LI [O628GM.J]
QI045302K05O628gray [O628GM.J]
QI045302P02O628Ready for storage [O628GM.J]
QI045601A21O630la [O702GM.J]
QI045601B11O630Fragment of grinding stone (basalt); one side has a rounded shape, the other is plain. The unbroken edge has a rounded profile too. [O702GM.J]
QI045601BA1O630la [O702GM3.J]
QI045601BA6O630li [O702GM3.J]
QI045601BA8O630gray [O702GM3.J]
QI045601BA9O630grind stone [O702GM3.J]
QI045601J01O6304.59 [O702GM.J]
QI045601J02O63014.47 [O702GM.J]
QI045601J03O63010.32 [O702GM.J]
QI045601J08O630777 [O702GM.J]
QI045601K03O630LI [O702GM.J]
QI045601K05O630dark gray [O702GM.J]
QI045601P02O630Ready for storage [O702GM.J]
QI045602A21O630la [O702GM.J]
QI045602B11O630Fragment of a door socket; the inside shows a deep and smoothed concavity, where the door hinge was put. The surface is covered by concretions, the corners are rounded, the material is still quite rough. [O702GM.J]
QI045602BA1O630la [O702GM3.J]
QI045602BA6O630li [O702GM3.J]
QI045602BA8O630gray [O702GM3.J]
QI045602BA9O630door socket [O702GM3.J]
QI045602D10O630w2 is the diameter of the internal hole; wt > 1 k [O702GM.J]
QI045602J01O63011.64 [O702GM.J]
QI045602J02O63022.85 [O702GM.J]
QI045602J03O63011.50 [O702GM.J]
QI045602J04O63013.28 [O702GM.J]
QI045602K03O630LI [O702GM.J]
QI045602K05O630pale brown [O702GM.J]
QI045602P99O630To drafting and photography [O702GM.J]
QI045701A21O628ca [O629GM.J]
QI045701B11O628Three pieces of a clay object, with oblong shape, conical and rounded edges, almost plain sides, roots and traces of roots on surface, that isn't smooth. [O629GM.J]
QI045701BA1O629ca [O629GM3.J]
QI045701BA2O6293 [O629GM3.J]
QI045701BA3O62910 [O629GM3.J]
QI045701BA4O6294 [O629GM3.J]
QI045701BA6O629cl [O629GM3.J]
QI045701BA8O629tan [O629GM3.J]
QI045701BA9O629clay eggs [O629GM3.J]
QI045701D10O628Bigger piece measured [O629GM.J]
QI045701J01O6283.41 [O629GM.J]
QI045701J02O6286.14 [O629GM.J]
QI045701J03O6284.18 [O629GM.J]
QI045701J08O62876 [O629GM.J]
QI045701K03O628CL [O629GM.J]
QI045701K05O628light gray [O629GM.J]
QI045701K06O62810YR7/2 [O629GM.J]
QI045701P99O628To photography [O629GM.J]
QI045702A21O628ca [O629GM.J]
QI045702B11O628Three pieces of clay eggs, with plain sides, rounded edges, almost triangular section, burned spots. [O629GM.J]
QI045702BA1O629ca [O629GM3.J]
QI045702BA2O6293 [O629GM3.J]
QI045702BA3O6297 [O629GM3.J]
QI045702BA4O6294.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI045702BA6O629cl [O629GM3.J]
QI045702BA8O629tan [O629GM3.J]
QI045702BA9O629clay egg [O629GM3.J]
QI045702D10O628Bigger piece measured [O629GM.J]
QI045702J01O6283.25 [O629GM.J]
QI045702J02O6287.25 [O629GM.J]
QI045702J03O6284.47 [O629GM.J]
QI045702J08O62852 [O629GM.J]
QI045702K03O628CL [O629GM.J]
QI045702K05O628reddish yellow [O629GM.J]
QI045702K06O6287.5YR6/6 [O629GM.J]
QI045702P99O628To photography [O629GM.J]
QI045801A21O628la [O629GM.J]
QI045801B11O628Flint core with signs of hitting and chopping all over the surface; one side shows two main plains, with polished surface, divided by a corner. [O629GM.J]
QI045801BA1O629la [O629GM3.J]
QI045801BA2O6290.8 [O629GM3.J]
QI045801BA3O6292 [O629GM3.J]
QI045801BA4O6292 [O629GM3.J]
QI045801BA6O629li [O629GM3.J]
QI045801BA8O629brown [O629GM3.J]
QI045801BA9O629flint flake [O629GM3.J]
QI045801J01O6280.97 [O629GM.J]
QI045801J02O6282.15 [O629GM.J]
QI045801J03O6281.77 [O629GM.J]
QI045801K03O628LI [O629GM.J]
QI045801K05O628light brown [O629GM.J]
QI045801P02O628ZSB 16-33 [O629GM.J]
QI046001A21O628la [O629GM.J]
QI046001B11O628Stone tool with a thin and lengthened shape, rounded edges, elliptical section; the surface, smoothed, is partially covered by concretions. [O629GM.J]
QI046001BA1O629la [O629GM3.J]
QI046001BA2O6291.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046001BA3O62910.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046001BA4O6293.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046001BA6O629li [O629GM3.J]
QI046001BA9O629tool [O629GM3.J]
QI046001J01O6281.74 [O629GM.J]
QI046001J02O62810.74 [O629GM.J]
QI046001J03O6283.54 [O629GM.J]
QI046001J08O628118 [O629GM.J]
QI046001K03O628LI [O629GM.J]
QI046001K05O628gray-brown [O629GM.J]
QI046001P99O628To drafting and photography [O629GM.J]
QI046101A21O628fg [O629GM.J]
QI046101B11O628Fragment of a clay figurine, probably human, broken; we can see the body, the beginning of the arms and of the head (in section there's a hole in the head, parallel to the body); behind the head there's a sort of tale, flattened with fingers (finger prints). [O629GM.J]
QI046101BA1O629fg [O629GM3.J]
QI046101BA2O6293.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046101BA5O6291.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046101BA6O629cl [O629GM3.J]
QI046101BA8O629tan [O629GM3.J]
QI046101BA9O629human figurine [O629GM3.J]
QI046101J01O6283.64 [O629GM.J]
QI046101J02O6282.18 [O629GM.J]
QI046101J03O6281.58 [O629GM.J]
QI046101J08O62814 [O629GM.J]
QI046101K03O628CL [O629GM.J]
QI046101K05O628light brownish gray [O629GM.J]
QI046101K06O62810YR6/2 [O629GM.J]
QI046101P99O628To RAH for further analysis [O629GM.J]
QI046201A21O628la [O629GM.J]
QI046201B11O628Flint flake, with still part of the external cortex showing; it shows signs of hitting and chopping all over the surface. [O629GM.J]
QI046201BA1O629la [O629GM3.J]
QI046201BA2O6290.9 [O629GM3.J]
QI046201BA3O6291.7 [O629GM3.J]
QI046201BA4O6291.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046201BA6O629li [O629GM3.J]
QI046201BA8O629tan [O629GM3.J]
QI046201BA9O629flint blade [O629GM3.J]
QI046201J01O6280.86 [O629GM.J]
QI046201J02O6281.79 [O629GM.J]
QI046201J03O6281.54 [O629GM.J]
QI046201K03O628LI [O629GM.J]
QI046201K05O628light brown [O629GM.J]
QI046201P02O628ZSB 16-33 [O629GM.J]
QI046401A21O628la [O629GM.J]
QI046401B11O628Flint blade, broken; one side is plain and smooth, the other shows two main plains divided by a corner; triangular section, notches on both edges, concretions on surface. [O629GM.J]
QI046401BA1O629la [O629GM3.J]
QI046401BA2O6290.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046401BA3O6293.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046401BA4O6292 [O629GM3.J]
QI046401BA6O629li [O629GM3.J]
QI046401BA8O629tan [O629GM3.J]
QI046401BA9O629flint blade [O629GM3.J]
QI046401J01O6280.59 [O629GM.J]
QI046401J02O6283.72 [O629GM.J]
QI046401J03O6282.05 [O629GM.J]
QI046401K03O628LI [O629GM.J]
QI046401K05O628creamy brown [O629GM.J]
QI046401P99O628To drafting and photography [O629GM.J]
QI046402A21O630la [O702GM.J]
QI046402B11O630Fragment of grinding stone (basalt); one side has almost a rounded shape, the other is flat. Also the preserved edge has a rounded profile. The material is rough. [O702GM.J]
QI046402BA1O630la [O702GM3.J]
QI046402BA6O630li [O702GM3.J]
QI046402BA8O630gray [O702GM3.J]
QI046402BA9O630small grind stone [O702GM3.J]
QI046402D10O630wt > 1 k [O702GM.J]
QI046402J01O6306.50 [O702GM.J]
QI046402J02O63016.92 [O702GM.J]
QI046402J03O63020.02 [O702GM.J]
QI046402K03O630LI [O702GM.J]
QI046402K05O630dark gray [O702GM.J]
QI046402P02O630Ready for storage [O702GM.J]
QI046601A21O628cl [O629GM.J]
QI046601B11O628Clay lump coming from the egg factory; almost globular shape, incoherent surface, very fragile, lots of lithic inclusions visible in section. [O629GM.J]
QI046601BA1O629cl [O629GM3.J]
QI046601BA2O6292.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046601BA3O6294.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046601BA4O6294.5 [O629GM3.J]
QI046601BA6O629cl [O629GM3.J]
QI046601BA8O629red-brown [O629GM3.J]
QI046601BA9O629clay from egg factory [O629GM3.J]
QI046601J01O6283.10 [O629GM.J]
QI046601J02O6285.30 [O629GM.J]
QI046601J03O6285.55 [O629GM.J]
QI046601J08O62852 [O629GM.J]
QI046601K03O628CL [O629GM.J]
QI046601K05O628light brown [O629GM.J]
QI046601K06O6287.5YR6/4 [O629GM.J]
QI046601P02O628ZSB 8-33 [O629GM.J]
QI046901A21O630cl [O630GM.J]
QI046901B11O630Thin clay lump with finger prints on its surface. [O630GM.J]
QI046901BA1O630cl [O702GM3.J]
QI046901BA6O630cl [O702GM3.J]
QI046901BA8O630dark gray [O702GM3.J]
QI046901BA9O630clay lump with finger prints [O702GM3.J]
QI046901J01O6301.13 [O630GM.J]
QI046901J02O6302.52 [O630GM.J]
QI046901J03O6302.14 [O630GM.J]
QI046901K03O630CL [O630GM.J]
QI046901K05O630gray [O630GM.J]
QI046901K06O6307.5YR5/1 [O630GM.J]
QI046901P02O630ZSB 8-23 [O630GM.J]
QI047201A21O630la [O630GM.J]
QI047201B11O630Lithic tool (mace?), broken; one side has a rounded shape, the other shows a long and narrow concavity in the middle; probably it continued to form a hole in the middle of a spherical object. [O630GM.J]
QI047201BA1O630la [O702GM3.J]
QI047201BA2O6305.3 [O702GM3.J]
QI047201BA3O6304.8 [O702GM3.J]
QI047201BA4O6302.8 [O702GM3.J]
QI047201BA6O630li [O702GM3.J]
QI047201BA8O630light gray [O702GM3.J]
QI047201BA9O630stone tool (mace?) [O702GM3.J]
QI047201J01O6305.57 [O630GM.J]
QI047201J02O6304.81 [O630GM.J]
QI047201J03O6302.50 [O630GM.J]
QI047201J08O63078 [O630GM.J]
QI047201K03O630LI [O630GM.J]
QI047201K05O630light brown [O630GM.J]
QI047201P99O630To drafting and photography [O630GM.J]
QI047202A21O630sp [O630GM.J]
QI047202B11O630Two small shells, both broken. [O630GM.J]
QI047202BA1O630sp [O702GM3.J]
QI047202BA6O630sh [O702GM3.J]
QI047202BA8O630light yellow [O702GM3.J]
QI047202BA9O630two shells [O702GM3.J]
QI047202K03O630SH [O630GM.J]
QI047202K05O630light brown [O630GM.J]
QI047202P02O630ZSB 29-14 [O630GM.J]
QI047203A21O630ca [O702GM.J]
QI047203B11O630Clay block, broken; plain sides, rounded corners and edges; one of the sides shows a long and narrow concavity in the middle all along its length. [O702GM.J]
QI047203BA1O630ca [O702GM3.J]
QI047203BA2O6302.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047203BA3O6303 [O702GM3.J]
QI047203BA4O6302.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047203BA6O630cl [O702GM3.J]
QI047203BA8O630tan [O702GM3.J]
QI047203BA9O630clay block [O702GM3.J]
QI047203J01O6302.94 [O702GM.J]
QI047203J02O6303.86 [O702GM.J]
QI047203J03O6303.31 [O702GM.J]
QI047203J08O63051 [O702GM.J]
QI047203K03O630CL [O702GM.J]
QI047203K05O630light gray [O702GM.J]
QI047203K06O63010YR7/2 [O702GM.J]
QI047203P99O630To drafting and photography [O702GM.J]
QI047204A21O630ca [O702GM.J]
QI047204B11O630Less than a half of a clay wheel, type IV; the borders of the wheel preserve their original rounded profile. [O702GM.J]
QI047204BA1O630wh [O702GM3.J]
QI047204BA2O6302.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047204BA5O6304 [O702GM3.J]
QI047204BA6O630cl [O702GM3.J]
QI047204BA8O630tan [O702GM3.J]
QI047204BA9O6301/4 wheel [O702GM3.J]
QI047204J01O6302.44 [O702GM.J]
QI047204J02O6304.07 [O702GM.J]
QI047204J03O6302.62 [O702GM.J]
QI047204J08O63016 [O702GM.J]
QI047204K03O630CL [O702GM.J]
QI047204K05O630light gray [O702GM.J]
QI047204K06O63010YR7/2 [O702GM.J]
QI047204P02O630ZSB 5-8 [O702GM.J]
QI047205A21O630fg [O702GM.J]
QI047205B11O630Fragment of a figurine, probably animal, very small; only the head and the upper part of the neck remain, but it's not well recognisable because it's not well preserved. [O702GM.J]
QI047205BA1O630fg [O702GM3.J]
QI047205BA2O6301.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047205BA5O6300.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047205BA6O630cl [O702GM3.J]
QI047205BA8O630brown [O702GM3.J]
QI047205BA9O630leg of animal? [O702GM3.J]
QI047205J01O6301.54 [O702GM.J]
QI047205J02O6300.92 [O702GM.J]
QI047205J03O6300.90 [O702GM.J]
QI047205K03O630CL [O702GM.J]
QI047205K05O630light gray [O702GM.J]
QI047205K06O63010YR7/2 [O702GM.J]
QI047205P02O630ZSB 2.13-6 [O702GM.J]
QI047206A21O630la [O702GM.J]
QI047206B11O630Flint core, with still a little spot of the external cortex showing; the surface is still rough, and the material has been hit and chopped all over the surface. [O702GM.J]
QI047206BA1O630la [O702GM3.J]
QI047206BA2O6300.7 [O702GM3.J]
QI047206BA3O6304 [O702GM3.J]
QI047206BA4O6301.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047206BA6O630li [O702GM3.J]
QI047206BA8O630brown [O702GM3.J]
QI047206BA9O630flint flake [O702GM3.J]
QI047206J01O6300.85 [O702GM.J]
QI047206J02O6303.92 [O702GM.J]
QI047206J03O6301.65 [O702GM.J]
QI047206J08O6309 [O702GM.J]
QI047206K03O630LI [O702GM.J]
QI047206K05O630light gray [O702GM.J]
QI047206P02O630ZSB 16-34 [O702GM.J]
QI047207A21O630la [O702GM.J]
QI047207B11O630Stone tool, with romboidal shape, narrow section, rounded edges and corners; the surface on one side is covered by concretions, instead on the other is smoothed, probably by use. [O702GM.J]
QI047207BA1O630la [O702GM3.J]
QI047207BA2O6300.7 [O702GM3.J]
QI047207BA3O6306.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047207BA4O6304 [O702GM3.J]
QI047207BA6O630li [O702GM3.J]
QI047207BA8O630black [O702GM3.J]
QI047207BA9O630stone tool [O702GM3.J]
QI047207J01O6300.89 [O702GM.J]
QI047207J02O6306.92 [O702GM.J]
QI047207J03O6303.84 [O702GM.J]
QI047207J08O63046 [O702GM.J]
QI047207K03O630LI [O702GM.J]
QI047207K05O630dark gray [O702GM.J]
QI047207P99O630To drafting and photography [O702GM.J]
QI047301A21O630bd [O702GM.J]
QI047301B11O630Very little stone bead, with a rounded profile; thin and very well shaped. [O702GM.J]
QI047301BA1O630bd [O702GM3.J]
QI047301BA2O6300.2 [O702GM3.J]
QI047301BA5O6300.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047301BA6O630li [O702GM3.J]
QI047301BA8O630white [O702GM3.J]
QI047301BA9O630lithic bead [O702GM3.J]
QI047301J01O6300.17 [O702GM.J]
QI047301J04O6300.47 [O702GM.J]
QI047301K03O630LI [O702GM.J]
QI047301K05O630white [O702GM.J]
QI047301P99O630To photography [O702GM.J]
QI047401A21O630la [O702GM.J]
QI047401B11O630Obsidian flake, very small; signs of hitting and chopping all over the surface. [O702GM.J]
QI047401BA1O630la [O702GM3.J]
QI047401BA2O6300.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047401BA3O6301.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI047401BA4O6301 [O702GM3.J]
QI047401BA6O630ob [O702GM3.J]
QI047401BA8O630black [O702GM3.J]
QI047401BA9O630obsidian flake [O702GM3.J]
QI047401J01O6300.63 [O702GM.J]
QI047401J02O6301.47 [O702GM.J]
QI047401J03O6301.03 [O702GM.J]
QI047401K03O630OB [O702GM.J]
QI047401K05O630black [O702GM.J]
QI047401P02O630ZSB 16-34 [O702GM.J]
QI047501A21O630la [O702GM.J]
QI047501B11O630Flint core with one smoothed side and signs of hitting and chopping all over the surface. [O702GM.J]
QI047501BA1O630la [O702GM3.J]
QI047501BA2O6301 [O702GM3.J]
QI047501BA3O6303.2 [O702GM3.J]
QI047501BA4O6303 [O702GM3.J]
QI047501BA6O630li [O702GM3.J]
QI047501BA8O630dark gray [O702GM3.J]
QI047501BA9O630flint core [O702GM3.J]
QI047501J01O6300.89 [O702GM.J]
QI047501J02O6303.10 [O702GM.J]
QI047501J03O6302.80 [O702GM.J]
QI047501K03O630LI [O702GM.J]
QI047501K05O630dark gray-brown [O702GM.J]
QI047501P02O630ZSB 16-33 [O702GM.J]
QI048301A21O914ja [O914JW.J]
QI048301K03O914RC1 [O914JW.J]
QI048301K04O914jnf-2 [O914JW.J]
QI048301K99O914According to mkb the shape is related to jnf-2, but not as carinated. [O914JW.J]
QI048301P02O914ZSB 6-17 [O914JW.J]
QI048401A21O701fg [O702GM.J]
QI048401B11O701Fragment of an animal figurine, maybe a dog; almost all of the trunk remains, like the back part of the body with the beginning of the tale and of the hind legs (the left one is almost entire). [O702GM.J]
QI048401BA1O701fg [O702GM3.J]
QI048401BA2O7013 [O702GM3.J]
QI048401BA3O7013.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI048401BA4O7012 [O702GM3.J]
QI048401BA6O701cl [O702GM3.J]
QI048401BA8O701tan [O702GM3.J]
QI048401BA9O701dog? [O702GM3.J]
QI048401J01O7013.34 [O702GM.J]
QI048401J02O7013.81 [O702GM.J]
QI048401J03O7012.10 [O702GM.J]
QI048401J08O70121 [O702GM.J]
QI048401K03O701CL [O702GM.J]
QI048401K05O701very pale brown [O702GM.J]
QI048401K06O70110YR8/2 [O702GM.J]
QI048401P99O701To RAH for further analysis [O702GM.J]
QI048402A21O701ca [O702GM.J]
QI048402B11O701Almost half of a clay wheel, type I; traces of finger prints on surface; it's not well preserved, it's badly damaged. [O702GM.J]
QI048402J01O7013.73 [O702GM.J]
QI048402J02O7016.178 [O702GM.J]
QI048402J03O7014.12 [O702GM.J]
QI048402K03O701CL [O702GM.J]
QI048402K05O701very pale brown [O702GM.J]
QI048402K06O70110YR8/2 [O702GM.J]
QI048402P02O701ZSB 5-8 [O702GM.J]
QI048403A21O701la [O702GM.J]
QI048403B11O701Almost cubic stone object, broken; the surfaces seem burned, and are almost rough, the edges aren't rounded, like the corners. [O702GM.J]
QI048403J01O7014.35 [O702GM.J]
QI048403J02O7015.03 [O702GM.J]
QI048403J03O7015.19 [O702GM.J]
QI048403J08O701171 [O702GM.J]
QI048403K03O701LI [O702GM.J]
QI048403K05O701dark gray-black [O702GM.J]
QI048403P02O701ZSB 16-34 [O702GM.J]
QI048404A21O701cl [O702GM.J]
QI048404B11O701Clay lump with a flat and smooth side, no signs or finger prints on it. [O702GM.J]
QI048404J01O7011.73 [O702GM.J]
QI048404J02O7014.76 [O702GM.J]
QI048404J03O7012.48 [O702GM.J]
QI048404K03O701CL [O702GM.J]
QI048404K05O701very pale brown [O702GM.J]
QI048404K06O70110YR8/2 [O702GM.J]
QI048404P02O701ZSB 8-23 [O702GM.J]
QI048501A21O701ca [O702GM.J]
QI048501B11O701Clay object with circular section; the surfaces are burned, the base is flat, instead the other end is broken. [O702GM.J]
QI048501J01O7012.35 [O702GM.J]
QI048501J04O7011.13 [O702GM.J]
QI048501K03O701CL [O702GM.J]
QI048501K05O701bluish black [O702GM.J]
QI048501K06O7012 FOR GLEY 2.5/5PB [O702GM.J]
QI048501P02O701ZSB 7-31 [O702GM.J]
QI048502A21O701ca [O702GM.J]
QI048502B11O701Clay tool, broken; one side is convex, the other shows a concavity in the middle, cut by a deep groove. finger prints on surface. [O702GM.J]
QI048502J01O7014.12 [O702GM.J]
QI048502J02O7014.30 [O702GM.J]
QI048502J03O7012.06 [O702GM.J]
QI048502K03O701CL [O702GM.J]
QI048502K05O701very pale brown [O702GM.J]
QI048502K06O70110YR8/2 [O702GM.J]
QI048502P02O701ZSB 7-31 [O702GM.J]
QI048601A21O701la [O702GM.J]
QI048601B11O701Stone tool, broken, with thin profile and rounded edges; the section is elliptical, one end is chipped, maybe by use. [O702GM.J]
QI048601BA1O701la [O702GM3.J]
QI048601BA2O7011.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI048601BA3O7017 [O702GM3.J]
QI048601BA4O7013.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI048601BA6O701li [O702GM3.J]
QI048601BA9O701end piece of stone tool [O702GM3.J]
QI048601J01O7011.60 [O702GM.J]
QI048601J02O7017.13 [O702GM.J]
QI048601J03O7013.86 [O702GM.J]
QI048601J08O70186 [O702GM.J]
QI048601K03O701LI [O702GM.J]
QI048601K05O701dark gray [O702GM.J]
QI048601P99O701To photography [O702GM.J]
QI048602BA1O701ja [O702GM3.J]
QI048602BA2O70115 [O702GM3.J]
QI048602BA4O7016 [O702GM3.J]
QI048602BA5O70115 [O702GM3.J]
QI048602BA6O701cl [O702GM3.J]
QI048602BA9O701narrow mouth jar fragments [O702GM3.J]
QI048603A21O701ca [O702GM.J]
QI048603B11O701Clay object, very thin, broken; it has an irregular triangular shape, edges are rounded, surfaces are still rough, but smooth, and show traces of burning; the section is almost rectangular. [O702GM.J]
QI048603BA1O701cu [O702GM3.J]
QI048603BA2O7012.5 [O702GM3.J]
QI048603BA3O70116 [O702GM3.J]
QI048603BA4O70110 [O702GM3.J]
QI048603BA6O701cl [O702GM3.J]
QI048603BA8O701dark brown [O702GM3.J]
QI048603BA9O701platter piece? [O702GM3.J]
QI048603J01O7012.83 [O702GM.J]
QI048603J02O70116.45 [O702GM.J]
QI048603J03O70110.20 [O702GM.J]
QI048603J08O701326 [O702GM.J]
QI048603K03O701CL [O702GM.J]
QI048603K05O701grayish brown [O702GM.J]
QI048603K06O70110YR5/3 [O702GM.J]
QI048603P02O701ZSB 7-31 [O702GM.J]
QI048701A21O701fg [O702GM.J]
QI048701B11O701Fragment showing two big round eyes surrounded by two semi circular frames, each one composed by 6 rectangles; the rest of the preserved object shows several clay pieces jutting out, but their interpretation isn't clear. [O702GM.J]
QI048701BA1O701fg [O702GM3.J]
QI048701BA2O7013 [O702GM3.J]
QI048701BA3O7014 [O702GM3.J]
QI048701BA4O7014 [O702GM3.J]
QI048701BA6O701cl [O702GM3.J]
QI048701BA8O701tan [O702GM3.J]
QI048701BA9O701owl head? [O702GM3.J]
QI048701J01O7014.80 [O702GM.J]
QI048701J02O7013.65 [O702GM.J]
QI048701J03O7013.60 [O702GM.J]
QI048701K03O701CL [O702GM.J]
QI048701K05O701very pale brown [O702GM.J]
QI048701K06O70110YR8/2 [O702GM.J]
QI048701P99O701To Dier ez-Zor [O702GM.J]
QI048801A21O701fg [O702GM.J]
QI048801B11O701Fragment of a figurine, maybe human; the body has a circular section, and near the upper edge there's the beginning of an arm, probably. Bad conservation, rough surfaces. [O702GM.J]
QI048801J01O7013.92 [O702GM.J]
QI048801J02O7012.44 [O702GM.J]
QI048801J03O7011.74 [O702GM.J]
QI048801K03O701CL [O702GM.J]
QI048801K05O701brown [O702GM.J]
QI048801K06O70110YR5/3 [O702GM.J]
QI048801P99O701To RAH for further analysis [O702GM.J]
QI049401A21O704cl [O704GM.J]
QI049401B11O704Clay lump with one side flattened and smoothed; here a cross has been engraved. [O704GM.J]
QI049401J01O7043.59 [O704GM.J]
QI049401J02O7043.88 [O704GM.J]
QI049401J03O7043.06 [O704GM.J]
QI049401J08O70439 [O704GM.J]
QI049401K03O704CL [O704GM.J]
QI049401K05O704light gray [O704GM.J]
QI049401K06O70410YR7/1 [O704GM.J]
QI049401P99O704To drafting and photography [O704GM.J]
QI049501A21O704cl [O704GM.J]
QI049501B11O704Two clay lumps, one with a globular shape, fingerprints on surface, and a fracture, maybe caused by the pressure on the object; the other one is a fragment with lots of fingerprints on its surface. [O704GM.J]
QI049501J04O7042.12 [O704GM.J]
QI049501K03O704CL [O704GM.J]
QI049501K05O704gray [O704GM.J]
QI049501K06O70410YR5/1 [O704GM.J]
QI049501P02O704ZSB 8-23 [O704GM.J]
QI049601A21O704la [O704GM.J]
QI049601B11O704Obsidian blade, broken; triangular section, polished surfaces, notches on the edges. [O704GM.J]
QI049601J01O7040.20 [O704GM.J]
QI049601J02O7042.00 [O704GM.J]
QI049601J03O7041.07 [O704GM.J]
QI049601K03O704OB [O704GM.J]
QI049601K05O704black [O704GM.J]
QI049601P99O704To photography [O704GM.J]
QI049602A21O704la [O704GM.J]
QI049602B11O704Lithic tool with lengthened shape; rounded and thin edges on the longer sides; the shorter sides seem to have been chopped to obtain sharp edges. The tool is partially covered by concretions. [O704GM.J]
QI049602J01O7042.06 [O704GM.J]
QI049602J02O7049.89 [O704GM.J]
QI049602J03O7044.47 [O704GM.J]
QI049602J08O704146 [O704GM.J]
QI049602K03O704LI [O704GM.J]
QI049602K05O704gray-brown [O704GM.J]
QI049602P99O704To photography [O704GM.J]
QI049701A21O704fg [O704GM.J]
QI049701B11O704Fragment of animal figurine, maybe a toy; it shows the back part of the trunk and the beginning of the tale; the hind legs show a hole that goes throughout them, to insert wheels. [O704GM.J]
QI049701J01O7042.51 [O704GM.J]
QI049701J02O7043.22 [O704GM.J]
QI049701J03O7043.38 [O704GM.J]
QI049701J08O70423 [O704GM.J]
QI049701K03O704CL [O704GM.J]
QI049701K05O704light gray [O704GM.J]
QI049701K06O70410YR7/2 [O704GM.J]
QI049701P99O704To RAH for further analysis [O704GM.J]
QI049801A21O704bd [O704GM.J]
QI049801B11O704Lithic bead, very thin, with a large hole in the middle; the edges haven't been rounded well, there are signs of shaping and smoothing. The inner hole instead has a defined rounded profile. [O704GM.J]
QI049801D10O704w1 is the outer diameter, w2 is the diameter of the hole [O704GM.J]
QI049801J01O7040.4 [O704GM.J]
QI049801J03O7041.99 [O704GM.J]
QI049801J04O7040.69 [O704GM.J]
QI049801J08O7045 [O704GM.J]
QI049801K03O704LI [O704GM.J]
QI049801K05O704light brown-yellow [O704GM.J]
QI049801P99O704To drafting and photography [O704GM.J]
QI050401A21O704la [O704GM.J]
QI050401B11O704Three flint cores, all smoothed and polished, with signs of hitting and chopping; notches on some of the edges. [O704GM.J]
QI050401D10O704Bigger piece measured [O704GM.J]
QI050401J01O7040.83 [O704GM.J]
QI050401J02O7045.23 [O704GM.J]
QI050401J03O7041.57 [O704GM.J]
QI050401K03O704LI [O704GM.J]
QI050401K05O704light brown [O704GM.J]
QI050401P02O704ZSB 16-34 [O704GM.J]
QI052702A21O914cup [O914JW.J]
QI052702A98O914Originally labeled as q-item A14q527.2 and then broken down and assigned individual consecutive q-item numbers A14q527.2 through A14q527.8 with the anticipation that some may have been restorable. None were. Then, after consultation with mkb, we decided to group them into a new pottery lot, A14q843-p, and process them as normal sherds. [O914JW.J]
QI052702B11O914Seven conical cup and one spherical cup bases, which are string-cut. [O914JW.J]
QI052702D10O914Height is of extant portion only. [O914JW.J]
QI052702K10O914Only base extant. [O914JW.J]
QI052702P99O914Photographed, then forwarded to pottery analyst for further processing as a sherd in new lot A14q843-p. [O914JW.J]
QI052703A21O914cup [O914JW.J]
QI052703P99O914Photographed, then forwarded to pottery analyst for further processing as a sherd in new lot A14q843-p. [O914JW.J]
QI052704A21O914cup [O914JW.J]
QI052704P99O914Photographed, then forwarded to pottery analyst for further processing as a sherd in new lot A14q843-p. [O914JW.J]
QI052705A21O914cup [O914JW.J]
QI052705P99O914Photographed, then forwarded to pottery analyst for further processing as a sherd in new lot A14q843-p. [O914JW.J]
QI052706A21O914cup [O914JW.J]
QI052706P99O914Photographed, then forwarded to pottery analyst for further processing as a sherd in new lot A14q843-p. [O914JW.J]
QI052707A21O914cup [O914JW.J]
QI052707P99O914Photographed, then forwarded to pottery analyst for further processing as a sherd in new lot A14q843-p. [O914JW.J]
QI052708A21O914cup [O914JW.J]
QI052708P99O914Photographed, then forwarded to pottery analyst for further processing as a sherd in new lot A14q843-p. [O914JW.J]
QI060801BA1O721si [O910JW.J]
QI060801BA2O7216.45 [O910JW.J]
QI060801BA3O7214.33 [O910JW.J]
QI060801BA4O7211.27 [O910JW.J]
QI060801BA6O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI060801BA8O721light brown [O910JW.J]
QI060801BA9O721seal impression on sherd from pottery bag [O910JW.J]
QI062601BA1O713la [O717GM1.J]
QI062601BA2O7135 [O717GM1.J]
QI062601BA5O7138 [O717GM1.J]
QI062601BA6O713li [O717GM1.J]
QI062601BA9O7131/2 stone ring [O717GM1.J]
QI062602BA1O713la [O717GM1.J]
QI062602BA6O713ob [O717GM1.J]
QI062602BA8O713black [O717GM1.J]
QI062602BA9O7132 obsidian flakes [O717GM1.J]
QI062701BA1O713la [O717GM1.J]
QI062701BA6O713li [O717GM1.J]
QI062701BA8O713tan [O717GM1.J]
QI062701BA9O7133 chert chips [O717GM1.J]
QI062702BA1O713la [O717GM1.J]
QI062702BA2O7133 [O717GM1.J]
QI062702BA3O7137 [O717GM1.J]
QI062702BA4O7135.5 [O717GM1.J]
QI062702BA6O713li [O717GM1.J]
QI062702BA8O713gray [O717GM1.J]
QI062702BA9O713lithic tool [O717GM1.J]
QI064801BA1O714kw [O717GM1.J]
QI064801BA2O7145 [O717GM1.J]
QI064801BA3O71425 [O717GM1.J]
QI064801BA4O71420 [O717GM1.J]
QI064801BA6O714cl [O717GM1.J]
QI064801BA8O714green [O717GM1.J]
QI064801BA9O714vetrified clay (kiln waste) [O717GM1.J]
QI064802BA1O714la [O717GM1.J]
QI064802BA2O71410 [O717GM1.J]
QI064802BA3O71420 [O717GM1.J]
QI064802BA4O71417 [O717GM1.J]
QI064802BA6O714li [O717GM1.J]
QI064802BA8O714tan [O717GM1.J]
QI064802BA9O714broken limestone door socket [O717GM1.J]
QI064803BA1O714bk [O717GM1.J]
QI064803BA2O7147 [O717GM1.J]
QI064803BA3O71424 [O717GM1.J]
QI064803BA4O71414 [O717GM1.J]
QI064803BA6O714cl [O717GM1.J]
QI064803BA8O714tan [O717GM1.J]
QI064803BA9O714large rectangular baked brick [O717GM1.J]
QI065101BA1O714la [O717GM1.J]
QI065101BA2O7142 [O717GM1.J]
QI065101BA3O7147 [O717GM1.J]
QI065101BA4O7145 [O717GM1.J]
QI065101BA6O714li [O717GM1.J]
QI065101BA8O714brown [O717GM1.J]
QI065101BA9O7142 chert cores [O717GM1.J]
QI065102BA1O715la [O910JW.J]
QI065102BA8O715white [O910JW.J]
QI065102BA9O715calcite fragment from worked object [O910JW.J]
QI065301BA1O715wh [O717GM1.J]
QI065301BA2O7153.5 [O717GM1.J]
QI065301BA3O7153 [O717GM1.J]
QI065301BA4O7153 [O717GM1.J]
QI065301BA6O715cl [O717GM1.J]
QI065301BA8O715tan [O717GM1.J]
QI065301BA9O715axle of wheel [O717GM1.J]
QI065302BA1O715fg [O717GM1.J]
QI065302BA2O7154 [O717GM1.J]
QI065302BA3O7156 [O717GM1.J]
QI065302BA4O7154 [O717GM1.J]
QI065302BA6O715cl [O717GM1.J]
QI065302BA8O715tan [O717GM1.J]
QI065302BA9O715animal part? [O717GM1.J]
QI065304BA1O715la [O717GM1.J]
QI065304BA2O7153.5 [O717GM1.J]
QI065304BA3O7155.5 [O717GM1.J]
QI065304BA4O7155 [O717GM1.J]
QI065304BA6O715li [O717GM1.J]
QI065304BA8O715black [O717GM1.J]
QI065304BA9O715broken tool [O717GM1.J]
QI065305BA1O715la [O717GM1.J]
QI065305BA2O7150.5 [O717GM1.J]
QI065305BA3O7152.5 [O717GM1.J]
QI065305BA4O7152 [O717GM1.J]
QI065305BA6O715li [O717GM1.J]
QI065305BA8O715tan [O717GM1.J]
QI065305BA9O715chert flake [O717GM1.J]
QI065701BA1O715la [O717GM1.J]
QI065701BA2O7152 [O717GM1.J]
QI065701BA3O7154.5 [O717GM1.J]
QI065701BA4O7154 [O717GM1.J]
QI065701BA6O715li [O717GM1.J]
QI065701BA8O715gray [O717GM1.J]
QI065701BA9O7153 chert cores [O717GM1.J]
QI065801BA1O715wh [O717GM1.J]
QI065801BA6O715cl [O717GM1.J]
QI065801BA8O715tan [O717GM1.J]
QI065801BA9O715broken wheel [O717GM1.J]
QI071802BA1O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI071802BA3O7212.6 [O910JW.J]
QI071802BA5O7212.3 [O910JW.J]
QI071802BA6O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI071802BA8O721dark gray [O910JW.J]
QI071802BA9O721clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI071901BA1O721la [O910JW.J]
QI071901BA2O7210.5 [O910JW.J]
QI071901BA3O7212.7 [O910JW.J]
QI071901BA4O7211.2 [O910JW.J]
QI071901BA6O721ob [O910JW.J]
QI071901BA8O721black [O910JW.J]
QI071901BA9O721obsidian blade [O910JW.J]
QI071903BA1O721ca [O910JW.J]
QI071903BA2O7213.8 [O910JW.J]
QI071903BA3O7214.5 [O910JW.J]
QI071903BA4O7215 [O910JW.J]
QI071903BA6O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI071903BA8O721brown [O910JW.J]
QI071903BA9O721edge of a clay artifact [O910JW.J]
QI071904BA1O721ca [O910JW.J]
QI071904BA2O7212 [O910JW.J]
QI071904BA3O7213.5 [O910JW.J]
QI071904BA4O7212.5 [O910JW.J]
QI071904BA6O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI071904BA8O721brown [O910JW.J]
QI071904BA9O721rounded end of a clay artifact [O910JW.J]
QI072101BA1O721la [O910JW.J]
QI072101BA2O7212.7 [O910JW.J]
QI072101BA3O7218.5 [O910JW.J]
QI072101BA4O7215.2 [O910JW.J]
QI072101BA6O721li [O910JW.J]
QI072101BA8O721gray [O910JW.J]
QI072101BA9O721tool [O910JW.J]
QI072201BA1O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI072201BA2O7211.2 [O910JW.J]
QI072201BA3O7212.6 [O910JW.J]
QI072201BA4O7212 [O910JW.J]
QI072201BA6O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI072201BA8O721dark gray [O910JW.J]
QI072201BA9O721lump of clay with probable decoration [O910JW.J]
QI072202BA1O721la [O910JW.J]
QI072202BA2O7214.5 [O910JW.J]
QI072202BA3O7219.6 [O910JW.J]
QI072202BA4O7217.2 [O910JW.J]
QI072202BA6O721li [O910JW.J]
QI072202BA8O721black [O910JW.J]
QI072202BA9O721fragment of a grinding stone [O910JW.J]
QI072301BA1O721ca [O910JW.J]
QI072301BA3O72110.3 [O910JW.J]
QI072301BA5O7213.8 [O910JW.J]
QI072301BA6O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI072301BA8O721pale brown [O910JW.J]
QI072301BA9O721oval shaped clay artifact with finger prints on it [O910JW.J]
QI072302BA1O721ca [O910JW.J]
QI072302BA2O7211.8 [O910JW.J]
QI072302BA4O7212.5 [O910JW.J]
QI072302BA6O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI072302BA8O721pale brown [O910JW.J]
QI072302BA9O721rounded base [O910JW.J]
QI072401BA1O721la [O910JW.J]
QI072401BA2O7210.7 [O910JW.J]
QI072401BA3O7213 [O910JW.J]
QI072401BA4O7212.5 [O910JW.J]
QI072401BA6O721li [O910JW.J]
QI072401BA8O721brown [O910JW.J]
QI072401BA9O721fragment of a lithic artifact [O910JW.J]
QI072402BA1O721la [O910JW.J]
QI072402BA6O721li [O910JW.J]
QI072402BA8O721gray [O910JW.J]
QI072402BA9O721flint blade [O910JW.J]
QI072403BA1O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI072403BA6O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI072403BA8O721gray/black [O910JW.J]
QI072403BA9O721lump of clay with fingerprints on it [O910JW.J]
QI072404BA1O721sm [O910JW.J]
QI072404BA9O721burnt charcoal [O910JW.J]
QI072405BA1O721sm [O910JW.J]
QI072405BA9O721burnt sample [O910JW.J]
QI072406BA1O721sm [O910JW.J]
QI072406BA9O721burnt sample [O910JW.J]
QI072407BA1O721sm [O910JW.J]
QI072407BA9O721burnt sample [O910JW.J]
QI072408BA1O721sm [O910JW.J]
QI072408BA9O721burnt sample [O910JW.J]
QI072409BA1O721kw [O910JW.J]
QI072409BA9O721fragment of kiln waste [O910JW.J]
QI072410BA1O721cl [O910JW.J]
QI072410BA2O7211.8 [O910JW.J]
QI072410BA3O7212.5 [O910JW.J]
QI072410BA4O7211.4 [O910JW.J]
QI072410BA9O721clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI072411BA1O721sm [O910JW.J]
QI072411BA9O721burnt charcoal [O910JW.J]
QI072501BA1O721la [O910JW.J]
QI072501BA6O721li [O910JW.J]
QI072501BA9O721chert debitage [O910JW.J]
QI073001BA1O721la [O910JW.J]
QI073001BA2O7210.5 [O910JW.J]
QI073001BA3O7213.5 [O910JW.J]
QI073001BA4O7210.7 [O910JW.J]
QI073001BA6O721ob [O910JW.J]
QI073001BA8O721black [O910JW.J]
QI073001BA9O7213 obsidian flakes [O910JW.J]
QI073002BA1O721la [O910JW.J]
QI073002BA6O721li [O910JW.J]
QI073002BA9O721piece of stone bracelet? [O910JW.J]
QI073004BA1O721sm [O910JW.J]
QI073004BA9O7212 pieces of charcoal [O910JW.J]
QI073005BA1O721sm [O910JW.J]
QI073005BA9O721sample of white material [O910JW.J]
QI073006BA1O721la [O910JW.J]
QI073006BA3O7212 [O910JW.J]
QI073006BA5O7210.5 [O910JW.J]
QI073006BA6O721li [O910JW.J]
QI073006BA9O721piece of stone bracelet? [O910JW.J]
QI073201BA1O722la [O910JW.J]
QI073201BA2O7220.2 [O910JW.J]
QI073201BA3O7223.9 [O910JW.J]
QI073201BA4O7221 [O910JW.J]
QI073201BA6O722ob [O910JW.J]
QI073201BA8O722black [O910JW.J]
QI073201BA9O722obsidian flake [O910JW.J]
QI073301BA1O722la [O910JW.J]
QI073301BA2O7221.2 [O910JW.J]
QI073301BA3O7225.5 [O910JW.J]
QI073301BA4O7222.5 [O910JW.J]
QI073301BA6O722li [O910JW.J]
QI073301BA8O722light gray [O910JW.J]
QI073301BA9O722flint core [O910JW.J]
QI073302BA1O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI073302BA2O7221.8 [O910JW.J]
QI073302BA3O7222.5 [O910JW.J]
QI073302BA4O7222.2 [O910JW.J]
QI073302BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI073302BA8O722dark gray [O910JW.J]
QI073302BA9O722clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI073303BA1O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI073303BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI073303BA8O722black [O910JW.J]
QI073303BA9O722lump of clay with lines on it [O910JW.J]
QI073501BA1O722la [O910JW.J]
QI073501BA2O7223 [O910JW.J]
QI073501BA3O7226.5 [O910JW.J]
QI073501BA4O7223 [O910JW.J]
QI073501BA6O722li [O910JW.J]
QI073501BA8O722gray [O910JW.J]
QI073501BA9O722stone tool [O910JW.J]
QI073701BA1O722ca [O910JW.J]
QI073701BA2O7222.7 [O910JW.J]
QI073701BA3O7224.2 [O910JW.J]
QI073701BA4O7224.3 [O910JW.J]
QI073701BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI073701BA8O722pale brown [O910JW.J]
QI073701BA9O722end of a rectangular clay artifact [O910JW.J]
QI073702BA1O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI073702BA2O7221.3 [O910JW.J]
QI073702BA3O7223.2 [O910JW.J]
QI073702BA4O7222.2 [O910JW.J]
QI073702BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI073702BA8O722black [O910JW.J]
QI073702BA9O722clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI073703BA1O722ca [O910JW.J]
QI073703BA2O7221.6 [O910JW.J]
QI073703BA3O7223.3 [O910JW.J]
QI073703BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI073703BA8O722pale brown [O910JW.J]
QI073703BA9O722rounded fragment of a clay artifact [O910JW.J]
QI073704BA1O722ca [O910JW.J]
QI073704BA2O7223.2 [O910JW.J]
QI073704BA3O7225 [O910JW.J]
QI073704BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI073704BA8O722pale brown [O910JW.J]
QI073704BA9O722broken slingball [O910JW.J]
QI073801BA1O722la [O910JW.J]
QI073801BA6O722ob [O910JW.J]
QI073801BA8O722black [O910JW.J]
QI073801BA9O722obsidian blade [O910JW.J]
QI073802BA1O722la [O910JW.J]
QI073802BA6O722li [O910JW.J]
QI073802BA8O722gray [O910JW.J]
QI073802BA9O722flint blade [O910JW.J]
QI074201BA1O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI074201BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI074201BA8O722black [O910JW.J]
QI074201BA9O722clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI074202BA1O722la [O910JW.J]
QI074202BA6O722ob [O910JW.J]
QI074202BA8O722black [O910JW.J]
QI074202BA9O722obsidian flake [O910JW.J]
QI074203BA1O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI074203BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI074203BA8O722black [O910JW.J]
QI074203BA9O722clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI074204BA1O722ca [O910JW.J]
QI074204BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI074204BA8O722pale brown [O910JW.J]
QI074204BA9O722sling ball almost entirely preserved [O910JW.J]
QI074205BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI074205BA8O722pale brown [O910JW.J]
QI074205BA9O722clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI074301BA1O722ca [O910JW.J]
QI074301BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI074301BA8O722brown [O910JW.J]
QI074301BA9O722rectangular clay artifact-painted? [O910JW.J]
QI074801BA1O722ca [O910JW.J]
QI074801BA6O722cl [O910JW.J]
QI074801BA8O722black [O910JW.J]
QI074801BA9O722clay wheel? [O910JW.J]
QI074802BA1O725ja [O910JW.J]
QI074802BA9O725jar restored from fragments [O910JW.J]
QI075001BA1O725ca [O910JW.J]
QI075001BA3O7255 [O910JW.J]
QI075001BA5O7253 [O910JW.J]
QI075001BA6O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075001BA8O725brown [O910JW.J]
QI075001BA9O725sling ball [O910JW.J]
QI075101BA1O725ca [O910JW.J]
QI075101BA6O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075101BA8O725pale brown [O910JW.J]
QI075101BA9O725end of an oblong object from SE corner of S baulk [O910JW.J]
QI075301BA1O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075301BA2O7250.5 [O910JW.J]
QI075301BA3O7252 [O910JW.J]
QI075301BA4O7251.5 [O910JW.J]
QI075301BA6O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075301BA8O725brown [O910JW.J]
QI075301BA9O7252 pieces of clay lumps [O910JW.J]
QI075302BA1O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075302BA6O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075302BA8O725brown [O910JW.J]
QI075302BA9O725clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI075303BA1O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075303BA6O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075303BA8O725brown [O910JW.J]
QI075303BA9O725clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI075304BA1O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075304BA6O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075304BA8O725brown [O910JW.J]
QI075304BA9O725clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI075305BA1O725ca [O910JW.J]
QI075305BA6O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075305BA8O725brown [O910JW.J]
QI075305BA9O725rounded end of a clay artifact (part of a ([lipid]sp?) [O910JW.J]
QI075601BA1O725fg [O910JW.J]
QI075601BA6O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075601BA8O725pale brown [O910JW.J]
QI075601BA9O725fragment of a figurine [O910JW.J]
QI075801BA1O725la [O910JW.J]
QI075801BA9O7254 fragments of the same flint blade [O910JW.J]
QI075802BA1O725la [O910JW.J]
QI075802BA2O7250.3 [O910JW.J]
QI075802BA3O7253.3 [O910JW.J]
QI075802BA4O7252.3 [O910JW.J]
QI075802BA6O725li [O910JW.J]
QI075802BA8O725light gray [O910JW.J]
QI075802BA9O725flint blade [O910JW.J]
QI075803BA1O725cl [O910JW.J]
QI075803BA8O725black [O910JW.J]
QI075803BA9O725clay lump [O910JW.J]
QI075901BA1O725la [O910JW.J]
QI075901BA2O7250.4 [O910JW.J]
QI075901BA3O7251.8 [O910JW.J]
QI075901BA4O7251.6 [O910JW.J]
QI075901BA6O725li [O910JW.J]
QI075901BA8O725dark gray [O910JW.J]
QI075901BA9O725fragment of flint [O910JW.J]
QI076001BA1O725sp [O910JW.J]
QI076001BA2O7251.4 [O910JW.J]
QI076001BA4O7251.8 [O910JW.J]
QI076001BA6O725sh [O910JW.J]
QI076001BA8O725white [O910JW.J]
QI076001BA9O725quite well-preserved shell [O910JW.J]
QI076301BA1O725sm [O910JW.J]
QI076301BA9O725sample of charred seeds and charcoal [O910JW.J]
QI083102A21O914sl [O914JW.J]
QI083102B11O914Three of a group of 21 small clay lumps brought from the field under this lot number. Inspected by mkb, who in checking for additional sealings associated with the new enden of Urkesh, identified three more pieces of the original seal impression, i239. These were assigned this q-item number and consolidated with i239 by the conservator. [O914JW.J]
QI083102P99O914Balance of lumps assigned component number a14q831.2.1. [O914JW.J]
QI08310201A21O914cl [O914JW.J]
QI08310201B11O914Group of 18 clay lumps which, upon examination by mkb, had no seal or object impressions. [O914JW.J]
QI08310201P01O914Discarded O914 [O914JW.J]
QI083104A21O914la [O914JW.J]
QI083104B11O914Half of toroid-shaped stone. Cut is verical plane through the center axis. Only the hole is finely cut. The outside surface, on the other hand, is not rounded. Wear not evident on any surface, which may indicate that the object was being manufactured when it broke. [O914JW.J]
QI083104D10O914Center hole is 1.7cm in diameter. [O914JW.J]
QI083104J01O9144.6 [O914JW.J]
QI083104J04O9149.4 [O914JW.J]
QI083104K05O914tan [O914JW.J]
QI083104P02O914ZSB 16-69 [O914JW.J]
QI083403A21O914cl [O914JW.J]
QI083403B11O914Group of about 50 small clay lumps. Cleaned and inspected by mkb, who in checking for additional sealings associated with the new enden of Urkesh, identified two plain sealings with straw impressions. These will be designated as components q834.3.1 and q834.3.2 and analyzed separately. [O914JW.J]
QI083403B11O914Group of about 50 small clay lumps. Inspected by mkb, who in checking for additional sealings associated with the new enden of Urkesh, identified two plain sealings with straw impressions. These will be designated as components q834.3.1 and q834.3.2 and analyzed separately. [O914JW.J]
QI083403P01O914Balance of lumps discarded O914. [O914JW.J]
QI083404A21O914sl [O914JW.J]
QI083404A98O914originally labeled as subitem q834.3.1, which could not be processed by JD program. Assigned next item number in sequence. [O914JW.J]
QI083404B11O914Clay sealing upon which are impressions of straw and possibly cloth. [O914JW.J]
QI083404J01O9140.7 [O914JW.J]
QI083404J02O9142.3 [O914JW.J]
QI083404J03O9141.9 [O914JW.J]
QI083404K05O914very pale brown [O914JW.J]
QI083404K06O91410YR7/3 [O914JW.J]
QI083404P02O914ZSB 8-45 [O914JW.J]
QI083405A21O914sl [O914JW.J]
QI083405A98O914originally labeled as subitem q834.3.2, which could not be processed by JD program. Assigned next item number in sequence. [O914JW.J]
QI083405B11O914Clay sealing upon which are impressions of straw. [O914JW.J]
QI083405J01O9141.5 [O914JW.J]
QI083405J02O9142.3 [O914JW.J]
QI083405J03O9142.1 [O914JW.J]
QI083405K05O914very pale brown [O914JW.J]
QI083405K06O91410YR7/3 [O914JW.J]
QI083405P02O914ZSB 8-45 [O914JW.J]
QI083501A21O914cl [O914JW.J]
QI083501B11O914Group of 17 small clay lumps. Cleaned and inspected by mkb, who in checking for additional sealings associated with the new enden of Urkesh, identified a small,handmade vessel and a sealing with straw impressions. These will be designated as components q835.1.1 and q835.1.2 respectively and analyzed separately. [O914JW.J]
QI083501P01O914Balance of lumps discarded O914. [O914JW.J]
QI083502A21O914la [O914JW.J]
QI083502B11O914End fragment of what probably is a tool with trapizoidal cross-section and made from hard, densely-grained black stone. Sides are smoothed, most likely from use for polishing, burnishing, or grinding. [O914JW.J]
QI083502D10O914Length is that of fragment. [O914JW.J]
QI083502J01O9144.1 [O914JW.J]
QI083502J02O9143.2 [O914JW.J]
QI083502J03O9145.6 [O914JW.J]
QI083502K05O914black [O914JW.J]
QI083502P02O914ZSB 16-69 [O914JW.J]
QI083503A21O914ma [O914JW.J]
QI083503B11O914Small, rectangular block of copper alloy with bronze disease. It is tapered at one end and broken off at the other. The extant shape suggests that it may have been a tool, perhaps a small chisel. [O914JW.J]
QI083503J01O9140.35 [O914JW.J]
QI083503J02O9142.2 [O914JW.J]
QI083503J03O9140.85 [O914JW.J]
QI083503K03O914BRONZE [O914JW.J]
QI083503P99O914to conservation [O914JW.J]
QI083504A21O914cv [O914JW.J]
QI083504A98O914formerly designated as q485.1.1 [O914JW.J]
QI083504B11O914Fragment of a small, hand-made bowl. [O914JW.J]
QI083504J01O9142.1 [O914JW.J]
QI083504J04O9144.6 [O914JW.J]
QI083504K05O914grayish brown [O914JW.J]
QI083504K06O91410YR5/2 [O914JW.J]
QI083504K10O914About half of vessel extant. [O914JW.J]
QI083504P02O914ZSB 6-17 [O914JW.J]
QI083505A21O914sl [O914JW.J]
QI083505A98O914formerly designated as q835.1.2 [O914JW.J]
QI083505B11O914Clay sealing upon which are impressions of straw. [O914JW.J]
QI083505J01O9140.95 [O914JW.J]
QI083505J02O9141.9 [O914JW.J]
QI083505J03O9141.8 [O914JW.J]
QI083505K05O914gray [O914JW.J]
QI083505K06O91410YR5/1 [O914JW.J]
QI083505P02O914ZSB 8-45 [O914JW.J]
QI083602A21O914cl [O914JW.J]
QI083602B11O914Group of about 30 small clay lumps. Inspected by mkb, who in checking for additional sealings associated with the new enden of Urkesh, identified a sealing with straw impressions. It will be designated as component q836.2.1 and analyzed separately. [O914JW.J]
QI083602P01O914Balance of lumps discarded O914. [O914JW.J]
QI083603A21O914fg [O914JW.J]
QI083603A98O914redesignated as q836.3 so that it could be processed by the JD program. [O914JW.J]
QI083603B11O914fragment of an figurine that is most likely the head of an animal, perhaps a ewe sheep. [O914JW.J]
QI083603C99O914Component of a lot of clay lumps obtained from screening the dirt associated with the search for more fragments of the Ishar Napshum door sealing, i239. [O914JW.J]
QI083603J01O9141.75 [O914JW.J]
QI083603J02O9141.9 [O914JW.J]
QI083603J03O9141.15 [O914JW.J]
QI083603K05O914very dark gray [O914JW.J]
QI083603K06O91410YR3/1 [O914JW.J]
QI083603P02O914ZSB 2-9 [O914JW.J]
QI083701A21O914ca [O914JW.J]
QI083701B11O914Conical fired clay object with rounded tip and a base that sharply narrows to a shaft which is broken off. Possibly phallic. [O914JW.J]
QI083701J02O9143.7 [O914JW.J]
QI083701J04O9142.9 [O914JW.J]
QI083701K05O914light gray [O914JW.J]
QI083701K06O9145Y7/2 [O914JW.J]
QI083701K10O914Slightly chipped at the tip and shaft is missing. [O914JW.J]
QI083701P02O914ZSB 7-59 [O914JW.J]
R0373D04O62240889 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D05O62234593 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D06O6228277 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D07O622SW corner [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D07O622entire k3 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D08O622q419 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D10O622t [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D11O622m3428 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D12O622m3422 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D13O622m3422: 8336+84-143 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D14O622349 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D15O622486 [O625JW1R.J]
R0373D16O622143 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D04O62241059 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D05O62234120 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D06O6228241 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D07O622SW corner [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D07O622entire k4 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D08O622q420 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D10O622t [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D11O622m3429 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D12O622m3462 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D13O622m3474: 8309+75-143 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D14O622355 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D15O622397 [O625JW1R.J]
R0374D16O622143 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D04O62240468 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D05O62234309 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D06O6228251 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D07O622SE corner [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D07O622entire k14 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D08O622q421 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D10O622t [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D11O622m3451 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D12O622m3478 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D13O622m3482: 8228+168-145 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D14O622390 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D15O622395 [O625JW1R.J]
R0375D16O622145 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D04O62240587 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D05O62234140 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D06O6228223 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D07O622S side k14 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D07O622center of object [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D08O622i90 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D10O622t [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D11O622m3451 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D12O622m3476 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D13O622m3482: 8228+139-144 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D14O622198 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D15O622391 [O625JW1R.J]
R0376D16O622144 [O625JW1R.J]
R0413D04O62740435 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D05O62734420 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D06O6278248 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D07O627SW corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D07O627entire k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D08O627q438 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D11O627m3540 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D13O627m3542: 8321+46-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D14O627393 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D15O627393 [O627JW-R.J]
R0413D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D04O62740138 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D05O62733781 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D06O6278177 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D07O627SW corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D07O627entire k24 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D08O627q439 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D11O627m3559 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D12O627m3561 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D13O627m3561: 8287+9-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D14O627394 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D15O627388 [O627JW-R.J]
R0414D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D04O62740314 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D05O62733312 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D06O6278126 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D07O627SW corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D07O627entire k25 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D08O627q440 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D11O627m3556 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D12O627m3558 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D13O627m3558: 8200+45-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D14O627395 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D15O627393 [O627JW-R.J]
R0415D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D04O62740736 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D05O62734732 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D06O6278249 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D07O627NE quadrant k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D07O627redo NW corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D08O627f181 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D11O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D13O627m3541: 8324+44-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D14O627207 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D15O627448 [O627JW-R.J]
R0416D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D04O62740510 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D05O62734632 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D06O6278243 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D07O627NE quadrant k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D07O627redo SW corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D08O627f181 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D11O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D13O627m3541: 8324+38-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D14O627332 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D15O627268 [O627JW-R.J]
R0417D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D04O62740420 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D05O62734832 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D06O6278250 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D07O627NE quadrant k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D07O627SE corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D08O627f181 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D11O627m3540 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D12O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D13O627m3542: 8321+48-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D14O627478 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D15O627261 [O627JW-R.J]
R0418D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D04O62740662 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D05O62734920 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D06O6278258 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D07O627NE corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D07O627NE quadrant k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D08O627f181 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D11O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D12O627m3540 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D13O627m3541: 8324+53-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D14O627394 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D15O627397 [O627JW-R.J]
R0419D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D04O62740390 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D05O62734588 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D06O6278242 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D07O627SW quadrant k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D07O627center of object [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D08O627i103 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D11O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D13O627m3542: 8321+40-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D14O627435 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D15O627221 [O627JW-R.J]
R0420D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D04O62740512 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D05O62734609 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D06O6278246 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D07O627SW quadrant k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D07O627center of object [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D08O627i104 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D11O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D13O627m3542: 8321+44-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D14O627352 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D15O627283 [O627JW-R.J]
R0421D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D04O62740392 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D05O62734538 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D06O6278244 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D07O627SW quadrant k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D07O627center of object [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D08O627i105 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D11O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D13O627m3542: 8321+42-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D14O627474 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D15O627268 [O627JW-R.J]
R0422D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D04O62740395 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D05O62734531 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D06O6278244 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D07O627SW quadrant k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D07O627center of object [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D08O627i106 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D11O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D13O627m3542: 8321+42-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D14O627478 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D15O627276 [O627JW-R.J]
R0423D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D04O62740393 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D05O62734524 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D06O6278245 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D07O627SW quadrant k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D07O627center of object [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D08O627i107 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D11O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D13O627m3542: 8321+43-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D14O627485 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D15O627281 [O627JW-R.J]
R0424D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D04O62740252 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D05O62734139 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D06O6278202 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D07O627center of object [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D07O627k24 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D08O627i108 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D11O627m3559 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D12O627m3560 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D13O627m3560: 8283+38-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D14O627348 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D15O627186 [O627JW-R.J]
R0425D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D04O62740139 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D05O62733778 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D06O6278177 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D07O627SW corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D07O627k24 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D08O627q441 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D11O627m3559 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D12O627m3561 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D13O627m3561: 8287+9-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D14O627394 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D15O627391 [O627JW-R.J]
R0426D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D04O62740434 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D05O62734421 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D06O6278244 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D07O627SW corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D07O627k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D08O627q442 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D11O627m3540 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D13O627m3542: 8321+42-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D14O627394 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D15O627392 [O627JW-R.J]
R0427D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D04O62740613 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D05O62734650 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D06O6278231 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D07O627center of object [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D07O627middle k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D08O627i109 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D11O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D12O627m3542 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D13O627m3541: 8324+26-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D14O627281 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D15O627350 [O627JW-R.J]
R0428D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D04O62740178 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D05O62733677 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D06O6278118 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D07O627SE corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D07O627k25f181 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D08O627q443 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D11O627m3555 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D12O627m3557 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D13O627m3555: 8149+88-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D14O627396 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D15O627394 [O627JW-R.J]
R0429D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D04O62741404 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D05O62733728 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D06O6278173 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D07O627NW corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D07O627k5f170 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D08O627q444 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D11O627m3472 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D12O627m3452 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D13O627m3452: 8202+90-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D14O627428 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D15O627179 [O627JW-R.J]
R0430D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D04O62740423 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D05O62734832 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D06O6278248 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D07O627SW corner [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D07O627k13f181 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D08O627q445 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D11O627m3540 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D12O627m3541 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D13O627m3541: 8324+43-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D14O627476 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D15O627259 [O627JW-R.J]
R0431D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D04O62740666 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D05O62734747 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D06O6278237 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D07O627center of object [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D07O627middle k13 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D08O627i110 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D10O627t [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D11O627m3453 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D12O627m3540 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D13O627m3540: 8319+37-119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D14O627415 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D15O627242 [O627JW-R.J]
R0432D16O627119 [O627JW-R.J]
R0433D04O62840542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D05O62833810 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D06O6288123 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D07O628NE corner [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D07O628k25 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D08O628q447 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D11O628m3558 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D12O628m3556 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D13O628m3556: 8164+78-119 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D14O628396 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D15O628399 [O628JW-R.J]
R0433D16O628119 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D04O62840504 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D05O62833908 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D06O6288165 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D07O628NW corner [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D07O628k24 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D08O628q448 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D11O628m3560 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D12O628m3407 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D13O628m3407: 8205+79-119 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D14O628397 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D15O628394 [O628JW-R.J]
R0434D16O628119 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D04O62840663 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D05O62834921 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D06O6288259 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D07O628NE corner [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D07O628k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D08O628q449 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D11O628m3542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D12O628m3540 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D13O628m3542: 8321+57-119 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D14O628396 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D15O628398 [O628JW-R.J]
R0435D16O628119 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D04O62841368 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D05O62834761 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D06O6288230 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D07O628NW corner [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D07O628k3 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D08O628q450 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D11O628m3427 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D12O628m3428 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D13O628m3428: 8355+26-151 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D14O628522 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D15O628159 [O628JW-R.J]
R0436D16O628151 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D04O62840655 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D05O62834864 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D06O6288234 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D07O628NE corner k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D07O628center of object [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D08O628i111 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D11O628m3542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D12O628m3540 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D13O628m3540: 8319+17-102 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D14O628372 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D15O628349 [O628JW-R.J]
R0437D16O628102 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D04O62840645 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D05O62834848 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D06O6288234 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D07O628NE corner k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D07O628center of object [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D08O628i112 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D11O628m3542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D12O628m3540 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D13O628m3540: 8319+17-102 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D14O628359 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D15O628339 [O628JW-R.J]
R0438D16O628102 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D04O62840437 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D05O62834422 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D06O6288235 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D07O628SW corner [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D07O628k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D08O628q451 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D11O628m3540 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D12O628m3542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D13O628m3542: 8321+49-135 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D14O628390 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D15O628392 [O628JW-R.J]
R0439D16O628135 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D04O62840381 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D05O62834282 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D06O6288167 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D07O628NE corner [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D07O628W half k24 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D08O628q454 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D11O628m3561 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D12O628m3559 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D13O628m3561: 8287+33-153 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D14O628362 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D15O628397 [O628JW-R.J]
R0440D16O628153 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D04O62840679 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D05O62833444 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D06O6288088 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D07O628NW corner [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D07O628k25 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D08O628q453 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D11O628m3557 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D12O628m3555 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D13O628m3555: 8149+92-153 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D14O628394 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D15O628395 [O628JW-R.J]
R0441D16O628153 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D04O62840138 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D05O62833779 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D06O6288146 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D07O628E half k24 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D07O628SW corner [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D08O628q452 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D11O628m3559 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D12O628m3561 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D13O628m3561: 8287+10-151 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D14O628394 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D15O628390 [O628JW-R.J]
R0442D16O628151 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D04O62840124 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D05O62834141 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D06O6288157 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D07O628E half k24 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D07O628center of object [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D08O628i113 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D11O628m3559 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D12O628m3560 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D13O628m3560: 8283+5-131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D14O628452 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D15O628284 [O628JW-R.J]
R0443D16O628131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D04O62840304 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D05O62834779 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D06O6288240 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D07O628SE corner [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D07O628k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D08O628q455 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D11O628m3453 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D12O628m3541 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D13O628m3541: 8324+47-131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D14O628389 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D15O628389 [O628JW-R.J]
R0444D16O628131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D04O62840377 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D05O62834568 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D06O6288233 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D07O628E half k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D07O628perimeter 1 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D08O628f191 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D11O628m3541 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D12O628m3542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D13O628m3542: 8321+43-131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D14O628459 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D15O628234 [O628JW-R.J]
R0457D16O628131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D04O62840440 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D05O62834599 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D06O6288227 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D07O628E half k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D07O628perimeter 2 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D08O628f191 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D11O628m3541 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D12O628m3542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D13O628m3542: 8321+37-131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D14O628396 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D15O628239 [O628JW-R.J]
R0458D16O628131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D04O62840458 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D05O62834685 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D06O6288233 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D07O628E half k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D07O628perimeter 3 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D08O628f191 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D11O628m3541 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D12O628m3542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D13O628m3542: 8321+43-131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D14O628317 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D15O628195 [O628JW-R.J]
R0459D16O628131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D04O62840455 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D05O62834748 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D06O6288237 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D07O628E half k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D07O628perimeter 4 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D08O628f191 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D11O628m3542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D12O628m3453 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D13O628m3542: 8321+47-131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D14O628168 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D15O628340 [O628JW-R.J]
R0460D16O628131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D04O62840394 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D05O62834823 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D06O6288243 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D07O628E half k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D07O628perimeter 5 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D08O628f191 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D11O628m3542 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D12O628m3453 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D13O628m3542: 8321+53-131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D14O628109 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D15O628415 [O628JW-R.J]
R0461D16O628131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D04O62840304 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D05O62834779 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D06O6288237 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D07O628E half k13 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D07O628perimeter 6 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D08O628f191 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D10O628t [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D11O628m3453 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D12O628m3541 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D13O628m3542: 8321+47-131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D14O628389 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D15O628389 [O628JW-R.J]
R0462D16O628131 [O628JW-R.J]
R0463D04O62940361 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D05O62934267 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D06O6298155 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D07O629NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D07O629k24 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D08O629q456 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D11O629m3561 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D12O629m3559 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D13O629m3561: 8287+15-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D14O629338 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D15O629390 [O701JW2R.J]
R0463D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D04O62940797 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D05O62934559 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D06O6298227 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D07O629NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D07O629k13 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D08O629q457 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D11O629m3541 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D12O629m3453 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D13O629m3541: 8324+50-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D14O629390 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D15O629401 [O701JW2R.J]
R0464D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D04O62941556 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D05O62934208 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D06O6298213 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D07O629NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D07O629S half k5 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D08O629q458 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D11O629m3458 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D12O629m3457 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D13O629m3459: 8302+58-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D14O629145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D15O629435 [O701JW2R.J]
R0465D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D04O62940536 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D05O62933785 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D06O6298087 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D07O629NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D07O629k25 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D08O629q459 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D11O629m3558 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D12O629m3556 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D13O629m3558: 8200+34-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D14O629383 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D15O629378 [O701JW2R.J]
R0466D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D04O62941553 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D05O62934206 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D06O6298202 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D07O629N baulk k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D07O629NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D08O629q460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D11O629m3458 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D12O629m3457 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D13O629m3459: 8302+47-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D14O629141 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D15O629433 [O701JW2R.J]
R0467D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D04O62940779 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D05O62933493 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D06O6298157 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D07O629S half k15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D07O629SW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D08O629q461 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D11O629m3465 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D12O629m3468 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D13O629m3466: 8211+93-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D14O629391 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D15O629387 [O701JW2R.J]
R0468D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D04O62940767 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D05O62933647 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D06O6298150 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D07O629SE corner k15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D07O629center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D08O629i114 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D11O629m3456 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D12O629m3465 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D13O629m3467: 8170+127-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D14O629172 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D15O629384 [O701JW2R.J]
R0469D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D04O62941556 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D05O62934209 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D06O6298196 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D07O629N baulk k5 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D07O629NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D08O629q462 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D11O629m3458 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D12O629m3457 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D13O629m3459: 8302+41-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D14O629145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D15O629436 [O701JW2R.J]
R0470D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D04O62941004 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D05O62933982 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D06O6298197 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D07O629N half k15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D07O629NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D08O629q463 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D11O629m3468 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D12O629m3465 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D13O629m3466: 8211+133-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D14O629393 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D15O629394 [O701JW2R.J]
R0471D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D04O62941555 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D05O62934209 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D06O6298195 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D07O629N baulk k5 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D07O629NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D08O629q464 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D11O629m3458 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D12O629m3457 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D13O629m3459: 8302+40-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D14O629144 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D15O629436 [O701JW2R.J]
R0472D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D04O62941553 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D05O62934213 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D06O6298194 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D07O629N baulk k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D07O629NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D08O629q465 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D11O629m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D12O629m3458 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D13O629m3474: 8309+32-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D14O629504 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D15O629144 [O701JW2R.J]
R0473D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D04O62940299 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D05O62934785 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D06O6298237 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D07O629SE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D07O629SE quadrant k13 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D08O629q466 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D11O629m3453 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D12O629m3541 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D13O629m3541: 8324+60-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D14O629396 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D15O629391 [O701JW2R.J]
R0474D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D04O62941137 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D05O62933631 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D06O6298160 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D07O629N half k5 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D07O629NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D08O629q467 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D10O629t [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D11O629m3470 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D12O629m3456 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D13O629m3467: 8170+137-147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D14O629381 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D15O629394 [O701JW2R.J]
R0475D16O629147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D04O63040665 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D05O63034915 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D06O6308226 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D07O630Entire k13 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D07O630NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D08O630q468 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D11O630m3542 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D12O630m3540 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D13O630m3542: 8321+50-145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D14O630396 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D15O630391 [O701JW2R.J]
R0476D16O630145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D04O63041463 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D05O63034436 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D06O6308225 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D07O630N baulk E k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D07O630NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D08O630q469 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D11O630m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D12O630m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D13O630m3474: 8309+55-139 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D14O630280 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D15O630211 [O701JW2R.J]
R0477D16O630139 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D04O63041004 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D05O63033979 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D06O6307882 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D07O630N half k15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D07O630NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D08O630q470 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D11O630m3468 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D12O630m3465 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D13O630m3466: 8211+110-439 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D14O630392 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D15O630391 [O701JW2R.J]
R0478D16O630439 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D04O63040490 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D05O63033916 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D06O6308124 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D07O630NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D07O630W half k24 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D08O630q471 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D11O630m3560 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D12O630m3407 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D13O630m3560: 8283+5-164 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D14O630385 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D15O630384 [O701JW2R.J]
R0479D16O630164 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D04O63040644 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D05O63033854 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D06O6308177 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D07O630S half k15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D07O630SE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D08O630q472 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D11O630m3456 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D12O630m3470 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D13O630m3470: 8234+88-145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D14O630401 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D15O630390 [O701JW2R.J]
R0480D16O630145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D04O63041405 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D05O63034518 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D06O6308211 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D07O630N side k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D07O630center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D08O630i115 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D11O630m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D12O630m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D13O630m3461: 8343+13-145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D14O630186 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D15O630281 [O701JW2R.J]
R0481D16O630145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D04O63040822 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D05O63034448 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D06O6308212 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D07O630NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D07O630entire k14 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D08O630q475 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D11O630m3480 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D12O630m3476 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D13O630m3481: 8286+71-145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D14O630387 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D15O630396 [O701JW2R.J]
R0482D16O630145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D04O63041352 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D05O63034739 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D06O6308235 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D07O630N baulk E k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D07O630NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D08O630q474 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D11O630m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D12O630m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D13O630m3461: 8343+37-145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D14O630166 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D15O630504 [O701JW2R.J]
R0483D16O630145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D04O63041365 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D05O63034615 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D06O6308198 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D07O630N baulk E k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D07O630center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D08O630i116 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D11O630m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D12O630m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D13O630m3461: 8343+11-156 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D14O630120 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D15O630379 [O701JW2R.J]
R0484D16O630156 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D04O63040646 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D05O63033851 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D06O6308141 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D07O630SE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D07O630k15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D08O630q481 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D10O630t [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D11O630m3456 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D12O630m3470 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D13O630m3467: 8170+116-145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D14O630398 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D15O630389 [O701JW2R.J]
R0485D16O630145 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D04O70140963 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D05O70134088 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D06O7018180 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D07O701NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D07O701k14 pit f203 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D08O701q483 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D11O701m3478 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D12O701m3451 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D13O701m3482: 8228+87-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D14O701394 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D15O701391 [O701JW2R.J]
R0486D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D04O70140820 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D05O70134449 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D06O7018217 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D07O701NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D07O701k14f202 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D08O701q484 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D11O701m3480 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D12O701m3476 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D13O701m3481: 8286+66-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D14O701385 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D15O701398 [O701JW2R.J]
R0487D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D04O70141001 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D05O70133976 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D06O7018155 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D07O701NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D07O701k15f201 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D08O701q485 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D11O701m3468 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D12O701m3465 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D13O701m3469: 8218+72-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D14O701389 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D15O701390 [O701JW2R.J]
R0488D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D04O70141343 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D05O70134717 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D06O7018214 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D07O701N baulk k4f193 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D07O701NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D08O701q486 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D11O701m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D12O701m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D13O701m3461: 8343+6-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D14O701144 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D15O701483 [O701JW2R.J]
R0489D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D04O70140336 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D05O70134373 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D06O7018264 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D07O701Entire k23 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D07O701NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D08O701q487 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D11O701m3641 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D12O701m3406 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D13O701m3461: 8343+56-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D14O701405 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D15O701400 [O701JW2R.J]
R0490D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D04O70141001 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D05O70133976 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D06O7018155 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D07O701Entire k15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D07O701NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D08O701q488 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D11O701m3468 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D12O701m3465 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D13O701m3469: 8218+72-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D14O701389 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D15O701390 [O701JW2R.J]
R0491D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D04O70140605 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D05O70133953 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D06O7018171 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D07O701Entire k14 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D07O701SW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D08O701q489 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D11O701m3476 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D12O701m3480 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D13O701m3477: 8257+49-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D14O701391 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D15O701390 [O701JW2R.J]
R0492D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D04O70140927 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D05O70134184 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D06O7018176 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D07O701k14a15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D07O701perimeter 1 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D08O701f203 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D11O701m3451 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D12O701m3476 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D13O701m3477: 8257+54-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D14O701407 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D15O701112 [O701JW2R.J]
R0493D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D04O70140902 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D05O70134125 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D06O7018181 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D07O701k14a15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D07O701perimeter 2 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D08O701f203 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D11O701m3451 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D12O701m3476 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D13O701m3477: 8257+59-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D14O701353 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D15O70184 [O701JW2R.J]
R0494D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D04O70140916 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D05O70134071 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D06O7018183 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D07O701k14a15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D07O701perimeter 3 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D08O701f203 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D11O701m3476 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D12O701m3478 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D13O701m3477: 8257+61-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D14O70159 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D15O701398 [O701JW2R.J]
R0495D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D04O70140497 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D05O70134237 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D06O7018192 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D07O701k14a16 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D07O701perimeter 1 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D08O701f205 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D11O701m3451 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D12O701m3476 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D13O701m3482: 8228+99-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D14O701313 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D15O701502 [O701JW2R.J]
R0496D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D04O70140525 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D05O70134288 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D06O7018179 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D07O701k14a16 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D07O701perimeter 2 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D08O701f205 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D11O701m3480 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D12O701m3451 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D13O701m3481: 8286+28-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D14O70171 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D15O701354 [O701JW2R.J]
R0497D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D04O70140539 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D05O70134343 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D06O7018184 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D07O701k14a16 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D07O701perimeter 3 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D08O701f205 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D11O701m3480 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D12O701m3451 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D13O701m3481: 8286+33-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D14O70185 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D15O701406 [O701JW2R.J]
R0498D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D04O70141317 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D05O70134660 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D06O7018192 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D07O701N baulk E k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D07O701center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D08O701i118 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D11O701m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D12O701m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D13O701m3461: 8343+13-164 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D14O70187 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D15O701430 [O701JW2R.J]
R0499D16O701164 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D04O70141292 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D05O70134616 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D06O7018194 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D07O701N baulk E k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D07O701center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D08O701i119 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D11O701m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D12O701m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D13O701m3461: 8343+15-164 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D14O70147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D15O701393 [O701JW2R.J]
R0500D16O701164 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D04O70140918 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D05O70134154 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D06O7018171 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D07O701center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D07O701k14 a15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D08O701i117 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D11O701m3451 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D12O701m3476 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D13O701m3477: 8257+49-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D14O701382 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D15O70191 [O701JW2R.J]
R0501D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D04O70141309 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D05O70134732 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D06O7018196 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D07O701N baulk E k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D07O701center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D08O701i121 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D11O701m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D12O701m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D13O701m3461: 8343+14-161 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D14O701136 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D15O701502 [O701JW2R.J]
R0502D16O701161 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D04O70141296 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D05O70134728 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D06O7018200 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D07O701N baulk E k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D07O701center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D08O701i122 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D11O701m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D12O701m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D13O701m3461: 8343+18-161 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D14O701127 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D15O701501 [O701JW2R.J]
R0503D16O701161 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D04O70140465 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D05O70134315 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D06O7018177 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D07O701S half k14 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D07O701SE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D08O701q491 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D11O701m3451 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D12O701m3478 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D13O701m3482: 8228+83-134 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D14O701397 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D15O701395 [O701JW2R.J]
R0504D16O701134 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D04O70140825 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D05O70134451 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D06O7018175 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D07O701NE corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D07O701NE quadrant k14 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D08O701q490 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D11O701m3480 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D12O701m3476 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D13O701m3481: 8286+23-134 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D14O701391 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D15O701398 [O701JW2R.J]
R0505D16O701134 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D04O70141298 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D05O70134675 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D06O7018187 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D07O701N baulk E k4 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D07O701center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D08O701i120 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D11O701m3460 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D12O701m3429 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D13O701m3461: 8343+5-161 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D14O70182 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D15O701448 [O701JW2R.J]
R0506D16O701161 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D04O70141147 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D05O70133620 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D06O7018112 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D07O701Entire k15 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D07O701NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D08O701q492 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D11O701m3470 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D12O701m3456 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D13O701m3470: 8234+13-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D14O701395 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D15O701399 [O701JW2R.J]
R0507D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D04O70140590 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D05O70134764 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D06O7018228 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D07O701NE corner k13 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D07O701center of object [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D08O701i123 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D11O701m3453 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D12O701m3540 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D13O701m3453: 8284+75-131 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D14O701391 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D15O701304 [O701JW2R.J]
R0508D16O701131 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D04O70140336 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D05O70134373 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D06O7018293 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D07O701Entire k23 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D07O701NW corner [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D08O701q487 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D10O701t [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D11O701m3641 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D12O701m3406 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D13O701m3641: 8372+56-135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D14O701405 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D15O701400 [O701JW2R.J]
R0509D16O701135 [O701JW2R.J]
R0510D04O70441386 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D05O70434251 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D06O7048298 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D07O704N baulk k4 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D07O704NW corner [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D08O704q494 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D11O704m3460 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D12O704m3424 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D13O704m3461: 8343+90-135 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D14O704388 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D15O704341 [O706GM-R.J]
R0510D16O704135 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D04O70440647 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D05O70433852 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D06O7048107 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D07O704Entire k15 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D07O704SE corner [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D08O704q495 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D11O704m3456 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D12O704m3470 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D13O704m3470: 8234+8-135 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D14O704398 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D15O704387 [O706GM-R.J]
R0511D16O704135 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D04O70440187 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D05O70434756 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D06O7048337 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D07O704Entire k23 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D07O704NE corner [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D08O704q496 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D11O704m3642 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D12O704m3640 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D13O704m3640: 8292+180-135 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D14O704399 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D15O704408 [O706GM-R.J]
R0512D16O704135 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D04O70440826 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D05O70434447 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D06O7048190 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D07O704Entire k14 less f216 and f206 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D07O704NE corner [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D08O704q497 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D11O704m3480 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D12O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D13O704m3481: 8286+39-135 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D14O704390 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D15O704394 [O706GM-R.J]
R0513D16O704135 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D04O70440466 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D05O70434317 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D06O7048165 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D07O704SE corner [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D07O704a16 pit fill in k14 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D08O704q499 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D11O704m3451 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D12O704m3478 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D13O704m3479: 8315+2-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D14O704398 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D15O704394 [O706GM-R.J]
R0515D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D04O70440606 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D05O70433958 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D06O7048165 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D07O704SW corner [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D07O704k14 less f216 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D08O704q501 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D11O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D12O704m3480 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D13O704m3477: 8257+60-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D14O704388 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D15O704386 [O706GM-R.J]
R0516D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D04O70440844 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D05O70434386 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D06O7048177 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D07O704k14 N 2/3's [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D07O704perimeter 1 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D08O704f216 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D11O704m3451 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D12O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D13O704m3477: 8257+72-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D14O704507 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D15O704331 [O706GM-R.J]
R0517D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D04O70440834 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D05O70434359 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D06O7048180 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D07O704k14 N 2/3's [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D07O704perimeter 2 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D08O704f216 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D11O704m3451 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D12O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D13O704m3477: 8257+75-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D14O704478 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D15O704310 [O706GM-R.J]
R0518D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D04O70440659 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D05O70434302 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D06O7048180 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D07O704k14 N 2/3's [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D07O704perimeter 3 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D08O704f216 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D11O704m3451 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D12O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D13O704m3477: 8257+75-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D14O704365 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D15O704384 [O706GM-R.J]
R0519D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D04O70440655 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D05O70434244 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D06O7048177 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D07O704k14 N 2/3's [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D07O704perimeter 4 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D08O704f216 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D11O704m3451 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D12O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D13O704m3482: 8228+101-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D14O704307 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D15O704358 [O706GM-R.J]
R0520D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D04O70440680 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D05O70434125 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D06O7048167 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D07O704k14 N 2/3's [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D07O704perimeter 5 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D08O704f216 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D11O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D12O704m3478 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D13O704m3479: 8315+4-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D14O704297 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D15O704368 [O706GM-R.J]
R0521D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D04O70440751 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D05O70434135 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D06O7048177 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D07O704k14 N 2/3's [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D07O704perimeter 6 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D08O704f216 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D11O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D12O704m3478 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D13O704m3479: 8315+14-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D14O704229 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D15O704335 [O706GM-R.J]
R0522D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D04O70440811 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D05O70434064 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D06O7048173 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D07O704k14 N 2/3's [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D07O704perimeter 7 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D08O704f216 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D11O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D12O704m3478 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D13O704m3479: 8315+10-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D14O704164 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D15O704397 [O706GM-R.J]
R0523D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D04O70440921 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D05O70434214 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D06O7048189 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D07O704k14 N 2/3's [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D07O704perimeter 8 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D08O704f216 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D11O704m3478 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D12O704m3480 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D13O704m3479: 8315+26-152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D14O704261 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D15O704473 [O706GM-R.J]
R0524D16O704152 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D04O70440747 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D05O70434313 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D06O7048163 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D07O704Middle k14 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D07O704center of object [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D08O704i124 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D11O704m3478 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D12O704m3480 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D13O704m3479: 8315+10-162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D14O704170 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D15O704288 [O706GM-R.J]
R0525D16O704162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D04O70441352 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D05O70433887 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D06O7048189 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D07O704E side k5 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D07O704center of object [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D08O704i125 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D11O704m3472 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D12O704m3452 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D13O704m3473: 8256+65-132 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D14O704290 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D15O704261 [O706GM-R.J]
R0526D16O704132 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D04O70440606 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D05O70433953 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D06O7048160 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D07O704SW corner [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D07O704a17 k14 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D08O704q502 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D11O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D12O704m3480 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D13O704m3477: 8257+65-162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D14O704390 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D15O704391 [O706GM-R.J]
R0527D16O704162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D04O70440824 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D05O70434449 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D06O7048145 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D07O704NE corner [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D07O704f219 k14 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D08O704q503 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D11O704m3480 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D12O704m3476 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D13O704m3477: 8257+50-162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D14O704389 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D15O704396 [O706GM-R.J]
R0528D16O704162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D04O70441276 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D05O70434627 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D06O7048248 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D07O704NE corner [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D07O704f210 k4 N baulk [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D08O704q504 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D11O704m3462 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D12O704m3429 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D13O704m3462: 8278+132-162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D14O704373 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D15O704407 [O706GM-R.J]
R0529D16O704162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D04O70440867 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D05O70433871 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D06O7048090 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D07O704E half k15 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D07O704center of object [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D08O704i126 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D10O704t [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D11O704m3468 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D12O704m3456 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D13O704m3469: 8218+34-162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D14O704235 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D15O704407 [O706GM-R.J]
R0530D16O704162 [O706GM-R.J]
R0631D04O71339922 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D05O71334369 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D06O7138122 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D07O713along S baulk k23 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D07O713center of object [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D08O713i157 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D10O713t [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D11O713m3723 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D12O713m3718 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D13O713m3718: 8284+3-165 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D14O713385 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D15O713296 [O719GM-R.J]
R0631D16O713165 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D04O71339995 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D05O71334655 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D06O7138129 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D07O713NE corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D07O713SE quadrant k23 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D08O713q624 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D10O713t [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D11O713m3719 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D12O713m3723 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D13O713m3723: 8252+30-153 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D14O713243 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D15O713316 [O719GM-R.J]
R0632D16O713153 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D04O71339995 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D05O71334655 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D06O7138129 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D07O713SE corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D07O713k23 less f251 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D08O713q625 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D10O713t [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D11O713m3719 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D12O713m3723 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D13O713m3723: 8252+30-153 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D14O713243 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D15O713316 [O719GM-R.J]
R0633D16O713153 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D04O71340630 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D05O71333841 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D06O7138131 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D07O713N baulk k25 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D07O713NE corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D08O713q627 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D10O713t [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D11O713m3557 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D12O713m3556 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D13O713m3557: 8211+47-127 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D14O71387 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D15O713406 [O719GM-R.J]
R0634D16O713127 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D04O71341162 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D05O71333634 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D06O7138138 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D07O713SW corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D07O713k5 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D08O713q626 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D10O713t [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D11O713m3457 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D12O713m3472 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D13O713m3463: 8174+91-127 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D14O713430 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D15O713398 [O719GM-R.J]
R0635D16O713127 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D04O71440984 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D05O71434456 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D06O7148167 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D07O714center of object [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D07O714k14 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D08O714i160 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D10O714t [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D11O714m3478 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D12O714m3476 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D13O714m3478: 8305+14-152 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D14O714151 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D15O714374 [O719GM-R.J]
R0643D16O714152 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D04O71441085 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D05O71434271 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D06O7148163 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D07O714E half k14 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D07O714center of object [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D08O714i161 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D10O714t [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D11O714m3478 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D12O714m3476 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D13O714m3478: 8305+22-164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D14O714315 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D15O714219 [O719GM-R.J]
R0644D16O714164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D04O71440808 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D05O71434407 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D06O7148080 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D07O714E half k14 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D07O714center of object [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D08O714i162 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D10O714t [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D11O714m3777 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D12O714m3776 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D13O714m3777: 8228+16-164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D14O714180 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D15O714201 [O719GM-R.J]
R0645D16O714164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D04O71441098 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D05O71434194 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D06O7148169 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D07O714E half k14 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D07O714center of object [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D08O714i163 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D10O714t [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D11O714m3478 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D12O714m3476 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D13O714m3478: 8305+28-164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D14O714376 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D15O714167 [O719GM-R.J]
R0646D16O714164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D04O71441345 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D05O71433948 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D06O7148118 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D07O714center of object [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D07O714k5 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D08O714i164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D10O714t [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D11O714m3458 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D12O714m3472 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D13O714m3473: 8256+26-164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D14O714215 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D15O714259 [O719GM-R.J]
R0647D16O714164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D04O71441029 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D05O71433992 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D06O7148140 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D07O714SE corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D07O714k5 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D08O714q649 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D10O714t [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D11O714m3465 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D12O714m3458 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D13O714m3459: 8302+2-164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D14O714395 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D15O714425 [O719GM-R.J]
R0648D16O714164 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D04O71440693 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D05O71434270 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D06O7148248 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D07O714SW corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D07O714k14 f245 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D08O714q650 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D10O714t [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D11O714m3476 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D12O714m3478 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D13O714m3478: 8305+69-126 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D14O714338 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D15O714236 [O719GM-R.J]
R0649D16O714126 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D04O71439977 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D05O71434267 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D06O7148113 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D07O714SW corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D07O714k23 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D08O714q651 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D10O714t [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D11O714m3805 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D12O714m3807 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D13O714m3805: 8155+84-126 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D14O714167 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D15O714411 [O719GM-R.J]
R0650D16O714126 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D04O71539898 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D05O71534466 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D06O7158102 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D07O715SE k23 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D07O715center of object [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D08O715i165 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D10O715t [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D11O715m3805 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D12O715m3807 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D13O715m3807: 8161+66-125 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D14O715275 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D15O715237 [O719GM-R.J]
R0651D16O715125 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D04O71539821 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D05O71534604 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D06O7158110 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D07O715SE corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D07O715SE k23 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D08O715q658 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D10O715t [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D11O715m3805 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D12O715m3807 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D13O715m3807: 8161+93-144 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D14O715419 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D15O715199 [O719GM-R.J]
R0652D16O715144 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D04O71541417 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D05O71534128 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D06O7158115 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D07O715NE corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D07O715k5 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D08O715q655 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D10O715t [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D11O715m3472 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D12O715m3457 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D13O715m3463: 8174+106-165 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D14O715335 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D15O715386 [O719GM-R.J]
R0653D16O715165 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D04O71540184 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D05O71533685 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D06O7158149 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D07O715E baulk k25 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D07O715SE corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D08O715q656 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D10O715t [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D11O715m3724 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D12O715m3721 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D13O715m3721: 8194+77-122 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D14O715427 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D15O715310 [O719GM-R.J]
R0654D16O715122 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D04O71540886 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D05O71534469 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D06O7158218 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D07O715SE corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D07O715k14 f245 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D08O715q654 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D10O715t [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D11O715m3478 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D12O715m3476 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D13O715m3478: 8305+60-147 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D14O71554 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D15O715397 [O719GM-R.J]
R0655D16O715147 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D04O71540160 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D05O71534841 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D06O7158369 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D07O715NW corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D07O715k22 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D08O715q660 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D10O715t [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D11O715m3653 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D12O715m3404 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D13O715m3653: 8368+111-110 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D14O715400 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D15O715400 [O719GM-R.J]
R0656D16O715110 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D04O71541062 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D05O71533987 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D06O7158092 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D07O715SE corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D07O715k5 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D08O715q669 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D10O715t [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D11O715m3465 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D12O715m3457 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D13O715m3466: 8211+27-146 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D14O715381 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D15O715550 [O719GM-R.J]
R0672D16O715146 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D04O71540532 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D05O71533826 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D06O7158109 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D07O715E baulk k25 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D07O715NW corner [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D08O715q670 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D10O715t [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D11O715m3724 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D12O715m3721 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D13O715m3724: 8170+66-127 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D14O715187 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D15O715494 [O719GM-R.J]
R0673D16O715127 [O719GM-R.J]
R0702D04O71941064 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D05O71933990 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D06O7198062 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D07O719Entire k5 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D07O719SE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D08O719q693 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D11O719m3465 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D12O719m3457 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D13O719m3466: 8211+14-163 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D14O719384 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D15O719550 [O829JW4R.J]
R0702D16O719163 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D04O71941263 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D05O71934613 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D06O7198220 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D07O719N half k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D07O719NE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D08O719q694 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D11O719m3673 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D12O719m3429 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D13O719m3474: 8309+61-150 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D14O719365 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D15O719398 [O829JW4R.J]
R0703D16O719150 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D04O71940664 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D05O71934920 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D06O7198197 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D07O719Entire k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D07O719NE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D08O719q695 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D11O719m3542 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D12O719m3540 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D13O719m3540: 8319+28-150 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D14O719396 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D15O719396 [O829JW4R.J]
R0704D16O719150 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D04O71940188 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D05O71933686 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D06O7198063 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D07O719E baulk k25 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D07O719SW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D08O719q696 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D11O719m3724 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D12O719m3721 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D13O719m3721: 8194+32-163 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D14O719423 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D15O719310 [O829JW4R.J]
R0705D16O719163 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D04O71940151 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D05O71934844 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D06O7198338 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D07O719NW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D07O719k22 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D08O719q698 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D11O719m3653 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D12O719m3404 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D13O719m3653: 8368+98-128 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D14O719394 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D15O719393 [O829JW4R.J]
R0706D16O719128 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D04O71941385 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D05O71934256 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D06O7198209 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D07O719N half k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D07O719NW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D08O719q697 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D11O719m3673 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D12O719m3424 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D13O719m3475: 8263+74-128 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D14O719530 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D15O719342 [O829JW4R.J]
R0707D16O719128 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D04O71941340 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D05O71934435 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D06O7198197 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D07O719N half k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D07O719center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D08O719i173 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D11O719m3424 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D12O719m3429 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D13O719m3474: 8309+31-143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D14O719416 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D15O719205 [O829JW4R.J]
R0708D16O719143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D04O71941386 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D05O71934302 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D06O7198195 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D07O719N half k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D07O719center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D08O719i174 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D11O719m3424 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D12O719m3429 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D13O719m3474: 8309+29-143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D14O719364 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D15O71965 [O829JW4R.J]
R0709D16O719143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D04O71940661 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D05O71934921 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D06O7198196 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D07O719NE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D07O719k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D08O719q700 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D11O719m3542 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D12O719m3540 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D13O719m3542: 8321+18-143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D14O719394 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D15O719398 [O829JW4R.J]
R0710D16O719143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D04O71940780 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D05O71934558 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D06O7198192 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D07O719N half k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D07O719center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D08O719i176 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D11O719m3541 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D12O719m3453 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D13O719m3541: 8324+30-162 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D14O719386 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D15O719385 [O829JW4R.J]
R0711D16O719162 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D04O71941213 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D05O71934721 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D06O7198257 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D07O719NE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D07O719k3 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D08O719q699 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D11O719m3656 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D12O719m3655 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D13O719m3655: 8319+81-143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D14O719532 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D15O719355 [O829JW4R.J]
R0712D16O719143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D04O71940973 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D05O71934869 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D06O7198245 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D07O719center k3 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D07O719center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D08O719i175 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D11O719m3656 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D12O719m3655 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D13O719m3656: 8341+47-143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D14O719252 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D15O719296 [O829JW4R.J]
R0713D16O719143 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D04O71941267 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D05O71934343 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D06O7198204 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D07O719center k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D07O719center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D08O719i177 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D11O719m3673 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D12O719m3424 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D13O719m3475: 8263+66-125 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D14O719386 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D15O719299 [O829JW4R.J]
R0714D16O719125 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D04O71940619 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D05O71933932 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D06O7198194 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D07O719SE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D07O719k24 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D08O719q701 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D11O719m3776 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D12O719m3778 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D13O719m3778: 8215+104-125 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D14O719428 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D15O719237 [O829JW4R.J]
R0715D16O719125 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D04O71940009 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D05O71935195 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D06O7198346 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D07O719NE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D07O719k22 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D08O719q703 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D11O719m3654 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D12O719m3652 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D13O719m3654: 8431+40-125 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D14O719383 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D15O719387 [O829JW4R.J]
R0716D16O719125 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D04O71940882 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D05O71934596 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D06O7198247 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D07O719SW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D07O719W part k3 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D08O719q705 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D11O719m3428 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D12O719m3656 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D13O719m3656: 8341+40-134 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D14O719354 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D15O719391 [O829JW4R.J]
R0717D16O719134 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D04O71941151 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D05O71934221 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D06O7198193 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D07O719S half k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D07O719center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D08O719i178 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D10O719t [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D11O719m3673 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D12O719m3424 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D13O719m3475: 8263+64-134 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D14O719366 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D15O719131 [O829JW4R.J]
R0718D16O719134 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D04O72040017 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D05O72035206 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D06O7208346 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D07O720NE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D07O720k22 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D08O720q709 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D11O720m3654 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D12O720m3652 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D13O720m3654: 8431+60-145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D14O720394 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D15O720394 [O829JW4R.J]
R0719D16O720145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D04O72040291 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D05O72034786 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D06O7208188 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D07O720SE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D07O720k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D08O720q706 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D11O720m3453 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D12O720m3541 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D13O720m3541: 8324+9-145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D14O720400 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D15O720398 [O829JW4R.J]
R0720D16O720145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D04O72040625 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D05O72033939 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D06O7208163 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D07O720SE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D07O720k15 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D08O720q711 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D11O720m3776 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D12O720m3778 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D13O720m3778: 8215+93-145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D14O720419 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D15O720233 [O829JW4R.J]
R0721D16O720145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D04O72040926 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D05O72034490 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D06O7208200 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D07O720SE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D07O720k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D08O720q710 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D11O720m3424 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D12O720m3429 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D13O720m3475: 8263+82-145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D14O720402 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D15O720532 [O829JW4R.J]
R0722D16O720145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D04O72040743 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D05O72034961 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D06O7208245 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D07O720SE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D07O720k3 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D08O720q708 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D11O720m3655 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D12O720m3428 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D13O720m3655: 8319+71-145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D14O720400 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D15O720543 [O829JW4R.J]
R0723D16O720145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D04O72040439 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D05O72034414 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D06O7208186 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D07O720SW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D07O720SW corner k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D08O720q707 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D11O720m3540 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D12O720m3542 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D13O720m3542: 8321+10-145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D14O720391 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D15O720400 [O829JW4R.J]
R0724D16O720145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D04O72041003 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D05O72034515 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D06O7208196 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D07O720center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D07O720k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D08O720i179 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D11O720m3424 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D12O720m3429 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D13O720m3475: 8263+78-145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D14O720405 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D15O720480 [O829JW4R.J]
R0725D16O720145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D04O72040969 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D05O72034068 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D06O7208141 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D07O720pit center [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D07O720pit in k14 but excavated as E baulk k15 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D08O720q713 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D11O720m3776 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D12O720m3778 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D13O720m3776: 8215+68-142 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D14O720177 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D15O720449 [O829JW4R.J]
R0726D16O720142 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D04O72041064 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D05O72034121 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D06O7208194 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D07O720SW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D07O720k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D08O720q712 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D11O720m3429 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D12O720m3673 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D13O720m3673: 8313+23-142 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D14O720350 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D15O720408 [O829JW4R.J]
R0727D16O720142 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D04O72040429 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D05O72034506 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D06O7208163 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D07O720SW corner k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D07O720center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D08O720i180 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D11O720m3453 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D12O720m3540 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D13O720m3453: 8284+39-160 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D14O72097 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D15O720380 [O829JW4R.J]
R0728D16O720160 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D04O72041306 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D05O72034441 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D06O7208195 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D07O720N side k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D07O720center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D08O720i181 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D11O720m3424 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D12O720m3429 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D13O720m3474: 8309+28-142 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D14O720400 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D15O720222 [O829JW4R.J]
R0729D16O720142 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D04O72040743 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D05O72034959 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D06O7208241 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D07O720k3 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D08O720q715 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D11O720m3655 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D12O720m3428 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D13O720m3655: 8319+71-149 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D14O720398 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D15O720542 [O829JW4R.J]
R0730D16O720149 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D04O72040826 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D05O72034990 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D06O7208238 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D07O720center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D07O720k3 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D08O720i182 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D11O720m3656 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D12O720m3655 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D13O720m3656: 8341+43-146 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D14O72094 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D15O720407 [O829JW4R.J]
R0731D16O720146 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D04O72041195 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D05O72034541 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D06O7208194 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D07O720NW corner k4 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D07O720center of object [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D08O720i183 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D11O720m3673 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D12O720m3424 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D13O720m3673: 8313+9-128 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D14O720283 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D15O720442 [O829JW4R.J]
R0732D16O720128 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D04O72040793 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D05O72034556 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D06O7208172 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D07O720NW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D07O720NW k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D08O720q716 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D11O720m3541 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D12O720m3453 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D13O720m3541: 8324+6-158 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D14O720392 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D15O720396 [O829JW4R.J]
R0733D16O720158 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D04O72040509 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D05O72034452 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D06O7208164 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D07O720NW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D07O720k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D08O720f276 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D11O720m3542 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D12O720m3453 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D13O720m3453: 8284+38-158 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D14O720399 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D15O72094 [O829JW4R.J]
R0734D16O720158 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D04O72040446 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D05O72034628 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D06O7208169 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D07O720NW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D07O720k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D08O720f276 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D11O720m3453 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D12O720m3540 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D13O720m3453: 8284+43-158 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D14O720220 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D15O720368 [O829JW4R.J]
R0735D16O720158 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D04O72040362 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D05O72034604 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D06O7208175 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D07O720NW corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D07O720k13 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D08O720f276 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D11O720m3453 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D12O720m3540 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D13O720m3453: 8284+49-158 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D14O720205 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D15O720447 [O829JW4R.J]
R0736D16O720158 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D04O72040741 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D05O72034959 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D06O7208238 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D07O720SE corner [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D07O720k3 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D08O720q717 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D10O720t [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D11O720m3655 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D12O720m3428 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D13O720m3655: 8319+64-145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D14O720398 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D15O720543 [O829JW4R.J]
R0737D16O720145 [O829JW4R.J]
R0738D04O72139793 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D05O72134719 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D06O7218293 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D07O721SW corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D07O721k22 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D08O721q720 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D11O721m3652 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D12O721m3654 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D13O721m3654: 8431+22-160 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D14O721388 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D15O721386 [O721JW2R.J]
R0738D16O721160 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D04O72140442 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D05O72134428 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D06O7218164 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D07O721SW corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D07O721k13 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D08O721q722 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D11O721m3540 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D12O721m3542 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D13O721m3542: 8321+7-164 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D14O721384 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D15O721388 [O721JW2R.J]
R0739D16O721164 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D04O72141063 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D05O72134121 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D06O7218187 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D07O721SW corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D07O721k4 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D08O721q721 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D11O721m3429 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D12O721m3673 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D13O721m3474: 8309+38-160 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D14O721351 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D15O721408 [O721JW2R.J]
R0740D16O721160 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D04O72141206 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D05O72134724 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D06O7218229 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D07O721NW corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D07O721k3 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D08O721q723 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D11O721m3656 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D12O721m3655 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D13O721m3655: 8319+46-136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D14O721525 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D15O721350 [O721JW2R.J]
R0741D16O721136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D04O72140952 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D05O72134779 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D06O7218223 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D07O721center of object [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D07O721k3 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D08O721i184 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D11O721m3656 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D12O721m3655 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D13O721m3656: 8341+18-136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D14O721280 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D15O721204 [O721JW2R.J]
R0742D16O721136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D04O72140883 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D05O72134606 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D06O7218226 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D07O721SW corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D07O721k3 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D08O721q724 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D11O721m3428 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D12O721m3656 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D13O721m3656: 8341+21-136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D14O721350 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D15O721382 [O721JW2R.J]
R0743D16O721136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D04O72140594 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D05O72134015 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D06O7218140 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D07O721SW corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D07O721SW quarter k14 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D08O721q719 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D11O721m3776 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D12O721m3778 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D13O721m3778: 8215+61-136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D14O721393 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D15O721151 [O721JW2R.J]
R0744D16O721136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D04O72140617 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D05O72133957 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D06O7218122 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D07O721SW corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D07O721SW quarter k14 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D08O721q725 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D11O721m3776 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D12O721m3778 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D13O721m3778: 8215+43-136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D14O721412 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D15O721213 [O721JW2R.J]
R0745D16O721136 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D04O72140018 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D05O72135211 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D06O7218290 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D07O721NE corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D07O721k22 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D08O721q726 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D11O721m3654 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D12O721m3652 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D13O721m3654: 8431+9-150 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D14O721397 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D15O721398 [O721JW2R.J]
R0746D16O721150 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D04O72139788 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D05O72134706 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D06O7218278 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D07O721SW corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D07O721k22 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D08O721q728 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D11O721m3652 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D12O721m3654 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D13O721m3654: 8431+12-165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D14O721397 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D15O721396 [O721JW2R.J]
R0747D16O721165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D04O72139721 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D05O72134900 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D06O7218268 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D07O721S baulk k22 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D07O721center of object [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D08O721i188 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D11O721m3653 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D12O721m3654 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D13O721m3654: 8431+2-165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D14O721435 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D15O721191 [O721JW2R.J]
R0748D16O721165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D04O72140422 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D05O72134654 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D06O7218145 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D07O721SE quarter k13 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D07O721center of object [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D08O721i189 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D11O721m3541 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D12O721m3542 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D13O721m3453: 8284+26-165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D14O721364 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D15O721186 [O721JW2R.J]
R0749D16O721165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D04O72140299 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D05O72134785 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D06O7218154 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D07O721SE corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D07O721k13 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D08O721q727 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D11O721m3453 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D12O721m3541 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D13O721m3453: 8284+35-165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D14O721396 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D15O721391 [O721JW2R.J]
R0750D16O721165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D04O72140660 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D05O72134918 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D06O7218161 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D07O721E half k13 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D07O721NE corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D08O721q730 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D11O721m3542 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D12O721m3540 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D13O721m3542: 8321+5-165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D14O721392 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D15O721396 [O721JW2R.J]
R0751D16O721165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D04O72140926 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D05O72134495 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D06O7218198 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D07O721SW corner [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D07O721k4 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D08O721q729 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D11O721m3424 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D12O721m3429 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D13O721m3475: 8263+88-153 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D14O721406 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D15O721534 [O721JW2R.J]
R0752D16O721153 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D04O72140916 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D05O72134822 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D06O7218208 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D07O721SE quarter k3 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D07O721center of object [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D08O721i190 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D10O721t [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D11O721m3655 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D12O721m3428 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D13O721m3655: 8319+54-165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D14O721237 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D15O721327 [O721JW2R.J]
R0753D16O721165 [O721JW2R.J]
R0754D04O72141229 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D05O72134564 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D06O7218195 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D07O721center [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D07O721k4 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D08O721i186 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D10O721t [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D11O721m3673 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D12O721m3639 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D13O721m3673: 8313+44-162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D14O721320 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D15O721445 [O721JW-R.J]
R0754D16O721162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D04O72141236 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D05O72134493 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D06O7218191 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D07O721center [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D07O721k4 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D08O721i185 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D10O721t [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D11O721m3673 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D12O721m3639 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D13O721m3673: 8313+40-162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D14O721321 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D15O721374 [O721JW-R.J]
R0755D16O721162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D04O72141047 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D05O72134475 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D06O7218187 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D07O721center [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D07O721k4 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D08O721i187 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D10O721t [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D11O721m3673 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D12O721m3424 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D13O721m3673: 8313+36-162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D14O721135 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D15O721360 [O721JW-R.J]
R0756D16O721162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D04O72140991 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D05O72134495 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D06O7218187 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D07O721center [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D07O721k4 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D08O721i192 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D10O721t [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D11O721m3673 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D12O721m3424 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D13O721m3673: 8313+36-162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D14O72176 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D15O721388 [O721JW-R.J]
R0757D16O721162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D04O72141042 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D05O72134282 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D06O7218182 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D07O721center [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D07O721k4 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D08O721i191 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D10O721t [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D11O721m3429 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D12O721m3673 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D13O721m3474: 8309+35-162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D14O721355 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D15O721253 [O721JW-R.J]
R0758D16O721162 [O721JW-R.J]
R0759D04O72240620 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D05O72233942 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D06O7228149 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D07O722SE corner [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D07O722k15 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D08O722q731 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D11O722m3776 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D12O722m3778 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D13O722m3778: 8215+92-158 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D14O722420 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D15O722228 [O722JW-R.J]
R0759D16O722158 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D04O72239784 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D05O72234717 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D06O7228261 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D07O722SW corner [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D07O722k22 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D08O722q732 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D11O722m3652 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D12O722m3654 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D13O722m3652: 8376+43-158 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D14O722398 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D15O722384 [O722JW-R.J]
R0760D16O722158 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D04O72240838 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D05O72234624 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D06O7228215 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D07O722SW corner [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D07O722k3 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D08O722q733 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D11O722m3428 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D12O722m3656 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D13O722m3656: 8341+37-163 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D14O722390 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D15O722350 [O722JW-R.J]
R0761D16O722163 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D04O72240334 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D05O72234365 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D06O7228222 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D07O722E baulk k24 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D07O722NE corner [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D08O722q734 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D11O722m3723 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D12O722m3719 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D13O722m3723: 8252+90-120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D14O722160 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D15O722483 [O722JW-R.J]
R0762D16O722120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D04O72240121 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D05O72235253 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D06O7228302 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D07O722SE corner [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D08O722q735 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D11O722m3454 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D12O722m3862 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D13O722m3862: 8382+40-120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D14O722396 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D15O722395 [O722JW-R.J]
R0763D16O722120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D04O72240316 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D05O72234354 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D06O7228280 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D07O722E baulk k24 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D07O722NE corner [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D08O722q738 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D11O722m3723 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D12O722m3805 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D13O722m3723: 8252+148-120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D14O722165 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D15O722184 [O722JW-R.J]
R0764D16O722120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D04O72240349 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D05O72234995 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D06O7228270 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D08O722i202 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D11O722m3863 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D12O722m3454 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D13O722m3454: 8324+66-120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D14O722350 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D15O722153 [O722JW-R.J]
R0765D16O722120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D04O72241047 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D05O72234512 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D06O7228188 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D07O722SE quadrant k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D08O722i193 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D11O722m3429 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D12O722m3638 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D13O722m3474: 8309+40-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D14O722443 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D15O722145 [O722JW-R.J]
R0766D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D04O72241080 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D05O72234271 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D06O7228181 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D07O722SW quadrant k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D08O722i194 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D11O722m3429 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D12O722m3638 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D13O722m3474: 8309+33-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D14O722316 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D15O722371 [O722JW-R.J]
R0767D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D04O72241091 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D05O72234447 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D06O7228185 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D07O722SE quadrant k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D08O722i195 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D11O722m3429 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D12O722m3638 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D13O722m3474: 8309+37-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D14O722369 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D15O722195 [O722JW-R.J]
R0768D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D04O72241060 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D05O72234447 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D06O7228188 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D07O722SE quadrant k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D08O722i196 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D11O722m3429 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D12O722m3638 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D13O722m3474: 8309+40-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D14O722395 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D15O722201 [O722JW-R.J]
R0769D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D04O72241205 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D05O72234549 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D06O7228190 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D07O722NE quadrant k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D08O722i197 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D11O722m3673 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D12O722m3639 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D13O722m3673: 8313+38-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D14O722294 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D15O722434 [O722JW-R.J]
R0770D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D04O72241244 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D05O72234594 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D06O7228200 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D07O722NE quadrant k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D08O722i198 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D11O722m3673 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D12O722m3639 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D13O722m3673: 8313+48-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D14O722342 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D15O722473 [O722JW-R.J]
R0771D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D04O72241096 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D05O72234346 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D06O7228186 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D07O722SW quadrant k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D08O722i199 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D11O722m3429 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D12O722m3638 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D13O722m3474: 8309+38-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D14O722317 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D15O722295 [O722JW-R.J]
R0772D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D04O72241036 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D05O72234443 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D06O7228187 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D07O722SE quadrant k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D08O722i200 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D11O722m3429 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D12O722m3638 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D13O722m3474: 8309+39-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D14O722413 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D15O722212 [O722JW-R.J]
R0773D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D04O72241084 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D05O72234366 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D06O7228185 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D07O722SW quadrant k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D08O722i201 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D11O722m3429 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D12O722m3638 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D13O722m3474: 8309+37-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D14O722336 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D15O722277 [O722JW-R.J]
R0774D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D04O72240622 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D05O72233948 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D06O7228125 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D07O722E baulk k24 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D08O722q744 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D11O722m3776 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D12O722m3778 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D13O722m3778: 8215+30-120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D14O722414 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D15O722223 [O722JW-R.J]
R0775D16O722120 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D04O72240122 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D05O72235254 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D06O7228289 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D07O722SE corner [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D08O722q737 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D11O722m3454 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D12O722m3862 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D13O722m3862: 8382+35-128 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D14O722396 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D15O722393 [O722JW-R.J]
R0776D16O722128 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D04O72241081 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D05O72234401 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D06O7228186 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D07O722k4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D07O722redo of r758 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D08O722i191 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D11O722m3429 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D12O722m3638 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D13O722m3474: 8309+39-162 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D14O722353 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D15O722242 [O722JW-R.J]
R0777D16O722162 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D04O72240267 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D05O72234901 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D06O7228276 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D07O722SW corner [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D08O722q741 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D11O722m3861 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D12O722m3863 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D13O722m3863: 8329+89-142 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D14O722382 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D15O722386 [O722JW-R.J]
R0778D16O722142 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D04O72240513 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D05O72235076 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D06O7228268 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D07O722perimeter 1 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D08O722f284 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D11O722m3862 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D12O722m3863 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D13O722m3862: 8382+47-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D14O722318 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D15O722436 [O722JW-R.J]
R0779D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D04O72240521 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D05O72235023 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D06O7228260 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D07O722perimeter 2 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D08O722f284 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D11O722m3862 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D12O722m3863 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D13O722m3862: 8382+39-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D14O722371 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D15O722467 [O722JW-R.J]
R0780D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D04O72240505 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D05O72234978 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D06O7228268 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D07O722perimeter 3 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D08O722f284 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D11O722m3862 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D12O722m3863 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D13O722m3862: 8382+47-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D14O722415 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D15O722478 [O722JW-R.J]
R0781D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D04O72240417 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D05O72234953 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D06O7228248 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D07O722perimeter 4 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D08O722f284 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D11O722m3863 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D12O722m3454 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D13O722m3454: 8324+85-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D14O722427 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D15O722183 [O722JW-R.J]
R0782D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D04O72240402 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D05O72235026 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D06O7228248 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D07O722perimeter 5 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D08O722f284 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D11O722m3863 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D12O722m3454 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D13O722m3454: 8324+85-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D14O722367 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D15O722212 [O722JW-R.J]
R0783D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D04O72240423 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D05O72235137 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D06O7228301 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D07O722k12 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D07O722perimeter 6 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D08O722f284 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D11O722m3863 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D12O722m3454 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D13O722m3863: 8329+133-161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D14O722329 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D15O722311 [O722JW-R.J]
R0784D16O722161 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D04O72240015 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D05O72235209 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D06O7228250 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D07O722NE corner [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D07O722k22 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D08O722q746 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D11O722m3654 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D12O722m3652 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D13O722m3652: 8376+38-164 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D14O722393 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D15O722397 [O722JW-R.J]
R0785D16O722164 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D04O72240033 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D05O72234972 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D06O7228233 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D07O722k22 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D08O722i203 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D11O722m3404 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D12O722m3652 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D13O722m3652: 8376+21-164 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D14O722368 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D15O722184 [O722JW-R.J]
R0786D16O722164 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D04O72240437 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D05O72234949 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D06O7228258 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D07O722k22 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D08O722i204 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D11O722m3863 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D12O722m3454 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D13O722m3454: 8324+64-130 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D14O722444 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D15O722200 [O722JW-R.J]
R0787D16O722130 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D04O72240978 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D05O72234821 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D06O7228208 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D07O722center of object [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D07O722k3 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D08O722i205 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D10O722t [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D11O722m3656 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D12O722m3655 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D13O722m3655: 8319+45-156 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D14O722278 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D15O722252 [O722JW-R.J]
R0788D16O722156 [O722JW-R.J]
R0789D04O72540427 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D05O72535359 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D06O7258295 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D07O725NE corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D07O725k12 f43 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D08O725q750 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D11O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D12O725m3454 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D13O725m3863: 8329+109-143 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D14O725328 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D15O725512 [O830JW-R.J]
R0789D16O725143 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D04O72541226 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D05O72534730 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D06O7258218 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D07O725NW corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D07O725k3 f268 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D08O725q751 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D11O725m3656 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D12O725m3655 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D13O725m3655: 8319+58-159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D14O725540 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D15O725371 [O830JW-R.J]
R0790D16O725159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D04O72540141 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D05O72534847 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D06O7258238 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D07O725NW corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D07O725k22f277 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D08O725q752 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D11O725m3653 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D12O725m3404 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D13O725m3653: 8368+29-159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D14O725388 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D15O725385 [O830JW-R.J]
R0791D16O725159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D04O72540926 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D05O72534492 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D06O7258195 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D07O725SE corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D07O725k4 f278 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D08O725q753 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D11O725m3424 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D12O725m3429 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D13O725m3475: 8263+91-159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D14O725404 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D15O725533 [O830JW-R.J]
R0792D16O725159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D04O72539987 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D05O72534233 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D06O7258161 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D07O725SE corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D07O725k24 f237 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D08O725q754 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D11O725m3723 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D12O725m3719 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D13O725m3723: 8252+68-159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D14O725405 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D15O725255 [O830JW-R.J]
R0793D16O725159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D04O72539869 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D05O72535154 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D06O7258248 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D07O725NW corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D07O725k12 f284 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D08O725q755 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D11O725m3454 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D12O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D13O725m3454: 8324+83-159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D14O725470 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D15O725267 [O830JW-R.J]
R0794D16O725159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D04O72540472 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D05O72535048 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D06O7258236 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D07O725center of object [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D07O725k12 f284 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D08O725i206 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D11O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D12O725m3454 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D13O725m3454: 8324+71-159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D14O725412 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D15O725279 [O830JW-R.J]
R0795D16O725159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D04O72540484 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D05O72535386 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D06O7258354 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D07O725NE corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D07O725k12 f42 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D08O725q756 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D11O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D12O725m3861 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D13O725m3863: 8329+155-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D14O725390 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D15O725395 [O830JW-R.J]
R0796D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D04O72539973 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D05O72535310 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D06O7258365 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D07O725NW corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D07O725k21 f282 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D08O725q757 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D11O725m3860 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D12O725m3405 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D13O725m3860: 8388+107-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D14O725194 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D15O725398 [O830JW-R.J]
R0797D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D04O72540480 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D05O72535333 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D06O7258320 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D07O725center of object [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D07O725k12 f42 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D08O725i207 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D11O725m3862 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D12O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D13O725m3862: 8382+68-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D14O72561 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D15O725372 [O830JW-R.J]
R0798D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D04O72540230 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D05O72535281 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D06O7258271 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D07O725SE quadrant k12 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D07O725perimeter 1 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D08O725f286 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D11O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D12O725m3454 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D13O725m3863: 8329+72-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D14O725117 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D15O725402 [O830JW-R.J]
R0799D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D04O72540247 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D05O72535161 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D06O7258261 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D07O725SE quadrant k12 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D07O725perimeter 2 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D08O725f286 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D11O725m3862 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D12O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D13O725m3863: 8329+62-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D14O725336 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D15O725162 [O830JW-R.J]
R0800D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D04O72540190 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D05O72535179 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D06O7258264 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D07O725SE quadrant k12 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D07O725perimeter 3 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D08O725f286 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D11O725m3862 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D12O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D13O725m3863: 8329+65-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D14O725368 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D15O725107 [O830JW-R.J]
R0801D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D04O72540163 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D05O72535168 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D06O7258271 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D07O725SE quadrant k12 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D07O725perimeter 4 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D08O725f286 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D11O725m3862 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D12O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D13O725m3863: 8329+72-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D14O725397 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D15O725100 [O830JW-R.J]
R0802D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D04O72540127 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D05O72535246 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D06O7258291 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D07O725SE quadrant k12 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D07O725perimeter 5 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D08O725f286 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D11O725m3454 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D12O725m3862 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D13O725m3862: 8382+39-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D14O725387 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D15O725392 [O830JW-R.J]
R0803D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D04O72541053 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D05O72535068 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D06O7258212 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D07O725NE quadrant k3 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D07O725perimeter 1 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D08O725f105 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D11O725m3877 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D12O725m3876 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D13O725m3877: 8296+46-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D14O725191 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D15O725399 [O830JW-R.J]
R0804D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D04O72541095 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D05O72534926 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D06O7258214 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D07O725NE quadrant k3 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D07O725perimeter 2 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D08O725f105 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D11O725m3877 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D12O725m3876 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D13O725m3877: 8296+48-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D14O725237 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D15O725256 [O830JW-R.J]
R0805D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D04O72541053 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D05O72534908 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D06O7258229 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D07O725NE quadrant k3 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D07O725perimeter 3 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D08O725f105 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D11O725m3877 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D12O725m3655 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D13O725m3877: 8296+63-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D14O725206 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D15O725363 [O830JW-R.J]
R0806D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D04O72541005 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D05O72534939 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D06O7258224 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D07O725NE quadrant k3 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D07O725perimeter 4 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D08O725f105 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D11O725m3877 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D12O725m3655 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D13O725m3877: 8296+58-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D14O725149 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D15O725372 [O830JW-R.J]
R0807D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D04O72540960 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D05O72535044 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D06O7258224 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D07O725NE quadrant k3 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D07O725perimeter 5 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D08O725f105 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D11O725m3877 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D12O725m3655 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D13O725m3877: 8296+58-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D14O72596 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D15O725463 [O830JW-R.J]
R0808D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D04O72540599 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D05O72535065 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D06O7258331 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D07O725NW corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D07O725k12 f88 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D08O725q759 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D11O725m3862 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D12O725m3454 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D13O725m3862: 8382+79-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D14O725346 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D15O725395 [O830JW-R.J]
R0809D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D04O72540573 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D05O72535040 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D06O7258302 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D07O725NW corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D07O725k12 f284 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D08O725q760 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D11O725m3862 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D12O725m3454 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D13O725m3862: 8382+50-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D14O725363 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D15O725361 [O830JW-R.J]
R0810D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D04O72541053 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D05O72535068 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D06O7258212 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D07O725NE corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D07O725k3 f105 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D08O725q758 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D11O725m3877 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D12O725m3876 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D13O725m3877: 8296+46-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D14O725191 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D15O725399 [O830JW-R.J]
R0811D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D04O72540525 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D05O72535159 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D06O7258301 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D07O725center of object [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D07O725k12 f88 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D08O725i208 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D11O725m3862 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D12O725m3863 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D13O725m3862: 8382+49-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D14O725237 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D15O725420 [O830JW-R.J]
R0812D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D04O72540439 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D05O72535455 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D06O7258355 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D07O725NW corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D07O725k11 f134 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D08O725q761 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D11O725m3858 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D12O725m3455 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D13O725m3455: 8340+145-130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D14O725430 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D15O725381 [O830JW-R.J]
R0813D16O725130 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D04O72539909 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D05O72535495 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D06O7258365 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D07O725NE corner [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D07O725k21 f282 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D08O725q764 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D10O725t [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D11O725m3857 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D12O725m3859 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D13O725m3859: 8374+105-114 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D14O725393 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D15O725199 [O830JW-R.J]
R0814D16O725114 [O830JW-R.J]
R0815D04O72639545 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D05O72635342 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D06O7268384 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D07O726SE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D07O726k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D08O726q767 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D11O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D12O726m3860 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D13O726m3405: 8437+94-147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D14O726198 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D15O726393 [O830JW2R.J]
R0815D16O726147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D04O72641064 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D05O72634118 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D06O7268184 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D07O726SW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D07O726k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D08O726q768 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D11O726m3429 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D12O726m3673 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D13O726m3673: 8313+18-147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D14O726351 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D15O726411 [O830JW2R.J]
R0816D16O726147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D04O72640385 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D05O72635640 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D06O7268356 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D07O726NE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D07O726k11 f125 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D08O726q761 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D11O726m3858 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D12O726m3902 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D13O726m3902: 8396+79-119 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D14O726385 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D15O726170 [O830JW2R.J]
R0817D16O726119 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D04O72640992 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D05O72634469 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D06O7268183 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D07O726SE corner k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D08O726i209 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D11O726m3429 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D12O726m3638 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D13O726m3474: 8309+28-154 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D14O726464 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D15O726210 [O830JW2R.J]
R0818D16O726154 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D04O72639634 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D05O72635350 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D06O7268364 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D07O726k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D08O726i210 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D11O726m3857 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D12O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D13O726m3857: 8474+42-152 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D14O72692 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D15O726198 [O830JW2R.J]
R0819D16O726152 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D04O72640305 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D05O72635513 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D06O7268325 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D07O726k11 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D08O726i211 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D11O726m3455 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D12O726m3902 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D13O726m3902: 8396+82-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D14O726285 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D15O726152 [O830JW2R.J]
R0820D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D04O72641097 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D05O72634305 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D06O7268181 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D07O726W jar k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D08O726i212 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D11O726m3429 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D12O726m3638 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D13O726m3474: 8309+35-163 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D14O726305 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D15O726336 [O830JW2R.J]
R0821D16O726163 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D04O72641093 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D05O72634368 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D06O7268179 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D07O726middle jar k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D08O726i213 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D11O726m3429 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D12O726m3638 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D13O726m3474: 8309+33-163 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D14O726328 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D15O726274 [O830JW2R.J]
R0822D16O726163 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D04O72641045 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D05O72635068 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D06O7268223 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D07O726NE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D07O726k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D08O726f287 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D11O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D12O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D13O726m3877: 8296+80-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D14O726184 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D15O726400 [O830JW2R.J]
R0823D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D04O72641088 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D05O72634930 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D06O7268214 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D07O726NE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D07O726k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D08O726f287 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D11O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D12O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D13O726m3877: 8296+71-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D14O726229 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D15O726260 [O830JW2R.J]
R0824D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D04O72641132 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D05O72634413 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D06O7268182 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D07O726E jar k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D08O726i214 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D11O726m3673 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D12O726m3424 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D13O726m3673: 8313+32-163 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D14O726234 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D15O726303 [O830JW2R.J]
R0825D16O726163 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D04O72641050 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D05O72634835 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D06O7268211 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D07O726N corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D07O726k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D08O726f287 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D13O726m3656: 8341+23-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D14O726337 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D15O726299 [O830JW2R.J]
R0826D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D04O72640983 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D05O72634754 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D06O7268205 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D07O726N corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D07O726k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D08O726f287 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D13O726m3656: 8341+17-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D14O726320 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D15O726194 [O830JW2R.J]
R0827D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D04O72640996 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D05O72634643 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D06O7268204 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D07O726NW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D07O726k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D08O726f287 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D13O726m3656: 8341+16-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D14O726408 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D15O726125 [O830JW2R.J]
R0828D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D04O72641045 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D05O72635068 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D06O7268223 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D07O726NE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D07O726k3 f287 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D08O726q770 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D11O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D12O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D13O726m3877: 8296+80-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D14O726184 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D15O726400 [O830JW2R.J]
R0829D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D04O72640875 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D05O72634943 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D06O7268207 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D07O726SE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D07O726stone in k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D08O726f289 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D13O726m3656: 8341+19-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D14O726139 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D15O726356 [O830JW2R.J]
R0830D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D04O72640901 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D05O72634880 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D06O7268203 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D07O726SW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D07O726stone in k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D08O726f289 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D13O726m3656: 8341+15-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D14O726182 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D15O726293 [O830JW2R.J]
R0831D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D04O72639838 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D05O72635436 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D06O7268333 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D07O726k21 f282 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D08O726i215 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D11O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D12O726m3859 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D13O726m3859: 8374+86-127 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D14O726364 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D15O726192 [O830JW2R.J]
R0832D16O726127 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D04O72640166 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D05O72635425 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D06O7268311 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D07O726k11 f134 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D08O726i216 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D11O726m3902 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D12O726m3903 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D13O726m3902: 8396+42-127 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D14O726294 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D15O726460 [O830JW2R.J]
R0833D16O726127 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D04O72641103 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D05O72634469 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D06O7268173 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D07O726k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D08O726i217 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D11O726m3673 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D12O726m3424 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D13O726m3673: 8313+7-147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D14O726191 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D15O726354 [O830JW2R.J]
R0834D16O726147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D04O72641078 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D05O72634522 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D06O7268172 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D07O726k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D08O726i218 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D11O726m3673 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D12O726m3424 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D13O726m3673: 8313+6-147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D14O726164 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D15O726406 [O830JW2R.J]
R0835D16O726147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D04O72641072 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D05O72634536 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D06O7268172 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D07O726k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D08O726i221 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D11O726m3673 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D12O726m3424 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D13O726m3673: 8313+6-147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D14O726161 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D15O726420 [O830JW2R.J]
R0836D16O726147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D04O72641054 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D05O72634470 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D06O7268169 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D07O726k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D08O726i219 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D11O726m3673 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D12O726m3424 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D13O726m3673: 8313+17-161 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D14O726142 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D15O726355 [O830JW2R.J]
R0837D16O726161 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D04O72641025 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D05O72634499 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D06O7268178 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D07O726k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D08O726i220 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D11O726m3673 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D12O726m3424 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D13O726m3673: 8313+26-161 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D14O726110 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D15O726386 [O830JW2R.J]
R0838D16O726161 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D04O72641018 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D05O72634458 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D06O7268173 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D07O726center of object [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D07O726k4 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D08O726i222 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D11O726m3673 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D12O726m3424 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D13O726m3673: 8313+21-161 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D14O726112 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D15O726346 [O830JW2R.J]
R0839D16O726161 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D04O72640912 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D05O72634882 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D06O7268206 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D07O726NW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D07O726stone in k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D08O726f289 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D13O726m3656: 8341+18-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D14O726191 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D15O726296 [O830JW2R.J]
R0840D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D04O72640889 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D05O72634945 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D06O7268208 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D07O726NE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D07O726stone in k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D08O726f289 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D13O726m3656: 8341+20-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D14O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D15O726358 [O830JW2R.J]
R0841D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D04O72641265 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D05O72634758 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D06O7268208 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D07O726NW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D07O726NW quadrant k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D08O726f290 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D11O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D12O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D13O726m3876: 8240+118-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D14O726465 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D15O726203 [O830JW2R.J]
R0842D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D04O72641126 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D05O72635086 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D06O7268278 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D07O726NE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D07O726NW quadrant k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D08O726f290 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D11O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D12O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D13O726m3877: 8296+100-118 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D14O726266 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D15O726418 [O830JW2R.J]
R0843D16O726118 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D04O72641045 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D05O72635068 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D06O7268223 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D07O726E corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D07O726NW quadrant k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D08O726f290 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D11O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D12O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D13O726m3877: 8296+80-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D14O726184 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D15O726400 [O830JW2R.J]
R0844D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D04O72641088 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D05O72634930 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D06O7268214 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D07O726E corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D07O726NW quadrant k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D08O726f290 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D11O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D12O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D13O726m3877: 8296+71-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D14O726229 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D15O726260 [O830JW2R.J]
R0845D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D04O72641050 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D05O72634835 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D06O7268211 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D07O726E corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D07O726NW quadrant k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D08O726f290 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D13O726m3656: 8341+23-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D14O726337 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D15O726299 [O830JW2R.J]
R0846D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D04O72640983 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D05O72634754 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D06O7268205 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D07O726NW quadrant k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D07O726SE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D08O726f290 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D13O726m3656: 8341+17-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D14O726320 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D15O726194 [O830JW2R.J]
R0847D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D04O72640996 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D05O72634643 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D06O7268204 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D07O726NW quadrant k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D07O726SW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D08O726f290 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D11O726m3656 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D12O726m3655 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D13O726m3656: 8341+16-153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D14O726408 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D15O726125 [O830JW2R.J]
R0848D16O726153 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D04O72640753 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D05O72634954 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D06O7268181 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D07O726SE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D07O726k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D08O726f287 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D11O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D12O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D13O726m3877: 8296+32-147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D14O726435 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D15O726130 [O830JW2R.J]
R0849D16O726147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D04O72640886 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D05O72634596 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D06O7268180 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D07O726SW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D07O726k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D08O726f287 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D11O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D12O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D13O726m3876: 8240+87-147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D14O726209 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D15O726410 [O830JW2R.J]
R0850D16O726147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D04O72640886 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D05O72634596 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D06O7268180 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D07O726SW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D07O726k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D08O726q770 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D11O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D12O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D13O726m3876: 8240+87-147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D14O726209 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D15O726410 [O830JW2R.J]
R0851D16O726147 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D04O72641265 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D05O72634758 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D06O7268208 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D07O726NW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D07O726k3 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D08O726q774 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D11O726m3877 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D12O726m3876 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D13O726m3876: 8240+118-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D14O726465 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D15O726203 [O830JW2R.J]
R0852D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D04O72639732 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D05O72635213 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D06O7268331 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D07O726NW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D07O726SW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D08O726f294 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D11O726m3857 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D12O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D13O726m3405: 8437+44-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D14O726236 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D15O726138 [O830JW2R.J]
R0853D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D04O72639746 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D05O72635295 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D06O7268323 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D07O726NW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D07O726S corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D08O726f294 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D11O726m3857 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D12O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D13O726m3405: 8437+36-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D14O726212 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D15O726198 [O830JW2R.J]
R0854D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D04O72639736 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D05O72635398 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D06O7268330 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D07O726NW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D07O726SE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D08O726f294 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D11O726m3857 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D12O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D13O726m3857: 8474+6-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D14O726199 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D15O726276 [O830JW2R.J]
R0855D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D04O72639904 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D05O72635493 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D06O7268336 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D07O726NE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D07O726NW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D08O726f294 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D11O726m3857 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D12O726m3859 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D13O726m3859: 8374+112-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D14O726388 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D15O726199 [O830JW2R.J]
R0856D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D04O72639967 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D05O72635307 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D06O7268337 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D07O726NW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D07O726NW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D08O726f294 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D11O726m3860 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D12O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D13O726m3860: 8388+99-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D14O726195 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D15O726391 [O830JW2R.J]
R0857D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D04O72639544 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D05O72635337 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D06O7268348 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D07O726SE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D07O726SW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D08O726f293 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D11O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D12O726m3860 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D13O726m3405: 8437+61-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D14O726194 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D15O726396 [O830JW2R.J]
R0858D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D04O72639613 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D05O72635177 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D06O7268348 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D07O726SW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D07O726SW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D08O726f293 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D11O726m3859 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D12O726m3857 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D13O726m3857: 8474+24-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D14O726393 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D15O726191 [O830JW2R.J]
R0859D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D04O72639732 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D05O72635213 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D06O7268331 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D07O726NW corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D07O726SW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D08O726f293 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D11O726m3857 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D12O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D13O726m3405: 8437+44-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D14O726236 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D15O726138 [O830JW2R.J]
R0860D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D04O72639746 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D05O72635295 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D06O7268323 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D07O726N corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D07O726SW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D08O726f293 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D11O726m3857 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D12O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D13O726m3405: 8437+36-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D14O726212 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D15O726198 [O830JW2R.J]
R0861D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D04O72639736 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D05O72635398 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D06O7268330 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D07O726NE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D07O726SW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D08O726f293 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D11O726m3857 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D12O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D13O726m3857: 8474+6-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D14O726199 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D15O726276 [O830JW2R.J]
R0862D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D04O72639544 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D05O72635337 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D06O7268348 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D07O726SE corner [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D07O726SW quadrant k21 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D08O726q779 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D10O726t [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D11O726m3405 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D12O726m3860 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D13O726m3405: 8437+61-150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D14O726194 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D15O726396 [O830JW2R.J]
R0863D16O726150 [O830JW2R.J]
R0864D04O72741125 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D05O72735089 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D06O7278217 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D07O727NE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D07O727k3 f290 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D08O727q782 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D13O727m3877: 8296+71-150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D14O727266 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D15O727421 [O830JW4R.J]
R0864D16O727150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D04O72739968 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D05O72735309 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D06O7278333 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D07O727NW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D07O727k21 f294 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D08O727q780 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D11O727m3860 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D12O727m3405 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D13O727m3860: 8388+95-150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D14O727194 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D15O727393 [O830JW4R.J]
R0865D16O727150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D04O72740096 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D05O72735810 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D06O7278319 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D07O727NE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D07O727k11 f298 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D08O727q781 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D11O727m3858 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D12O727m3903 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D13O727m3903: 8399+70-150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D14O727290 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D15O727225 [O830JW4R.J]
R0866D16O727150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D04O72740184 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D05O72734758 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D06O7278351 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D07O727NW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D07O727k23 E baulk [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D08O727q784 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D11O727m3652 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D12O727m3404 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D13O727m3652: 8376+125-150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D14O72785 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D15O727402 [O830JW4R.J]
R0867D16O727150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D04O72741247 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D05O72734605 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D06O7278183 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D07O727NE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D07O727k4 f278 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D08O727q783 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D11O727m3673 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D12O727m3429 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D13O727m3474: 8309+39-165 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D14O727348 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D15O727396 [O830JW4R.J]
R0868D16O727165 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D04O72740085 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D05O72735353 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D06O7278320 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D07O727SW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D07O727k11 f297 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D08O727q787 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D11O727m3902 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D12O727m3858 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D13O727m3858: 8338+122-140 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D14O727392 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D15O727191 [O830JW4R.J]
R0869D16O727140 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D04O72741151 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D05O72734440 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D06O7278178 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D07O727k4f 278 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D08O727i223 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D11O727m3673 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D12O727m3424 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D13O727m3673: 8313+28-163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D14O727244 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D15O727333 [O830JW4R.J]
R0870D16O727163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D04O72741154 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D05O72734338 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D06O7278179 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D07O727k4 f278 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D08O727i224 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D11O727m3424 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D12O727m3429 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D13O727m3475: 8263+79-163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D14O727236 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D15O727260 [O830JW4R.J]
R0871D16O727163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D04O72741084 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D05O72734432 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D06O7278174 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D07O727k4 f278 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D08O727i225 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D11O727m3673 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D12O727m3424 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D13O727m3673: 8313+24-163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D14O727183 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D15O727316 [O830JW4R.J]
R0872D16O727163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D04O72741097 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D05O72734394 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D06O7278170 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D07O727k4 f278 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D08O727i226 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D11O727m3673 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D12O727m3424 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D13O727m3673: 8313+20-163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D14O727211 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D15O727279 [O830JW4R.J]
R0873D16O727163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D04O72741001 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D05O72734426 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D06O7278179 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D07O727k4 f278 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D08O727i227 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D11O727m3424 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D12O727m3429 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D13O727m3475: 8263+79-163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D14O727318 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D15O727436 [O830JW4R.J]
R0874D16O727163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D04O72741221 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D05O72734477 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D06O7278185 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D07O727k4 f278 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D07O727object NE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D08O727k4 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D11O727m3673 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D12O727m3424 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D13O727m3673: 8313+35-163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D14O727307 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D15O727390 [O830JW4R.J]
R0875D16O727163 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D04O72741181 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D05O72734903 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D06O7278195 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D07O727k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D08O727i228 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D13O727m3877: 8296+41-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D14O727326 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D15O727253 [O830JW4R.J]
R0876D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D04O72741104 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D05O72734704 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D06O7278187 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D07O727k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D08O727i229 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D13O727m3876: 8240+89-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D14O727381 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D15O72740 [O830JW4R.J]
R0877D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D04O72740408 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D05O72735540 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D06O7278336 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D07O727NW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D07O727k11 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D08O727q788 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D11O727m3903 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D12O727m3455 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D13O727m3902: 8396+82-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D14O727333 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D15O727386 [O830JW4R.J]
R0878D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D04O72740864 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D05O72734428 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D06O7278180 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D07O727k14 N baulk [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D08O727i230 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D11O727m3540 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D12O727m3480 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D13O727m3540: 8319+15-154 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D14O727135 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D15O727420 [O830JW4R.J]
R0879D16O727154 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D04O72741266 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D05O72734752 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D06O7278195 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D07O727NW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D08O727f299 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D13O727m3876: 8240+97-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D14O727469 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D15O727202 [O830JW4R.J]
R0880D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D04O72741168 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D05O72735009 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D06O7278197 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D07O727NEcorner [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D08O727f299 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D13O727m3877: 8296+43-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D14O727296 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D15O727350 [O830JW4R.J]
R0881D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D04O72741153 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D05O72734986 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D06O7278194 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D07O727E corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D08O727f299 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D13O727m3877: 8296+40-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D14O727282 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D15O727324 [O830JW4R.J]
R0882D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D04O72741161 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D05O72734910 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D06O7278193 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D07O727E corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D08O727f299 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D13O727m3877: 8296+39-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D14O727304 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D15O727253 [O830JW4R.J]
R0883D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D04O72741077 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D05O72734866 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D06O7278194 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D07O727E corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D08O727f299 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D13O727m3877: 8296+40-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D14O727248 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D15O727196 [O830JW4R.J]
R0884D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D04O72741020 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D05O72734799 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D06O7278190 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D07O727E corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D08O727f299 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D11O727m3655 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D13O727m3876: 8240+92-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D14O727252 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D15O727143 [O830JW4R.J]
R0885D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D04O72740967 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D05O72734779 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D06O7278189 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D07O727E corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D08O727f299 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D11O727m3655 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D13O727m3876: 8240+91-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D14O727209 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D15O727158 [O830JW4R.J]
R0886D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D04O72740823 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D05O72734747 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D06O7278187 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D07O727SE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D08O727f299 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D11O727m3655 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D13O727m3876: 8240+89-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D14O727171 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D15O727270 [O830JW4R.J]
R0887D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D04O72740891 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D05O72734598 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D06O7278189 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D07O727SW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D08O727f299 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D11O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D12O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D13O727m3876: 8240+103-154 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D14O727204 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D15O727408 [O830JW4R.J]
R0888D16O727154 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D04O72741266 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D05O72734752 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D06O7278195 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D07O727NW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D07O727W half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D08O727q798 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D13O727m3876: 8240+97-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D14O727469 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D15O727202 [O830JW4R.J]
R0889D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D04O72741132 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D05O72735098 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D06O7278200 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D07O727E half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D07O727NE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D08O727f300 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D13O727m3877: 8296+58-154 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D14O727276 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D15O727431 [O830JW4R.J]
R0890D16O727154 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D04O72740747 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D05O72734953 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D06O7278191 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D07O727E half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D07O727SE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D08O727f300 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D11O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D12O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D13O727m3877: 8296+49-154 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D14O727439 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D15O727136 [O830JW4R.J]
R0891D16O727154 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D04O72740823 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D05O72734747 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D06O7278187 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D07O727E half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D07O727SW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D08O727f300 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D11O727m3655 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D13O727m3876: 8240+89-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D14O727171 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D15O727270 [O830JW4R.J]
R0892D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D04O72740967 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D05O72734779 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D06O7278189 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D07O727E half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D07O727W corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D08O727f300 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D11O727m3655 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D13O727m3876: 8240+91-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D14O727209 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D15O727158 [O830JW4R.J]
R0893D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D04O72741020 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D05O72734799 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D06O7278190 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D07O727E half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D07O727W corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D08O727f300 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D11O727m3655 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D13O727m3876: 8240+92-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D14O727252 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D15O727143 [O830JW4R.J]
R0894D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D04O72741077 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D05O72734866 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D06O7278194 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D07O727E half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D07O727W corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D08O727f300 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D13O727m3877: 8296+40-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D14O727248 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D15O727196 [O830JW4R.J]
R0895D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D04O72741161 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D05O72734910 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D06O7278193 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D07O727E half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D07O727W corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D08O727f300 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D13O727m3877: 8296+39-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D14O727304 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D15O727253 [O830JW4R.J]
R0896D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D04O72741153 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D05O72734986 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D06O7278194 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D07O727E half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D07O727W corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D08O727f300 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D13O727m3877: 8296+40-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D14O727282 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D15O727324 [O830JW4R.J]
R0897D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D04O72741168 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D05O72735009 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D06O7278197 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D07O727E half k3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D07O727NW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D08O727f300 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D11O727m3877 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D12O727m3876 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D13O727m3877: 8296+43-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D14O727296 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D15O727350 [O830JW4R.J]
R0898D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D04O72740313 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D05O72735454 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D06O7278325 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D07O727SW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D07O727k11 white matting [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D08O727f292 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D11O727m3902 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D12O727m3903 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D13O727m3902: 8396+56-127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D14O727144 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D15O727406 [O830JW4R.J]
R0899D16O727127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D04O72740340 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D05O72735455 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D06O7278327 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D07O727W corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D07O727k11 white matting [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D08O727f292 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D11O727m3902 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D12O727m3903 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D13O727m3902: 8396+58-127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D14O727118 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D15O727406 [O830JW4R.J]
R0900D16O727127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D04O72740361 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D05O72735473 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D06O7278325 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D07O727NW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D07O727k11 white matting [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D08O727f292 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D11O727m3902 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D12O727m3903 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D13O727m3902: 8396+56-127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D14O72794 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D15O727390 [O830JW4R.J]
R0901D16O727127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D04O72740355 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D05O72735494 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D06O7278329 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D07O727NE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D07O727k11 white matting [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D08O727f292 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D11O727m3902 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D12O727m3903 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D13O727m3902: 8396+60-127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D14O727100 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D15O727368 [O830JW4R.J]
R0902D16O727127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D04O72740321 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D05O72735496 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D06O7278330 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D07O727SE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D07O727k11 white matting [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D08O727f292 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D11O727m3902 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D12O727m3903 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D13O727m3902: 8396+61-127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D14O727134 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D15O727364 [O830JW4R.J]
R0903D16O727127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D04O72740114 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D05O72735269 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D06O7278325 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D07O727SW corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D07O727k11 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D08O727q772 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D11O727m3862 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D12O727m3455 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D13O727m3455: 8340+112-127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D14O727396 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D15O72787 [O830JW4R.J]
R0904D16O727127 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D04O72740139 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D05O72734714 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D06O7278192 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D07O727k23 stone 1 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D08O727f301 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D11O727m3718 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D12O727m3723 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D13O727m3718: 8284+13-105 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D14O727157 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D15O727243 [O830JW4R.J]
R0905D16O727105 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D04O72739997 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D05O72734500 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D06O7278149 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D07O727k23 stone 2 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D08O727f301 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D11O727m3723 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D12O727m3718 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D13O727m3718: 8284+15-150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D14O727281 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D15O727156 [O830JW4R.J]
R0906D16O727150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D04O72740140 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D05O72734568 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D06O7278124 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D07O727k23 stone 3 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D08O727f301 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D11O727m3807 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D12O727m3719 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D13O727m3807: 8161+128-165 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D14O727173 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D15O727303 [O830JW4R.J]
R0907D16O727165 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D04O72740182 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D05O72734492 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D06O7278123 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D07O727k23 stone 4 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D08O727f301 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D11O727m3806 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D12O727m3807 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D13O727m3806: 8152+88-117 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D14O727101 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D15O727255 [O830JW4R.J]
R0908D16O727117 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D04O72740186 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D05O72734442 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D06O7278139 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D07O727k23 stone 5 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D08O727f301 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D11O727m3806 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D12O727m3807 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D13O727m3806: 8152+104-117 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D14O727138 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D15O727296 [O830JW4R.J]
R0909D16O727117 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D04O72740124 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D05O72734344 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D06O7278128 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D07O727k23 stone 5 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D08O727f301 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D11O727m3806 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D12O727m3807 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D13O727m3806: 8152+93-117 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D14O727253 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D15O727353 [O830JW4R.J]
R0910D16O727117 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D04O72740150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D05O72734242 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D06O7278123 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D07O727k23 stone 7 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D08O727f301 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D11O727m3806 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D12O727m3807 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D13O727m3806: 8152+88-117 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D14O727335 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D15O727458 [O830JW4R.J]
R0911D16O727117 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D04O72740159 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D05O72734042 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D06O7278076 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D07O727k24 stone 8 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D08O727f301 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D11O727m3721 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D12O727m3724 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D13O727m3721: 8194+32-150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D14O727124 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D15O727314 [O830JW4R.J]
R0912D16O727150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D04O72740168 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D05O72734079 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D06O7278095 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D07O727center of object [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D07O727k24 stone 9 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D08O727f301 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D11O727m3721 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D12O727m3724 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D13O727m3721: 8194+51-150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D14O727155 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D15O727312 [O830JW4R.J]
R0913D16O727150 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D04O72739873 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D05O72735143 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D06O7278356 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D07O727E baulk k22 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D07O727SE corner [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D08O727q792 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D10O727t [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D11O727m3859 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D12O727m3857 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D13O727m3857: 8474+24-142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D14O727200 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D15O727393 [O830JW4R.J]
R0914D16O727142 [O830JW4R.J]
R0950D04O81241041 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D05O81234596 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D06O8128181 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D07O812E baulk k4 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D07O812center of object [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D08O812i242 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D10O812t [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D11O812m3877 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D12O812m3656 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D13O812m3877: 8296+41-156 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D14O812443 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D15O812473 [O831JW-R.J]
R0950D16O812156 [O831JW-R.J]
R0951D04O82640233 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D05O82633798 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D06O8268047 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D07O826E baulk k25 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D07O826center of object [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D08O826i243 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D11O826m3724 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D12O826m3919 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D13O826m3724: 8170+34-157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D14O826313 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D15O826272 [O828JW-R.J]
R0951D16O826157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D04O82640505 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D05O82633913 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D06O8268048 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D07O826E baulk k25 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D07O826perimeter 1 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D08O826f233 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D11O826m3919 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D12O826m3918 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D13O826m3724: 8170+35-157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D14O826457 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D15O826447 [O828JW-R.J]
R0952D16O826157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D04O82640146 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D05O82633778 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D06O8268048 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D07O826E baulk k25 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D07O826perimeter 2 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D08O826f233 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D11O826m3724 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D12O826m3919 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D13O826m3724: 8170+35-157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D14O826394 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D15O826244 [O828JW-R.J]
R0953D16O826157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D04O82640181 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D05O82633673 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D06O8268048 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D07O826E baulk k25 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D07O826perimeter 3 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D08O826f233 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D11O826m3724 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D12O826m3919 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D13O826m3724: 8170+35-157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D14O826438 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D15O826354 [O828JW-R.J]
R0954D16O826157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D04O82640437 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D05O82633757 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D06O8268048 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D07O826E baulk k25 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D07O826perimeter 4 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D08O826f233 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D11O826m3919 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D12O826m3918 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D13O826m3724: 8170+35-157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D14O826454 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D15O826287 [O828JW-R.J]
R0955D16O826157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D04O82640533 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D05O82633669 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D06O8268048 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D07O826E baulk k25 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D07O826perimeter 5 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D08O826f233 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D11O826m3919 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D12O826m3918 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D13O826m3724: 8170+35-157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D14O826583 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D15O826326 [O828JW-R.J]
R0956D16O826157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D04O82640587 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D05O82633694 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D06O8268048 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D07O826E baulk k25 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D07O826perimeter 6 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D08O826f233 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D11O826m3919 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D12O826m3918 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D13O826m3724: 8170+35-157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D14O826614 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D15O826385 [O828JW-R.J]
R0957D16O826157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D04O82641047 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D05O82633995 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D06O8268057 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D07O826NE corner [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D07O826k15 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D08O826q837 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D11O826m3923 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D12O826m3924 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D13O826m3924: 8084+130-157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D14O826501 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D15O826392 [O828JW-R.J]
R0958D16O826157 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D04O82639759 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D05O82635474 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D06O8268315 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D07O826SW [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D07O826k21 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D08O826f306 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D11O826m3902 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D12O826m3903 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D13O826m3903: 8399+69-153 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D14O826695 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D15O826677 [O828JW-R.J]
R0959D16O826153 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D04O82639735 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D05O82635567 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D06O8268319 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D07O826SE [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D07O826k21 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D08O826f306 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D11O826m3902 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D12O826m3903 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D13O826m3903: 8399+73-153 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D14O826724 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D15O826650 [O828JW-R.J]
R0960D16O826153 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D04O82639981 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D05O82635562 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D06O8268316 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D07O826NE corner [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D07O826k21 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D08O826f306 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D10O826t [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D11O826m3902 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D12O826m3903 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D13O826m3903: 8399+70-153 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D14O826479 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D15O826447 [O828JW-R.J]
R0961D16O826153 [O828JW-R.J]
R0962D04O82640115 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D05O82634927 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D06O8268247 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D07O826k22 stone 10 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D11O826m3863 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D12O826m3921 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D13O826m3863: 8329+39-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D14O826329 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D15O826386 [O829JW-R.J]
R0962D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D04O82640060 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D05O82635051 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D06O8268265 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D07O826k22 stone 11 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D11O826m3862 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D12O826m3863 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D13O826m3863: 8329+57-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D14O826549 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D15O826212 [O829JW-R.J]
R0963D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D04O82639683 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D05O82635037 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D06O8268303 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D07O826k22 stone 12 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D11O826m3921 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D12O826m3863 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D13O826m3863: 8329+95-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D14O826319 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D15O826485 [O829JW-R.J]
R0964D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D04O82640532 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D05O82635254 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D06O8268352 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D07O826k12 stone 13 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D11O826m3853 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D12O826m3862 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D13O826m3862: 8382+91-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D14O826474 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D15O826145 [O829JW-R.J]
R0965D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D04O82640511 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D05O82635305 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D06O8268350 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D07O826k12 stone 14 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D11O826m3853 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D12O826m3862 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D13O826m3853: 8383+88-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D14O826462 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D15O82690 [O829JW-R.J]
R0966D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D04O82641457 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D05O82634010 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D06O8268223 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D07O826k5 stone 15 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D11O826m3465 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D12O826m3457 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D13O826m3463: 8174+170-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D14O826499 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D15O826262 [O829JW-R.J]
R0967D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D04O82641515 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D05O82633962 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D06O8268204 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D07O826k5 stone 16 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D11O826m3465 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D12O826m3457 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D13O826m3463: 8174+151-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D14O826503 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D15O826197 [O829JW-R.J]
R0968D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D04O82641526 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D05O82633907 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D06O8268186 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D07O826k5 stone 17 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D11O826m3465 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D12O826m3457 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D13O826m3463: 8174+133-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D14O826476 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D15O826141 [O829JW-R.J]
R0969D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D04O82641494 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D05O82633880 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D06O8268195 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D07O826k5 stone 18 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D11O826m3465 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D12O826m3457 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D13O826m3463: 8174+142-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D14O826434 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D15O826131 [O829JW-R.J]
R0970D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D04O82641483 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D05O82633841 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D06O8268174 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D07O826k5stone 19 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D11O826m3465 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D12O826m3457 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D13O826m3463: 8174+121-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D14O826402 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D15O826110 [O829JW-R.J]
R0971D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D04O82641434 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D05O82633817 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D06O8268176 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D07O826k5 stone 20 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D11O826m3465 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D12O826m3457 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D13O826m3463: 8174+123-121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D14O826348 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D15O826142 [O829JW-R.J]
R0972D16O826121 [O829JW-R.J]
R0973D04O82641437 [O829JW-R.J]
R0973D05O82633872 [O829JW-R.J]
R0973D06O8268221 [O829JW-R.J]
R0973D07O826center of object [O829JW-R.J]
R0973D07O826k5 stone 22 [O829JW-R.J]
R0973D08O826f301 [O829JW-R.J]
R0973D10O826t [O829JW-R.J]
R0973D11O826m3465 [O829JW-R.J]
R0973D12O826m3457 [O829JW-R.J]