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A0005O01Q815v0054 [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q815v0054a [RX31JW.J]
F0100A21QX06ad [QX06EI.J]
F0100D01QX06k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0100D06QX069341 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0100D06QX069345 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0100F02Q812<5si q0146 [QX02JW.J]
F0100K05QX06yellowish brown [QX06EI.J]
F0100K06QX0610YR 5/4 [QX06EI.J]
F0100K07QX064.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0100K08QX06fine, dusty [QX06EI.J]
F0100P02QX06Q813 [QX06EI.J]
F0101A21QX06ld [QX06EI.J]
F0101D01QX06k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0101D06QX069327 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0101D06QX069365 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0101F02Q813<5si q0152 [QX02JW.J]
F0101K05QX06very pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0101K06QX0610YR 8/4 [QX06EI.J]
F0101K07QX064.5+ [QX06EI.J]
F0101K08QX06chunky, crumbles fine [QX06EI.J]
F0101P02QX06Q813 [QX06EI.J]
F0104A21Q813ad [QX06EI.J]
F0104D01Q813k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0104D06Q8139303 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0104D06Q8139341 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0104F02Q813<5si q0151 [QX02JW.J]
F0104K05Q813very pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0104K06Q81310YR 8/4 [QX06EI.J]
F0104K07Q8134 [QX06EI.J]
F0104K08Q813chunky, crumbles fine [QX06EI.J]
F0104P02Q813Q813 [QX06EI.J]
F0107A21Q813ad [QX06EI.J]
F0107D01Q813k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0107D06Q8139263 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0107D06Q8139303 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0107F02Q815<5si q0174 [QX02JW.J]
F0107K05Q813yellowish brown [QX06EI.J]
F0107K06Q81310YR 5/4 [QX06EI.J]
F0107K07Q8132.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0107K08Q813finer [QX06EI.J]
F0107P02Q813Q814 [QX06EI.J]
F0109A21Q814ly [QX06EI.J]
F0109D01Q814k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0109D06Q8149250 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0109K05Q814light gray [QX06EI.J]
F0109K06Q81410YR 7/2 [QX06EI.J]
F0109K07Q8144.5+ [QX06EI.J]
F0109K08Q814hard layer [QX06EI.J]
F0109O01Q815v0052 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q815v0054 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q815v0054a [RX31JW.J]
F0110A21Q814st [QX06EI.J]
F0110D01Q814k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0110D06Q8149236 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0110D06Q8149307 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0110K03Q814li [QX06EI.J]
F0110K05Q814gray [QX06EI.J]
F0110O01Q815v0052 [RX31JW.J]
F0110P02Q814Q815 [QX06EI.J]
F0111O01Q815v0052 [RX31JW.J]
F0112A21Q814st-is [QX06EI.J]
F0112D01Q814k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0112D06Q8149283 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0112D06Q8149304 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0112K03Q814li [QX06EI.J]
F0114A21Q814ad [QX06EI.J]
F0114D01Q814k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0114D03Q815488 (41377 49096 - 9268 / Relay location: SW point) [R313JW-R.J]
F0114D06Q8149250 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0114D06Q8149263 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0114F02Q814<5si q0159 [QX02JW.J]
F0114F02Q815<5si q0163 [QX02JW.J]
F0114K05Q814brown [QX06EI.J]
F0114K06Q81410YR 5/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0114K07Q8143.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0114K08Q814hard, medium fine [QX06EI.J]
F0114O01Q815v0052 [RX31JW.J]
F0114P02Q814Q815 [QX06EI.J]
F0116A21Q815ad [QX06EI.J]
F0116D01Q815k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0116D06Q8159250 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0116D06Q8159259 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0116F02Q815<5si q0165 [QX02JW.J]
F0116K05Q815pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0116K06Q81510YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0116K07Q8152 [QX06EI.J]
F0116K08Q815fine,ashy [QX06EI.J]
F0116O01Q815v0052 [RX31JW.J]
F0116P02Q815Q815 [QX06EI.J]
F0117A21Q815st-is [QX06EI.J]
F0117D01Q815k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0117D06Q8159285 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0117D06Q8159308 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0117P02Q815Q815 [QX06EI.J]
F0120A21Q815ad [QX06EI.J]
F0120D01Q815k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0120D06Q8159248 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0120D06Q8159250 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0120F02Q815<5si q0168 [QX02JW.J]
F0120K05Q815very pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0120K06Q81510YR 7/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0120K07Q8154.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0120K08Q815harder,compact [QX06EI.J]
F0120P02Q815Q815 [QX06EI.J]
F0121A21Q815ad [QX06EI.J]
F0121D01Q815k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0121D06Q8159250 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0121D06Q8159253 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0121F02Q815<5si q0167 [QX02JW.J]
F0121K05Q815pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0121K06Q81510YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0121K07Q8152 [QX06EI.J]
F0121K08Q815fine,like f116 [QX06EI.J]
F0121P02Q815Q815 [QX06EI.J]
F0122O01Q815v0054 [RX31JW.J]
F0122O01Q815v0054a [RX31JW.J]
F0127O01Q815v0054 [RX31JW.J]
F0127O01Q815v0054a [RX31JW.J]
F0127O01Q815v0054b [RX31JW.J]
F0128O01Q815v0054 [RX31JW.J]
F0128O01Q815v0054a [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q815v0052 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q815v0054 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q815v0054a [RX31JW.J]
Q0146A21Q812p,i [QX02JW.J]
Q0146B21Q812qi014601 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0146D01Q812k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0146D13Q812m4267 (9368) + 145 (height of instrument) - 122 - 20 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0146D20Q812r444 [QX02JW.J]
Q0146D21Q812300 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0146D22Q8129345 [QX02JW.J]
Q0146D23Q8129325 [QX02JW.J]
Q0146F02Q812>5si f0100 [QX02JW.J]
Q0151A21Q813p,i [QX02JW.J]
Q0151B21Q813qi015101 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0151B21Q813qi015102 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0151D01Q813k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0151D13Q813m3933 (9380) + 161 (height of instrument) - 122 - 4 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0151D20Q813r456 [QX02JW.J]
Q0151D21Q813300 cms South, 400 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0151D22Q8139341 [QX02JW.J]
Q0151D23Q8139337 [QX02JW.J]
Q0151F02Q813>5si f0104 [QX02JW.J]
Q0152A21Q813p,i [QX02JW.J]
Q0152D01Q813k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0152D13Q813m3933 (9380) + 161 (height of instrument) - 133 - 11 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0152D20Q813r465 [QX02JW.J]
Q0152D21Q813180 cms South, 140 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0152D22Q8139352 [QX02JW.J]
Q0152D23Q8139341 [QX02JW.J]
Q0152F02Q813>5si f0101 [QX02JW.J]
Q0156B21Q814qi015601 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0159A21Q814p [QX02JW.J]
Q0159D01Q814k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0159D13Q814m3933 (9380) + 146 (height of instrument) - 29 - 35 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0159D20Q814r463 [QX02JW.J]
Q0159D21Q814200 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0159D22Q8149263 [QX02JW.J]
Q0159D23Q8149228 [QX02JW.J]
Q0159F02Q814>5si f0114 [QX02JW.J]
Q0163A21Q815p,b [QX02JW.J]
Q0163D01Q815k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0163D13Q815m3933 (9380) + 161 (height of instrument) - 49 - 5 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0163D20Q815r488 [QX02JW.J]
Q0163D21Q815300 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0163D22Q8159268 [QX02JW.J]
Q0163D23Q8159263 [QX02JW.J]
Q0163F02Q815>5si f0114 [QX02JW.J]
Q0165A21Q815p [QX02JW.J]
Q0165D01Q815k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0165D13Q815m3933 (9380) + 154 (height of instrument) - 33 - 9 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0165D20Q815r498 [QX02JW.J]
Q0165D21Q815200 cms South, 150 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0165D22Q8159259 [QX02JW.J]
Q0165D23Q8159250 [QX02JW.J]
Q0165F02Q815>5si f0116 [QX02JW.J]
Q0167A21Q815p [QX02JW.J]
Q0167D01Q815k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0167D13Q815m3933 (9380) + 162 (height of instrument) - 32 - 3 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0167D20Q815r502 [QX02JW.J]
Q0167D21Q815200 cms South, 250 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0167D22Q8159250 [QX02JW.J]
Q0167D23Q8159247 [QX02JW.J]
Q0167F02Q815>5si f0121 [QX02JW.J]
Q0168A21Q815p,b [QX02JW.J]
Q0168D01Q815k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0168D13Q815m3933 (9380) + 162 (height of instrument) - 35 - 6 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0168D20Q815r506 [QX02JW.J]
Q0168D21Q815200 cms South, 250 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0168D22Q8159253 [QX02JW.J]
Q0168D23Q8159247 [QX02JW.J]
Q0168F02Q815>5si f0120 [QX02JW.J]
Q0174A21Q815p [QX02JW.J]
Q0174D01Q815k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0174D13Q815m3627 (9270) + 0 (height of instrument) - -80 - 35 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0174D20Q815r468 [QX02JW.J]
Q0174D21Q815100 cms South, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0174D22Q8159190 [QX02JW.J]
Q0174D23Q8159155 [QX02JW.J]
Q0174F02Q815>5si f0107 [QX02JW.J]
QI014601BA1Q812la [Q921EDB.J]
QI014601BA2Q8120.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI014601BA3Q8121.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI014601BA5Q8121.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI014601BA6Q812ob [Q921EDB.J]
QI014601BA8Q812black [Q921EDB.J]
QI014601BA9Q812obsidian fragment, broken or debitage, 1 flat surface [Q921EDB.J]
QI015101BA1Q813la [Q921EDB.J]
QI015101BA2Q8130.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015101BA3Q8134.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015101BA5Q8131.6 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015101BA6Q813li [Q921EDB.J]
QI015101BA8Q813brown [Q921EDB.J]
QI015101BA9Q813possible point, brown flint [Q921EDB.J]
QI015102BA1Q813la [Q921EDB.J]
QI015102BA2Q8131.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015102BA3Q8137.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015102BA5Q8133.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015102BA6Q813li [Q921EDB.J]
QI015102BA8Q813light gray [Q921EDB.J]
QI015102BA9Q813flint flake, probably removed from the core [Q921EDB.J]
QI015601BA1Q814ca [Q921EDB.J]
QI015601BA2Q8145.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015601BA3Q8148.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015601BA5Q8143.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015601BA6Q814cl [Q921EDB.J]
QI015601BA8Q814light brown [Q921EDB.J]
QI015601BA9Q814unbaked clay lump or sandstone [Q921EDB.J]
R0488D04Q81541377 [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D05Q81549096 [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D06Q8159268 [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D07Q815SW point [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D07Q815point [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D08Q815f114 [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D10Q815t [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D11Q815mm3933 [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D12Q815mm4267 [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D13Q815m3933: 9380+49-161 [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D14Q815286 [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D15Q815388 [R313JW-R.J]
R0488D16Q815161 [R313JW-R.J]
V0052O12Q815f109,f110,f111,f114,f116 [RX31JW.J]
V0052O15Q815k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0052O22Q815W [RX31JW.J]
V0052O25Q815This view, taken about midway through the excavation of locus k13 shows a test trench, f116, which followed the baqaya glacis, f109 from the point of its initial discovery in the far NE corner, south to the baulk between k13 and k12 to see if the baqaya found last year (f50 in k12) was a continuation or a separate layer. Also shown is a large limestone block, f110, and a thin layer of dark soil, f111, that covered parts of the baqaya glacis. The layer was perhaps residue from activities associated with a pit feature, a5 to the west of f111. [RX31JW.J]
V0054O11Q815a5 [RX31JW.J]
V0054O12Q815f109,f122,f127,f128 [RX31JW.J]
V0054O15Q815k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0054O22Q815SW [RX31JW.J]
V0054O25Q815This is photograph of a pit, a5, that was cut into the baqaya glacis, f109, prior to its being covered by a mud glacis, f152. Three components are shown: the cut, f128; the bottom, f127; and a fill, f122. [RX31JW.J]
V0054AO11Q815a5 [RX31JW.J]
V0054AO12Q815f109,f122,f127,f128 [RX31JW.J]
V0054AO15Q815k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0054AO21Q815m [RX31JW.J]
V0054AO22Q815OV [RX31JW.J]
V0054AO25Q815This subview from overhead shows the composition of the material forming the bottom of the pit. It was similar to the contstituants of the mound discovered last year in a deep probe in loci k104 and k105. Here one can see a packing filled with ash pockets and pieces of brick. [RX31JW.J]
V0054BO12Q815f127 [RX31JW.J]
V0054BO21Q815t [RX31JW.J]
V0054BO22Q815W [RX31JW.J]
V0054BO25Q815This is a closeup of the bottom of the pit showing that the pit was not much deeper than the layer of baqaya through which it was cut. [RX31JW.J]

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