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Processed on 09-12-2010

-SGS720fAB and gB suggested that all pottery from k200 has to be collected, looked at and then thrown away as it does not come from a stratified context and has little statistical significance. One q-lot will be assigned to the area each day and all pottery, items and bones will be assigned to that q-lot. [S720CJC.J]
-WKS720Today we receieved 15 new workmen. They were assigned to work in k200 cleaning J6k200. At first we had only 2 shovels, so 2 men shoveled (Abdullah and Akram) until after breakfast when fAB bought us 3 new shovels. Three workmen were working the wheelbarrows and the rest of the workmen formed a zambil chain to move the dirt out of the trench. After breakfast mO and the workmen installed a shafat. Five men then worked as shovel-men, with 3 shoveling the dirt into a wheelbarrow and 2 shoveling it out of the wheelbarrow into the shafat. Three more wheelbarrow-men worked at the top of the shafat. Four workmen who were without work due to the installation of the shafat (Sipan, Asdishare and 2 others) were assigned to clean the area in front of the revetment wall in J02 so conservation photos can be taken tomorrow. We still do not have enough shovels for all the work. [S720CJC.J]
-WKS721Today 13 workmen were assigned to work in k200. [S721PC2.J]
F0001A21S713mx [S713CJC.J]
F0001D01S713k84 [S713CJC.J]
F0001D06S7139134 @bottom [S713CJC.J]
F0001D06S7139288 @top [S713CJC.J]
F0001F02S713<5si q0001 [S713CJC.J]
F0001F02S719<5si q0029 [S719CJC.J]
F0001K03S713loam [S713CJC.J]
F0001K05S713light brown [S713CJC.J]
F0001P02S713removed [S713CJC.J]
F0002A21S713ts [S713CJC.J]
F0002D01S713k85 [S713CJC.J]
F0002D06S7139240 @bottom [S713CJC.J]
F0002D06S7139253 @top [S713CJC.J]
F0002K03S713loam [S713CJC.J]
F0002K05S713dark brown [S713CJC.J]
F0002O01S719v0016 [S809CJC.J]
F0002O01S719v0016a [S809CJC.J]
F0002O01S719v0017 [S809CJC.J]
F0002O01S719v0017a [S809CJC.J]
F0002O01S719v0018 [S809CJC.J]
F0002O01S719v0018a [S809CJC.J]
F0002O01S818v0009 [S818PC.J]
F0002O01S818v0009a [S818PC.J]
F0002P02S713removed [S713CJC.J]
F0003O01S719v0016 [S809CJC.J]
F0003O01S719v0016a [S809CJC.J]
F0003O01S719v0017 [S809CJC.J]
F0003O01S719v0017a [S809CJC.J]
F0003O01S719v0018 [S809CJC.J]
F0003O01S719v0018a [S809CJC.J]
F0003O01S818v0009 [S818PC.J]
F0003O01S818v0009a [S818PC.J]
F0004F02S714<5si q0005 [S714CJC.J]
F0004O01S719v0016 [S809CJC.J]
F0004O01S719v0016a [S809CJC.J]
F0004O01S719v0017 [S809CJC.J]
F0004O01S719v0017a [S809CJC.J]
F0004O01S719v0018 [S809CJC.J]
F0004O01S719v0018a [S809CJC.J]
F0004O01S818v0009 [S818PC.J]
F0004O01S818v0009a [S818PC.J]
F0006F02S714<5si q0006 [S714CJC.J]
F0008F02S715<5si q0012 [S715CJC.J]
F0008F02S715<5si q0014 [S715CJC.J]
F0008O01S719v0016 [S809CJC.J]
F0008O01S719v0016a [S809CJC.J]
F0008O01S719v0017 [S809CJC.J]
F0008O01S719v0017a [S809CJC.J]
F0008O01S719v0018 [S809CJC.J]
F0008O01S719v0018a [S809CJC.J]
F0008O01S818v0009 [S818PC.J]
F0008O01S818v0009a [S818PC.J]
F0011A21S715ts [S716CJC.J]
F0011D01S715k65 [S716CJC.J]
F0011D06S7159270 @bottom [S716CJC.J]
F0011D06S7159276 @top [S716CJC.J]
F0011F02S715<5si q0015 [S715CJC.J]
F0011K03S715cl [S716CJC.J]
F0011K05S715brown [S716CJC.J]
F0012D01S715k85 [S716CJC.J]
F0012D06S7159161 @top [S716CJC.J]
F0012F02S715<5si q0016 [S715CJC.J]
F0012F02S716<5si q0018 [S716CJC.J]
F0012K03S715cl [S716CJC.J]
F0012O01S719v0016 [S809CJC.J]
F0012O01S719v0016a [S809CJC.J]
F0012O01S719v0017 [S809CJC.J]
F0012O01S719v0017a [S809CJC.J]
F0012O01S719v0018 [S809CJC.J]
F0012O01S719v0018a [S809CJC.J]
F0012O01S818v0009 [S818PC.J]
F0012O01S818v0009a [S818PC.J]
F0013A21S716lc [S716CJC.J]
F0013D01S716k65 [S716CJC.J]
F0013D03S71910 (38082 52122 - 9270 / Relay location: k65) [S719CJCR.J]
F0013D03S71911 (37957 52213 - 9270 / Relay location: k65) [S719CJCR.J]
F0013D06S7169270 @top [S716CJC.J]
F0013K05S716black [S716CJC.J]
F0014A21S716ld [S716CJC.J]
F0014D01S716k65 [S716CJC.J]
F0014D06S7169270 @top [S716CJC.J]
F0014F02S716<5si q0017 [S716CJC.J]
F0014K03S716cl [S716CJC.J]
F0014K05S716brown [S716CJC.J]
F0015A21S716mx [S718PC.J]
F0015D01S716k85 [S718PC.J]
F0015D06S7169296 @top [S718PC.J]
F0015F02S717<5si q0023 [S718PC.J]
F0015K03S716loam [S718PC.J]
F0015P02S716removed [S718PC.J]
F0016A21S716ld [S718PC.J]
F0016D01S716k65 [S718PC.J]
F0016D06S7169244 @top [S718PC.J]
F0016K03S716loam [S718PC.J]
F0017A21S716ld [S718PC.J]
F0017D01S716k75 [S718PC.J]
F0017D06S7169161 @top [S718PC.J]
F0017F02S717<5si q0025 [S718PC.J]
F0017K03S716loam [S718PC.J]
F0017K08S716fine [S718PC.J]
F0018F02S719<5si q0032 [S719CJC.J]
F0019A21S719mx [S719CJC.J]
F0019D01S719k85 [S719CJC.J]
F0019D06S7199253 @top [S719CJC.J]
F0019F02S719<5si q0030 [S719CJC.J]
F0019K03S719loam [S719CJC.J]
F0019K05S719brown [S719CJC.J]
F0021A21S719st [S719CJC.J]
F0021D01S719k75 [S719CJC.J]
F0021D03S71916 (38154 51733 - 9164 / Relay location: k75) [S719CJCR.J]
F0021D03S71917 (38218 51805 - 9160 / Relay location: k75) [S719CJCR.J]
F0021D06S7199142 @bottom [S719CJC.J]
F0021D06S7199170 @top [S719CJC.J]
F0021K03S719li [S719CJC.J]
F0021K05S719light gray [S719CJC.J]
F0022A21S719bf [S719CJC.J]
F0022D01S719k75 [S719CJC.J]
F0029A21S720ts [S720CJC.J]
F0029B11S720This feature was created specifically for all the dirt to be removed from the sides and bottom of the trench excavated by the DOG excavations led by Peter Pfaeltzner. It extended from area B6 to the bottom of the staircase in J02. This whole area will also be referred to as J6k200. The feature has been defined as topsoil because it lacks stratigraphic context. [S720CJC.J]
F0029D01S720k200 [S720CJC.J]
F0029F02S720<5si q0042 [S720CJC.J]
F0029F02S722<5si q0059 [S723EA.J]
F0029F02S723<5si q0070 [S723EA.J]
F0029F02S726<5si q0087 [S727CJC.J]
F0029F02S728<5si q0094 [S728HQ.J]
F0029F02S74<5si q0080 [-S727CJC.J]
F0031A21R721ld [S721PC2.J]
F0031D01R721k65 [S721PC2.J]
F0031D06R7219160 @top [S721PC2.J]
F0031K03R721loam [S721PC2.J]
F0035O01S721v0019 [S809CJC.J]
F0035O01S721v0019a [S809CJC.J]
F0035O01S721v0019b [S809CJC.J]
F0037O01S818v0046 [S818PC.J]
F0037O01S818v0046a [S818PC.J]
F0039F02S722<5si q0068 [S723EA.J]
F0040O01S721v0019 [S809CJC.J]
F0040O01S721v0019a [S809CJC.J]
F0040O01S721v0019b [S809CJC.J]
F0055A21S724bf [S727CJC.J]
F0055D01S724k84 [S727CJC.J]
F0055D03S72459 (38897 51718 - 8991 / Relay location: k84) [S726CJCR.J]
F0055D03S72460 (38705 51672 - 8995 / Relay location: k84) [S726CJCR.J]
F0055D03S72461 (38797 51461 - 8997 / Relay location: k84) [S726CJCR.J]
F0055D03S72462 (38980 51493 - 8998 / Relay location: k84) [S726CJCR.J]
F0055D06S7248997 @top [S727CJC.J]
F0055K03S724cl [S727CJC.J]
F0055O01S818v0029 [S818PC.J]
F0056A21S724st [S727CJC.J]
F0056D01S724k84 [S727CJC.J]
F0056D03S72456 (38794 51452 - 9024 / Relay location: k84) [S726CJCR.J]
F0056D03S72457 (38781 51452 - 9028 / Relay location: k84) [S726CJCR.J]
F0056D03S72458 (38782 51417 - 9025 / Relay location: k84) [S726CJCR.J]
F0056D06S7249025 @top [S727CJC.J]
F0056K03S724li [S727CJC.J]
F0056O01S818v0029 [S818PC.J]
F0059A21S728ac [S728HQ.J]
F0059F02S728<5si q0102 [S728HQ.J]
F0059F02S728<5si q0103 [S728HQ.J]
F0061A21S728ly [S728HQ.J]
F0061B11S728Medium hard with chunks when picked. No real defined bricks but probably it is a brickmelt. When the chunks are broken the material is very fine and soft. There are also some softer and harder patches. [S728HQ.J]
F0061D01S729k75 [S728HQ.J]
F0061D06S7299084 @bottom [S728HQ.J]
F0061D06S7299124 @top [S728HQ.J]
F0061F02S728<5si q0107 [S728HQ.J]
F0061K03S729cl [S728HQ.J]
F0061K05S729light brown [S728HQ.J]
F0061P02S729removed S728 [S728HQ.J]
F0063B11S816During the removal of f63 we could see that it was very hard when picked and that the top part comes apart in chunks. The very topmost surface flaked off. The bottom part is more fine and crumbly. The color was a dark reddish brown. [S816PC.J]
F0063D03S813255 (38975 51406 - 8975 / Relay location: NW point) [S813CJCR.J]
F0063D03S813256 (38960 51336 - 8967 / Relay location: NW corner) [S813CJCR.J]
F0063D03S813257 (38811 51340 - 8949 / Relay location: SW corner) [S813CJCR.J]
F0063D03S813258 (38924 51553 - 8979 / Relay location: N point) [S813CJCR.J]
F0063D03S813259 (38734 51678 - 8967 / Relay location: SE corner) [S813CJCR.J]
F0063D03S813260 (38601 51536 - 8934 / Relay location: SE point) [S813CJCR.J]
F0063D03S813261 (38650 51387 - 8912 / Relay location: SW corner) [S813CJCR.J]
F0063F02S807<5si i0007 [S818PC.J]
F0064A21S729ly [S728HQ.J]
F0064B11S728It is composed mostly of melted bricks but they are clearly in a line. Right now it appears that it is a wall or part of a structure. There is a face of bricks (not very well defined) facing the west. It is composed of light brown almost grey bricks. [S728HQ.J]
F0064C99S729Originally we thought this feature was possibly a structure but today when we removed 10cm it appears it is a brickfall. There seems to be brickfall in all of k74. Nevertheless, the area of f64 has bricks in an much more organized pattern. When we removed the top 10 cm of f64 we found almost no pottery, bones or inclusions. [S729CJC.J]
F0064D01S729k74 [S728HQ.J]
F0064D03S730150 (38503 52144 - 9104 / Relay location: SE corner) [S804CJCR.J]
F0064D06S7299096 @top [S728HQ.J]
F0064F02S729<5si q0127 [S729CJC.J]
F0064F02S730<5si q0132 [S730CJC.J]
F0064K03S729cl [S728HQ.J]
F0064K05S729light brown [S728HQ.J]
F0064O01S729v0034 [S809CJC.J]
F0064O01S729v0034a [S809CJC.J]
F0065A21S728ly [S728HQ.J]
F0065A21S729a [S728HQ.J]
F0065B11S728Very fine material. Some areas, when picked with the small pick, come apart in chunks. There are melted bricks. The feature is softer near where it touches f64 and gets progressively harder moving west. A large body sherd (possibly from a storage jar) was found in the center of the feature. [S728HQ.J]
F0065C99S729Towards the bottom of f65 there were reddish brown pieces of clay with very sharp faces. We kept some pieces for a q-item. It seems that the character of the feature changes slightly approaching the bottom. [S729CJC.J]
F0065D01S729k74 [S728HQ.J]
F0065D06S7299095 @top [S728HQ.J]
F0065F02S728<5si q0111 [S728HQ.J]
F0065F02S728<5si q0119 [S728HQ.J]
F0065K03S729cl [S728HQ.J]
F0065K05S729brown [S728HQ.J]
F0068A21S729ly [S728HQ.J]
F0068B11S728This feature is composed of a soft fine dirt that scrapes easily. It has few inclusions. It has some very soft melted bricks that are not well defined in shape. It is a very light brown almost gray color. This feature is similar to (probably the same as) f61 which is directly above it. The feature was changed due to the presence of bricks nearby. The area of the feature is defined in the east by the edge of the square k74 and in the east it is defined by relays r136, r137 and r138. [S728HQ.J]
F0068D01S729k75 [S728HQ.J]
F0068D03S728136 (38157 51683 - 9080 / Relay location: SW point) [S729CJCR.J]
F0068D03S728137 (38257 51870 - 9084 / Relay location: E (middle point)) [S729CJCR.J]
F0068D03S728138 (38415 52032 - 9094 / Relay location: N point) [S729CJCR.J]
F0068D03S729144 (38374 52100 - 9083 / Relay location: NE corner) [S729CJCR.J]
F0068D06S7299084 @top [S728HQ.J]
F0068F02S728<5si q0117 [S728HQ.J]
F0068K03S729cl [S728HQ.J]
F0068K05S729light brown [S728HQ.J]
F0068K07S729soft [S728HQ.J]
F0070O01S818v0046a [S818PC.J]
F0071A21S729ly [S729CJC.J]
F0071B11S729Very hard material with an uneven surface. Appears to be brickmelt It covers half of k75. It is light gray/brown in color. There are very few defined bricks. It may be the same layer as f72 in k74. [S729CJC.J]
F0071D01S729k75 [S729CJC.J]
F0071D06S7299092 @top [S729CJC.J]
F0071F02S729<5si q0126 [S729CJC.J]
F0071K03S729cl [S729CJC.J]
F0071K05S729very light brown [S729CJC.J]
F0071K07S729hard [S729CJC.J]
F0072A21S729a [S729CJC.J]
F0072A21S729ly [S729CJC.J]
F0072B11S729In the southern portion of k74 it was darker brown with a reddish tint. It slopes to the south and the south part is much harder, light gray and much more like brickmelt. [S729CJC.J]
F0072D01S729k74 [S729CJC.J]
F0072D03S729145 (38645 51790 - 9058 / Relay location: SW corner) [S729CJCR.J]
F0072D06S7299066 @top [S729CJC.J]
F0072F02S729<5si q0131 [S729CJC.J]
F0072K03S729cl [S729CJC.J]
F0072O01S729v0034 [S809CJC.J]
F0072O01S729v0034a [S809CJC.J]
F0075O01S818v0046 [S818PC.J]
F0075O01S818v0046a [S818PC.J]
F0080D03S731151 (38774 52522 - 9085 / Relay location: NE corner) [S804CJCR.J]
F0086F02S816<5si q0218 [S816PC.J]
F0086O01S818v0046 [S818PC.J]
F0086O01S818v0046a [S818PC.J]
F0090D03S804165 (38255 51323 - 8991 / Relay location: SW point) [S804CJCR.J]
F0090D03S806180 (38519 51299 - 8947 / Relay location: NW corner) [S812CJCR.J]
F0090D03S806181 (38311 51275 - 8947 / Relay location: SW corner) [S812CJCR.J]
F0090D03S806182 (38211 51526 - 8947 / Relay location: SE corner) [S812CJCR.J]
F0095A21S804ac [S804CJC.J]
F0095D01S804k85 [S804CJC.J]
F0095D03S804166 (38271 51303 - 9112 / Relay location: SE corner) [S804CJCR.J]
F0095D06S8049060 @bottom [S804CJC.J]
F0095D06S8049109 @top [S804CJC.J]
F0095F02S804<5si q0163 [S804CJC.J]
F0095F02S804<5si q0166 [S804CJC.J]
F0095F02S804<5si q0167 [S804CJC.J]
F0095K03S804cl [S804CJC.J]
F0095P02S804removed S804 [S804CJC.J]
F0098A21S804bf [S804CJC.J]
F0098D01S804k85 [S804CJC.J]
F0098D06S8049060 @top [S804CJC.J]
F0098F02S804<5si q0165 [S804CJC.J]
F0098F02S805<5si q0173 [S805CJC.J]
F0098F02S807<5si i0003 [S818PC.J]
F0098F02S807<5si i0005 [S818PC.J]
F0098F02S807<5si i0005-I01 [S818PC.J]
F0104A21S805ts [S805CJC.J]
F0104D01S805k86 [S805CJC.J]
F0104D06S8059214 @bottom [S805CJC.J]
F0104D06S8059229 @top [S805CJC.J]
F0104F02S805<5si q0171 [S805CJC.J]
F0104K03S805loam [S805CJC.J]
F0104P02S805removed S805 [S805CJC.J]
F0105A21S805ld [S805CJC.J]
F0105D01S805k86 [S805CJC.J]
F0105D06S8059214 @top [S805CJC.J]
F0105F02S805<5si q0174 [S805CJC.J]
F0105F02S806<5si q0180 [S806CJC.J]
F0105K03S805loam [S805CJC.J]
F0106A21S805st [S805CJC.J]
F0106D01S805k74 [S805CJC.J]
F0106D03S805176 (38729 52059 - 9036 / Relay location: component2) [S812CJCR.J]
F0106D03S805177 (38783 52162 - 9041 / Relay location: component3) [S812CJCR.J]
F0106D03S805178 (38981 52217 - 9054 / Relay location: component4) [S812CJCR.J]
F0106D03S805179 (38612 51886 - 9145 / Relay location: component5) [S812CJCR.J]
F0106D06S8059056 @top [S805CJC.J]
F0106K03S805li [S805CJC.J]
F0106P02S805removed S805 [S805CJC.J]
F0108A21S806ld [S809CJC2.J]
F0108D01S806k84 [S809CJC2.J]
F0108D03S806184 (39052 51953 - 9077 / Relay location: NE corner) [S812CJCR.J]
F0108D06S8068977 @top [S809CJC2.J]
F0108D06S8069151 @bottom [S809CJC2.J]
F0108F02S806<5si q0183 [S806CJC.J]
F0108F02S807<5si i0004 [S818PC.J]
F0108K03S806cl [S809CJC2.J]
F0119F02S807<5si i0006 [S818PC.J]
F0120A21S810bf [S813CJC.J]
F0120D01S810k85 [S813CJC.J]
F0120D06S8108964 @top [S813CJC.J]
F0120F02S810<5si q0199 [S813CJC.J]
F0120K03S810cl [S813CJC.J]
F0120P02S810removed S810 [S813CJC.J]
F0123F02S807<5si i0008 [S818PC.J]
F0123F02S807<5si i0009 [S818PC.J]
F0124F02S807<5si i0010 [S818PC.J]
F0124F02S813<5si q0204 [S813CJC.J]
F0125F02S814<5si q0209 [S816PC.J]
F0127O01S818v0003 [S818PC.J]
F0137D03S816275 (37903 51315 - 8978 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0137D03S816277 (37856 51199 - 8984 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0137D03S816278 (37909 51199 - 8974 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0137D03S816279 (37868 51165 - 8975 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0137D03S816280 (37978 51258 - 8980 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0137D03S816281 (38058 51267 - 8970 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0137D03S816282 (38075 51187 - 8978 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0137D03S816283 (38140 51238 - 8984 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0137D03S816284 (38126 51291 - 8970 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0137D03S816285 (38123 51322 - 8983 / Relay location: point) [S820DH-R.J]
F0142F02S807<5si i0011 [S818PC.J]
F0142F02S807<5si i0012 [S818PC.J]
I0003D01S807k85 [S818PC.J]
I0003D03S805174 (38470 51264 - 9007 / Relay location: point) [S812CJCR.J]
I0003F02S807>5si f0098 [S818PC.J]
I0003G03S807associated q-lot: 173 [S818PC.J]
I0004BA1S807bone [S818PC.J]
I0004BA9S807skull of an animal [S818PC.J]
I0004D01S807k84 [S818PC.J]
I0004F02S807>5si f0108 [S818PC.J]
I0004G03S807associated q-lot: 188 [S818PC.J]
I0005BA1S807sn [S818PC.J]
I0005BA9S807the soil inside the jar [S818PC.J]
I0005D01S807k85 [S818PC.J]
I0005F02S807>5si f0098 [S818PC.J]
I0005G03S807associated q-lot: 173 [S818PC.J]
I000501BA9S807shells and bones from the sol inside the jar [S818PC.J]
I000501D01S807k85 [S818PC.J]
I000501F02S807>5si f0098 [S818PC.J]
I000501G03S807associated q-lot: 173 [S818PC.J]
I0006BA1S807ma [S818PC.J]
I0006BA2S8070.6 [S818PC.J]
I0006BA3S8072.5 [S818PC.J]
I0006BA9S807coroded small piece of bronze [S818PC.J]
I0006D01S807k75 [S818PC.J]
I0006F02S807>5si f0119 [S818PC.J]
I0006G03S807associated q-lot: 197 [S818PC.J]
I0007BA1S807pin [S818PC.J]
I0007BA2S8070 [S818PC.J]
I0007BA3S8076.2 [S818PC.J]
I0007BA4S8070.1 [S818PC.J]
I0007BA9S807bronze pin [S818PC.J]
I0007D01S807k84 [S818PC.J]
I0007F02S807>5si f0063 [S818PC.J]
I0008BA1S807si [S818PC.J]
I0008BA2S8071.8 [S818PC.J]
I0008BA3S8074 [S818PC.J]
I0008BA4S8072 [S818PC.J]
I0008BA9S807seal impression [S818PC.J]
I0008D01S807k74 [S818PC.J]
I0008F02S807>5si f0123 [S818PC.J]
I0008G03S807associated q-lot: 201 [S818PC.J]
I0009BA1S807si [S818PC.J]
I0009BA2S8072.5 [S818PC.J]
I0009BA3S8074.5 [S818PC.J]
I0009BA4S8072 [S818PC.J]
I0009BA9S807seal impression [S818PC.J]
I0009D01S807k74 [S818PC.J]
I0009D03S813254 (38896 52070 - 9006 / Relay location: point) [S813CJCR.J]
I0009F02S807>5si f0123 [S818PC.J]
I0009G03S807associated q-lot: 201 [S818PC.J]
I0010BA1S807scraper [S818PC.J]
I0010BA2S8070.1 [S818PC.J]
I0010BA3S8074 [S818PC.J]
I0010BA4S8071 [S818PC.J]
I0010BA5S8071.3 [S818PC.J]
I0010BA6S807ma [S818PC.J]
I0010BA8S807green [S818PC.J]
I0010BA9S807it is a metal artefact (scraper?) [S818PC.J]
I0010D01S807k86 [S818PC.J]
I0010D03S813262 (37809 51310 - 9031 / Relay location: point) [S813CJCR.J]
I0010F02S807>5si f0124 [S818PC.J]
I0010G03S807associated q-lot: 203 [S818PC.J]
I0011BA1S807ja [S818PC.J]
I0011BA2S8074.5 [S818PC.J]
I0011BA3S8073.5 [S818PC.J]
I0011BA4S8073 [S818PC.J]
I0011BA9S807small jar [S818PC.J]
I0011D01S807k84 [S818PC.J]
I0011F02S807>5si f0142 [S818PC.J]
I0011G03S807associated q-lot: 231 [S818PC.J]
I0012BA1S807si [S818PC.J]
I0012BA2S8078 [S818PC.J]
I0012BA3S8076 [S818PC.J]
I0012BA4S8072.5 [S818PC.J]
I0012BA6S807cl [S818PC.J]
I0012BA9S807Impression of map in clay? [S818PC.J]
I0012D01S807k84 [S818PC.J]
I0012F02S807>5si f0142 [S818PC.J]
I0012G03S807associated q-lot: 231 [S818PC.J]
K0074O01S729v0034 [S809CJC.J]
K0074O01S729v0034a [S809CJC.J]
K0074O01S818v0011 [S818PC.J]
K0075O01S818v0011 [S818PC.J]
K0084O01S818v0003 [S818PC.J]
K0084O01S818v0011 [S818PC.J]
K0084O01S818v0029 [S818PC.J]
K0085D03S7142 (38255 51385 - 9209 / Relay location: k85) [S714CJCR.J]
K0085D03S7143 (38642 51397 - 9227 / Relay location: k85) [S714CJCR.J]
K0085D03S7144 (38572 51603 - 9222 / Relay location: k85) [S714CJCR.J]
K0085D03S7145 (38210 51547 - 9219 / Relay location: k85) [S714CJCR.J]
K0085O01S719v0016 [S809CJC.J]
K0085O01S719v0016a [S809CJC.J]
K0085O01S719v0017 [S809CJC.J]
K0085O01S719v0017a [S809CJC.J]
K0085O01S719v0018 [S809CJC.J]
K0085O01S719v0018a [S809CJC.J]
K0085O01S721v0019 [S809CJC.J]
K0085O01S721v0019a [S809CJC.J]
K0085O01S721v0019b [S809CJC.J]
K0085O01S818v0009 [S818PC.J]
K0085O01S818v0009a [S818PC.J]
K0085O01S818v0011 [S818PC.J]
K0085O01S818v0046 [S818PC.J]
K0085O01S818v0046a [S818PC.J]
K0200B11S720J6k200, extending from the large open area excavated by the germans in the south to the bottom of the staircase in J02 in the north [S720CJC.J]
K0200C01S720fAB and gB decided to have J6k200 cleaned out and so it was assigned to area J06 with the locus k200. This locus was given to keep the area seperate from the k100 area. gB and fAB suggested that all of the dirt removed be assigned to one feature (f29) which will be defined as topsoil. Fifteen new workmen were assigned to the area. mO removed all the dangerous stones and loose dirt from the sides of the trench for the workmen's safety. Because the trench is so deep a zambil chain was formed to move the dirt from the bottom out to where it could be placed in the wheelbarrows. There was a shortage of shovels and so fAB bought us 3 new shovels which we recieved after breakfast. About 1/3 of the trench was cleaned before breakfast. After breakfast the workmen had moved too far north in the trench to maintain the zambil chain and so mO installed a shafat. An oblique angle was cut into the east side of the trench to accomodate the shafat. Another large stone was also removed. The installation of the shafat took awhile and slowed down work in the area. After the installation of the shafat not all the workmen were needed in k200 and so 4 were moved to clean the area in front of the revetment wall in J2. Some large stones at the bottom of the trench were moved to make room for the workmen to work. [S720CJC.J]
K0200C01S721Today worked continued cleaning k200, J6k200. Two of the 15 workmen were given to the main excavation area of J06 and so only 13 continued work in k200. In the morning there were some problems with the shafat and so work in the morning was slow. fAB came to J06 to discuss the work for the workmen. He assigned 3 workmen to remove the dirt pile from k100. Two workmen (Abdullah and Muhammed) were assigned as pickmen in the bottom of the trench to level the area. Three other workmen served as shovel-men, with 2 working bottom of the shafat and the other 1 \shoveling the dirt towards the shafat. The remaining 3 workmen did assorted jobs, relieving the shovelmen occassionally and cleaning the area in front of the revetment wall in J02. There were also 2 wheelbarrow-men. It was decided that the area closest to the stairs would not be cleaned today due to dangerous overhanging stones and because there were other workmen working near the top of the section. [S721PC2.J]
K0200C01S723Today there were 13 workmen and they continued cleaning k200. They are still picking the bottom to level the bottom all off. By breakfast they had reached south to where the shafat is. After breakfast they continued to work south of the shafat to make it all level. When they reach the southern opening of the trench they will stop. They have also removed all the dirt pile left over from J2k100. Work continues at a steady pace. Today they had a tent after breakfast. [S723EA.J]
K0200C01S726Today we had 12 workmen. They continued leveling and cleaning the bottom of the German trench. Before breakfast they finished cleaning the south part of the trench. The workmen uncovered a tannur. This means we have reached (and passed) the bottom level of the German excavations. I consulted with gB and we stopped work in this area until we can decide what to do with the tannur. Right now there are no markers with which to take relays or elevations so we left the tannur in place until bP can install some markers or control points. After breakfast the workmen began clearing the northern part of the trench near the staircase but the shafat was not working and we had a shortage of wheelbarrows so the work was very slow. After 12pm 3 workmen moved to the main area of J06 to help finish removing the baulks. Today's q-lot was q86. [S727CJC.J]
K0200C01S728Today the goal was to finish cleaning the area of the trench. Near the north end of k200 was a large pile of stones buried under some dirt and mixed with plastic and other modern materials. These stones are presumably backfill from the previous excavations in the trench. I consulted with fAB in the morning and he suggested they be removed and piled in the J02 area so they could be removed at a later date. The stones were removed and the rest of the dirt was moved out of k200 via the shafat. The workmen finished cleaning right before the end of the day. In the morning bP came and made measurements of the tannur in the southern end of the trench so that it would not need to be relayed. The tannur will probably be added to the J07 book instead of J06 when J07 is opened. Tomorrow I think we will stop working in k200. [S728HQ.J]
Q0001A21S713p [S713CJC.J]
Q0001D01S713k84 [S713CJC.J]
Q0001D13S713m4686 (9142) + 34 (height of instrument) - 180 [S713CJC.J]
Q0001D21S71350 cm cms East, 200 cm cms North [S713CJC.J]
Q0001D22S7139288 [S713CJC.J]
Q0001F02S713>5si f0001 [S713CJC.J]
Q0005A21S714p [S714CJC.J]
Q0005D01S714k85 [S714CJC.J]
Q0005D13S714m3835 (9280) + 127 (height of instrument) - 73 [S714CJC.J]
Q0005D20S714r1 [S714CJC.J]
Q0005D21S714260 cm cms West, 400 cm cms South [S714CJC.J]
Q0005D22S7149226 [S714CJC.J]
Q0005F02S714>5si f0004 [S714CJC.J]
Q0006A21S714p [S714CJC.J]
Q0006D01S714k85 [S714CJC.J]
Q0006D13S714m4719 (9252) + 128 (height of instrument) - 85 [S714CJC.J]
Q0006D20S714r1 [S714CJC.J]
Q0006D21S714260 cm cms West, 400 cm cms South [S714CJC.J]
Q0006D22S7149209 [S714CJC.J]
Q0006F02S714>5si f0006 [S714CJC.J]
Q0012A21S715p,b [S715CJC.J]
Q0012D01S715k85 [S715CJC.J]
Q0012D13S715m3813 (9265) + 144 (height of instrument) - 67 [S715CJC.J]
Q0012D20S715r4 [S715CJC.J]
Q0012D21S715270 cm cms West, 400 cm cms South [S715CJC.J]
Q0012D22S7159188 [S715CJC.J]
Q0012F02S715>5si f0008 [S715CJC.J]
Q0014A21S715p [S715CJC.J]
Q0014D01S715k85 [S715CJC.J]
Q0014D13S715m3813 (9265) + 144 (height of instrument) - 50 [S715CJC.J]
Q0014D20S715r4 [S715CJC.J]
Q0014D21S715270 cm cms West, 400 cm cms South [S715CJC.J]
Q0014D22S7159171 [S715CJC.J]
Q0014F02S715>5si f0008 [S715CJC.J]
Q0015A21S715p [S715CJC.J]
Q0015D01S715k65 [S715CJC.J]
Q0015D13S715m3816 (9276) + 0 (height of instrument) - 0 [S715CJC.J]
Q0015D20S715m3816 [S715CJC.J]
Q0015D21S715400 cm cms North, 400 cm cms East [S715CJC.J]
Q0015D22S7159276 [S715CJC.J]
Q0015F02S715>5si f0011 [S715CJC.J]
Q0016A21S715p [S715CJC.J]
Q0016D01S715k85 [S715CJC.J]
Q0016D13S715m3813 (9265) + 144 (height of instrument) - 40 [S715CJC.J]
Q0016D20S715r4 [S715CJC.J]
Q0016D21S715270 cm cms West, 400 cm cms South [S715CJC.J]
Q0016D22S7159161 [S715CJC.J]
Q0016F02S715>5si f0012 [S715CJC.J]
Q0017A21S716p,b [S716CJC.J]
Q0017D01S716k65 [S716CJC.J]
Q0017D13S716m3816 (9276) + 144 (height of instrument) - 138 [S716CJC.J]
Q0017D20S716m3816 [S716CJC.J]
Q0017D21S716400 cm cms North, 400 cm cms East [S716CJC.J]
Q0017D22S7169270 [S716CJC.J]
Q0017F02S716>5si f0014 [S716CJC.J]
Q0018A21S716p [S716CJC.J]
Q0018D01S716k85 [S716CJC.J]
Q0018D13S716m3813 (9265) + 144 (height of instrument) - 40 [S716CJC.J]
Q0018D20S716r4 [S716CJC.J]
Q0018D21S716270 cm cms West, 400 cm cms West [S716CJC.J]
Q0018D22S7169161 [S716CJC.J]
Q0018F02S716>5si f0012 [S716CJC.J]
Q0023A21S717p [S718PC.J]
Q0023D01S717k85 [S718PC.J]
Q0023D06S717m3830 - 143cm down [S718PC.J]
Q0023D20S717m3830 [S718PC.J]
Q0023D21S717400 cm cms West, 90 cm cms South [S718PC.J]
Q0023F02S717>5si f0015 [S718PC.J]
Q0025A21S717p b [S718PC.J]
Q0025D01S717k75 [S718PC.J]
Q0025D13S717m3813 (9265) + 143 (height of instrument) - 39 [S718PC.J]
Q0025D20S717m3813 [S718PC.J]
Q0025D21S717400 cm cms East, 400 cm cms North [S718PC.J]
Q0025D22S7179161 [S718PC.J]
Q0025F02S717>5si f0017 [S718PC.J]
Q0029A21S719p [S719CJC.J]
Q0029D01S719k84 [S719CJC.J]
Q0029D13S719m3820 (9277) + 0 (height of instrument) - 0 - 140 @bottom [S719CJC.J]
Q0029D20S719r14 [S719CJC.J]
Q0029D21S71988 cm cms West, 250 cm cms South [S719CJC.J]
Q0029D22S7199277 [S719CJC.J]
Q0029D23S7199137 [S719CJC.J]
Q0029F02S719>5si f0001 [S719CJC.J]
Q0030A21S719p [S719CJC.J]
Q0030D01S719k85 [S719CJC.J]
Q0030D13S719m3834 (9273) + 0 (height of instrument) - 0 - 140 @bottom [S719CJC.J]
Q0030D20S719r13 [S719CJC.J]
Q0030D21S71980 cm cms West, 500 cm cms South [S719CJC.J]
Q0030D22S7199273 [S719CJC.J]
Q0030D23S7199133 [S719CJC.J]
Q0030F02S719>5si f0019 [S719CJC.J]
Q0032A21S719p,b [S719CJC.J]
Q0032B21S719qi003201 [S721PC2.J]
Q0032D01S719k75 [S719CJC.J]
Q0032D13S719m3813 (9265) + 150 (height of instrument) - 27 [S719CJC.J]
Q0032D20S719m3813 [S719CJC.J]
Q0032D21S719400 cm cms North, 400 cm cms East [S719CJC.J]
Q0032D22S7199142 [S719CJC.J]
Q0032F02S719>5si f0018 [S719CJC.J]
Q0035B21S720qi003501 [S720CJC.J]
Q0035B21S720qi003502 [S720CJC.J]
Q0035B21S720qi003503 [S720CJC.J]
Q0042A21S720p,b [S720CJC.J]
Q0042B21S720qi004201 [S721PC2.J]
Q0042B21S720qi004202 [S721PC2.J]
Q0042B21S720qi004203 [S721PC2.J]
Q0042D01S720k200 [S720CJC.J]
Q0042F02S720>5si f0029 [S720CJC.J]
Q0044B21S720qi004401 [S720CJC.J]
Q0045B21S721qi004501 [S721PC2.J]
Q0045B21S721qi004502 [S721PC2.J]
Q0059A21S722p,b [S723EA.J]
Q0059B21S722qi005901 [S723EA.J]
Q0059D01S722k200 [S723EA.J]
Q0059F02S722>5si f0029 [S723EA.J]
Q0068A21S722p,b [S723EA.J]
Q0068D01S722k74 [S723EA.J]
Q0068D13S722m4717 (9284) + 167 (height of instrument) - 6 [S723EA.J]
Q0068D20S722m4717 [S723EA.J]
Q0068D21S722400 cm cms North, 400 cm cms East [S723EA.J]
Q0068D22S7229123 [S723EA.J]
Q0068F02S722>5si f0039 [S723EA.J]
Q0069B21S723qi006901 [S723EA.J]
Q0069B21S723qi006902 [S723EA.J]
Q0070A21S723p,b [S723EA.J]
Q0070D01S723k200 [S723EA.J]
Q0070F02S723>5si f0029 [S723EA.J]
Q0079B21S727qi007904 [S727CJC2.J]
Q0080A21S74p,b [-S727CJC.J]
Q0080B21S724qi008001 [S727CJC.J]
Q0080B21S724qi008002 [S727CJC.J]
Q0080D01S74k200 [-S727CJC.J]
Q0080F02S74>5si f0029 [-S727CJC.J]
Q0082B21S724qi008201 [S727CJC.J]
Q0082B21S727qi008201 [S727CJC2.J]
Q0087A21S726p,b [S727CJC.J]
Q0087B21S726qi008701 [S727CJC.J]
Q0087D01S726k200 [S727CJC.J]
Q0087F02S726>5si f0029 [S727CJC.J]
Q0092B21S728qi009201 [S729CJC.J]
Q0094A21S728p,b [S728HQ.J]
Q0094D01S728k200 [S728HQ.J]
Q0094F02S728>5si f0029 [S728HQ.J]
Q0102A21S728p,b [S728HQ.J]
Q0102B21S728qi010201 [S729CJC.J]
Q0102D01S728k74 [S728HQ.J]
Q0102D13S728m4830 (9136) + 161 (height of instrument) - 130 - 30 @bottom [S728HQ.J]
Q0102D20S728m4862 [S728HQ.J]
Q0102D21S728400 cms North, 400 cms East [S728HQ.J]
Q0102D22S7289105 [S728HQ.J]
Q0102D23S7289075 [S728HQ.J]
Q0102F02S728>5si f0059 [S728HQ.J]
Q0103A21S728p [S728HQ.J]
Q0103D01S728k74 [S728HQ.J]
Q0103D13S728m4830 (9136) + 161 (height of instrument) - 130 - 30 @bottom [S728HQ.J]
Q0103D20S728m4862 [S728HQ.J]
Q0103D21S728400 cms North, 400 cms East [S728HQ.J]
Q0103D22S7289105 [S728HQ.J]
Q0103D23S7289075 [S728HQ.J]
Q0103F02S728>5si f0059 [S728HQ.J]
Q0107A21S728p [S728HQ.J]
Q0107D01S728k75 [S728HQ.J]
Q0107D13S728m4864 (9118) + 161 (height of instrument) - 146 - 20 @bottom [S728HQ.J]
Q0107D20S728m3813 [S728HQ.J]
Q0107D21S728400 cms North, 400 cms East [S728HQ.J]
Q0107D22S7289103 [S728HQ.J]
Q0107D23S7289083 [S728HQ.J]
Q0107F02S728>5si f0061 [S728HQ.J]
Q0111A21S728p [S728HQ.J]
Q0111D01S728k74 [S728HQ.J]
Q0111D13S728m4870 (9152) + 164 (height of instrument) - 107 - 10 @bottom [S728HQ.J]
Q0111D20S728m4871 [S728HQ.J]
Q0111D21S728400 cms South, 350 cms South [S728HQ.J]
Q0111D22S7289095 [S728HQ.J]
Q0111D23S7289085 [S728HQ.J]
Q0111F02S728>5si f0065 [S728HQ.J]
Q0113B21S729qi011303 [S729CJC.J]
Q0117A21S728p [S728HQ.J]
Q0117D01S728k75 [S728HQ.J]
Q0117D13S728m4864 (9118) + 140 (height of instrument) - 106 - 10 @bottom [S728HQ.J]
Q0117D20S728m4721 [S728HQ.J]
Q0117D21S728400 cms North, 300 cms West [S728HQ.J]
Q0117D22S7289084 [S728HQ.J]
Q0117D23S7289074 [S728HQ.J]
Q0117F02S728>5si f0068 [S728HQ.J]
Q0119A21S728p,b [S728HQ.J]
Q0119B21S729qi011903 [S729CJC.J]
Q0119D01S728k74 [S728HQ.J]
Q0119D13S728m4870 (9152) + 164 (height of instrument) - 107 - 20 @bottom [S728HQ.J]
Q0119D20S728m4871 [S728HQ.J]
Q0119D21S728400 cms South, 350 cms East [S728HQ.J]
Q0119D22S7289095 [S728HQ.J]
Q0119D23S7289075 [S728HQ.J]
Q0119F02S728>5si f0065 [S728HQ.J]
Q0124B21S729qi012402 [S729CJC.J]
Q0126A21S729p [S729CJC.J]
Q0126D01S729k75 [S729CJC.J]
Q0126D13S729m4864 (9118) + 163 (height of instrument) - 137 - 15 @bottom [S729CJC.J]
Q0126D20S729m4864 [S729CJC.J]
Q0126D21S729400 cms South, 300 cms East [S729CJC.J]
Q0126D22S7299092 [S729CJC.J]
Q0126D23S7299077 [S729CJC.J]
Q0126F02S729>5si f0071 [S729CJC.J]
Q0127A21S729p,b [S729CJC.J]
Q0127D01S729k74 [S729CJC.J]
Q0127D13S729m4870 (9152) + 165 (height of instrument) - 108 - 10 @bottom [S729CJC.J]
Q0127D20S729m4870 [S729CJC.J]
Q0127D21S729100 cms West, 400 cms South [S729CJC.J]
Q0127D22S7299095 [S729CJC.J]
Q0127D23S7299085 [S729CJC.J]
Q0127F02S729>5si f0064 [S729CJC.J]
Q0131A21S729p [S729CJC.J]
Q0131B21S729qi013102 [S729CJC.J]
Q0131D01S729k74 [S729CJC.J]
Q0131D13S729m4863 (9151) + 159 (height of instrument) - 84 [S729CJC.J]
Q0131D20S729r145 [S729CJC.J]
Q0131D21S729200 cms East, 200 cms North [S729CJC.J]
Q0131D22S7299076 [S729CJC.J]
Q0131F02S729>5si f0072 [S729CJC.J]
Q0132A21S730p [S730CJC.J]
Q0132D01S730k74 [S730CJC.J]
Q0132D13S730m4870 (9152) + 149 (height of instrument) - 101 - 20 @bottom [S730CJC.J]
Q0132D20S730r150 [S730CJC.J]
Q0132D21S730200 cms West, 200 cms North [S730CJC.J]
Q0132D22S7309104 [S730CJC.J]
Q0132D23S7309084 [S730CJC.J]
Q0132F02S730>5si f0064 [S730CJC.J]
Q0133B21S730qi013302 [S730CJC.J]
Q0133B21S730qi013305 [S730CJC.J]
Q0154B21S803qi015403 [S803EA.J]
Q0154B21S803qi015405 [S803EA.J]
Q0161B21S804qi016105 [S804CJC.J]
Q0163A21S804p,b [S804CJC.J]
Q0163D01S804k85 [S804CJC.J]
Q0163D13S804m4844 (9062) + 38 (height of instrument) - 85 - 30 @bottom [S804CJC.J]
Q0163D20S804r166 [S804CJC.J]
Q0163D21S804100 cms East, 470 cms North [S804CJC.J]
Q0163D22S8049109 [S804CJC.J]
Q0163D23S8049079 [S804CJC.J]
Q0163F02S804>5si f0095 [S804CJC.J]
Q0165A21S804p,b [S804CJC.J]
Q0165D01S804k85 [S804CJC.J]
Q0165D13S804m4865 (9115) + 126 (height of instrument) - 71 [S804CJC.J]
Q0165D20S804r166 [S804CJC.J]
Q0165D21S804100 cms East, 470 cms North [S804CJC.J]
Q0165D22S8049060 [S804CJC.J]
Q0165F02S804>5si f0098 [S804CJC.J]
Q0166A21S804p,b [S804CJC.J]
Q0166D01S804k85 [S804CJC.J]
Q0166D13S804m4844 (9062) + 38 (height of instrument) - 85 - 30 @bottom [S804CJC.J]
Q0166D20S804r166 [S804CJC.J]
Q0166D21S804100 cms East, 470 cms North [S804CJC.J]
Q0166D22S8049109 [S804CJC.J]
Q0166D23S8049079 [S804CJC.J]
Q0166F02S804>5si f0095 [S804CJC.J]
Q0167A21S804p,b [S804CJC.J]
Q0167D01S804k85 [S804CJC.J]
Q0167D13S804m4844 (9062) + 38 (height of instrument) - 85 - 30 @bottom [S804CJC.J]
Q0167D20S804r166 [S804CJC.J]
Q0167D21S804100 cms East, 470 cms North [S804CJC.J]
Q0167D22S8049109 [S804CJC.J]
Q0167D23S8049079 [S804CJC.J]
Q0167F02S804>5si f0095 [S804CJC.J]
Q0171A21S805p [S805CJC.J]
Q0171D01S805k86 [S805CJC.J]
Q0171D13S805m4808 (9236) + 154 (height of instrument) - 147 - 15 @bottom [S805CJC.J]
Q0171D20S805m4808 [S805CJC.J]
Q0171D21S805400 cms South, 130 cms West [S805CJC.J]
Q0171D22S8059229 [S805CJC.J]
Q0171D23S8059214 [S805CJC.J]
Q0171F02S805>5si f0104 [S805CJC.J]
Q0173A21S805p [S805CJC.J]
Q0173D01S805k85 [S805CJC.J]
Q0173D13S805m4844 (9062) + 154 (height of instrument) - 44 [S805CJC.J]
Q0173D20S805r166 [S805CJC.J]
Q0173D21S805100 cms East, 470 cms North [S805CJC.J]
Q0173D22S8058952 [S805CJC.J]
Q0173F02S805>5si f0098 [S805CJC.J]
Q0174A21S805p [S805CJC.J]
Q0174D01S805k86 [S805CJC.J]
Q0174D13S805m4808 (9236) + 140 (height of instrument) - 118 [S805CJC.J]
Q0174D20S805m4808 [S805CJC.J]
Q0174D21S805400 cms South, 130 cms West [S805CJC.J]
Q0174D22S8059214 [S805CJC.J]
Q0174F02S805>5si f0105 [S805CJC.J]
Q0180A21S806p [S806CJC.J]
Q0180D01S806k86 [S806CJC.J]
Q0180D13S806m4808 (9236) + 147 (height of instrument) - 86 [S806CJC.J]
Q0180D20S806m4808 [S806CJC.J]
Q0180D21S806400 cms South, 130 cms West [S806CJC.J]
Q0180D22S8069175 [S806CJC.J]
Q0180F02S806>5si f0105 [S806CJC.J]
Q0183A21S806p,b [S806CJC.J]
Q0183D01S806k84 [S806CJC.J]
Q0183D13S806m4866 (9001) + 53 (height of instrument) - 129 - 50 @bottom [S806CJC.J]
Q0183D20S806r184 [S806CJC.J]
Q0183D21S806100 cms West, 250 cms South [S806CJC.J]
Q0183D22S8069077 [S806CJC.J]
Q0183D23S8069027 [S806CJC.J]
Q0183F02S806>5si f0108 [S806CJC.J]
Q0196B21S810qi019601 [S820PC.J]
Q0196B21S810qi019602 [S820PC.J]
Q0197B21S810qi019701 [S820PC.J]
Q0199A21S810p [S813CJC.J]
Q0199D01S810k85 [S813CJC.J]
Q0199D03S810188 (38755 51408 - 8964 / Relay location: NW corner) [S812CJCR.J]
Q0199D13S810m4866 (9001) + 143 (height of instrument) - 106 [S813CJC.J]
Q0199D20S810r188 [S813CJC.J]
Q0199D21S810295 cms East, 90 cms South [S813CJC.J]
Q0199D22S8108964 [S813CJC.J]
Q0199F02S810>5si f0120 [S813CJC.J]
Q0200B21S810qi020001 [S820PC.J]
Q0204A21S813p,b [S813CJC.J]
Q0204D01S813k86 [S813CJC.J]
Q0204D03S813263 (37816 51098 - 9554 / Relay location: SW corner) [S820DH-R.J]
Q0204D13S813m4974 (9100) + 164 (height of instrument) - 99 [S813CJC.J]
Q0204D20S813r215 [S813CJC.J]
Q0204D21S813400 cms North, 250 cms East [S813CJC.J]
Q0204D22S8139035 [S813CJC.J]
Q0204F02S813>5si f0124 [S813CJC.J]
Q0208D03S814264 (39092 51962 - 9004 / Relay location: NE corner) [S820DH-R.J]
Q0208D03S814265 (39130 51850 - 8990 / Relay location: NW corner) [S820DH-R.J]
Q0208D03S814266 (38699 51715 - 8972 / Relay location: SW corner) [S820DH-R.J]
Q0208D03S814267 (38662 51838 - 8976 / Relay location: SE corner) [S820DH-R.J]
Q0209A21S814p,b [S816PC.J]
Q0209D01S814k87 [S816PC.J]
Q0209D13S814m4800 (9236) + 0 (height of instrument) - 0 - 300 @bottom [S816PC.J]
Q0209D20S814m4800 [S816PC.J]
Q0209D21S814180 cms West, 110 cms North [S816PC.J]
Q0209D22S8149236 [S816PC.J]
Q0209D23S8148936 [S816PC.J]
Q0209F02S814>5si f0125 [S816PC.J]
Q0218A21S816p,b [S816PC.J]
Q0218D01S816k136 [S816PC.J]
Q0218D13S816m4973 (9098) + 144 (height of instrument) - 23 [S816PC.J]
Q0218D20S816r263 [S816PC.J]
Q0218D21S816368 cms North, 300 cms East [S816PC.J]
Q0218D22S8168977 [S816PC.J]
Q0218F02S816>5si f0086 [S816PC.J]
QI003201BA1S719kw [S721PC2.J]
QI003201BA2S7191 [S721PC2.J]
QI003201BA3S7193 [S721PC2.J]
QI003201BA8S719green [S721PC2.J]
QI003201BA9S719fragment of kiln waste [S721PC2.J]
QI003501A20S720caf [S720CJC.J]
QI003501A21S720unknown [S720CJC.J]
QI003501B11S720Clay artifact. It is round with a hole in the center. One side is flat and the other is rounede. It is a loom weight, the center hole is 0.8 cm [S720CJC.J]
QI003501J01S7202 [S720CJC.J]
QI003501J03S7203.7 [S720CJC.J]
QI003501J06S7200.8 [S720CJC.J]
QI003501K03S720CL [S720CJC.J]
QI003501K05S720brown [S720CJC.J]
QI003501K10S720complete [S720CJC.J]
QI003502A21S720bl [S720CJC.J]
QI003502B11S720Flint blade, broken at both ends. The edges are worked. [S720CJC.J]
QI003502J01S7203.3 [S720CJC.J]
QI003502J03S7202.3 [S720CJC.J]
QI003502J07S7200.5 [S720CJC.J]
QI003502K03S720LI [S720CJC.J]
QI003502K05S720gray [S720CJC.J]
QI003502K10S720broken [S720CJC.J]
QI003503A20S720caf [S720CJC.J]
QI003503A21S720unknown [S720CJC.J]
QI003503B11S720This object is an amorphous piece of burned clay. Parts of it are reddish and there are many inclusions. It is probably a kiln waste. [S720CJC.J]
QI003503J01S7203 [S720CJC.J]
QI003503J02S7204.5 [S720CJC.J]
QI003503J03S7202.7 [S720CJC.J]
QI003503K03S720CL [S720CJC.J]
QI003503K05S720mottled green and red [S720CJC.J]
QI003503K10S720broken [S720CJC.J]
QI004201BA1S720la [S721PC2.J]
QI004201BA2S72011 [S721PC2.J]
QI004201BA4S72028 [S721PC2.J]
QI004201BA6S720st [S721PC2.J]
QI004201BA8S720gray [S721PC2.J]
QI004201BA9S720complete door socket [S721PC2.J]
QI004202BA1S720la [S721PC2.J]
QI004202BA2S7206 [S721PC2.J]
QI004202BA4S72020 [S721PC2.J]
QI004202BA6S720st [S721PC2.J]
QI004202BA8S720gray [S721PC2.J]
QI004202BA9S720half of a door socket [S721PC2.J]
QI004203BA1S720fg [S721PC2.J]
QI004203BA2S7203 [S721PC2.J]
QI004203BA3S7208 [S721PC2.J]
QI004203BA4S7205 [S721PC2.J]
QI004203BA6S720cl [S721PC2.J]
QI004203BA8S720brown [S721PC2.J]
QI004203BA9S720animal figurine [S721PC2.J]
QI004401A21S720bd [S720CJC.J]
QI004401B11S720Flat clay bead with a large hole in the center. It is very smooth. [S720CJC.J]
QI004401J01S7200.3 [S720CJC.J]
QI004401J03S7201.1 [S720CJC.J]
QI004401K05S720Yellowish brown [S720CJC.J]
QI004401K06S7205Y7/4 [S720CJC.J]
QI004401K10S720complete [S720CJC.J]
QI004501BA1S721wh [S721PC2.J]
QI004501BA2S7213 [S721PC2.J]
QI004501BA4S7217 [S721PC2.J]
QI004501BA6S721cl [S721PC2.J]
QI004501BA8S721brown [S721PC2.J]
QI004501BA9S721wheel [S721PC2.J]
QI004502BA1S721la [S721PC2.J]
QI004502BA2S7211.5 [S721PC2.J]
QI004502BA3S7213 [S721PC2.J]
QI004502BA4S7211 [S721PC2.J]
QI004502BA6S721st [S721PC2.J]
QI004502BA8S721reddish [S721PC2.J]
QI004502BA9S721unknown, possible stamp? [S721PC2.J]
QI005901BA1S722uk [S723EA.J]
QI005901BA2S7225 [S723EA.J]
QI005901BA4S72220 [S723EA.J]
QI005901BA6S722li [S723EA.J]
QI005901BA8S722black [S723EA.J]
QI005901BA9S722broken door socket or grinding stone [S723EA.J]
QI006901BA1S723bk [S723EA.J]
QI006901BA2S7237 [S723EA.J]
QI006901BA3S72313 [S723EA.J]
QI006901BA4S7238 [S723EA.J]
QI006901BA6S723cl [S723EA.J]
QI006901BA8S723brown [S723EA.J]
QI006901BA9S723broken brick [S723EA.J]
QI006902BA1S723wh [S723EA.J]
QI006902BA2S7234 [S723EA.J]
QI006902BA4S7234.5 [S723EA.J]
QI006902BA6S723cl [S723EA.J]
QI006902BA8S723light brown [S723EA.J]
QI006902BA9S723wheel, broken around the edges [S723EA.J]
QI007904A20S727caf [S727CJC2.J]
QI007904A21S727unknown [S727CJC2.J]
QI007904B11S727Thin conical shaped piece of clay. Broken at the larger end. Possibly the leg of an animal figurine. [S727CJC2.J]
QI007904J02S7272.6 [S727CJC2.J]
QI007904J03S7270.9 [S727CJC2.J]
QI007904J04S7270.5 [S727CJC2.J]
QI007904K03S727CL [S727CJC2.J]
QI007904K05S727light brown [S727CJC2.J]
QI007904K06S7272.5Y8/2 [S727CJC2.J]
QI007904K10S727broken [S727CJC2.J]
QI008001BA1S724la [S727CJC.J]
QI008001BA2S7243 [S727CJC.J]
QI008001BA3S7242 [S727CJC.J]
QI008001BA6S724st [S727CJC.J]
QI008001BA8S724black [S727CJC.J]
QI008001BA9S724obsidian flake [S727CJC.J]
QI008002BA1S724uk [S727CJC.J]
QI008002BA2S7243 [S727CJC.J]
QI008002BA3S7241 [S727CJC.J]
QI008002BA6S724cl [S727CJC.J]
QI008002BA8S724dark gray [S727CJC.J]
QI008002BA9S724possible leg of an animal figurine [S727CJC.J]
QI008201A21S727bk [S727CJC2.J]
QI008201B11S727Baked brick, mostly complete, very reddish in color with black inclusions. One face is preserved. [S727CJC2.J]
QI008201BA1S724bk [S727CJC.J]
QI008201BA2S7246 [S727CJC.J]
QI008201BA3S72416 [S727CJC.J]
QI008201BA4S72410 [S727CJC.J]
QI008201BA6S724cl [S727CJC.J]
QI008201BA8S724brown [S727CJC.J]
QI008201BA9S724baked brick [S727CJC.J]
QI008201J01S7276.7 [S727CJC2.J]
QI008201J02S72715.4 [S727CJC2.J]
QI008201J03S7278.7 [S727CJC2.J]
QI008201K05S727reddish brown [S727CJC2.J]
QI008201K06S7275YR4/6 wet [S727CJC2.J]
QI008201K10S727broken [S727CJC2.J]
QI008701BA1S726bl [S727CJC.J]
QI008701BA3S7265 [S727CJC.J]
QI008701BA4S7261.5 [S727CJC.J]
QI008701BA6S726st [S727CJC.J]
QI008701BA8S726dark gray [S727CJC.J]
QI008701BA9S726complete blade [S727CJC.J]
QI009201BA1S728wh [S729CJC.J]
QI009201BA2S7284 [S729CJC.J]
QI009201BA4S7286 [S729CJC.J]
QI009201BA6S728cl [S729CJC.J]
QI009201BA8S728brown [S729CJC.J]
QI009201BA9S728well preserved wheel [S729CJC.J]
QI010201BA1S728gr [S729CJC.J]
QI010201BA2S7286 [S729CJC.J]
QI010201BA3S7288 [S729CJC.J]
QI010201BA4S7286 [S729CJC.J]
QI010201BA6S728st [S729CJC.J]
QI010201BA8S728brown [S729CJC.J]
QI010201BA9S728broken grinding stone [S729CJC.J]
QI011303A20S729caf [S729CJC.J]
QI011903A20S729caf [S729CJC.J]
QI012402A20S729caf [S729CJC.J]
QI013102BA1S729stamp [S729CJC.J]
QI013102BA2S7294 [S729CJC.J]
QI013102BA4S7293.5 [S729CJC.J]
QI013102BA6S729cl [S729CJC.J]
QI013102BA8S729red [S729CJC.J]
QI013102BA9S729Complete stamp with concentric circle pattern. Broken by pick. [S729CJC.J]
QI013302A20S730laf [S730CJC.J]
QI013302BA1S730uk [S730CJC.J]
QI013302BA2S7303 [S730CJC.J]
QI013302BA3S7302 [S730CJC.J]
QI013302BA6S730li [S730CJC.J]
QI013302BA8S730black [S730CJC.J]
QI013302BA9S730Oddly shaped stone [S730CJC.J]
QI013305A20S730laf [S730CJC.J]
QI015403BA1S803uk [S803EA.J]
QI015403BA3S8035 [S803EA.J]
QI015403BA4S8033 [S803EA.J]
QI015403BA6S803cl [S803EA.J]
QI015403BA8S803brown [S803EA.J]
QI015403BA9S803possibly a comb, maybe painted [S803EA.J]
QI015405BA1S803sh [S803EA.J]
QI015405BA2S8033 [S803EA.J]
QI015405BA3S8032 [S803EA.J]
QI015405BA6S803sh [S803EA.J]
QI015405BA8S803white [S803EA.J]
QI015405BA9S803complete snail shell [S803EA.J]
QI016105BA1S804uk [S804CJC.J]
QI016105BA2S8047 [S804CJC.J]
QI016105BA3S80412 [S804CJC.J]
QI016105BA4S8048 [S804CJC.J]
QI016105BA6S804cl [S804CJC.J]
QI016105BA8S804brown and black [S804CJC.J]
QI016105BA9S804Large piece of pottery. Possibly part of a tannur because very burned [S804CJC.J]
QI019601BA1S810fg [S820PC.J]
QI019601BA2S8104 [S820PC.J]
QI019601BA3S8102.5 [S820PC.J]
QI019601BA4S8103.5 [S820PC.J]
QI019601BA6S810cl [S820PC.J]
QI019601BA8S810yellowish/brown [S820PC.J]
QI019601BA9S810legs of an animal figurine [S820PC.J]
QI019602BA1S810uk [S820PC.J]
QI019602BA2S8100.5 [S820PC.J]
QI019602BA4S8101.2 [S820PC.J]
QI019602BA6S810cl [S820PC.J]
QI019602BA8S810reddish/yellow [S820PC.J]
QI019602BA9S810possible gamepiece a bead w/out hole [S820PC.J]
QI019701BA1S810bl [S820PC.J]
QI019701BA2S8100.3 [S820PC.J]
QI019701BA3S8101 [S820PC.J]
QI019701BA8S810black [S820PC.J]
QI019701BA9S810fragment of obsidian blade [S820PC.J]
QI020001BA1S810bl [S820PC.J]
QI020001BA2S8101.6 [S820PC.J]
QI020001BA4S8100.4 [S820PC.J]
QI020001BA8S810black [S820PC.J]
QI020001BA9S810fragment of obsidian blade [S820PC.J]
R0002D04S71438255 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D05S71451385 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D06S7149209 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D07S714SW corner [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D07S714k85 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D08S714k85 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D10S714t [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D11S714mm4719 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D12S714mm3834 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D13S714m4719: 9252+103-146 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D14S71425 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D15S714429 [S714CJCR.J]
R0002D16S714146 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D04S71438642 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D05S71451397 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D06S7149227 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D07S714NW corner [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D07S714k85 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D08S714k85 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D10S714t [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D11S714mm4719 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D12S714mm3834 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D13S714m3834: 9273+100-146 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D14S714399 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D15S71450 [S714CJCR.J]
R0003D16S714146 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D04S71438572 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D05S71451603 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D06S7149222 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D07S714NE corner [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D07S714k85 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D08S714k85 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D10S714t [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D11S714mm3835 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D12S714mm3813 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D13S714m3835: 9280+88-146 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D14S71445 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D15S714406 [S714CJCR.J]
R0004D16S714146 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D04S71438210 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D05S71451547 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D06S7149219 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D07S714SE corner [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D07S714k85 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D08S714k85 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D10S714t [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D11S714mm4720 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D12S714mm3813 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D13S714m3813: 9265+100-146 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D14S714380 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D15S71467 [S714CJCR.J]
R0005D16S714146 [S714CJCR.J]
R0010D04S71938082 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D05S71952122 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D06S7199270 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D07S719NW corner [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D07S719k65 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D08S719f13 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D10S719t [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D11S719mm4724 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D12S719mm3816 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D13S719m3816: 9276+138-144 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D14S719394 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D15S719104 [S719CJCR.J]
R0010D16S719144 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D04S71937957 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D05S71952213 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D06S7199270 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D07S719SE corner [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D07S719k65 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D08S719f13 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D10S719t [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D11S719mm3816 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D12S719mm4722 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D13S719m3816: 9276+138-144 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D14S719147 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D15S719411 [S719CJCR.J]
R0011D16S719144 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D04S71938154 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D05S71951733 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D06S7199164 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D07S719SW point [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D07S719k75 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D08S719f21 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D10S719t [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D11S719mm3813 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D12S719mm4720 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D13S719m3813: 9265+49-150 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D14S719136 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D15S719385 [S719CJCR.J]
R0016D16S719150 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D04S71938218 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D05S71951805 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D06S7199160 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D07S719NE point [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D07S719k75 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D08S719f21 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D10S719t [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D11S719mm3813 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D12S719mm4720 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D13S719m3813: 9265+45-150 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D14S719213 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D15S719328 [S719CJCR.J]
R0017D16S719150 [S719CJCR.J]
R0056D04S72438794 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D05S72451452 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D06S7249024 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D07S724NE corner [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D07S724k84 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D08S724f56 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D10S724t [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D11S724mm4688 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D12S724mm4844 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D13S724m4844: 9062+85-123 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D14S724374 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D15S724249 [S726CJCR.J]
R0056D16S724123 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D04S72438781 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D05S72451452 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D06S7249028 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D07S724SE corner [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D07S724k84 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D08S724f56 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D10S724t [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D11S724mm4688 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D12S724mm4844 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D13S724m4844: 9062+89-123 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D14S724387 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D15S724248 [S726CJCR.J]
R0057D16S724123 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D04S72438782 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D05S72451417 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D06S7249025 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D07S724W point [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D07S724k84 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D08S724f56 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D10S724t [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D11S724mm4688 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D12S724mm4844 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D13S724m4844: 9062+86-123 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D14S724395 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D15S724283 [S726CJCR.J]
R0058D16S724123 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D04S72438897 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D05S72451718 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D06S7248991 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D07S724NE corner [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D07S724k84 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D08S724f55 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D10S724t [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D11S724mm4805 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D12S724mm4688 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D13S724m4688: 9016+126-151 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D14S724356 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D15S724318 [S726CJCR.J]
R0059D16S724151 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D04S72438705 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D05S72451672 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D06S7248995 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D07S724SE corner [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D07S724k84 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D08S724f55 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D10S724t [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D11S724mm4805 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D12S724mm4688 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D13S724m4688: 9016+130-151 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D14S724303 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D15S724473 [S726CJCR.J]
R0060D16S724151 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D04S72438797 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D05S72451461 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D06S7248997 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D07S724SW corner [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D07S724k84 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D08S724f55 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D10S724t [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D11S724mm4688 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D12S724mm4844 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D13S724m4844: 9062+87-152 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D14S724369 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D15S724241 [S726CJCR.J]
R0061D16S724152 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D04S72438980 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D05S72451493 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D06S7248998 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D07S724NW corner [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D07S724k84 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D08S724f55 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D10S724t [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D11S724mm4688 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D12S724mm4844 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D13S724m4844: 9062+88-152 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D14S724183 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D15S724301 [S726CJCR.J]
R0062D16S724152 [S726CJCR.J]
R0136D04S72838157 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D05S72851683 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D06S7289080 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D07S728SW point [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D07S728k75 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D08S728f68 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D10S728t [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D11S728mm4804 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D12S728mm4864 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D13S728m4864: 9118+102-140 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D14S728280 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D15S728382 [S729CJCR.J]
R0136D16S728140 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D04S72838257 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D05S72851870 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D06S7289084 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D07S728E (middle point) [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D07S728k75 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D08S728f68 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D10S728t [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D11S728mm4804 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D12S728mm4864 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D13S728m4864: 9118+106-140 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D14S728454 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D15S728303 [S729CJCR.J]
R0137D16S728140 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D04S72838415 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D05S72852032 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D06S7289094 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D07S728N point [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D07S728k75 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D08S728f68 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D10S728t [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D11S728mm4864 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D12S728mm4870 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D13S728m4864: 9118+116-140 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D14S728310 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D15S728523 [S729CJCR.J]
R0138D16S728140 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D04S72938374 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D05S72952100 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D06S7299083 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D07S729NE corner [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D07S729k75 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D08S729f68 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D10S729t [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D11S729mm4864 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D12S729mm4870 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D13S729m4864: 9118+115-150 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D14S729388 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D15S729530 [S729CJCR.J]
R0144D16S729150 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D04S72938645 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D05S72951790 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D06S7299058 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D07S729SW corner [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D07S729k74 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D08S729f72 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D10S729t [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D11S729mm4871 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D12S729mm4870 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D13S729m4863: 9151+36-129 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D14S729386 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D15S729553 [S729CJCR.J]
R0145D16S729129 [S729CJCR.J]
R0150D04S73038503 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D05S73052144 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D06S7309104 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D07S730SE corner [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D07S730k74 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D08S730f64 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D10S730t [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D11S730mm4871 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D12S730mm4870 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D13S730m4870: 9152+101-149 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D14S730550 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D15S730394 [S804CJCR.J]
R0150D16S730149 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D04S73138774 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D05S73152522 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D06S7319085 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D07S731NE corner [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D07S731k64 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D08S731f80 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D10S731t [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D11S731mm4870 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D12S731mm4830 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D13S731m4830: 9136+104-155 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D14S731243 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D15S731180 [S804CJCR.J]
R0151D16S731155 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D04S80438255 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D05S80451323 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D06S8048991 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D07S804SW point [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D07S804k85 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D08S804f90 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D10S804t [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D11S804mm4907 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D12S804mm4804 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D13S804m4907: 9003+117-129 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D14S804279 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D15S80494 [S804CJCR.J]
R0165D16S804129 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D04S80438271 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D05S80451303 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D06S8049112 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D07S804SE corner [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D07S804k85 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D08S804f95 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D10S804t [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D11S804mm4865 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D12S804mm4804 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D13S804m4844: 9062+85-35 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D14S804461 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D15S804116 [S804CJCR.J]
R0166D16S80435 [S804CJCR.J]
R0174D04S80538470 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D05S80551264 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D06S8059007 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D07S805k85 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D07S805point [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D08S805i3 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D10S805t [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D11S805mm4844 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D12S805mm4865 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D13S805m4865: 9115+33-141 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D14S805523 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D15S805403 [S812CJCR.J]
R0174D16S805141 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D04S80538729 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D05S80552059 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D06S8059036 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D07S805component2 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D07S805k74 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D08S805f106 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D10S805t [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D11S805mm4870 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D12S805mm4908 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D13S805m4908: 9097+56-117 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D14S805274 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D15S805192 [S812CJCR.J]
R0176D16S805117 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D04S80538783 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D05S80552162 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D06S8059041 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D07S805component3 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D07S805k74 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D08S805f106 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D10S805t [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D11S805mm4870 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D12S805mm4908 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D13S805m4908: 9097+61-117 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D14S805159 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D15S805199 [S812CJCR.J]
R0177D16S805117 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D04S80538981 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D05S80552217 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D06S8059054 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D07S805component4 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D07S805k74 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D08S805f106 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D10S805t [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D11S805mm4870 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D12S805mm4908 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D13S805m4908: 9097+74-117 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D14S805140 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D15S805397 [S812CJCR.J]
R0178D16S805117 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D04S80538612 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D05S80551886 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D06S8059145 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D07S805component5 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D07S805k74 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D08S805f106 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D10S805t [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D11S805mm4870 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D12S805mm4908 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D13S805m4807: 9245+17-117 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D14S805483 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D15S805301 [S812CJCR.J]
R0179D16S805117 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D04S80638519 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D05S80651299 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D06S8068947 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D07S806NW corner [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D07S806k85 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D08S806f90 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D10S806t [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D11S806mm4865 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D12S806mm4936 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D13S806m4907: 9003+93-149 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D14S806360 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D15S806293 [S812CJCR.J]
R0180D16S806149 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D04S80638311 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D05S80651275 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D06S8068947 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D07S806SW corner [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D07S806k85 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D08S806f90 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D10S806t [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D11S806mm4865 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D12S806mm4936 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D13S806m4907: 9003+93-149 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D14S806459 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D15S806142 [S812CJCR.J]
R0181D16S806149 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D04S80638211 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D05S80651526 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D06S8068947 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D07S806SE corner [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D07S806k85 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D08S806f90 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D10S806t [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D11S806mm4936 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D12S806mm4865 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D13S806m4907: 9003+93-149 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D14S806130 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D15S806381 [S812CJCR.J]
R0182D16S806149 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D04S80639052 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D05S80651953 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D06S8069077 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D07S806NE corner [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D07S806k84 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D08S806f108 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D10S806t [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D11S806mm4870 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D12S806mm4908 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D13S806m4866: 9001+129-53 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D14S806391 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D15S806522 [S812CJCR.J]
R0184D16S80653 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D04S81038755 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D05S81051408 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D06S8108964 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D07S810NW corner [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D07S810k85 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D08S810q199 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D10S810t [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D11S810mm4688 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D12S810mm4866 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D13S810m4866: 9001+106-143 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D14S810423 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D15S810348 [S812CJCR.J]
R0188D16S810143 [S812CJCR.J]
R0254D04S81338896 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D05S81352070 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D06S8139006 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D07S813k74 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D07S813point [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D08S813i9 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D10S813t [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D11S813mm4870 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D12S813mm4908 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D13S813m4870: 9152+15-161 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D14S813229 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D15S813332 [S813CJCR.J]
R0254D16S813161 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D04S81338975 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D05S81351406 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D06S8138975 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D07S813NW point [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D07S813k84 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D08S813f63 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D10S813t [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D11S813mm4688 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D12S813mm4866 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D13S813m4688: 9016+100-141 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D14S813225 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D15S813328 [S813CJCR.J]
R0255D16S813141 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D04S81338960 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D05S81351336 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D06S8138967 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D07S813NW corner [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D07S813k84 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D08S813f63 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D10S813t [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D11S813mm4688 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D12S813mm4866 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D13S813m4688: 9016+92-141 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D14S813282 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D15S813394 [S813CJCR.J]
R0256D16S813141 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D04S81338811 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D05S81351340 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D06S8138949 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D07S813SW corner [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D07S813k84 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D08S813f63 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D10S813t [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D11S813mm4688 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D12S813mm4866 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D13S813m4688: 9016+100-167 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D14S813399 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D15S813395 [S813CJCR.J]
R0257D16S813167 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D04S81338924 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D05S81351553 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D06S8138979 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D07S813N point [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D07S813k84 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D08S813f63 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D10S813t [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D11S813mm4688 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D12S813mm4866 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D13S813m4688: 9016+108-145 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D14S813235 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D15S813174 [S813CJCR.J]
R0258D16S813145 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D04S81338734 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D05S81351678 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D06S8138967 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D07S813SE corner [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D07S813k84 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D08S813f63 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D10S813t [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D11S813mm4688 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D12S813mm4866 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D13S813m4688: 9016+96-145 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D14S813447 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D15S813172 [S813CJCR.J]
R0259D16S813145 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D04S81338601 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D05S81351536 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D06S8138934 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D07S813SE point [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D07S813k84 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D08S813f63 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D10S813t [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D11S813mm4688 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D12S813mm4866 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D13S813m4866: 9001+90-157 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D14S813557 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D15S813353 [S813CJCR.J]
R0260D16S813157 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D04S81338650 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D05S81351387 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D06S8138912 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D07S813SW corner [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D07S813k84 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D08S813f63 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D10S813t [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D11S813mm4688 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D12S813mm4866 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D13S813m4866: 9001+68-157 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D14S813530 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D15S813420 [S813CJCR.J]
R0261D16S813157 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D04S81337809 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D05S81351310 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D06S8139031 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D07S813k86 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D07S813point [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D08S813i10 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D10S813t [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D11S813mm4973 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D12S813mm4974 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D13S813m4973: 9098+88-155 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D14S813247 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D15S81354 [S813CJCR.J]
R0262D16S813155 [S813CJCR.J]
R0263D04S81337816 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D05S81351098 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D06S8139554 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D07S813SW corner [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D07S813k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D08S813q204 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D10S813t [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D11S813mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D12S813mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D13S813m4947: 9619+99-164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D14S813393 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D15S813263 [S820DH-R.J]
R0263D16S813164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D04S81439092 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D05S81451962 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D06S8149004 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D07S814NE corner [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D07S814k74 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D08S814q208 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D10S814t [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D11S814mm4977 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D12S814mm4688 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D13S814m4688: 9016+152-164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D14S814731 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D15S814430 [S820DH-R.J]
R0264D16S814164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D04S81439130 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D05S81451850 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D06S8148990 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D07S814NW corner [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D07S814k74 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D08S814q208 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D10S814t [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D11S814mm4977 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D12S814mm4688 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D13S814m4688: 9016+138-164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D14S814668 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D15S814314 [S820DH-R.J]
R0265D16S814164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D04S81438699 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D05S81451715 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D06S8148972 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D07S814SW corner [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D07S814k74 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D08S814q208 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D10S814t [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D11S814mm4977 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D12S814mm4688 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D13S814m4982: 8960+176-164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D14S814350 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D15S814492 [S820DH-R.J]
R0266D16S814164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D04S81438662 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D05S81451838 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D06S8148976 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D07S814SE corner [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D07S814k74 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D08S814q208 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D10S814t [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D11S814mm4977 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D12S814mm4688 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D13S814m4982: 8960+180-164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D14S814472 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D15S814580 [S820DH-R.J]
R0267D16S814164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D04S81637903 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D05S81651315 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D06S8168978 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D13S816m4973: 9098+14-134 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D14S816168 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D15S81688 [S820DH-R.J]
R0275D16S816134 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D04S81637856 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D05S81651199 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D06S8168984 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D13S816m4974: 9100+20-136 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D14S816287 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D15S816164 [S820DH-R.J]
R0277D16S816136 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D04S81637909 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D05S81651199 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D06S8168974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D13S816m4974: 9100+10-136 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D14S816260 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D15S816181 [S820DH-R.J]
R0278D16S816136 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D04S81637868 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D05S81651165 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D06S8168975 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D13S816m4974: 9100+26-151 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D14S816309 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D15S816200 [S820DH-R.J]
R0279D16S816151 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D04S81637978 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D05S81651258 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D06S8168980 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D13S816m4974: 9100+23-143 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D14S816180 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D15S816182 [S820DH-R.J]
R0280D16S816143 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D04S81638058 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D05S81651267 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D06S8168970 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D13S816m4974: 9100+27-157 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D14S816168 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D15S816248 [S820DH-R.J]
R0281D16S816157 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D04S81638075 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D05S81651187 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D06S8168978 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D13S816m4974: 9100+18-140 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D14S816250 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D15S816302 [S820DH-R.J]
R0282D16S816140 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D04S81638140 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D05S81651238 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D06S8168984 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D13S816m4973: 9098+29-143 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D14S816226 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D15S816335 [S820DH-R.J]
R0283D16S816143 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D04S81638126 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D05S81651291 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D06S8168970 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D13S816m4973: 9098+15-143 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D14S816174 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D15S816306 [S820DH-R.J]
R0284D16S816143 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D04S81638123 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D05S81651322 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D06S8168983 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D07S816k86 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D07S816point [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D08S816f137 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D10S816t [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D11S816mm4973 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D12S816mm4974 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D13S816m4973: 9098+28-143 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D14S816148 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D15S816298 [S820DH-R.J]
R0285D16S816143 [S820DH-R.J]
V0003O12S818f127 [S818PC.J]
V0003O15S818k84 [S818PC.J]
V0003O22S818w [S818PC.J]
V0003O25S818Wide shot fom East: all J2 is visible and part of J6; this view was taken at the beginning of the excavation to show J2 with all the monumental stone entrance to the temple from the East and wall f127. [S818PC.J]
V0009O12S818f2,f3,f4,f8,f12 [S818PC.J]
V0009O15S818k85 [S818PC.J]
V0009O22S818n [S818PC.J]
V0009AO12S818f2,f3,f4,f8,f12 [S818PC.J]
V0009AO15S818k85 [S818PC.J]
V0009AO21S818t [S818PC.J]
V0009AO22S818n [S818PC.J]
V0009AO25S818the north section in k85 with string. [S818PC.J]
V0011O15S818k74,k75,k84,k85 [S818PC.J]
V0011O22S818e [S818PC.J]
V0011O25S818wide shot forom east: visible all J2, J4 and J6 (see also v10, v3, v8): here the high section of k200 is visible. For the template see v8, which is the same shot taken some days before [S818PC.J]
V0016O12S719f12 [S809CJC.J]
V0016O12S719f2 [S809CJC.J]
V0016O12S719f3 [S809CJC.J]
V0016O12S719f4 [S809CJC.J]
V0016O12S719f8 [S809CJC.J]
V0016O15S719k85 [S809CJC.J]
V0016O22S719e [S809CJC.J]
V0016O25S719This view shows the southern half of the East section in k85 without the section string. This northern half of the section is found in v18. [S809CJC.J]
V0016AO12S719f12 [S809CJC.J]
V0016AO12S719f2 [S809CJC.J]
V0016AO12S719f3 [S809CJC.J]
V0016AO12S719f4 [S809CJC.J]
V0016AO12S719f8 [S809CJC.J]
V0016AO15S719k85 [S809CJC.J]
V0016AO21S719t [S809CJC.J]
V0016AO22S719e [S809CJC.J]
V0016AO25S719This view shows the southern half of the East section in k85 with the section string. This northern half of the section is found in v18. [S809CJC.J]
V0017O12S719f12 [S809CJC.J]
V0017O12S719f2 [S809CJC.J]
V0017O12S719f3 [S809CJC.J]
V0017O12S719f4 [S809CJC.J]
V0017O12S719f8 [S809CJC.J]
V0017O15S719k85 [S809CJC.J]
V0017O22S719w [S809CJC.J]
V0017O25S719This view shows the northern half of the West baulk in k85 without the section string. The southern half of this section appears in v12 [S809CJC.J]
V0017AO12S719f12 [S809CJC.J]
V0017AO12S719f2 [S809CJC.J]
V0017AO12S719f3 [S809CJC.J]
V0017AO12S719f4 [S809CJC.J]
V0017AO12S719f8 [S809CJC.J]
V0017AO15S719k85 [S809CJC.J]
V0017AO21S719t [S809CJC.J]
V0017AO22S719w [S809CJC.J]
V0017AO25S719This view shows the northern half of the West baulk in k85 with the section string. The southern half of this section appears in v12 [S809CJC.J]
V0018O12S719f12 [S809CJC.J]
V0018O12S719f2 [S809CJC.J]
V0018O12S719f3 [S809CJC.J]
V0018O12S719f4 [S809CJC.J]
V0018O12S719f8 [S809CJC.J]
V0018O15S719k85 [S809CJC.J]
V0018O22S719e [S809CJC.J]
V0018O25S719This view shows the nothern half of the East section of k85 without the section string. The southern half of this section appears in v16 [S809CJC.J]
V0018AO12S719f12 [S809CJC.J]
V0018AO12S719f2 [S809CJC.J]
V0018AO12S719f3 [S809CJC.J]
V0018AO12S719f4 [S809CJC.J]
V0018AO12S719f8 [S809CJC.J]
V0018AO15S719k85 [S809CJC.J]
V0018AO21S719t [S809CJC.J]
V0018AO22S719e [S809CJC.J]
V0018AO25S719This view shows the nothern half of the East section of k85 with the section string. The southern half of this section appears in v16 [S809CJC.J]
V0019O12S721f35 [S809CJC.J]
V0019O12S721f40 [S809CJC.J]
V0019O15S721k85 [S809CJC.J]
V0019O22S721n [S809CJC.J]
V0019O25S721This view shows the stone f40 sitting in f35 in k85. It shows the overall relationship of these features within the locus. [S809CJC.J]
V0019AO12S721f35 [S809CJC.J]
V0019AO12S721f40 [S809CJC.J]
V0019AO15S721k85 [S809CJC.J]
V0019AO21S721w [S809CJC.J]
V0019AO22S721n [S809CJC.J]
V0019AO25S721This view shows the position of the stone f40 and its relationship to f35. [S809CJC.J]
V0019BO12S721f35 [S809CJC.J]
V0019BO12S721f40 [S809CJC.J]
V0019BO15S721k85 [S809CJC.J]
V0019BO21S721t [S809CJC.J]
V0019BO22S721s [S809CJC.J]
V0019BO25S721This view shows a close-up of the stones and sherds of f35 and their relationship to stone f40. [S809CJC.J]
V0029O12S818f55,f56 [S818PC.J]
V0029O15S818k84 [S818PC.J]
V0029O22S818W [S818PC.J]
V0029O25S818View showing brickfall (f55) with defined bricks and its relationship to stone (f56) [S818PC.J]
V0034O12S729f64 [S809CJC.J]
V0034O12S729f72 [S809CJC.J]
V0034O15S729k74 [S809CJC.J]
V0034O22S729n [S809CJC.J]
V0034O25S729Showing exposure of f64 and f72 covering the whole square of k74 [S809CJC.J]
V0034AO12S729f64 [S809CJC.J]
V0034AO12S729f72 [S809CJC.J]
V0034AO15S729k74 [S809CJC.J]
V0034AO21S729t [S809CJC.J]
V0034AO22S729s [S809CJC.J]
V0034AO25S729Close-up showing center area and relationship between f72 and f64 with a rounded brick in place. [S809CJC.J]
V0046O12S818f37,f75,f86 [S818PC.J]
V0046O15S818k85 [S818PC.J]
V0046O22S818w [S818PC.J]
V0046O25S818Western section ok k85: on the top f37 which is ^dump1 and under it the brickfall [S818PC.J]
V0046AO12S818f37,f70,f75,f86 [S818PC.J]
V0046AO15S818k85 [S818PC.J]
V0046AO21S818w [S818PC.J]
V0046AO22S818w [S818PC.J]
V0046AO25S818Western section of k85 when the bottom half was drawn. This view is with the section string. [S818PC.J]

Total entries: 1829