1: G. Buccellati, June 2002

The Site

      Urkesh is the ancient name of the city. We knew of its existence before excavations began. We proposed that it may be found at the modern site of Tell Mozan relying on a number of clues. And after 10 years of excavation, we were able to confirm our hypothesis. A number of documents with writing on them provided the desired proof.

     The section on the site describes briefly
  • the "tell," i.e., the mound of Tell Mozan which protects the ancient ruins under a natural cover;
  • the excavations which are the means by which we accomplish our goals
  • the Expedition as an organization and as a way of life
  • the ancient city of Urkesh that we are bringing back to light
  • the major finds
  • and the fruitino that is made possible as a result of all of this.