1: G. Buccellati, November 2002
Updated October 2019, Laerke Recht


     Use of the site should prove intuitive – the top bar providing the main sequence of topics or sections (tier 1), and the left bar the lower tiers within each of the main topics (tiers 2-4).

     The standard left bar displays tiers 2 and 3. To display tier 4, please click on expand. This is preferred to pull-down menus because it illustrates better the full structure of each section. To revert to a full display, please click on contract. Clicking on the help to the left takes you to the page that explains in greater detail the notion of tiers.

     Pages which are not complete are earmarked by a dot in the left bar, pages which are largely incomplete are earmarked by a colon.

     Orange indicates pages currently being worked on, and grey refers to planned sections.

     At the top of each page the path is given, with links leading back to the higher nodes. The number at the end of the path is the label for the current file (in this case it is ^3).

     On the next line, one will find a number that corresponds to the version or generation of the current file (in this case it is 1), followed by the name of the author and the date of composition.

     A full explanation of the tier and page structure is given in the section on the Website.

     The top and the left bar remain the same at all times.
     The top bar refers to the main topics treated: see a description of the Contents.
     The left bar toggles between an expanded and a contracted mode. In the expanded mode you have an additional tier of topics shown in green. You may switch from one mode to the next by clicking on the appropriate entry at the top of the left bar.
     A dot in front of a heading in the left bar indicates that the entry is not yet ready for display.

     The topics are graduated from popular to scholarly as one goes from left to right.
     The major scholarly component is the Urkesh Global Record, under the heading RECORD.
     The Bibliography and the Electronic Library of titles stemming from the Expedition are under the heading E-LIBRARY.

     First time users should refer to the INTRODUCTION.