Conservation record of Palace walls
Labeling of views

August 2010 - G. Buccellati
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The initial sequence
The view sequence
Additions and changes

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The initial sequence

     The views were set up originally in 2001, and the sequence has been followed regularly ever since.
     The concept of view is applied, in the case of the monitoring system, in a slightly different way from the norm. The view number remains the same over the years, and only the photo number changes.
     The photographs are included in the pertinent V book, for any given season (thus V14 was the book for the first monitoring season.
     The internal infix for the monitoring system is "x." Thus V14x is the identifier for the monitoring system photographs of season 14 (2001).
     The number that follows identifies the sector of the Palace, as shown in the table below:
V14x01 sector A
V14x02 sector B
V14x03 sector C
V14x04 sector D
V14x05 sector E
V14x06 sector F
V14x07 sector G
V14x08 sector H
V14x09 sector I
V14x10 sector X
V14x11 sector W
     The individual photographs are then numbered sequentially, retaining the same number each year, to facilitate the comparison, as shown, for instance, for wall AP^C5-7 (Palace AP, sector C, room 5, wall 7). Here the sequence is as follows:
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The view sequence

     The views are numbered sequentially within AP, and they, too. The prefix for the views changed (using the example of wall AP^C5-7) from X12v19 to Z11v19 to APv19. Thus the view numbers shown in the map remain the same, and only the prefix is different (AP) as of 2010. This change does not affect any other part of the UGR system, since no cross-reference has been used so far.

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Additions and changes

     Additions have been made over the years, and will continue, as the level of accuracy in the monitoring system increases and as excavations continue. It may also be that a thorough re-numbering may take place to account for the new system of wall numbering. But the system is flexible enough, in its seeming complexity, to allow for consistency with the existing record.
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