J3 Frequency Computations
Ceramic vessels and sherds
in order of frequency
by ware

Processed on 3-13-2021

Note. Included in this category are ceramic vessels,
whether complete objects or sherds,
and whether items or q-items.

13291 Grand total
Chaff Temper Ware
11969%█████████Fine Chaff Temper Ware
6395%█████Red Orange Calcite Temper Ware
4804%████Pebble Temper Ware
2422%██Late Chalcolithic Chaff Temper Ware
1881%Wet Smooth Ware
440%Imitation Metallic Ware
340%Rough Ware
280%Simple Ware
220%Fine Red Orange Calcite Temper Ware
200%Late Chalcolithic Fine Ware
140%Gray Ware
110%Metallic Ware
100%Ninevite 5 Ware
90%Tan Slip Ware
60%Late Chalcolithic Gray Ware
30%Dark Brick Red Ware
20%Fine Chaff Temper Ware -- Red Orange Calcite Temper Ware
10%Bi-Color Ware
10%Chaff Temper Ware -- Late Chalcolithic Chaff Temper Ware
10%Early Transcaucasian Ware
10%Fine Pebble Temper Ware