J3 Frequency Computations
Ceramic vessels and sherds
in order of frequency
by base, handle and rim

Processed on 3-13-2021

903 Grand total
10211%███████████rim: rounded
819%█████████base: ring
779%█████████rim: square
556%██████base: flat
526%██████base: disk base, slightly concave
475%█████base: flat, slightly convex
455%█████rim: interior groove or ledge
435%█████rim: extened rim
354%████base: disk base, type unspecified
354%████rim: beaked
293%███rim: flat
243%███base: low ring
233%███handle: type unspecifed
233%███rim: extended toward exterior
192%██base: pointed
192%██rim: simple
162%██base: type unspecified
152%██base: flat, slightly concave or slight depression in center
121%base: rounded
121%rim: in-turned
111%rim: collared-grooved
111%rim: out-turned
101%base: high footed
101%rim: double strand (both rounded)
91%base: high ring
71%rim: ribbed on top of rim only
51%base: string cut cup
51%rim: flaring
51%rim: simple with horseshoe handle
40%base: hollow
40%base: solid footed
40%rim: extended toward interior
40%rim: notched
40%rim: pointed
30%base: exterior ledge
30%handle: exterior tab
30%handle: knob
30%rim: double strand (lower one pointed)
30%rim: extended to interior and exterior
30%rim: interior projection
30%rim: pointed rim slanted to interior
20%base: string cut bowl
20%handle: semi-circular, exterior
20%rim: collared-incised
20%rim: externally thickened
20%rim: interior lip
20%rim: ribbed on top and exterior of rim
10%base: convex footed
10%base: disk base, convex, wide
10%base: disk base, flat
10%base: disk base, wide
10%handle: round
10%handle: single pierced lug
10%handle: strap, rectangular in section
10%rim: exterior groove
10%rim: folded
10%rim: pointed rim slanted to exterior
10%rim: slanted
10%rim: square rim on exterior edge, slightly restricted