J3 Frequency Computations
Ceramic vessels and sherds
in order of frequency
by shape family

Processed on 3-13-2021

Note. Included in this category are ceramic vessels,
whether complete objects or sherds,
and whether items or q-items.

819 Grand total
14518%██████████████████pottery / other
13917%█████████████████pottery / deep
11414%██████████████pottery / necked
9311%███████████pottery / hammer-rim
8811%███████████pottery / hole mouth
7810%██████████pottery / carinated
698%████████pottery / round sided
496%██████pottery / straight sided
223%███pottery / shouldered
132%██pottery / conical (cup)
61%pottery / hemishperical
30%pottery / upper wall angled toward exterior
10%cup / footed goblet