Urkesh website

January 2008 - G. Buccellati
The home for this page is Mozan Sitewide

     The Urkesh Global Record is embedded within the larger scope of the Urkesh website. They differ in the following manner.
     The Urkesh Global Record serves two purposes. First, it offers the totality of the information in technical format – accessible both in the shape of a browser edition and as a date base. Second, it provides a narrative within which this information can be approached and understood. In other words, it is both documentary and interpretive. The interface used is that of a browser edition
     The Urkesh website is an all-inclusive website that provides a comprehensive presentation of ancient Urkesh in all its archaeological and historical dimensions.
     It is also the portal to the Urkesh Global Record.
     There is a potential overlap between the Urkesh website and the Mozan Sitewide digital book. But the two are in fact distinct aspects of the same reality. The Mozan Sitewide digital book addresses issues that are directly related to the other digital books of the Global Record, such as automation in the creation of the same books, coordination among the various areas and units, comprehensive indices and tabulations for the data included in the Global Record, and so on.
     The Urkesh website, on the other hand, offers a broader narrative that is both larger and narrower in scope. It is larger because it includes data that are not directly at home in the Global Record (e.g., considerations about methods or the electronic library). It is narrower because it does not go into nearly as much detail relating to the excavations as does the Global Record.
     Where there are actual overlaps, specific cross-references will be given as a link.