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Overview of major elements within phases

Giorgio Buccellati – June 2010

In this section one will find a review of all elements, including ceramics and paleozoological remains, sorted by phase.

While in the section on SEQUENCE the emphasis is on the evolution over time within the entire unit, here we consider in detail the physiognomy of each phase in terms of the specific elements assigned to it.

One should remember that the order of the sequence differs for strata and phases. Strata are observed and labeled in the sequence in which they are excavated, hence from top to bottom. Phases, on the other hand, reassemble the strata in the depositional order, i.e., the way in which the deposition has occurred, hance from earlier (bottom) to later (top).

The sequence used differs depending on when the strata assignment has been done. It is discussed in the introduction to the phase/strata section in each book, and is specified in the suffix appended to the phase label.

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