Hiba Qassar (hQ)

Staff profile
Processed on January 22, 2009

Curriculum vitae

March 7,1987Born, Qamishly, Syria
2004Scientific Secondary Degree
2008Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Archaeology from Aleppo University
2008Entered Masters Degree program at Damascus University

Archaeological field work

2005 , Syria Work with the Italian mission at Tell Barri
2005Work at the Aleppo museum
2006Work with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria
2007Work with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria
2008Work with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria
2009Member of a workshop by French institute about stratigrafy

Academic Writings

xxx"The Restoration Problem of the 17th century Houses in Syria"
xxx"Study About the Ottoman Art "the tugra""

Tasks at Mozan

2006Assistant Archaeologist in unit J1. Participated in field excavations. Analyzed pottery and described objects in the lab.
2007Participated in a study season. Worked on the Global record for unit A16 to prepare them for publishing. Analyzed pottery.
2008Principal assistant in unit J6. Field work included planning and supervising excavations, documenting results in English, and supervising new assistants. Lab work included generating graphics and data analysis.

Data authored for the Urkesh Global Record

Entries in A16
Files in A16