Lojain Hatahet (lH)

Staff profile
Processed on July 12, 2008

Curriculum vitae

January 31, 1987Born, Damascus, Syria
2004 Scientific Secondary Degree
2005Volunteer for the Palestinian Red-Crescent
2008License in Archaeology from Damascus University
2008Admitted into Master Degree studies at Damascus University

Archaeological field work

2005Work with the Syrian-French mession in Um-tlel, Al-Kum
2005Work with the Syrian tem in excavation of Damascus citadel
2006Work with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria
2006Member of the pottery workshop, Damascus University
2007Member of workshop by Dutch Institute about Sabi-Abiad
2007Work with Tell Mozan study season, Syria
2008Member of workshop by Dutch Institute about pottery techniques
2008Work with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria

Academic Writings

xxx "Blazons during the Islamic Period"

Tasks at Mozan

2006Assistant Archaeologist J1. Join the pottery group, object descriptions.
2007Work in Global record for J1, A16 to prepare it for publishing. Join the pottery group.
2008First assistant in J5.

Data authored for the Urkesh Global Record

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Files in J1
Entries in A16
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