Massimo Maiocchi (mM)

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Processed on April 08, 2009

Curriculum vitae

November 10, 1975Born, Venice, Italy
2003MA in History of Ancient Near East (110/110 cum laude)
2004-2007PhD in History of Ancient Near East, Istituto Universitario di Napoli “L' Orientale”
2007-2009Research fellow, Venice International University, Advanced Seminar in the Humanities: Literature and Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece, Rome, and the Near East

Archaeological field work

2008Work with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria

Academic Writings

2005“Sul valore ponderale del siclo "DILMUN" nei testi di Ebla”, Kaskal 2, 43-53
2009Classical Sargonic Tablets Chiefly from Adab in the Cornell University Collection, CUSAS (forthcoming)
2009“The Sargonic “Archive” of Me-sá-sag7, cup-bearer of Adab”, Proceedings of the 53rd RAI (forthcoming)
2009“I cereali nel periodo paleo-accadico”, in L. Milano (ed.), Lessico tematico dell'alimentazione nel Vicino Oriente antico. I cereali, Padova (SARGON).

Tasks at Mozan

2008Assistant Archaeologist in unit J1. Paticipated in field excavations.

Data authored for the Urkesh Global Record

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