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James L. Walker – September 2009

Sitewide support has been provided over the years by a large number of individuals whose very special skills are taken for granted in terms of the overall operation, but certainly not in the psychological sense of not being appreciated! the list given below is complete only for recent years, those which correspond to the time span covered by the digital books being published. As the digital publication expands, the list will be expanded proportionately.

Surveying Barbara Pritzkat (2003-2008)
Hans Barnard (2008)
Juliane Groischke (2009)
Adib Juma (2009)

Photography Giuseppe Gallacci (2003, 2005)
Jeff J. Jarmakani (2005)
Diadin Mustafa (2005-9)

Photographic Registrar William Orrange (2005-9)
Adib Juma (2009)

Drafting Sabrina Drosz (2009)
Ismail Mesto (2005-9)
Fonda Portales (2009)

Conservation Beatrice Angeli (2003, 2005-8)
Beatrice Landini (2006)
Marta Lorenzon (2006)

Object curation Jeanne Nijhowne (2006)
Caterina Coccia (2006)

Ceramics Analysis Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati
Marie-Claude Tremouille (2009)
Ani Eblighatian (2008)
Hiba Qassar (2009)
Sahar Muhammad (2008-2009)
Hamadi Hamza (1995-2009)

File maintenance Kamiran Feisal
Ibrahim Khellu

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