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Michael C. Astour

2002 “A Reconstruction of the History of Ebla (Part 2)”
Eblaitica; Essays on the Ebla Archives and Eblaite Language, 4, pp. 57-195.

     P. 65: the writing Na-gàrKI occurs in Ebla and “in the archaic Hurrian inscription of Tiš-atal, ruler of Urgiš”. This is considered as evidence against dating the destruction of the Ebla palace to Naram-Sin, since Ebla deals with an autonomous Nagar (Tell Brak), that in Naram-Sin's times was under his control.

     P. 69-71: Yarmuti of the Sargonid inscriptions refers to the Khabur triangle: “'highland', a designation analogous to matum elitum”.

[Giorgio Buccellati – June 2002]