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Stephanie Dalley

2001 “Old Babylonian Tablets from Nineveh, and Possible Pieces of Early Gilgamesh Epic,”
Iraq, 63, 155-167
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     While the article deals with the literary topic indicated in the title, a brief introduction addresses the early history of Nineveh, from where come the tablets presented here. On p. 156, reference is made to Tish-atal, 'the man of Nineveh', known from the well-known Drehem text dated to Šu-sin III. It is noted that “Tish-atal (or a ruler of the same name) is elsewhere known as the Hurrian ruler (endan) or Urkish, a town now identified with Tell Mozan in north-east Syria, and as the king (LUGAL) of Karahar, north of the Diyala river”. Tish-atal of Nineveh visited his sister or daughter Tiamat-bashti (possibly the secondary wife of Šu-sin), who recorded offerings to Šauška in Drehem.

[Giorgio Buccellati – June 2002]