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Annie Caubet and Patrick Pouyssegeur

1998 The Origins of Civilization. The Ancient Near East.
Paris: Finest/Terrail, 1998 (original French edition: 1997).

     P. 108-109: at the beginning of the section on “Peoples and Empires,” the Hurrians are mentioned as “having lived on the mountainous northern border of Mesopotamia for a long time” when “around 2100 BC [they] founded several small independent states there. The most important of these was Urkish (known today as Tell Mozan), which was the centre of the cult of their principal god, Kumarbi”.
     On p. 109 there is a full page color picture of the lion of Tish-atal from the Louvre. The caption (on p. 108) is interesting because it gives Tell Mozan as the unambiguous place of provenance of the object, in the following terms: “Foundation nail. Circa 2100 BC, Tell Mozan (formerly Urkish)”.

[Giorgio Buccellati – June 2002]