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Amalia Catagnoti

1998 “The III Millennium Personal Names from the Habur Triangle in the Ebla, Brak and Mozan Texts,”
Subartu 4.1, pp. 41-66.

     The list includes a detailed analysis of most names, and concludes that there was major break in the onomastic tradition of the region between ED III and the classic Sargonic period (Naram-Sin and Šar-kali-šarri). In the first period, there is a local Semitic tradition that is the most important one, followed by a common Semitic tradition (Ebla, Mari and Kish), and a minor Hurrian one. In the second period (that includes Urkesh), the local Semitic tradition is replaced by a “colonial” Old Akkadian tradition (as known also from the Diyala, Kish and Gashur), while the other two continue as in the earlier period.

[G. Buccellati – January 2002]