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Lucio Milano, Walther Sallaberger, Philippe Talon & Karen Van Lerberghe

2004 Third Millennium Cuneiform Texts from Tell Beydar (Seasons 1996-2002).
Subartu 12.
Turnout: Brepols.

     This volume presents eight contribution about cuneiform texts from Tell Beydar, all dating to the Third millennium BC and found during 1996-2002 excavation season.
     Chapter 1 (by M. Lebeau) offers an overview on the chronological framework and the stratigraphic context of the texts.
     Chapter 2 (by W. Sallaberger) introduces texts no. 151-167, mostly dealing with sheep and goat flocks.
     Chapter 3 (by L. Milano) presents inscribed bullae and other documents mainly from the Area North of the Official Block (texts nos 173-211).
     Chapter 4 (by G. Jans) displays the Early Dynastic IIIb/Early Jezirah IIIb inscribed seals and sealed bullae of Tell Beydar.
     Chapter 5 (again by W. Sallaberger) exposes the Sumerian literary texts from Tell Beydar, related to the myth of Enki and the role of women at Tell Beydar.
     Chapter 6 (by W. Sallaberger, too) tells about the Jason UR and the regional setting of Tell Beydar/Nabada.
     Chapter 7 (by F. Ismail) contributes with an Arabic paper about the new texts found at Tell Beydar.
     The final chapter 8 (by L. Milano, W. Sallaberger, Ph. Talon and K, Van Lerberghe) sketches the whole nature of texts found at Tell Beydar from 1996 to 2002.

[M. De Pietri – July 2019]