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Mirjo Salvini

2000 “I Hurriti sulla costa orientale del Mediterraneo,”
La civilitÓ dei Hurriti = La parola del passato 55, pp. 104-113.
Napoli: Macchiaroli editore.

     Salvini presents in this paper some clues about the first attestations of Hurrian people along the Mediterranean coast, firstly at Alalaḫ and then also at Ugarit.
     Urkesh is specifically quoted on p. 105, where the author recalls how the name Atal-šen, attested at Ugarit, has been found for the first time (on the Samarra bronze tablet) as the name of one of the kings of Urkeš and Nawar, during the Ur III period.

[M. De Pietri – July 2019]