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Ilse Wegner

1981 Gestalt und Kult der Ištar-Šawuška in Kleinasien.
AOAT 36.
Neukirchen: Verlag Butzon & Bercker Kevelaer.

     This book is completely devoted to the presentation of the features and cult of the goddess Ištar-Šawuška in Asia Minor.
     The volume is divided into 11 chapter after an introduction about the textual sources, their dating and the description of the goddess herself: 1) the Hurrian Šawuška in the Mesopotamian tradition; 2) the role of the goddess's cults during the Hittite Empire (after 1370 BC); 3) appearance and nature of the goddess; 4) her position into the pantheon and her myths; 5) cult-inventory texts; 6) cult-calendar and festivals for the goddess; 7) offering and ritual for the goddess; 8) cult of the goddess; 9) priests and cultic personnel of the goddess; 10) diffusion of the goddess's cult and her devotional places; 11) the reverberation of the goddess's cult to the Mediterranean.
     Urkesh is specifically quoted twice: on p. 9, where the goddess is mentioned in connection to Nergal of Urkesh; on p. 13 (with n. 52), Urkesh is recalled because it was the findspot of the very first document in Hurrian (the dedication of a temple to Nergal made by Tiš-atal); a further discussion about the identification of the town of Urkesh is then presented (see notes on that page).

[M. De Pietri – July 2019]